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Show Review: Enter Shikari w/ letlive. and At The Skylines
04/25/12 at 10:22 AM by Jake Denning
On April 22nd, I went to see Enter Shikari’s “A Flash Flood Of Colour” U.S. headliner in Portland, OR @ Branx. Support was from letlive. and At The Skylines.

At The Skylines opened up the show, and it’s another band that does the two vocalist sing/scream combo with the shredding guitarist – not particularly something that we haven’t already seen a million times before. That being said, out of all the bands that I’ve seen play that style, At The Skylines performed quite well; the intensity and fervor shown by the band isn’t often matched. Vocalists Mark Barela and Chris Shelley are both talented at their respective vocal styles. Although he might not like it, Barela screams are closely similar to that of Austin Carlile, vocalist for Of Mice & Men; Shelley has some serious pipes, something I didn’t expect to translate well live. The lead guitarist of the group shredded like his life depended on it, and was fun to watch throughout the set. My only complaint is that I heard the same breakdown over and over and over again; it seemed so formulaic and lazy.

At The Skylines have the right tools to really go places; if they utilize more of Shelley’s vocal abilities and reduce the number of breakdowns, they have some serious potential to release a great sophomore record.

letlive. took the stage next, and I was excited! I had missed this band a grand total of 5 times due to bad luck. I’m going to be blunt – if you haven’t seen this band play, you need to do whatever it takes to see them. Vocalist Jason Aalon Butler is an incredible performer live, you’ll be glued to his antics the entire set; examples include him pulling his shirt over his face, shove the microphone into his mouth, and climbing on top of tall speakers. Aside from that, the band understands the importance of dynamics; they kicked into overdrive for “Renegade 86”, and understood when to flip the intensity on and off for “Day 54”. Their entire set was such an experience, I was cutting a rug the entire time – it would’ve been a crime not to.

It’s so hard to write about the band, because they speak so well for themselves with their performance; they easily fit into the upper echelon of live bands such as The Chariot and Grave Maker. I am extremely excited to see where their upcoming sophomore album takes them. If you’d like to hear a particular song from them, be sure and ask them, they don’t bite!

After a bit of delay, the lights dimmed; in fact, this was the darkest the venue had ever been in the many times I’ve been there – Enter Shikari was ready to go on. Two rotating spotlights made a slow creep around the walls, occasionally stunning a few people in the crowd; a large upside-down triangle fixed to the wall began to shine a bright hue of red, mixed with powerful shots of white light. “System” was the first and definitely most appropriate song to start this set; we all shouted along with vocalist Rou Reynolds before the song abruptly flowed into “Meltdown”, in which all hell broke loose. The fixed triangle violently emitted red and white light, blinding all hardcore dancers that immediately broke out to tear up the dance floor.

The band then proceeded to run through songs such as “Gandhi Mate, Gandhi” and “The Feast”. Long time crowd favorite “Sorry, You’re Not A Winner” made an appearance early on in the set, as the majority of the crowd knew exactly when to clap along.

In spite of other big tracks making an appearance such as “Search Party” and “Arguing With Thermometers”, the set hit its most epic point right before the encore. Enter Shikari ended a initial 15 song set with “Enter Shikari”, which left the crowd rattling the venue with “AND STILL WE WILL BE HERE, STANDING LIKE STATUES”; they continued to roar this line until the band came back for a two song encore.

The encore consisted of two songs – “Return to Entergiser” and “Sssnakepit”; while you might think that this would be a fairly quick punch to end the night, the band refused to let people go home without dancing. The two songs were both extended to allow people to let loose and shuffle their feet, myself included.

One of my favorite things about Enter Shikari’s live sets is that they mix things up for people that come out; you’re going to get various extended introductions and remixes by artists such as True Tiger and Ram, which are even more of a treat for long time fans of the band.

It was highly evident that everyone who was in attendance was there for Enter Shikari, which made things far more enjoyable than past experiences; the band really got a chance to shine and show America how they execute a headlining set. Without a doubt this tour was Enter Shikari’s biggest moment in America; they weren’t held back by a limited set time, the spotlight was on them for once. Although the production and crowds are a far cry from what one would experience in the U.K., what WAS here was incredible to soak in.

Enter Shikari is a band that mixes hardcore elements with dubstep/drum ‘n’ bass, which has a large appeal to a few demographics of people. I look forward to the band growing in popularity, and coming back to America in early 2013 for another rowdy and memorable performance.
Tags: Enter Shikari, letlive, at the skylines, branx, portland
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My REAL Most Anticipated List
01/16/12 at 01:08 PM by Jake Denning
The following are a collective list of other albums i'm excited for this year in addition to The Ghost Inside, Stick To Your Guns, and Pierce The Veil that can be found on the main AP.net collective list. Sorry if you disagree....actually, no i'm not.

Bring Me The Horizon

Release Date: Fall
Record Label: Epitaph
Why I’m Anticipating: Bring Me The Horizon continually evolves into a bigger and better band with every release. With each member’s eclectic musical inspirations guiding the writing process, expect the band to put out one of 2012’s most original sounding albums.

Letlive – TBA
Release Date: Fall
Record Label: Epitaph
Why I’m Anticipating: Letlive is one of the freshest sounding bands in the rock scene today. With a non-stop touring schedule and wild live performance, don’t expect this band to be stopped anytime soon, as they put out their sophomore effort.

Big Chocolate – TBA
Release Date: Summer
Record Label: Independent
Why I’m Anticipating: Cameron Argon (aka Big Chocolate) is one of EDM’s best kept secrets. Argon continually pushes the envelope with his odd sense of inspiration, which result in nothing but great originals and remixes. His next project is already confirmed to have a guest spot from Tyler Carter (ex-Woe, Is Me)

Whitechapel – TBA
Release Date: Summer
Record Label: Metal Blade
Why I’m Anticipating: There’s very few bands that can measure up to the heaviness and brutality that Whitechapel brings – don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

Andrew W.K. – TBA
Release Date: Summer
Record Label: Steev Mike
Why I’m Anticipating: Andrew is the father of “Party Rock”, and he’s going to really show why it’s in the house tonight.

MxPxPlans Within Plans
Release Date: April 3rd
Record Label: MRI/Rock City Recording
Why I’m Anticipating: With plenty of time to “charge the batteries” and spend time with family, MxPx felt charitable and decided to set their sights on yet another full length, something we haven’t seen since “Secret Weapon”. Legendary pop-punk at it yet again.

Enter ShikariA Flash Flood of Colour
Release Date: January 16
Record Label: Hopeless
Why I’m Anticipating: With a great mix of Electronics and Rock, Enter Shikari have a potent formula for one of the best albums this year. Spoiler Alert: It is one of the best so far.

Fences – TBA
Release Date: Summer
Record Label: Onto Entertainment
Why I’m Anticipating: Nobody has made a folk/indie that’s hit me as hard as Fences did in 2010 with their self-titled debut. Since then, a split with Mansions and collab with rapper Macklemore has proven that a sophomore effort from Fences is worth drooling over.

Your DemiseThe Golden Age
Release Date: Spring
Record Label: Rise
Why I’m Anticipating: Nobody seems to be able to get as rowdy as Your Demise, and this new album looks to serve as yet another continual reminder.

Mychildren Mybride – TBA
Release Date: March 13th
Record Label: Solid State
Why I’m Anticipating: Mychildren Mybride will have a monster year, as they release their 3rd full length album, produced by Zeuss (The Acacia Strain, etc.).

Tyler Carter – TBA
Release Date: TBA
Record Label: Independent
Why I’m Anticipating: With the large backlash that occurred when Carter left Woe, Is Me, it’s seemingly all-or-nothing for him, no turning back. He’s making the music that he loves, and with confirmed guest spots with vocalists such as Kellin Quinn (Sleeping w/ Sirens), it’s going to be hard to stop Tyler in 2012.

American Me -- III
Release Date: Summer
Record Label: Rise
Why I’m Anticipating: Craig Ericson over at Rise Records isn’t stupid, he knows worthwhile talent when he sees it, which is why American Me continues to stay on the label. With a very underrated sophomore effort that was praised by people such as Vincent Bennett (The Acacia Strain), look for American Me to move from the great scene of Portland, OR, and onto the National circuit once again.

Project 86 – TBA
Release Date: Fall
Record Label: Independent
Why I’m Anticipating: This has been one of the bands I’ve loved for such a long time, and I’m glad they’ve managed to stay together so long – 16 years and counting. With a Kickstarter that raised over $30,000, who knows what Andrew Schwab and gang will pump out? Team Black rises once more.
MOD SUN – Untitled Mixtape
Release Date: Late Spring
Why I’m Anticipating: MOD SUN works his rear end off to always release free music, and 2011 was a fantastic example of that. His mixtape “Blazed By The Bell” was hosted by DJ Ill Will and sponsored by DatPiff. His next mixtape boasts contributions from Adam Ivy and Don Cannon, so who knows what sort of

Terror – TBA
Release Date: Fall
Record Label: Good Fight/Reaper
Why I’m Anticipating: Terror is one of the best hardcore bands out there, no doubt about it. They keep the faith in Hardcore music, you ought to as well.
P.O.D. – TBA
Release Date: Summer
Record Label: Razor And Tie
Why I’m Anticipating: It’s been a long while since 2008’s “When Angels And Serpents Dance” – with a first single “On Fire” released to the masses, P.O.D. is back and better than ever.

The Classic Crime – TBA
Release Date: Late Summer
Record Label: Tooth and Nail
Why I’m Anticipating: The Classic Crime makes some of the most honest, straight-forward rock music that I’ve had the pleasure of following since their debut, “Albatross”. Anything short of incredible will be grounds for the band to think elsewhere about their future.

Gordon Bombay S/T
Release Date: February 3rd, 2011
Record Label: Independent
Why I’m Anticipating: A collective group of MOD SUN, Pat Brown (ex-Sing It Loud), up and coming R&B crooner B Rolla, Zachary Garren (ex-Dance Gavin Dance), and producer JCW, look for this upcoming release to make you get off your feet and dance. Naysayers may not be on the dance floor with the rest of us, but atleast they’ll have a hard time denying success.

Periphery – TBA
Release Date: TBA
Record Label: Sumerian
Why I’m Anticipating: Responsible for some of the most technical and tasteful metal I’ve heard in quite some time with their debut album, look for an absolutely brilliant sophomore effort – it’ll likely force people to create more titles such as “djent”.

Misery Signals – TBA
Release Date: Late Summer
Record Label: Ferret
Why I’m Anticipating: Before taking a hiatus, Misery Signals was at the top of their game in the Metalcore world. 2011’s fall tour “Crush em’ All” saw the band return to the stage for the first time in a few years – and they haven’t lost a single step. Look for people to be absolutely surprised at the monster of an album Mis Sigs puts out.

SolaceCall And Response
Release Date: TBA
Record Label: Independent
Why I’m Anticipating: Karl Schubach is not only the vocalist for metalcore outfit Misery Signals, but also a great overall artist. This is his debut solo effort he’s been working on for a few years – expect guest vocals from Jonathan Vigil (The Ghost Inside), and Josh Silbernagel (Hands).
Tags: Bring Me The Horizon, Letlive, Big Chocolate, MxPx, Whitechapel, Andrew W.K., 2012
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