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A Sailor's Journal
Always Summer
05/21/12 at 11:49 PM by billyboatkid
I can't explain how excited I am for the new Spill Canvas record and the new Yellowcard record. Along with many others that we will be getting this year. It's a great year for new music in my eyes. A lot of my favorite bands are releasing albums. And so far I couldn't be more stoked from what I've heard.

The songs that The Spill Canvas have released so far are excellent and Gestalt comes out tonight. It's already past midnight, but I'm guessing that's Pacific time. I know it's gonna be absolutely amazing. One of my favorite bands.

Now as for Yellowcard. Their new single is absolutely badass as hell. Super catchy. Love the vocals and lyrics and everything. The melody and chorus are killer. I'm actually listening to it again for the 5th or so time as I write this. I absolutely loved When You're Through Thinking Say Yes, but already this song as me more hyped than I was for that album. I feel like this is gonna be Ocean Avenue's little brother, but just as huge and amazing as that album came to be for many people. They're back and I can't wait to hear it in it's entirety. Especially that song with Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy and the one with all the guest singers.

Getting me even more excited to see them on Warped Tour this year. One of the bands I'm looking forward to seeing most.

I'm sure I'll post my impressions and thoughts on TSC later and probably Yellowcard at some point.


Yellowcard - "Twenty Three"

"It's always summer in my heart and in my soul"
Tags: Fall Out Boy, Yellowcard, The Spill Canvas, Music, Life, Warped Tour
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05/11/12 at 10:28 AM by billyboatkid
Can't come soon enough. Can't wait to get away. Finished all my finals and now I'm ready for some summer before I get that new job and possible take some summer classes. We will see about that tho. I think I'll be fine with the new job making bank haha.

Losing that weight again. I kinda gained some back. Not a lot, but a little. I tend to fluctuate when I'm happy. But 3 miles a day should do it. All skinny and ripped up. Muwahaha.

It's so funny when I mess with my friends because they treat me like a big bear. They fuck with me then don't expect me to be that strong haha. It's awesome.\\


The Spill Canvas just released the last song from their new album before it gets out on the 22nd. Already super stoked for this all three tracks are amazing. To: Chicago, From: San Francisco and Off a Cliff. I can't be anymore excited for this album to drop next Tuesday. It's gonna be perfection. I know it.
Tags: The Spill Canvas
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05/05/12 at 09:25 PM by billyboatkid
It's been a while since I've written a new blog. I mean I have I guess, but an actual one. Lot's been going on lately which is good.

Killed all my finals so I'm on track to graduate next year. Pretty sure I got straight A's which is awesome. Just waiting on one last grade.

Other than that I just bought Rob's and my tickets to Washington D.C. to go see the last third of our trifecta haha. Our best buddy Devan. Haven't seen him since after my first year of college, well actually he came into town one other time, but it was very brief. He now is married and has a two year old at the ripe old age of 22. He always loved to jump the gun on life, but I love him like a brother. So we are going out there for a week. Should be another awesome adventure just like going to Montana was. Perfect way to start the summer. Really stoked to see my best bud. To get away for a bit. Especially somewhere brand new.

Saw The Avengers at midnight the other night with a bunch of people. Awesome as expected.

Super stoked for all the new music coming out in the near future. Especially the new Spill Canvas album. The two new songs they've released have already topped my expectations and made up for their last few releases.

I've been having the best week and month and then I am cleaning my room.. and what do I find.. her 7 page letter.. Talking about soul mates and about what we had gone through last year.. Not even a year has passed and look at the situation she's in. Ridiculous. Especially after what was written in that letter and many others. Oh well I just put it in a safe place..

Oh YEAH! Super fucking ecstatic for Warped Tour this year. The lineup is outrageous. Gonna probably be the best one I've ever been too.

I have a lot more to say, but I guess I'll just save it for another blog!


The Spill Canvas - "Off a Cliff"
Tags: The Spill Canvas, Usher, Life, Warped Tour,
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The Positive
11/13/11 at 11:50 PM by billyboatkid
I will always be too optimistic.

I read all these blogs and I look at old pictures and notes and everything. I've posted blogs about how I've known she was the one since last year. I realize where I went wrong. We've had hard times, but we've just as many great ones. I just love that girl too much. Only girl I've ever changed for, bettered my self for. And would do it until the day I died.

I make mistakes like anyone else. Never cheated on her or anything like that. Our problems were communication and me being a fool about certain things. If she could forgive me and let me show her me the real me and the way I am in relationships we'd be perfect, but it's always too little too late with me. We are so perfect for each other in so many ways and have become such a big part of one another. It's crazy

There is a lot I have yet to give and show and I know it's the same with her. I'd have loved to see it. But I guess I'm backing off.. It's been officially a month we've been apart today or yesterday. I'm not sure. Seems like an eternity. God I miss those kisses. It's a love that you never expected to happen, a hard love, but in the end one worth every tear and smile and laugh. If she could only see inside my head.


I will always love The Spill Canvas. So many songs. Especially on One Fell Swoop

Teleport A and B
This Is for Keeps

So many.. I loved that she accepted my music and loved it just as much. I love her dorkiness it suited mine so well. I hate feet, but I loved hers. I love how driven she is about school and teaching. It's truly amazing. She's going to be an amazing teacher.

I miss Damian. He's like my little sidekick buddy. I remember the first day I met him up at this pool. We totally hit it off right away it was funny. It's also funny cause he's so young. He totally loves me. He made me realize that I could be a good dad someday. Or so I think haha.

Well I thought I was ending this but I kept on spilling. Oh well. I'm starting to write lyrics again.. Probably pretty terrible, but whatever.

"So lets fall asleep and see what my dreams have in store. Hopefully it's you just a little more. (come on, come on) just a little more. Cause breathing was never this hard, slurred speech through gritted teeth. You're the only addiction I need (come on, come on) just a
little more"

PS. My beard is out of damn hand.
Tags: Life, Being positive, Lyrics, The Spill Canvas
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So Much
11/09/11 at 12:53 AM by billyboatkid
Man I love The Spill Canvas. Especially their first two/three LP's..

"How does it feel to know you're everything I need?
The butterflies in my stomach
They could bring me to my knees

How does it feel to know you're everything I want?
I've got a hard time saying this
So I'll sing it in a song

Oh, I adore the way you carry yourself
With the grace of a thousand angels overhead
I love the way the galaxy starts to melt

When we become one
When we become one
When we become one
When we become one
How does it feel?

How does it feel when we get locked into a stare?
Please don't come looking for me
When I get lost in the mess of your hair

How do you feel when everything you've known
Gets thrown aside?
Never fear, my dear, 'cause we have nothing left to hide"
Tags: The Spill Canvas, Music,
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Parallels and Money
12/07/09 at 11:57 PM by billyboatkid
The Spill Canvas have a new acoustic video of one of their new songs called "Parallels and Money" up on their myspace.

You should check it. It's awesome, and they sound awesome as usual.

So stoked for their new album. One of my favorite bands, consistently great albums and always deliver live.

Check it!

Tags: The Spill Canvas
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