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Bobby's Journal
One Year
03/05/09 at 10:18 AM by bobby runs

It's been a year since The Starting Line announced their hiatus. Wow that was fast. Listening to to them all day today from We the People Sessions to Direction. It's gonna be a good day on that fact alone.
Tags: the strating line, hiatus, i miss them
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12/31/08 at 01:29 AM by bobby runs
MY Favorite RELEASES of 2008 (the key part being releases and not albums since i got into older stuff)

10. Good Old War- Only Way to Be Alone- number one and the summer tour got me into this band. Worth checking out if you like folksy stuff.
9. Various- Leaving California (Mix CD made by my newspaper advisor)- he put one of my favorite songs from The O.C. how could I NOT like it. Pretty much a mix of indie artists whos names I've only heard of.

8. Ace Enders-The Secret Wars- Pretty damn good release from one of my favorite singers in the genre. I'm also including the cover of "Bittersweet Symphony."

7. Death Cab for Cutie- Narrow Stairs- would have never thought I'd get into Death Cab. But I love the full band.

6. Citizens for Our Betterment Mixtape- Got me excited for a surprise album that ended up being one of their bests.-

5. Cinematic Sunrise- A Coloring Storybook and Long Playing Record- Although the songs were overproduced from the demos this is still a good EP. It was a little pricey but it was worth it.

4. Fall Out Boy-Folie a Deux- I lost hope on this band after IOH came out but the hype that built up for this lived up. This is gonna be the album that is gonna get people to like FOB (even if you don't like them). Yes this album has some songs that will catch you by surprise.

3. Kanye West- 808s and Heartbreaks- This isn't typical Kanye and this album doesn't have his best material. BUT it's what an album should be . He sticks to one theme on the entire albumn, given by the title (808 is a drum machine), and he just kills it. I know Kanye won't continue with this so people need to stop bitching about how "it sucks."

2. New Found Glory/International Superheroes of Hardcore- Tip of the Iceberg/Takin' It Ova/HPxHC- How could this not be up this high? They did not at all let me down with this release. It was a little short but the half hour listening to these 3 releases is as good as it gets. ISHC is just pure genius, their lyrics are so odd but it fits the music.

1. person L- Initial- Kenneth Vasoli has yet to let me down. This man is highly underrated and I hope this band makes it. He deserves it. This album has so many different type of songs but they all work together. Excited for whats in store in 09.

Favorite Books:
My Life on the Run
Rock On
Downtown Owl
Tags: eoty, person l, new found glory, fall out boy, kanye west
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FOB "Secret" Show in SD
12/21/08 at 01:05 AM by bobby runs
thanks for the memories
16 candles,
take over,
nobody puts baby in the corner,
I don't care, chicago is so 2 years ago,
me & you, arms race,
grand theft autumn,
the patron saint
i slept with someone in fob,
headfirst slide,
america's suitehearts,
beat it
sugar we're goin down
yule shoot your eye out
dance dance

no real encore

sd was awesome so was the 9 hour wait to see them
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When does it stop being the early november?
11/10/08 at 08:46 PM by bobby runs
There's so many things I want to blog about but I don't know where to start or what would be okay to actually write about.
Tags: life, confusion, girls
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My Mind Will Never Be The Same
09/29/08 at 12:03 AM by bobby runs
So last night I stayed up to read the last part of Downtown Owl by Chuck Klosterman.

Basically it is awesome. Probably my favorite novel I have ever read.
Tags: chuck klosterman, reading
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More Lame Life Updates
08/27/08 at 06:27 PM by bobby runs
So today is the first day of intramural sign-ups. One sport a couple of my friends and I are lookign at is soccer. We're gonna see how many people they play (11 v 11 or 6 v 6), then get a team together. Right now it seems like it's gonna mainly be people from the sixth floor and ninth floor and as of right now the team name is the 69 connection and we are even thinking of getting some shirts together.

But I don't know if I'll be able to play cause one I need to get new soccer shows and somehow get shin guards. After two days of playing indoor soccer Ive realized that I suck at soccer and somehow need to quickly make a turn around.

Update on that girl: nothing! But tomorrow is Thursday and I'll try to see what happens
Tags: college, soccer
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Movie Moment Numero Uno
08/26/08 at 10:48 PM by bobby runs
So today I decided to go for a run before class and try to catch breakfast I woke up too late and ended up missing breakfast but I still ran. So I shower after my run and get my stuff together really quick and then I grab a pop-tart on my way out.

I walk down the hall to the elevator and say hi to my RA. I then take a big bite of my pop tart as this girl who I've been wanting to talk to walks in and looks at me. So the two of us get on the elevator but don't stop for six floors. By the time we reach the lobby I was done and never got to say a word to her. But I've made it a point to make it a little earlier to my floor lobby on Tuesdays and Thursday the rest of the semester.

Anyways I;m lame and need to find another girl
Tags: me=lame, pop tarts, girls
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An Odd Dream
08/24/08 at 12:44 PM by bobby runs
So last night was my second night away from my parents at my college. I called my parents to tell them how my roommate was and everything like that. My mom then tells me the following dream she had:

I got a call in the middle of the night from Kansas State telling me that I needed to come back. They hung up before I could say anything. So we rush into the car leaving Kansas City without even getting our bags. So we drive the two hours to get to Manhattan trying to get in contact with someone at the school but nothing is going through. We go to the front desk of Moore Hall (my dorm building) and tell them what happened. They tells us to go up to your dorm room. So we go up to the elvator to your room and there on your bed and room exactly the way it's set up is three year old you rolling around the bed with a smile ear to ear and the gap seeming bigger than ever. The person in the room tells us that we left the wrong kid and they try to take you sister away. She tells them multiple times that she already graduated from college. They treat her as if she's a prisoner as they make her stay at K-State.

Yeah that is the dream my mom told me. It was so weird because a week earlier I asked her how she remembers me and she told me that to her I was still her toddler that had a missing tooth and was always smiling.

Anyways my life is very uneventful.
Tags: dream, moms
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08/22/08 at 10:33 PM by bobby runs
Dear Staff of AbsolutePunk.net,

For three years now you have brought me much joy and some awesome exclusives but now you are fucking with my mind. What the hell is going on with this viral marketing campaign. It really hurt when you posted that TSL picture thing. It hurts really really bad to see that. If this doesn't materialize a little more in the next week I'm gonna lose my mind and drop out of school and end up on the streets.

Bobby (and probably the rest of AP.net)
Tags: ap fucking with my mind
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Sitting Alone
08/22/08 at 09:28 PM by bobby runs
So I am no all settled in to my dorm room with everything I would need except a fridge and tv. I just realized that I brought the wrong plug for my PS2 so my parents are gonna have to ship the right one so I can play my video games when I get bored.

Tonight I tried calling someone I met at orientation but he didn't pick up so I walked over to Pizza Hut and picked up a pizza. On the way back ran into my counselor from orientation which was nice. I then went back to my dorm room ate while I was watching The O.C. and then found someone who was watching the Olympics. It ended up being my RA's roommate from Shanghai, China. We watched the Olympics and talked about CHina and stuff and that was interesting.

I'm currently still trying to let everything hit me but I'm still overwhelmed right now.
Tags: college, the oc, olympics
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Team Up!!!!, Team Up!!!!!
08/15/08 at 11:39 AM by bobby runs
So yesterday was Warped Tour for me. My third time going and I was really looking forward to it since it was my first show all summer and will be my last chance to catch one in a long time.

So I go to my friends house which is just up the street from me and we head towards the venue. When we are almost halfway to the venue (I love 15 minutes away) I sent a text to my friend telling him I forgot my ticket. He then realized he forgot his too. SO we go back and I run to my house and get my ticket. We get it all together and then wait in traffic for parking.

In the venue I buy a map/schedule for $2 which was so worth it. No one I wanted to see was going on until 1245( Every Time I Die), so I decide to walk around and see the merch tents of the bands I would buy from. I decide I want to be near the front for ETID so I head over there about twenty minutes early and have to listen to Anberlin over at the other mainstage. I get super close, not more than four people away from the railing. They put on a great show and the only downside was getting a foot hard to the ear as I was turning my head fast.

I kill time by checking out no name bands and then go stake out a spot for Four Year Strong. There was a tough decison for me here as Say Anything was playing the mainstage at the same time as this but I've been listen to more FYS lately so I went with them and I'm glad I did. They were easily one of the best bands I've seen live, they killed it musically (only downside was a horrible mix), and they had the crowd with them. The guy on synths (Josh Lyford) came into the crowd multiple times with the mic and each time he came to me I knew the lyrics and I grabbed the mic each time I screamed those lyrics into that mic. On the last song (hereoes) Josh comes out and stands up on the railing and uses my arm for stablaization. Right before the breakdown I've got the mic and am singing the lyrics "Sad enough to say that/Alone I could barely light a match/But together we can burn this place down" and knew what was comign up and yelled my lungs out for "Sorry about the mess/But when we team up, team up/We always seem to bring this place to the ground." I was able to get my hands on a setlist from secruity and immediatley run over to their merch table to get it signed.
I do and then head over to The Academy Is.. and catch their last three songs.

I don't do much between here and the next full set. I saw some of Forever the Sickest Kids and We The Kings.

I decide to go over to the SmartPunk/Hurley.com stage and rest over there since Set Your Goals was playing there as well as Katy Perry. I slept through most of Katy's set and then during I kissed a girl I decided to go stake a spot for Set Your Goals. I pretty much get the same spot for them as I did for FYS just closer to the seakers. They killed it and I saw Dan from FYS in the pit for them.

I then head over to the Hurley stage (not to be mistaken for the hurley.com stage) for All Time Low. I wanted to see The Devil Wears Prada perform their cover of "Still Fly" but I missed it. Their fans were out of control (in a bad way) but I was able to get a spot in the front for ATL. I wait the full 25 minutes there with a girl behind me breathing heavily. ATL comes out and Alex starts off the set with the following
This set is dedicated to Trace Cyrus' Vagina
They have a good set with a mix of old and new. The sounded better than I had seen on videos from YouTube and were pretty into it. During the middle of the set this girl comes in front of me and tries to get a picture of them on her iPhone but doesn't succeed. During the next song I see the girl have her arm stuck between people and could tell she was in pain so I help her out with that. Then I feel her push her self into me, but I realize that this girl is about to faint. SO during "Dear Maria" I'm holding this girl up and after the set is over I help her out of the crowd and then sit her down and wait until her friend comes. The paramedics eventually come over to help this girl.

Overall the bands i saw full sets from pretty much killed it.
Tags: warped tour, every time i die, four year strong, set your goals, all time low
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08/01/08 at 09:23 PM by bobby runs
I'm currently watching it right now. Just saw the Hawthorne Heights video but didn't really care for it but then I never liked them.

But I saw the ATL video and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I'm excited for next week too. Person L, Pineapple Express, no more work, and the Olympics!!!!
Tags: all time low, mtv gargles my balls, sup ap.net??
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Why Can't It Be Like This
07/06/08 at 09:54 PM by bobby runs
Okay. I want this to happen to me my first time:

Keep the noise low.
She doesn't wanna blow it.
Shaking from head to toe
while your left hand does "the show me around."
Quickens your heartbeat.
It beats me straight into the ground.

You don't recover from a night like this.
A victim still lying in bed, completely motionless.
A hand moves in the dark to a zipper.
Hear a boy bracing tight against sheets barely whisper,
"This is so messed up."

Upon arrival the guests had all stared.
Dripping wet and clearly depressed,
he'd headed straight for the stairs.
No longer cool, but a boy in a stitch,
unprepared for a life full of lies and failing relationships.

(Up the stairs: the station where
the act becomes the art of growing up.)
He keeps his hands low.
He doesn't wanna blow it.
He's wet from head to toe and
his eyes give her the up and the down.
His stomach turns and he thinks of throwing up.
But the body on the bed beckons forward
and he starts growing up.

The fever, the focus.
The reasons that I had to believe you weren't too hard to sell.
Die young and save yourself.
The tickle, the taste of...
It used to be the reason I breathed, but now it's choking me up.
Die young and save yourself.

She hits the lights.
This doesn't seem quite fair.
Despite everything he learned from his friends,
he doesn't feel so prepared.
She's breathing quiet and smooth.
He's gasping for air.

"This is the first and last time," he says.
She fakes a smile and presses her hips into his.
He keeps his hands pinned down at his sides.
He's holding back from telling her
exactly what it really feels like.

He is the lamb, she is the slaughter.
She's moving way too fast, and all he wanted was to hold her.
Nothing that he tells her is really having an effect.
He whispers that he loves her,
but she's probably only looking for sss...

(Up the stairs: the station where
the act becomes the art of growing up.)
So much more than he could ever give.
A life free of lies and a meaningful relationship.
He keeps his hands pinned down at his sides.
He waits for it to end
and for the aching in his guts to subside.

The fever, the focus.
The reasons that I had to believe you weren't too hard to sell.
Die young and save yourself.
The tickle, the taste of...
It used to be the reason I breathed, but now it's choking me up.
Die young and save yourself.

Up the stairs: the station where
the act becomes the art of growing up.

The fever, the focus.
The reasons that I had to believe you weren't too hard to sell.
Die young and save yourself.
The tickle, the taste of...
It used to be the reason I breathed, but now it's choking me up.
Die young and save yourself.
Tags: brand new, sex, virgin,
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Kiddie Movies
07/02/08 at 03:54 PM by bobby runs
Today and in recent days I've started to watch more and more movies from my childhood. Today I watched The Mighty Ducks on tape. God that movie is so cool. Til this day I want to go rollerblading in the mall. Yesterday I watched 3 Ninjas and I wish I had a Japanese grandfather to teach me the ways of the ninja. Last week I caught Little Big League on HBo and I think that Bill(y) Heywood is what the Padres need right now to get some wins in.

I now want to watch Heavyweights and any other movie that reminds me of my childhood when life was much simplier
Tags: kids, movies, baseball, hockey, ninja
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06/28/08 at 11:24 AM by bobby runs
So last Sunday when I was out in downtown I stopped by the Borders and bought myself Fight Club. I've seen the movie multiple times but have only read parts of the book. I knew I would like the book from what I've read. I buy it but I still ahev to finish Deathly Hallows before I get into it. I finish it and I'm still pissed about the epilouge. ANYWAYS I'm having trouble reading Fight Club I think watching it on HBO a month and a half ago was a bad idea since I keep on thinking about the movie when I'm reading. It's realy hard to focus cause I've seen the movie so many times that I can finish almost every line in that movie.

Anyways after this I'm reading Rock On and then Tuesdays with Morrie. Is there anything I should pick up?
Tags: fight club, summer reading, chuck p
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