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My REAL Most Anticipated List
01/16/12 at 01:08 PM by Jake Denning
The following are a collective list of other albums i'm excited for this year in addition to The Ghost Inside, Stick To Your Guns, and Pierce The Veil that can be found on the main AP.net collective list. Sorry if you disagree....actually, no i'm not.

Bring Me The Horizon

Release Date: Fall
Record Label: Epitaph
Why I’m Anticipating: Bring Me The Horizon continually evolves into a bigger and better band with every release. With each member’s eclectic musical inspirations guiding the writing process, expect the band to put out one of 2012’s most original sounding albums.

Letlive – TBA
Release Date: Fall
Record Label: Epitaph
Why I’m Anticipating: Letlive is one of the freshest sounding bands in the rock scene today. With a non-stop touring schedule and wild live performance, don’t expect this band to be stopped anytime soon, as they put out their sophomore effort.

Big Chocolate – TBA
Release Date: Summer
Record Label: Independent
Why I’m Anticipating: Cameron Argon (aka Big Chocolate) is one of EDM’s best kept secrets. Argon continually pushes the envelope with his odd sense of inspiration, which result in nothing but great originals and remixes. His next project is already confirmed to have a guest spot from Tyler Carter (ex-Woe, Is Me)

Whitechapel – TBA
Release Date: Summer
Record Label: Metal Blade
Why I’m Anticipating: There’s very few bands that can measure up to the heaviness and brutality that Whitechapel brings – don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

Andrew W.K. – TBA
Release Date: Summer
Record Label: Steev Mike
Why I’m Anticipating: Andrew is the father of “Party Rock”, and he’s going to really show why it’s in the house tonight.

MxPxPlans Within Plans
Release Date: April 3rd
Record Label: MRI/Rock City Recording
Why I’m Anticipating: With plenty of time to “charge the batteries” and spend time with family, MxPx felt charitable and decided to set their sights on yet another full length, something we haven’t seen since “Secret Weapon”. Legendary pop-punk at it yet again.

Enter ShikariA Flash Flood of Colour
Release Date: January 16
Record Label: Hopeless
Why I’m Anticipating: With a great mix of Electronics and Rock, Enter Shikari have a potent formula for one of the best albums this year. Spoiler Alert: It is one of the best so far.

Fences – TBA
Release Date: Summer
Record Label: Onto Entertainment
Why I’m Anticipating: Nobody has made a folk/indie that’s hit me as hard as Fences did in 2010 with their self-titled debut. Since then, a split with Mansions and collab with rapper Macklemore has proven that a sophomore effort from Fences is worth drooling over.

Your DemiseThe Golden Age
Release Date: Spring
Record Label: Rise
Why I’m Anticipating: Nobody seems to be able to get as rowdy as Your Demise, and this new album looks to serve as yet another continual reminder.

Mychildren Mybride – TBA
Release Date: March 13th
Record Label: Solid State
Why I’m Anticipating: Mychildren Mybride will have a monster year, as they release their 3rd full length album, produced by Zeuss (The Acacia Strain, etc.).

Tyler Carter – TBA
Release Date: TBA
Record Label: Independent
Why I’m Anticipating: With the large backlash that occurred when Carter left Woe, Is Me, it’s seemingly all-or-nothing for him, no turning back. He’s making the music that he loves, and with confirmed guest spots with vocalists such as Kellin Quinn (Sleeping w/ Sirens), it’s going to be hard to stop Tyler in 2012.

American Me -- III
Release Date: Summer
Record Label: Rise
Why I’m Anticipating: Craig Ericson over at Rise Records isn’t stupid, he knows worthwhile talent when he sees it, which is why American Me continues to stay on the label. With a very underrated sophomore effort that was praised by people such as Vincent Bennett (The Acacia Strain), look for American Me to move from the great scene of Portland, OR, and onto the National circuit once again.

Project 86 – TBA
Release Date: Fall
Record Label: Independent
Why I’m Anticipating: This has been one of the bands I’ve loved for such a long time, and I’m glad they’ve managed to stay together so long – 16 years and counting. With a Kickstarter that raised over $30,000, who knows what Andrew Schwab and gang will pump out? Team Black rises once more.
MOD SUN – Untitled Mixtape
Release Date: Late Spring
Why I’m Anticipating: MOD SUN works his rear end off to always release free music, and 2011 was a fantastic example of that. His mixtape “Blazed By The Bell” was hosted by DJ Ill Will and sponsored by DatPiff. His next mixtape boasts contributions from Adam Ivy and Don Cannon, so who knows what sort of

Terror – TBA
Release Date: Fall
Record Label: Good Fight/Reaper
Why I’m Anticipating: Terror is one of the best hardcore bands out there, no doubt about it. They keep the faith in Hardcore music, you ought to as well.
P.O.D. – TBA
Release Date: Summer
Record Label: Razor And Tie
Why I’m Anticipating: It’s been a long while since 2008’s “When Angels And Serpents Dance” – with a first single “On Fire” released to the masses, P.O.D. is back and better than ever.

The Classic Crime – TBA
Release Date: Late Summer
Record Label: Tooth and Nail
Why I’m Anticipating: The Classic Crime makes some of the most honest, straight-forward rock music that I’ve had the pleasure of following since their debut, “Albatross”. Anything short of incredible will be grounds for the band to think elsewhere about their future.

Gordon Bombay S/T
Release Date: February 3rd, 2011
Record Label: Independent
Why I’m Anticipating: A collective group of MOD SUN, Pat Brown (ex-Sing It Loud), up and coming R&B crooner B Rolla, Zachary Garren (ex-Dance Gavin Dance), and producer JCW, look for this upcoming release to make you get off your feet and dance. Naysayers may not be on the dance floor with the rest of us, but atleast they’ll have a hard time denying success.

Periphery – TBA
Release Date: TBA
Record Label: Sumerian
Why I’m Anticipating: Responsible for some of the most technical and tasteful metal I’ve heard in quite some time with their debut album, look for an absolutely brilliant sophomore effort – it’ll likely force people to create more titles such as “djent”.

Misery Signals – TBA
Release Date: Late Summer
Record Label: Ferret
Why I’m Anticipating: Before taking a hiatus, Misery Signals was at the top of their game in the Metalcore world. 2011’s fall tour “Crush em’ All” saw the band return to the stage for the first time in a few years – and they haven’t lost a single step. Look for people to be absolutely surprised at the monster of an album Mis Sigs puts out.

SolaceCall And Response
Release Date: TBA
Record Label: Independent
Why I’m Anticipating: Karl Schubach is not only the vocalist for metalcore outfit Misery Signals, but also a great overall artist. This is his debut solo effort he’s been working on for a few years – expect guest vocals from Jonathan Vigil (The Ghost Inside), and Josh Silbernagel (Hands).
Tags: Bring Me The Horizon, Letlive, Big Chocolate, MxPx, Whitechapel, Andrew W.K., 2012
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08/19/10 at 04:44 AM by Jake Denning
Jake Denning: Thanks for taking the time to interview and hangout, you played a really good set today and I had a lot of fun

Jake Denning: First off, you say there's no such thing as a guilty pleasure in music; With that in mind, what bands have you had the most fun watching on this years Warped Tour?

AWK: I mean, every band i've seen, i've been impressed with, and that's something I was not expecting, and have not seen before. Meaning every group had a level of musicianship, intensity, power, spirit, of professionalism as well, not to mention, kindness, goodwill, an incredible group of musicians. With that being said, some of the ones we really enjoy are of course The Casualities, Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band, Dillinger Escape Plan, Bring Me The Horizon, Whitechapel, Suicide Silence, Real Big Fish, of course Face to Face, the list goes on and on. Bring Me The Horizon, i'm going to play with them tonight I think, I played with them last night, just the heaviness of these groups, the brutality, the intensity. Of course, every band has to put so much effort in to just executing this version of their life everyday, they win my respect. Anybody I haven't mentioned its just because there's so many bands out here.

Jake Denning: This is the last day of Warped Tour for 2010. How has this year been different on other years you've been on the tour?

AWK: Well, we were in the tour a bit in 2002, then we did the entire tour in 2003, just like this year. It just seems more efficient to me, more well run, I mean, I dunno how to say it, just very professional. And I mean that in the best way, there's no wasted energy on a bunch of BS, a bunch of drama, a bunch of nonsense. People get down to business, the attitudes and work ethics have been extraordinary. This place is like a miniature city, and the effort and the focus and the determination and the goodwill it takes to build it everyday and to maintain it is incredible, its really really incredible.

Jake Denning: What can you tell me about the new Andrew W.K. Party album planned in 2011?

AWK: Oh! Well, i'm very excited just that it's happening at all. We don't have exact release date, and there's not many details at this point. But I'm continuing the recording process as soon as we get back from this tour back in New York City, and there's just a lot to come as far as more tours with the full band, brand new album, lots of different music, there's so many things that i've been working on for so long, and now that we have our business in order basically, we're able to finally get everything out there in a major way. The next few years are gonna be, in my eyes, the biggest party yet.

Jake Denning: You had a really awesome show on MTV2 around 2005 called “Your Friend, Andrew WK” where you would read letters sent in by viewers, giving advice and even visiting some of them and help them out. I really miss the show, and I know a lot of fans likely do as well, a lot has changed technology-wise in the last 5 years. Is there any chance of bringing the show back in a different format, where fans can send in an email, or possibly even a youtube video asking questions, and you possibly do a 10-15 minute video every week answering them?

AWK: Great great idea, thank you for ya know, suggesting that, and being aware of the show “Your Friend, Andrew W.K.”, the show we had on MTV2; That was an incredible experience, very intense, and very worth everyone's efforts, especially the people that wrote in and actually participated, and gave their life over to the show. It was a chance just to connect with people, trying to get our attitudes right, trying to get my mind right and everybody's else's mind at their best, just to have fun together, and try to do what you can do to make someone else's life that more hearty, I suppose. We actually have been doing a weekly, hour long interactive live video chat party; and i've been answering people's questions there, we've been talking about all kinds of life ideas, it's on stickam.com, I have my own show there, i've been doing every week, i'll be doing it tomorrow, you can tune in there, it's usually on in the afternoon, participate, ask questions, see me, i'm doing all kinds of things on that camera, it's a chance to party, using this computerized device.

Jake Denning: Moving on to your Cartoon Network show, “Destroy Build Destroy”. Season 1 contained 6 episodes, Season 2 recently wrapped up with 8 episodes, and Season 3 is confirmed for the 2010-2011 Season TV Season, what can you tell me about this upcoming season, anything new?

AWK: Well, yeah, every episode is new, that's why it has to be a new episode, haha, which is really a challenge not just for me, but for everybody's involved to keep the level of destruction increasing, to improve the quality of the gameplay, the competition, I mean, this show has legs and it's off and running, and it's an incredible opportunity for me to be involved. Cause I get to run around, screaming my head off, while there are really 500 foot mushroom cloud fireballs, I mean, fireballs with smoke rings around them, that stay in the air for 15 seconds and its very very very intense. The kids that come on the show are the best kids in the whole world, the level of smarts that these kids have to do what they do and compete in the manner that they compete is very inspiring to me and very fun. The new episodes contain NFL football players, the new episodes contain NASCAR car drivers and racing, I mean, LEGENDS!, in the new episodes we even have a demolition derby! Not to mention all the destruction and explosions you've come to expect, and THEN some, so definitely tune in. As soon as the new school year starts, I believe the new episodes will start coming on. Cartoon Network, Destroy Build Destroy.

Jake Denning: Over the span of your career, you've done solo albums such as 55' Cadillac, Full band party albums, TV shows, you've even taken over the duties of a local weatherman for a day. What's next for you Andrew? Is there anything you haven't done yet that you want to pursue? Maybe a radio show? Maybe start your own record label? Maybe write a book?

AWK: Well, I actually did just recently start a record label, I appreciate you asking that, because that 55' Cadillac album was the first album released on this new label that I started in London, England. Now, this label was originally called Skyscraper Music Maker, but, long story short, due to some contractual issues and some people I been working with over the years, things got complicated in between 2005-2010, 2009, we had thought we had figured out a little loophole to start this label, base it in the U.K., base it in London, and in the end, we had to change the name of the label. But, the good thing is, we just put out a new album on there, it's the re-release of the 2006 Close Calls With Brick Walls/Mother of Mankind release, its been re-released on this new label, AND there are two fantastic artists that have debut EP's coming out very shortly. The first artist is called Allister X, has a release called “The Git”, this is his second EP release, pardon me, and the second artist is for Cherie Lily, her “Work Remix” EP. These are great new things for this label. The name of the label is now Steev Mike.

Jake Denning: What is your definition of “Party Hard”? Do you necessarily need Alcohol to do so?

AWK: No, you don't need anything really, all you need is to be tapped into some idea of what you enjoy; it could include alcohol, it could not; It could include lemon juice, it could include vinegar. There's all kinds of things out there to drink, and not drink. To me, Partying is doing what you enjoy, celebrating the fact that your alive, and making the most of it and pushing yourself to make intense experiences, have some memories to think about as you get old in life, ya know what I mean? Go for it! Don't hold back. It's a mindset, a way to live.

Jake Denning: Today's the last warped tour date, located in Oregon. What are your thoughts about Oregon when you stop here?

AWK: It's a very beautiful place, very very lovely. My wife, went to college here (University of Oregon), again, my wife, she's our singer, she joined our band in 2005-2006, playing shows, her name is Cherie Lily, C-h-e-r-i-e next word, L-i-l-y, the energy she has on stage, she's like a superhero! And she actually went to school here, specifically for snowboarding, so she can snowboard. She was a competitive snowboarder, very very good, just the jumps and the flips, completely insane, i've never been able to get on a snowboard in my life, barely able ski. So I think about her, and how beautiful the lands are here and how pacific the vibe is here; I have a friend that lived in Portland for years, and I remember the first time I came here and played, and I was blown away. I've heard about the city for so long, and I get to experience it more and more, I fall in love with the area more every time i'm here

Jake Denning: What do you enjoy doing when your not playing a show or writing an album, etc.?

AWK: Well, I like eating a lot, to be honest, that's one of my most favorite things, food in general. Just all the kinds of food, deserts, sweet and salty stuff; in New York City where I live, there's an incredible amount of restaurants, and its all so so so food, it's one of the greatest things about living in any city really, having access to so much good food. The food on Warped Tour has been fantastic, way better than the food in 2003 from what I remember.

Jake Denning: Any last words to say to your fans?

Tags: Andrew W.K., Warped, Tour, Party, MTV
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08/18/10 at 07:46 PM by Jake Denning
“Last day for this Warped Tour, give it EVERYTHING you got!”. In a nutshell, that was every band that I either watched or walked by said at some point, while they practically drained themselves out for fans new and old.

Previous years that I had attended Warped Tour, I had arrived about half an hour to an hour prior to gates opening, and quite frankly, the atmosphere was a tad bit irritating. Kids whining about spots in line, getting bothered to “check out my band, we sound JUST like...”, dealing with cigarette smoke in my face everywhere I turned, etc. With that in mind, I decided that I was going to get there right after seeing The Temper Trap and The Cool Kids play gigs in Portland, so everything that bothered about me before would be reduced to practically nothing, and actually, it worked out for the most part.

I had arrived at the Washington County Fair Complex at around 2am, and decided to take a spot near the front of the line. After taking a bit of a nap, it was around 4am, and the amount of kids that were camping out and eagerly awaiting gates to open were growing by the hour; at this point, there were about 100 kids or so in line, blasting music out of portable speakers, playing cards, reading the current Alternative Press issue, etc. I decided to take some time and talk to everyone on who they came to see, metalcore act Bring Me The Horizon was mentioned by nearly everyone I had talked to as one of the top bands on this years tour to watch. The other bands that had a lot of buzz in the line were deathcore bands Suicide Silence and Whitechapel, post-hardcore act Emarosa, and metalcore band Attack Attack.

At 9am, I met up with Marisa, who was the coordinator for Warped Reporters this year, which is if you don't know, a group of about 10 people for each tour date who have people in line take a lengthy survey on a palm pilot to help Warped know how effective sponsors are, and what brands/media are popular with kids right at the moment. If you are selected to help out for your date, your ticket is payed for, you get in the gates 30 minutes before gates open and get to sit side-stage for one mainstage band; a pretty loaded deal for doing about 90 minutes of work. After everyone met back up and returned the palm pilots we were issued, we all went inside, figured out which mainstage band we wanted to see, and then we were free to do whatever we wanted; I decided to fill out my schedule for the day on the official Warped Tour application on my Android OS powered Motorola Droid, which proved to be a VERY quick and helpful application to have.

After figuring out who I wanted to see, I went to show my ID and email printout to obtain my press pass for the day. After that, I went to the Press Area where the tour buses were located, and signed up for Interviews with Andrew W.K., Haste The Day, Deas Vail, Parkway Drive and Mike Posner; Mike Posner and Parkway Drive ended up declining all interviews that day, which was a tad bit disappointing, but totally understandable, since Warped is a long tour.

I took full advantage of being in the gates early and visited the best merch guy in the scene, Baloni at the Set Your Goals merch table to buy a new pair of shorts, which were luckily not sold out. Also visited Bring Me The Horizon's tent, which surprisingly had very inexpensive stuff, decided on a pair of shorts. After searching for awhile, I found the Tooth and Nail/Solid State booth, and picked up some Mychildren Mybride cologne for a couple dollars.

Setwise, my day started off with a bang with Andrew W.K. on the mainstage; I was supposed to meet up again with Marisa to get backstage ten minutes before stage time. Andrew and his band walked in a single file line from the bus area to the ramp to get on stage, then his band bolted on stage like the Seahawks when they bust out of the tunnel on gameday, while Andrew did some stretching and getting stoked for his show. Andrew was eventually introduced and came on stage, but not before his Merch guy threw loads of free t-shirts and key-chains and air-fresheners into the crowd. The crowd was treated to hits such as “She Is Beautiful”, “We Want Fun”, and “You Will Remember Tonight”, among many other AWK party hits. Highlights included Andrew taking off his shirt and giving it to a girl who had asked for it, Whitechapel lead guitarist Ben Savage playing along to “Ready to Die”, and between nearly every song, a ton of free merch was thrown into the crowd to eager fans. Andrew worked the crowd with ease throughout the entire set, most notably at the very end of the set before his most famous hit, “Party Hard”, when he asked the crowd to perform a “two-layed crowd”, before everyone on sidestage (including myself) was allowed to bumrush to the front and party hard with Andrew before he thanked the crowd for a great time and to have fun for the rest of the day.

I then headed over to the Altec Lansing stage to see one of my favorite bands, Parkway Drive. Funny enough, they came out to an obnoxious 80's song that I couldn't quite put my tongue on, with lead vocalist Winston McCall coming out last, power sliding on the ground, and ending in a modeling pose, which had everyone laughing and cheering. The goofiness must've been what relaxed everyone in the band, because the very second the guitars came in on “Samsara”, Parkway Drive never let up, not even for a second. Plenty of crowd interaction was present for songs such as “Carrion”, “Romance Is Dead”, and “Dead Man's Chest”, to name a few. After ending the set with “Boneyards”, I was able to chat with guitarist Jeff Ling about their upcoming Australian headliner with The Devil Wears Prada, The Ghost Inside, and 50 Lions.

My water was running low, so I decided to grab refill it at the free water area, which was really cool, even though most venues probably had them too, it was somewhere I frequently visited throughout my day. On my way to the water area, I couldn't help but notice the Truth truck, known for being illuminators of the tobacco industry, carrying out their message via wacky dance competitions and prize giveaways, always a smash hit with people over the last few years.

I made my way back to the Altec stage about 20 minutes after Parkway ended for yet another one of my favorite bands, Set Your Goals; They came out to nothing but the loud noise of the massive crowd that had formed by the start of the first song, current single “Gaia Bleeds (Make Way For Man)”, as vocalist Matt Wilson yells “EVERYBODY SCREAM!”, as the crowd perfectly hit “OH!”, as most of the local hardcore scene broke out and swung for the fences as the setlist progressed. After walking away after the set, I couldn't help but smile after realizing that it was the third time I had got to see the band in the last 12 months.

I made my way over to the press area once more to check in for interviews with Haste The Day and Andrew W.K.; About 5 minutes later, drummer Giuseppe Capolupo was sent by Haste The Day to interview, so we went over to a quiet area and talked about the new album, “Attack of The Wolf King”, the recent “Haste The Day vs Haste The Day” show, among other things. I then thanked him for his time, especially since they went on in about 90 minutes from the time we ended, and promised to see him over at the Glamour Kills stage.

Andrew W.K. was in the process of another interview when I got back to the press area, so I decided to pick up some of the free stuff that was layed out for us: LOADS of Wonka candy, Epitaph “New Noise vol. 1” samplers, stickers, Warped folders, etc, lots of good stuff to pick up. Eventually after hanging out with Andrew's manager for a bit, I was brought back to meet Andrew and interview; After initially being starstruck for a few seconds, we did a 10-15 minute interview, talking about TV (including Season 3 of Destroy Build Destroy), his new upcoming album in 2011, etc.

I quickly sprinted and weaved back to the Altec Lansing stage just in time for Pierce The Veil, who were introduced by a goofy looking character that had a penchant for tequila, before the band ripped into single “Caraphernelia”. I will admit, the last time I had seen these guys on 2009's Taste of Chaos tour, I couldn't help but find them annoying, but this time around, the blatant signs of improvement all around that I couldn't help but enjoy myself. Popular top-40 hits by Drake and Ludacris were covered, as the overtly female crowd screamed along. Bassist Jaime Preciado was a wild man, jumping off brag boxes, spinning in circles Pete-Wentz style, anyone could tell he was having the time of his life.

After being harrassed by a few friends to check them out, I checked out Suicide Silence on the Altec stage for a song; luckily, it was the only one I was really familiar with, “Wake Up”. Their guitarists really liked to spin their hair around in circles, something i've honestly never seen a band do live. Vocalist Mitch Lucker stomped all over the stage like a dinosaur on the loose, flapping his arms about.

Haste The Day were just beginning to come on to a fairly large crowd when I arrived over at the Glamour Kills stage, which had the GOOFIEST look to it, due to the gigantic logo in the background. Immediately slamming into “68”, they sounded excellent from start to end, easily the best I have ever heard them live; New songs “Wake Up The Sun” and “Dog Like Vultures” translated well live, and old favorite “Blue 42” sounded as good as ever. Although the band has gone through more than plenty of member changes, they still bring it, never missing a beat.

After agreeing to meet up with friends and goof off at the Monster truck for some FREE energy drinks, I headed off to go see Emarosa at the Ernie Ball stage; I got to walk around with vocalist Jonny Craig earlier in the day and talk for a bit, so I was really excited to see the set, knowing that he was feeling good and ready to put on a good show. All the way from “Set It Off Like Napalm” to “The Past Should Stay Dead”, everyone sounded EXCELLENT; Craig's vocals were flawless, proving to be even better than the recordings. Guitarists ER White and Jonas Ladekjaer were crisp, and bassist Will Sowers and drummer Lukas Koszewski complimented each other, furthering driving the sound, with keyboardist Jordan Stewart calmly soothing the crowd. Emarosa easily made a new crop of new fans with this performance.

Warped has a rich tradition of taking one or two acts every year on tour that are on the verge of exploding in the mainstream; Past acts include Black Eyed Peas, Eminem, Katy Perry, 3OH!3, etc. This year, that artist was Duke University grad Mike Posner.

When I got there I talked a few of the other press people that were there to shoot photo's for the set, then we all turned around and we quickly saw one of the biggest crowds of the day, both guys and gals alike, ready to see the man behind the top-10 radio hit of the summer, “Cooler Than Me”. After a small delay, he came out to hundreds of high pitched screams and broke out into “Evil Woman”, one of his songs from his two mixtapes. A few of his older fans were noticably disappointed in the abcense of his older hits, “Smoke and Drive” and “Kiss Me Thru The Phone”, but what did they expect? Both tracks had guest vocalists, and they weren't on the tour to help out, although G.O.O.D. Music recording artist Big Sean helped out in a few of the eastern dates of the tour. About the mid-way point of “Cooler Than Me”, loud coliseum-like music blared from the Main Stage, which only meant one thing: Bring Me The Horizon was about to play.

Being my last set of the day, I quickly made my way over to the Mainstage as everyone was chanting “WE WILL NEVER SLEEP, CAUSE SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK”, the opening to the smash hit from Suicide Season, “Diamonds Aren't Forever”. Bring Me The Horizon sounded better than ever, due to new guitarist Jona Weinhofen (formerly of I Killed The Prom Queen/Bleeding Through) playing rhythm guitar; the absolute best i've heard them in a non-club setting. Vocalist Oliver Sykes worked the crowd throughout the set with numerous outlandish remarks such as “I need to see Blood, Tits, Dicks, and Ginger People, because everyone loves a crowdsurfing ginger”, and “EVERYONE get as NAKED as you can”; Not even 20 seconds later, Weinhofen was completely naked and bikini tops and basketball shorts started flying into the air. However, the absolute BEST part of the set was something I was looking forward to since mid-day: Andrew W.K. Making his return to the mainstage during last song “Football Season Is Over”, something I initially didn't believe when he told me during our interview. Bring Me The Horizon definitely may not have put on the top performance of the day, but they definitely made the most effort to be the most entertaining; They were fined nearly $400 for jumping off cabs, not to mention they destroyed all of their equipment at the very end.

Warped Tour is was definitely worth going to once again. No matter what your favorite genre was, there was something for everyone. Hats off to Kevin Lyman for another great year. Special thanks to Marisa and Bethany from Warped, Fallon from Fallon Media, Zach and Shilpa from Altec Lansing, and Absolutepunk.net

Andrew W.K.

Parkway Drive

Pierce The Veil

Suicide Silence

Haste The Day


Mike Posner

Bring Me The Horizon

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Tags: Andrew W.K., Parkway Drive, Set Your Goals, Haste The Day, Pierce The Veil, Warped
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