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Take This To Your [Headphones]
To be 16 again
11/04/10 at 08:44 PM by Miss Heartcore
Today I've read a bunch of tweets that dealt with the popular hashtag of the day: #tweetyour16yearoldself

I really started to think about what kind of advice I would have given myself. For example, every boy I had a crush on became irrelevant once I went to college and that still remains true today. I'm not even 10% sorry that I don't know them anymore.

I could say,
I wish I had listened to better music. I wish I had scammed the skater boys, who partook in our school musicals, for their mixed cds.
I wish I had gone to more shows.
I wish I hadn't cut my hair so much
I wish I had gone out with friends more often.
I wish I kept swimming.
I wish I had acted, danced, and sang more.

Thinking back to my 16 year old self actually got me to thinking about something deeper.
I thought of Molly Offer, someone who followed in her sister's footsteps--the fourth and youngest daughter in her family to graduate from our high school. She was the goofy teenager who worked with the stage crew for our musicals and eventually became the stage manger by the time she graduated.
She was a fun, cheerful girl who went away college and on her way to a party during her sophomore year, she crossed the street with a friend and was struck and killed instantly by an oncoming vehicle.

Molly has been gone for two years and I still think about what a great spirit she was. Today a part of me wondered if there was anything that I should have or could have done during my years with her. It's confusing and frustrating to go back and think about the possibility of things. Could I have been a better friend to her? To anyone? I'm not sure I could have saved a life...but there is a piece of me that regrets not spending more time with her.

So again, I think about high school and what I could have perhaps changed or fixed for myself.
Maybe not have stressed out so much...but perhaps it was that stress that pushed me to do bigger and better things after I graduated.
People say it's best to live without any regrets...looking back, what would you have told your 16 year old self?
Tags: Growing Up, Teenagers, Life,
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What's Wrong with Us?
08/25/10 at 11:26 AM by Miss Heartcore
I stumbled upon an excellent article about this generation of people in their 20s and why they just can't seem to get it together.

Great read:

What Is It About 20-Somethings?
Published: August 18, 2010
They move back in with their parents. They delay beginning careers. Why are so many young people taking so long to grow up?


Tags: Age, Personal, Growing Up, Life
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Folie a la Douche Prt I
12/23/08 at 02:54 PM by Miss Heartcore
So I ordered the second pre-order package option on Fall Out Boy's website on December 12.

Every day I check the mail.


Some 12 year old who hates his life won the golden ticket I wanted the most.

Got THIS in my email on the 17th:
Howdy All,

We have been buried with questions regarding the FOB preorder. We were just informed that the postal service was having difficulty getting out our volume of packages this week and as a result of this delay your preorder might not have been shipped to you and delivered on release day. Were extremely sorry that your package was delayed and we want to make it up to you. Below is a link to the digital version of Folie A Deux that you can download and listen to while your package makes its way to you. We are sincerely sorry and you will get your package as quick as the United States Postal Service can process the packages. We appreciate your advance understanding and have also added a 20% discount code for you to use whenever you want!

Thanks and Happy Holidays

Discount code: ******************

Casper | GOMERCH
|Office| +1.818-882-3277
|Address| 9410 De Soto Ave Unit F Chatsworth, CA 91311
|WWW| gomerch.com

What. the. fuck.

Thanks for the digital copies guys...but where the hell is my package that I PRE-ordered?

Where the hell is my Golden maniac freak serial killer handwriting Ticket?

I'm waiting dudes.... It's almost Christmas!

Show me a miracle.
Tags: FOB, Folie a Deux, Pre-Order Package of Magic, Golden Ticket
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Love Him or Hate Him...
03/29/08 at 11:45 PM by Miss Heartcore
This article was, without a doubt, completely necessary on all accounts.
I'm going to buy James Montgomery a drink.

Pete Wentz Suicide-Attempt Fall Out! Exclamation Points on Three-Year-Old News!!!
Published by James Montgomery on Wednesday, March 19, 2008 at 5:10 pm.

Dear US Weekly,
Hi, how are you? Things must be pretty crazy over there, what with you giving career advice to Eliot Spitzer’s call girl, digging up baby photos of this year’s “American Idol” contestants and publishing Marissa Jaret Winokur’s “Dancing With The Stars” diary (for some, that’s a busy month, for you, just another Wednesday). But if you’ve got a minute, there’s something we’ve got to ask you.

Right now, on your web site, you’ve got a story about Pete Wentz’s suicide attempt. We think it’s great that you went with the photo of him wearing the Clark Kent sunglasses, and wow, we love that you inserted the phrase “Shocker” into the headline for maximum impact. Really, nice work. But here’s our question: Why is this news?

Okay, okay, we get why it’s news. Perhaps the question should be “Do you realize this news happened nearly three years ago?” Wentz nearly overdosed on Ativan back in 2005, while he and his band were finishing up their From Under The Cork Tree Album, and he’s spoken about the situation at length since then, to pretty much anyone who’d listen (a quick Google search reveals this Rolling Stone Q&A and this interview with Dose.ca … but maybe your Google is broken). In fact, his suicide attempt became such a widely discussed topic in the MySpace/Messageboard community that Fall Out Boy even slighly named a song on their Cork Tree album about it — “Seven Minutes To Heaven (Atavan Halen)” [sic].

And one more thing, this interview you’re quoting, the one he did for Half Of Us? Turns out he did that almost one year ago. We know because the series was done as a part of a series that ran on mtvU in April, 2007. It just seems odd to us that you’d choose to report on this now — and give it a sensationalistic headline — now.

Maybe it’s because Wentz mentions listening to Jeff Buckley’s cover of “Hallelujah,” and that one dude on “American Idol” totally covered Buckley’s version a couple of weeks ago? Or perhaps you’ve run out angles for the “Audrina Patridge Nude Pics” story? Or is this part of some new editorial venture: “US Weekly Presents: News of the Past!”
If you’re looking for other stuff to report on from 2005, well, we heard Ang Lee’s getting ready to release a film about gay cowboys(!)

Shocking, we know.

Anyway, hope all is well with you otherwise.

James Montgomery
MTV News
Tags: Pete Wentz, MTV, article, suicide attempt, PWN-age, Get a life
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MUCH Better
03/16/08 at 04:08 PM by Miss Heartcore
Here's the official Fuse website for NoFx's Backstage Passport.
You'll see the official teaser trailer along with clips from the show.
Also, click on the link for each member to see their "Best of" reel.

This is MUCH better than the trailer that's been floating around.

Tags: NoFx, Fuse, Punk, Backstage Passport, Documentary
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Annnd here's the "BIG" Secret...
03/10/08 at 12:07 PM by Miss Heartcore
Since the boy of NoFx have decided it's time to release the hounds, I figure that I can come out and say that I'm a Production Assistant on NoFX's Backstage Passport.

Originally titled "NoFX's Punk Rock Passport" this is an 8-episode documentary on the boys' year-long tour to some of the sketchiest countries and places where no American Punk Band has ever gone before.

NoFX's Backstage Passport is a result of 500+ hours of footage taken by documentary partners Ryan and Jeff. Some amazing, beautiful, intense, sad, surreal, awesome, crazy, eye-opening, boring, heartfelt moments have happened in the year+ tour they ventured on.

Here's a quick synopsis update given by Jeff, one of the filmmakers, with all of the SXSW info:

i'll be there for a special screening of the tv show i've been working on for the past year: "NOFX: Backstage Passport".

my friend ryan and i followed NOFX around the world as they played countries where most bands fear to tread (ecuador, china, south africa, israel, and dozens more). there were ripoffs, death threats, drunken rampages, cops shutting down shows, bizarre fans, fist fights, crazy green drugs, s&m parlors, and more beautiful scenery than a russian man in a pointy hat can shake an oak branch at... (that last reference will make much more sense in episode 7...)

the show will air on FUSE TV starting on APRIL 15th! but we're having a special premiere screening of the first two episodes at this year's SXSW Film Festival!

the screening will be held at the Alamo Ritz 1 at 4:30pm on FRIDAY, MARCH 14th. get there by 4pm for seating!

(note: in the sxsw printed materials, the show is listed as "punk rock passport," we had a last minute name change, don't let it throw you!)

hopefully we'll see you there! check out the trailer below for a taste of what you're in for, and tune into "NOFX: Backstage Passport" on Fuse TV starting on April 15th!!

I really really wish I could be there for the Q&A. I HIGHLY suggest you attend it, whether you're a fan or not.
The members NoFX don't like doing interviews so this will be a very rare occasion. I'm curious as to what people will ask them and how they'll respond.

As for being a Production Assistant...
This has been an amazing experience...one that has made me, not only a NoFX fan, but has completely changed my outlook on being a fan of bands in general.

Though I wasn't there during the filming, I've watched a great portion of the footage over four months.
Compared to what people have seen and heard of NoFX, I've seen a great deal of their behind the scenes lifestyle from sleeping, waking, showering, eating, partying, drugs, S&M, performing, fighting, mingling, dancing, etc.

I've seen the crap that goes down right before a show and right after a show.
I've seen why they're sometimes pissy with fans and why they're also the friendliest people ever.
It's all a matter of timing.

I now understand a situation a little bit better if someone says, "Oh ______ is such a d*ck or an ass when I met them"
Ya know what? You probably don't know SHIT about this said person/band.
Do you know what they had to deal with to get to this venue or this show?
What they did last night?
Who upset them?

Even I was compelled to punch a fan through the screen watching them try and buddy up or pester a band member after watching an hour of footage of them go through some ridiculous ordeal and then have to act nice and friendly to everyone.

With that said, there's already a lot of talk about this band selling out for putting their show on FUSE.
Let me tell you something,
NoFX is FAR from selling out.
It actually makes more sense to put all of this footage into episodes because there's just so DAMN MUCH of it.
Episodes turn the big adventure into an actual story...one that the producers, who I share cubicle corners with, are currently working their asses off for.
The band has a lot of input in this, so most of it is their creative notes--along with the flimmakers, and segment producers--went into this series.

As the news about this spreads, I'm sure that I'll take it too personal and try to defend it with everything I have.
I say, if you have FUSE to DEFINITELY check it out, whether you're a NoFX fan or punk fan or just a music lover.
There are so many characters in this that you're bound to like at least one person.
I've watched episodes 1-8 come together from just 10 scenes.
And I've watched probably every version at least 4 times...and even when I watched the polished versions, I still laugh!

That being said, check out the trailer in the thread that Jason posted:

I will be blogging more about this in the next couple of days because there's so much to discuss.
Until then, stay tuned
Tags: NoFx, Backstage Passport, Fuse, Band, Tour, Music, Documentary
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