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Welcome to the Soupbone
What to Look Forward To
10/22/09 at 03:21 AM by Chris Fallon
2009 has been a busy year for my ear canals. How in the blazes am I expected to choose a favorite?! IMPOSSIBLE! My top ten is going to switch hundreds of times before I settle. Lucero may be my top pick, but Thrice and Rx Bandits are hanging in there, too. Propagandhi is still a dark horse contender.

Now that the year is reaching its end, I don't have too many albums left to be excited for. Sure, the Lawrence Arms and NOFX are releasing nifty EPs, but as for full-lengths, there are only a couple more coming out I want to listen to.

Joey Cape (obviously!), Motion City Soundtrack, Dead to Me, Weezer (even though "I'm Your Daddy" is one of the worst songs I've heard from them) and even Dashboard Confessional. I'm not as excited for Say Anything as I would have been four years ago, but I'll admit "Hate Everyone" has grown on me with every listen. The "rapper in the Lexus" part always gets me.

I'll be reviewing Weezer and DC once I hear them. I'm one of the biggest Weezer nerds/defenders in the world, so you'll be getting a very honest opinion from a harsh critic. I think they might be the only band I have every recorded song of... at least I think I do.

Now all I have to do is sort my end-of-the-year list and see what to look forward to in 2010. I think Jimmy Eat World will be topping my "most anticipated" list. Seriously, could they ever do anything wrong?

Answer: never.
Tags: 2009, anticipation, weezer, year-end, jimmy eat world
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There's Treasure Everywhere
01/02/09 at 04:01 AM by Chris Fallon
2009. Welcome new year... better not speed by like 2008 or suck, because I will be pissed.

In retrospect, 2008 had its pitfalls, sure... but dude, I got hired by this very website (so now I'm an asshole nationwide!) and landed an amazing & beautiful girlfriend. Not all that bad, right? Oh and yeah, I met some nice people at school, got a cat named Toby (and lost my beloved Maddie) and got on the bad side of Tom Higgenson.

My only resolution is to become a better individual, on all sides of the coin. I want to be able to look at myself and be happy with who I am & who I will be. Hopefully, you'll notice some changes in my attitude here in the blog, on the forums, in my work ethic, etc. If I become worse, you slap me into place AP Faithful. That is your God-given duty.

Penn State lost the Rose Bowl today. I'm pretty upset, but glad they stuck it out and came within 14 despite some rather large & costly mistakes. Sad to see Butler, Williams and Norwood have to go out like that... and hopefully they can have JoePa back one more season & give him the opportunity to leave on top.

With that said, I changed my avatar to a winter-themed still of my favorite comic strip, Calvin & Hobbes. Been reading a lot more of this recently, since I grabbed all my old books over Christmas. Not only are they great books to read in the bathroom, but they're just great wherever!

I can't believe I read that as a kid -- I never understood half the jokes, so you treasure it a little more when you're old enough to understand. Isn't it funny how that strip ended in 1995, yet many of the issues Calvin discusses (politically, socially, economically) are still prevalent today?

Snowing again here. Pretty hard, too. Grr. I'm sick of this shit, to be frank. I never thought snow would become such a burden -- it's beautiful & mesmerizing... until it gets in your way.
Tags: 2009, 2008, new year, rose bowl, avatar change
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It All Looks Good From Here
12/16/08 at 11:48 PM by Chris Fallon
Not sure if I ever explained this, but it happened over the summer.

My sister & brother-in-law had originally adopted a baby on incredibly quick & short notice back in July. It happened so fast, the legal work was still in the process when the mother gave her newly-born child over to my sister. The mom, a young single girl who was living with her mom & four siblings, didn't think she was fit to be a parent: the baby's father was in jail and her own father was out of the picture; her mom could barely afford her siblings, let alone a grandchild.

Long story short, my sister & brother-in-law were chosen and given the baby over one weekend. It was all very sudden, but still exciting. They had been anxiously anticipating this moment for years, waiting for someone who was unable to care for their child to allow them to be loving parents.

Well, after a week, the girl changed her mind -- due to pressure from her own family -- and took the child back from my sister (who had obviously grown attached and was not prepared to let go of him like that), saying she was going to attend a camp that would "teach [her] how to be a mother." What a joke... but I digress.

Over Thanksgiving, my sister called to tell me two new parents (both 16 & 17) chose my sister and bro-in-law to adopt their child come spring. These kids have their shit together: they know they're far too young and unable to care/raise a child, and my sister is. Hell, she has a nursery and all the equipment ... she just needs a baby.

The point of all this is, I'm going to be an uncle for real come April. While legally it's not official (you can't sign the papers for that until after the birth), it's still cool knowing that this one is for keeps. The parents have come to terms with the reality, and my sister got to hear the baby's heartbeat this afternoon. Sort of cements it all into place.

2009 will be a good year. I will hopefully be pretty much done with getting my degree and I get to be an uncle. Who knows what else it could bring? I think Sarah and I will go through a whole new, wonderful year, too.

Felt like sharing all this, because seeing that I'm alone tonight without much to do... it really puts things into perspective for what's to come.
Tags: 2009, life, uncle chris
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