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New Rock
04/04/11 at 11:29 AM by Blake Solomon
I just got the new Dads album Brush Your Teeth. It's passionate, noodle-y, intricate and doggone passionate (x10!!). But perhaps the most amazing song on it, is "Pass The Ball." You can stream the song on their bandcamp page, but below are the lyrics.

wordsI'm not moving, I'm just standing still.
In this shit you left me, I'm glad you left me.
I've learned three things this year:
like my dependency on beer,
how sweat feels in my eyes,
and how you depend on your lies.

You can't apologize enough for feeling sorry for leaving.
It doesn't help at all that each time you do, I still don't believe it.
So I've made shapes out of your left over belongings;
a hand empty through old age,
a new bed for each turned page,
a perfume bottle I can't stand to see,
someone who actually needs me.

The opening lines on this record are just so true and so meaningful/yet smart. They do what they do well because even though this is clearly a reactionary song, it's created with the hopes of moving on and getting better. That's sweet. That's what music is supposed to do.

I've learned three things this year:
like my dependency on beer,
how sweat feels in my eyes,
and how you depend on your lies.

Tags: dads, music
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Learned Kids
06/22/09 at 02:58 PM by Blake Solomon
I like these ads, sure, but I much prefer the idea/program they promote. Being smart is cool, and we should do all we can to make more kids cool, err, smart.

(my favorite)

Read. Or watch NatGeo. Do something.

Tags: blake, ads, blog
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Super Bowl Winners
01/30/09 at 10:19 AM by Blake Solomon
Arizona or Pittsburgh? Who cares? (Steelers will win, just so I don't have to watch Kurt Warner cry...happy tears)

But as you can imagine, a lot of the super bowl antics I'm focused on happen to be in between the game. From 3-D commercials (thanks, Sobe) to the first direct ads in the game (meaning they feature a phone number and want you to, "Come on, Call NOW!"), this super bowl looks to be, well, disappointing ad-wise.

Conan O'Brien is selling beer. The butler from Mr. Deeds is selling beer. Pedigree wants people to buy a dog.

Perhaps the brand I'm most looking forward to seeing is Cheetos. Their recent work is so insane that I think with 3 million dollars in the mix, it has to be nuts. Below I've got one of their older ads, the famous laundry spot, and also an article about the MC Hammer and Ed McMahon direct ad for CASH FOR GOLD. Yes, they are really advertising. Tough times, y'all, tough times.


Super Bowl May Mean Gold for Hammer and McMahon <-- This is a link!


and for giggles, here is Sobe's 2-D version (there are like 1.5 million 3-d glasses out there waiting for your purchase with any heavily-sugared Mountain Dew-esque product!)

and because i watched this Cadbury's spot again yesterday and was re-awed by it, I'll post it here. This was the ad they played in English theaters between the gorilla and the eyebrow. It has some of the best musical/directorial production I've seen in any ad.
Tags: blake, superbowl, ads and ends
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This gets my juices flowing
10/28/08 at 11:14 PM by Blake Solomon
The true genius of a campaign is in its campaignability. How long can you keep the same general idea fresh and fun? It's not a great idea until you can sustain it. This is a difficult thing to accomplish, especially without jumping the commercial shark (I'm looking at you, Cavemen.)

Don't misunderstand, I'm not saying it's easy to come up with a great one-off, it isn't, but that's nothing compared to a campaign that can stand the test of time; A campaign that can be carried out by various teams because of its simplicity and strong message.

Perhaps the greatest example of this (at least since I've been paying attention to commercials) is Holiday Inn Express' "Stay Smart" campaign. Joe-Schmoes do awesome things because they chose an HIE. Simple, usually hilarious, CAMPAIGNABLE. The damn thing's been goiing on for what seems like forever. And the slogan is short and simple, an easy reminder to the target audience: You're making a good choice, a choice that's brag-able, when you stay at HIE. Perfect. Well just when I thought they couldn't one-up themselves, I saw the following ad last Saturday. Wow, when watching it, I had no idea it was for HIE until the end, and the payoff was better than a season finale of Lost (or 24, mom!). Enjoy and pray I can do this one day.

Tags: blake, ads
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I think I Saw You In My Sleep
10/14/08 at 11:43 PM by Blake Solomon
A few notes before bed!

1.) La Dispute - Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair
-this record may have just jumped up into my top 10 in a day. Freaking amazing. The first three songs literally bent me over, spanked mass, then changed my soiled diaper. The lyrics are diverse, strange and hard-hitting. The vocals punch you in the face over and over. The guitars solo at only the most opportune of times. I can't wait to play this for my grandkids some day. If I don't review this, I fire myself

2.) Studying for Art History midterms
-Is a boring, lengthy pursuit. It's my first test since May and I don't/can't want to screw this up. I think I'll be prepared, as I ahve all the info, but it's just a lot of info to learn and only a smidge will be on the test. Ouch for me. Keep me in your prayers, thoughts and pants (right, ladies!!??)

3.) This week's advertisement
-I had an idea yesterday. It sucked. Somehow in the midst of all this art stuff, I managed to have another creative thought. I like this idea. It could go on for miles. It's simple and I hope I have the photoshop skills to pull it off. Boom baby! Oh, what am I selling? Sennheiser headphones, of course. And the selling point is that they are clear so you can hear all the subtleties (or problems) with the music your listening to. I guess it's the critic in me!! Art imitates life! Exclamations!!


p.s. Wrote a little more of the short story. It keeps getting stranger.
Tags: blake, timmy, la dispute, ads
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What you want
08/12/07 at 12:21 AM by Blake Solomon
My sister said I need to be more positive with this thing. And after reading a few of the entries, she's right. I'm pretty awesome. I do awesome things like 95% of the time. Now, an anecdote.

My mom bought me these beads from her trip to Greece. I call them "worry beads." Think the Rosary without the abuse scandals. Anywho, everyone over there has some of these beads and they are continually playing with them. They are a step above a good luck charm and a step below worshipping idols. My mother knows how much I worry about things and bought me some really nice reddish-orange coral beads. I don't always have them in my pocket, but they are fun to to run through my hand from time to time. I haven't really had much to worry about lately (other than my constant hypochondria), and I'm going to attribute this to the beads.

Displacement, or something like that. If you're thinking about the beads, how do you think about grades or a lack of new and interesting people in your life. Positive, remember? I'm not sure if that was an anecdote or not, I'm kind of iffy on the meaning on that word. I'm iffy on the meanings to a lot of words. Like irony.

See what i did there,
Tags: blake, positive energy, worry beads, mother's infinite wisdom
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