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A Link to Orion
What Does an AP.net Staffer Do Bored on Sunday?
01/25/09 at 04:20 PM by Anton Djamoos
Shaves like an idiot!

Also, as an added bonus, you can take a tour through one of the houses I've looked at while house searching.

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What Does an AP.net Staffer Do on Saturday Night?
01/24/09 at 07:22 PM by Anton Djamoos

I need to shave and get a hair cut. Bad.
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Acid Poured on my Toe
12/29/08 at 06:04 PM by Anton Djamoos
I got acid poured on my toe tonight.

I've had this ingrown toenail for nearly the past year. It's been horrible. Absolutely horrible. I've been tending to it myself with a great amount of hydrogen peroxide, band-aids, Neosporin, and pain. I even went to get it cut out because I realized I wasn't doing a good job in mid-June. It came back. It's December and it was still there as of an hour ago.

So, I had a podiatrist cut it out again. If they don't numb it, it's a form of torture (really, I saw it in Syriana) and then threw acid on the one particular region of the toe to kill the root of the nail so that wouldn't grow back. Ugh, gross. It hurt, but now it's all better.

There's my gross story for the day. Hopefully all is better now.
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Anton's Sister
11/24/08 at 11:30 PM by Anton Djamoos
If I didn't have this blog here, I think I would like to keep up with a blog similar to what my sister has.


Check it out, she has some cool things going on and it's an interesting read (for me, at least). See you soon, sis.
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The War of All Against All
11/14/08 at 10:18 PM by Anton Djamoos
First off, let me give a shout out to Joe DeAndrea, who, for being so young, is honestly one of the most clever people I know. If he weren't so darn good at posting news, I think he'd be staff-worthy just for the intangibles eh brings to the table. Kudos, Joseph. Thanks (you know why).

I just wrapped all of Michelle's Christmas presents and I know for a fact that I have totally won in gifts this year between the two of us. I would divulge in the awesome, but she reads this sometimes so I have to keep my lips sealed. Remember the N64 kid? I expect similar excitement. Well, not nearly to that degree.

It's a lock right now that Forgive Durden's Razia's Shadow is my album of the year. #2 will be The Reign of Kindo's Rhythm, Chord, and Melody.

Listening to The Receiving End of Sirens' Between the Heart and the Synapse right now. This album is in my top 5 albums of all-time. Everything about it is great.

Speaking of things that are awesome, why don't we turn onto something that's completely awful?

Breastfeeding at age 8. My goodness, this is terrible. I don't care that I'm judging; that creeps me out.

Adrian posted a similarly creepy video about Real Life Dolls. As much as I get weirded out by these things, I am completely fascinated and would rather watch stuff like this than just about any sitcom on TV. The fact that people like this exist is something that I can hardly envision from my lifestyle and it's just so eye-opening. I watched that doll thing with my girlfriend and she was creeped out and made sure that I'd never done anything like that. Oh, only if she knew. Thanks for the good find, Adrian. That made for fun conversation.

Hey Fueled by Ramen, what the hell is up with the lack of promotion for Forgive Durden? Maybe you could have given some sort of a budget for the "Life Is Looking Up" video instead of making Thomas film something that looks like it was made by a high schooler for a project. Panic and the Disco can have a parade of people with exotic outfits and Forgive Durden can't even get a decent cameraman? The sad part is that it probably isn't even the label's doing. So disappointing, but the album is still incredible.

I pre-ordered the Fall Out Boy album tonight. I got the $40 package because I think that shirt with the check boxes is awesome and I want to support this band. I don't care how many people don't like this band; I think that they are such a positive force in an overwhelmingly negative scene. The fact that they work so hard to provide for their fans is absolutely admirable and I think that they deserve all of the money they get. Fall Out Boy, I have major respect for you and think that you are the most important band in the scene right now...carry the torch proudly. Those who don't like this band seem to be people who resent that they became popular or just don't like their fans.

Some cool AP.net stuff (none guaranteed, just in case) that's coming up:
- Juliana Theory chat announcement
- Two Tongues album details
- Third Eye Blind exclusive (you heard it here first!)
- Mae exclusive (you heard it here first!)
- Epitaph is the label to watch. NFG, Thursday, and other cool stuff coming out.
- Fall Out Boy. That's all I will say.
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Extraneous Update
09/25/08 at 08:08 PM by Anton Djamoos
AP.net stuff.

Jason posted news today about my blog, which made me feel guilty about not updating it recently. Thus, I have recorded a new video blog (vlog, lame) that is a solid 7 minutes long. I even steal the intro from Jason's podcast, so that's pretty sweet. OMG he and I have the same music!!!

Note: Audio synced like crap. Listen, don't watch for your own sake.

Personal stuff.

Work's been very good. I'm not supposed to talk anything about my job, but I will say that I love it and that's that. It's raining, which sucks, but I am liking the weather because it's getting colder. Fall is my favorite season so this is great. I am excited about going pumpkin picking and doing all of that fun stuff that autumn brings. Apple cider? Sign me up.

I'm going to Atlantic City this weekend for some friends' birthdays. I have never been them when I've been allowed to gamble so, in fear of losing my money, I've decided that I will not be gambling. Instead, I will spend all of the money that I assume I would have lost gambling on fun stuff like extravagant room service. My ideal weekend would be to wake up Sunday morning next to my girlfriend in a fluffy robe with breakfast being delivered to us. I would also like the breakfast to arrive on a tray with silver platters like it does in the movies. I think that I'm going to be expected to dance, which will be a hoot. I haven't danced since senior prom and that was a debacle and a half.

Other than that, things are just the usual. Life is good and I'm having a good time. I'm interested in investing my money in the stock market now that things are hitting so low...I figure it's a good time. Maybe I'll invest in a mutual fund. I have no idea. I want to talk to someone about this so I don't waste money. It's stupid to have thousands of dollars sitting in my savings account.

Can you do me a favor? Please wear your seat belt wherever you go this weekend. You're too good-looking to get hurt.


(stole Blake's goodbye)
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Oh, hi.
09/17/08 at 05:16 PM by Anton Djamoos
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Sore Feet, Broken Noses, and Failboats - Bamboozle 2008
05/06/08 at 05:59 PM by Anton Djamoos
Before you can look back on a festival weekend like Bamboozle with fondness, you have to wait for your feet to recover. Two days of standing on concrete for about twelve hours at a time is grueling and you best believe you're going to feel something like that for days afterward. I'm still feeling it, but maybe it's because I'm old. I'm 22 years old right now and I've discovered that, even though this type of festival caters to a younger demographic, I can still have a phenomenal time.


We've all heard the horror stories about free hugs, the prevalent myselfist attitude that prevails over the music among the younger crowd, and the outrageous prices ($4.00 for a hot dog that wasn't even in the bun? Come ON!), but when you get to see as many great bands as the Bamboozle festival provided this year, it's hard to complain (even with sore feet).

My weekend started out Saturday morning at 8 a.m., meeting Jaime Durante and her boyfriend, Dennis, along with Julia Conny and fellow Graduate enthusiast, Jac, and Simple Plan favorite Tony Pascarella and his FOB-luvin' girlfriend Julie at the tent to set up. Partner-in-crime Orlando showed up later. We had a ton of free CDs, most notably from the band Deep Sleep Empire. This band actually hand-painted and customized each of the dozens of CDs they sent for us to give away and they came out often-hilarious, always awesome. Big shout out to this band and massive props for taking the time to do something out of the box like this...check them out at their myspace.

We also had many other promotional goodies, including tons of Midtown stuff that I was eager to get rid of (who would have thought they'd ever hear me say that?) and a bunch of stickers. We set everything up and the table looked lovely and ready for the demolishing by the faithful Bamboozlers. We couldn't wait.

Literally. We finished setting up at around 9:30 and doors were at 11:30, so we sat around and waited for a good long while, but it allowed all of us time to catch up since we all hadn't seen each other since Saints and Sinners Fest. This was a good time, because, I must say, our little group was extremely friendly. I don't mean to brag, but I think that we have a good thing going on with our group of staff members, as there was no weirdness (not that I'm aware of, that is...dun dun dunnn) and we were able to hang out like good friends and just have fun, talking about members on the site we hate (there are so many of you...if you're reading this, you're probably one of them), bands we wanted to see, the possibility of a Midtown reunion, etc. It was just fun. Good for us for being cool. ANYWAYS, back to the weekend...

As doors opened, I didn't have anyone that I really wanted to see until Set Your Goals, so I walked around and looked at all the booths and the merchandise they were hawking. Is it just me, or is every single clothing company these days selling the exact same thing? Glamour Kills made it popular, everyone else is ripping it off. The worst part? Most of these designs are atrocious. This is my own personal taste, but I prefer shirts that have a simple design, like a band logo or something. I am not looking to have my entire body look like someone let a bunch of marker-carrying toddlers loose on me, because that's what it is. But hey, that's just me being a 22 year old again feeling too old for the festival and being out of touch with what's cool these days. I'm totally going to be one of those crotchety old men (see: Steve Henderson) in the future ("In MY day...").

So as the children filed in, they of course came over to the AP.net booth, which was conveniently located in the furthest location possible from the entrance. That's ok though. It made it difficult for some people to find, and I know that some of you APers reading this now were not able to find it (don't worry, I won't hold it against you...say hi next year!), but we still had a good crowd the entire time.

And then I was nearly killed.

You see, this shitty, horrible, no-good-exuse-for-a-band A Love Like Pi came over to do a signing at our tent. Let me paint you the situation. I am sitting there, minding my own business, probably thinking about ending starvation in third-world countries when the band comes over. Lief fiddles with one of our rubber bands and ends up shooting me with it right in between the eyes! Blinded, humiliated, and injured, I was able to muster all of the strength I could to get up, but I used the rest of my strength to restrain myself from beating the chlorophyll out of Lief (OH MAN, GET IT?? LIEF IS ALMOST LIKE LEAF.), for he is in a band doing us a favor by signing with us. So, after dirty looks and insincere apologies from the asshole, they got to the signing. This whole time, I wanted to him to A Love Like Die, know what I'm sayin' lolololol? But really, they were two incredibly nice guys and, though the rubber band incident did happen, I hold no grudges. Cool guys, cool band...check them out.

In fact, all of our signings on Saturday were cool. We had My American Heart, Just Surrender, The Morning Of, and Dr. Manhattan. I'm thankful that every single band that I met over the weekend was extremely nice. Maybe they're secretly all huge jerks and are sucking up to me because I work for this site and think that I'll throw bad press at them, but if they are, they hide it really well. We had a bunch of people for these bands and that was good that they were kept busy. It was especially cool of them to stay so long for their fans considering how unbelievably cold and wet it was that whole day. Jessica from The Morning Of even had to borrow a jacket from her parents, which was actually adorable that they were there watching their children signing autographs for grateful fans. One day I hope to give my parents that kind of satisfaction, to see that their children are doing something that means so much to other people. Even cooler, a band that makes such sunny happy music were able to keep that friendly disposition on such a dreary day. The same for all of the other bands.

I saw Set Your Goals, which was the only set I was really anticipating that weekend and they had an incredible performance. Like I said earlier, I'm 22 years old and sometimes feel like I'm too old for this kind of stuff, but when you love the music, should age really matter? Not at all. And if you think it does, it was Set Your Goals, so shut up. So there I am throwing up my fist and singing along to the gang vocals of their opening "Dead Men Tell No Tales" and then segueing perfectly into "Mutiny!". They played the exact set I wanted to hear from "A pirate's life for me...MUTINY!!!" to the trading da da da das between both singers at the end of "Echoes". If you haven't seen this band, you owe it to yourself to see this energetic band do a live show the way it should be. It's fun, it rocks, and, again, it's fun. They were easily my favorite band on Saturday.

The only other band I made a point to see was Jimmy Eat World, and they sounded pitch-perfect. I was disappointed to not hear "23", which everyone knows is their best song (even if you don't think it is, it is), nor anything off the criminally overlooked Stay On My Side EP, but they made it up with a great selection of classic songs. The highlight of the set for me was probably "Sweetness". They have better songs, but when you have a song that encourages crowd participation like that one with such a huge crowd, it turns it into so much more than it is.

I left before Snoop because, well, um, I didn't care, and made my way to the parking lot to go back to my hotel for the night. My hotel room was seven minutes away, while my roommate drove back to our place in PA that's a solid hour and a half away. He beat me home. How? Because I was stuck in the parking lot for an hour and forty minutes because there was an accident that made it literally impossible to move, let alone get out. It was horrible and I was tired and cranky and wah wah wah woe is me. I got back to the hotel room, ordered pizza, fell asleep before the pizza guy got there, and had to have the hotel lobby call my room because I'm a jerk and slept through it. I ended up tipping the pizza guy nicely though, because I felt bad. Then I slept.


I got to the venue first on Sunday and started setting up the table. I also set up all of the old Midtown merchandise to give away. Before any of you start getting pissy that you didn't get any, I ran out of adult sizes and these were all youth sizes that wouldn't have fit you anyways. This was set to be a hectic day, as we wanted to give away all of the stuff that we had held back from giving away yesterday, along with some other new stuff.

We met a lot of fun people that visited the booth and I did my share to annoy as many people as I could. For example: someone would come to our table and start taking all our free stuff and I would ask them as they took the stuff, "What are you doing", making it seem like they were in trouble. They'd freeze and be like, "Uhh...isn't this stuff free?" and I'd be all, "Yeah, why? I was just wondering what you were doing. Sup?" Man, I'm a jerk. But, you have to do something to pass the time. We passed out a ton of the AP.net cards and I think convinced a lot of people to check out the site, which is awesome. In fact, I've already received several private messages from people who registered to the site who said hi to me to confirm that they actually came to the site. Score for new friends.

My little brother decided to come, so he, my friend Groogz, and my sister checked out Cobra Starship. We were pretty far back so my brother could see and I'm going to attribute Cobra's poor sound to that. Tony was extremely surprised by Cobra's performance and, having seen and loved Cobra several times before, I'm inclined to believe that Cobra was good. The only disappointment was no Travis during "Snakes on a Plane" but it was cool because he did cameo during "Kiss My Sass". You can try but you just can't stop fangs up Cobra-styyyyyyyle. Detractors from this band, stop.

No, seriously. I know that we post a lot of stuff about bands and people like to comment and make fun of these bands and call them out for being jerks and all of that, which is really unfair. Case in point...Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship.

I know, I know, he's changed. He used to be in Midtown, then Midtown ended and he went in a completely opposite direction to do something he had fun with. Whether you like the band or not, to call his character into question because of him doing Cobra Starship is unbelievably unfair to him. He's always been nice to me and I couldn't ask any more from him for what he's gone out of his way to do. Always friendly, always funny, always in good spirits. Just check this out...

Check out the fwyk midtown shirt Zac is wearing. Swish!

My little brother, Zac, is a huge Gabe/Cobra/Midtown fan (my influence, of course) and got the opportunity to meet Gabe (I didn't, damn him). And Gabe was totally cool to him! It wasn't an official signing or anything...my sister was backstage with Zac and they saw Gabe and he totally accommodated them and was hospitable and nice and everything you could ask for. So for all of you that say bad things about him, I apologize, because you're missing out.

I saw Four Year Strong next, which was easily the most intense crowd I've ever been in. There have been stories of people getting injured and hurt pretty bad at FYS shows, but this was ridiculous, even for Four Year Strong standards. I'm not sure exactly what happened, but I know that the set had to be stopped, security had to be called in from the band themselves, and there was blood everywhere. Rumor has it someone almost died; I also hurt that this same person's nose was falling off. Sounds ridiculous, but for how somber and serious the crowd got (I couldn't see), I would believe it. Other than that, Four Year Strong had a great set and played extremely well. They're one of those bands that you hear on album and know that they're going to be even better live and they were.

I went back to the booth, where Patent Pending was signing and they drew a massive crowd. In fact, it was too massive and claustrophic, so I walked around and did other stuff until The Starting Line came on.

The Starting Line played a decent set, and it was certainly bittersweet that a band that should have made it was calling it quits. ("ISLAND" SHOULD HAVE BEEN THE SINGLE OF THE SUMMER LAST YEAR HOW DID THE RECORD LABEL F THAT UP SO BADLY?) Unfortunately, I was not able to pay adequate attention to them because a girl in front of us fainted, probably due to dehydration, and looked positively ghoulish. It was scary, but she was able to get up on her own after a while and walked away with paramedics. Eek. Remember to drink your water, kids. Thankfully, The Starting Line closed with "The Best of Me". Every band from the Drive-Thru glory days seems to have a signature song. NFG - Hit or Miss, Midtown - Just Rock and Roll, Something Corporate - Konstantine...The Starting Line's was "The Best of Me" and it was in good taste that they picked that to end their career on.

I rushed back to the AP.net tent because probably my favorite active band, The Dear Hunter, was signing. I cannot put into words how much I absolutely love this band, but everything about their music is just so perfect in my way. Even though I could have gone in the tent with them while they were signing, I decided to get on line so I could have my own special moment with them and just shake their hands for making music that I love. Even cooler, Casey remembered who I was from talking to me last year at Bamboozle! *faint* *fangirl* So that was really cool. Unfortunately, I had to leave their signing early so I could catch Senses Fail.

Senses Fail had an awesome, awesome set. I know that a lot of people on this site complain about Buddy's live performance, but he sounded great from where I was standing and his energy was awesome. Even better though? I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Senses Fail are probably top five in terms of live musical performance. They're a big time band and they play like it. Every note was in place and everything just fit for this performance. It was a bit bittersweet hearing Heath sing the backup vocals because it brought me back to the days when I would hear that voice in a Midtown song, but it's cool. I'm happy with his decision to be in Senses Fail because I think that they've developed into a great band and I can't wait to see what happens with their next CD. I bet they surprise a bunch of people. Even you.

After that, I high-tailed it over to our very own Brad Streeter, who was conducting interviews. He wanted to interview an AP.net staff member so I obliged. I hope I didn't come off as a moron or anything, but I guess we'll see if Brad decides to put it up. Note: my voice was a bit dead at that point in the day and I don't even remember what I really said. I do remember I was like, "Indeed I am" three times in a row. The whole time I was thinking about the upcoming TREOS performance at 6:30, so I was a bit distracted.

After I left Brad and said goodbye (he's a really cool guy, by the way...I had a great time talking to him, as I did with all staff members and everyone that visited the tent), it was about 6:05. My. God. I forgot that The Receiving End of Sirens started at 6:00 because the schedule was messed up. I ran over there to catch the end of "Planning a Prison Break" and then was able to see the entire performance with Casey. Whew. One of my biggest show regrets was going to the Augustana/Cartel/TREOS/Acceptance tour a couple years ago and not knowing any of TREOS' music and then not seeing them before Casey left. I did not think I'd ever get the opportunity to see them together again, so I was extremely fortunate to be able to see this set, and I'm thankful for it, as they played my favorite song off of one of my favorite albums of all-time with "This Armistice". So, so good. They ended with "Epilogue" and I really don't think there could have been a better way to end TREOS for me. Sheer melodic cacophony. I'm going to miss this band.

After that, I was done seeing all of the bands I wanted to see, so I went back to the AP.net tent and lounged (my feet were killing me) with partner-in-crime Orlando (doomcrs04) for the rest of the night. I got to talk to the esteemed Josh Hay and that was a great time and he's extremely personable and fun. I wish I talked to him more to be honest; it's great to pick his brain as he is just full of enthusiasm and ideas. If the music industry were full of people like him, I'd sign up without hesitation.

We all packed up and made our way out and that was pretty much the end of the weekend. I was glad it was over because I was tired, but I had such an incredible time this year. Like I said at the beginning, I'm 22, but I was still able to have a blast. I don't know how long it's going to be before I stop having fun at these events, but I hope it's not anytime soon as I would love to have this weekend to look forward to every year.
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You dismantle me.
04/15/08 at 07:16 PM by Anton Djamoos
Here is the song you should listen to for this post. Reading this blog will not take you longer than listening to this song, and it's a song that's worth listening to. I'll let you know what it is at the end of the post so you don't have any preconceived notions.

It fits my mood


I've been in a bit of a slump lately in terms of AP production (AbsoluteProduction? <- obviously I haven't lost my kick ass sense of humor). I just have been so busy with work. Seriously, I've been working 10-12 hour days for the past three weeks and I'm just tired, you know? When I get home, the last thing that I want to do is sit in front of a computer and do more work. I just want to sleep or lay in bed and do nothing. So, for everyone that has IMed me and gotten no response, no offense or anything. I was probably laying in bed and fell asleep in my work clothes.

I'll be back to my former self sooner than later, as I have a ton of stuff to catch up on and I can't leave all the nighttime news posting on Joe.

In love life news, I'm thinking that I may have a new girlfriend soon. You see, time spent not at work has pretty much been devoted to progressing things with that, and I couldn't be happier. I'm actually going out and being social in order to spend time with her and if that's not a sign that I'm really interested in her, I don't know what is. So we'll see where that goes. The only potential snag in that plan is that I'm moving on May 1 and I'll be about an hour and 15 minutes from her. I don't know why I can never have a non-long-distance relationship.

I'll be moving to Newtown, PA on May 1 with my college roommate and bffl Doug. We've been friends since 7th grade so we already know what to expect from each other and it should be good. It's going to suck being on my own for food but I think I'll be fine. Worst case scenario, I lose a bit of weight.

I'm watching the Anberlin chat now and am enjoying it. Christian looked pretty lost in it (Acceptance reunion?) and the echo was pretty bad, but the chat has been enjoyable so far. Stephen seems like such a friendly guy, and he has a lip tattoo that says "rawr". That's pretty punk rock. Haha.

Fan: When is Acceptance going to play one last show at _______?
Christian: Uh...I don't know but I know Anberlin will be there!
Stephen: IN YOUR FACE! We stole him fair and square!

I basically want to say that I'll be back to full-time activities soon, with blog posting and stuff and news posting and features writing and chat making and idea thinking soon. Sorry for being invisible for a bit. I miss you all.

I leave you with my new desktop wallpaper. Feel free to use it.

The song above was The Reign of Kindo's "Hard to Believe". They have their debut album coming out later this year, so be excited.
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One Year With AP.net
03/22/08 at 11:26 PM by Anton Djamoos
Yesterday was my one-year anniversary as staff of this marvelous site, Absolutepunk.net. My, how the time flies. This is how being on staff at AP.net changes you:

- You care more about the music while caring less about music. I've started to care more about the industry side of thing over the bands that take place in the industry. I respect what the industry is doing more even if most of them go about their business backwards. They're doing it for the love of the music, whereas many of the bands that I've encountered have disgusted me in the sense that they are only doing it for money and many seem to be extremely jaded as to where they got. I'm a big believer in remembering how you got where you are and it is sad to see how many bands can forget that. Many unsigned bands are relentless when they want promotion. I'm totally cool with posting about a band no one's ever heard of before or putting my all behind them (see: Inept and Lannen Fall, who should both be signed by the way), but when some band just bothers me out of no where to post and then bothers me every single time I sign into AIM...I'm going to be turned off and ignore them. With the amount of requests I get for something like this, I can't tolerate harassment. But I guess it should be expected because...

- I have become important. Totally modest I know, but I don't think I even realize just how much power I have in this position yet. I know 90% of the other staff members don't realize it. I'm not talking about banning members, I mean in terms of influence in the scene community. Case in point, when I met Rob Hitt at Angels and Kings when it was new, we hung out for a bit and he thanked me for being such a big help to him. The guy from the band that completely changed my life and helped make me into who I am today was thanking me. And it happens all the time. The amount of respect I get from people is just unreal. At Warped this year, I had some people come up to me and want to take pictures of me because of who I am, with someone even offering me money because she liked AP.net that much. I know, that's pretty much j-list celebrity right there, but coming from someone who got on staff by pestering Jason to let me do the multimedia gallery, I think that's a pretty cool deal. I've had people at record labels call me up and think it's cool that they're talking to "Anton Djamoos of Absolutepunk.net", like I actually matter. I've had a bunch of big time band members contact me to help them out with stuff, or to yell at me for things that I've posted. However, being AP.net staff also means...

- People hate you. Whether it's the fact that forum members call you the "biggest loser they can fathom" (ouch), people despising you solely because you have a red name (user title ever since), or other sites bringing you down because you're only in it for the money (TDC...let's bury the hatchet already), it's already assumed that people are going to hate you. Fortunately for me, I was a regular of the General Forum before being put on staff so I developed an extensive set of friendships with people in there along with an extremely thick skin. I do believe that I can handle whatever comes my way in terms of insults these days and, to this day, have never banned anyone for being mean to me. Still, it sucks that people hate me; I don't think I really do anything on this site that's mean and, aside from being intimidating, I think that I'm a generally nice guy. As a former non-staffer, I have noticed that...

- The General Forum can be an embarrassing place. As one of the top posters in there for a good long while (about two/three years ago), I know I did the exact same stuff that I frown upon now. Calling out certain bands just because the majority doesn't like them, being negative for the sake of impressing others, and, what I believe is the worst of all, gossiping about other AP.net members. I know that we have a tight community, but it is this kind of behavior that encourages more sucky behavior. I can't begin to imagine all of the people that I've seen hurt from malicious forum members, or even hearing from bands about how they think that AP.net sucks because everyone is a jerk. It's an unfortunate assumption, since most of the people on the site rule, but it's the vocal negative minority that speak the loudest. It's this same sort of leeching onto negativity that has made me almost completely abandon the General Forum. I guess that's a good thing because I am working now and shouldn't be staying up until 3 a.m. talking with people; but I miss staying up until 3 a.m. and having great conversations about music and life with people. A common complaint from people is that they wish AP.net would go back to the "good ol' days", but it's impossible to do if these people who are complaining are the ones inhibiting this. It's kind of good that I don't spend so much time in the forums though, because...

- I am one busy character. I work 9-6, get home at 7, eat dinner and settle, then AP it up from 8 onward. And that's how things go pretty much every day. Go ahead and make your "omg anton haz no lyfe" remarks; I'm extremely happy with how things are going with me. I love my job and I love my AP.net. I don't think that I've said "I'm bored" once over the past year. If I need something to do, there's always something to do on AP.net, whether it's posting news, looking for new album art or promo pictures, or deleting pictures that don't belong in the gallery. Or I can go on a banning spree. Either way, I am busy and constantly doing things. I hope that what I'm doing right now will condition me as a hard worker for my future endeavors because I believe that I have done quite a bit with AP over this past year. What have I done, you ask? Let's see...
  • AP.net Chats
  • Thursday Discussion Question
  • Self-Promotion Spotlight
  • Over 1000 news items posted
  • Over 1000 high-resolution images uploaded to the gallery
  • Several different features written
  • Bamboozle/Warped tent work
  • Tons of behind the scenes stuff
  • Helped AP.net increase traffic by a sizeable margin
So, it's been a great ride. I'm extremely thankful for my position at AP.net and everything that it has done for my life. I have been able to be influential to certain people, and to expose others to music that I think they'll like. And, in the end, it's about the music. I love what I do at AP.net because I love what is done at AP.net. I expect more awesome in the next year, so fasten your seat belts, kids. Look how far we've come...yeah, there's no going back.

I would like to thank the entire AP.net staff for being there for me this year to talk/rant/brainstorm/laugh at all times. You're all fantastic and I hope that we can keep up the progress we've made over the past year running strong.

To the industry, I would like to thank you for being so inviting, so friendly (sometimes superficially, though), and so much fun. I wish my career could have brought me into this industry to get paid for it because I love it, but being able to work with so many of you on a constant basis will suffice for me.

To my friends for still being there for me even when I was antisocial because I am obsessed with doing things on this site. Especially Erin. Even though we're not dating anymore, I'm thankful that you didn't try to limit my AP usage.

And, most importantly, I would like to thank the members of this site for loving what we on staff do. Even if you hate certain things we do and are vocal about it and even if we defend it to the ground, I know I at least appreciate that you're honest about things and don't BS me because I'm staff on AP.net. I'm still a General Forum kid at heart; I'm still tonton46, only with a new red name.


The Receiving End of Sirens
- Between the Heart and the Synapse
Thursday - Waiting
Fightstar - One Day Son, This Will All Be Yours
Scrubs Season 5
Not spilling pretzels all over your bedroom floor. Damnit.
Tags: anton, one year, apnet
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My Room
01/24/08 at 08:13 PM by Anton Djamoos
I got a new drum set recently ($1500, eek). Here's what my room used to look like with it crowding everything up, complete with awesome posters around my computer area:

So, the past few weeks have gone into a complete redesign of my room. I moved my computer and drums and guitar all the way to the other side of my room and am still in the process of finalizing it. Here's what it looks like now.

Oh dear, isn't that a sweet banner? I do love it.

Tags: anton's room, midtown, forget what you know
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AP.net In 2008
01/01/08 at 10:58 PM by Anton Djamoos
2007 was a landmark year for the site and 2008 has the potential to be even better. Here are some things I want to do in 2008.

- Help Blake get AbsoluteINK up and running.
- Set up Absolute Non-Profit.
- Phase out "Absolute" moniker for everything haha
- Review at least one album per month.
- Blog twice a week
- Get more AP chats...figure out a way to make it so bands can post under normal circumstances...Members Only chats for certain bands?
- Rock Bamboozle. Figure out something awesome for tent. Meet Jason and Drew. Hotel party?
- Midtown interview if they ever have a final show
- Digital download compilation of sorts with exclusive tracks...
- Reunite At the Drive-In*
- Work with JuliAdrian to get some more awesome ideas for things to do.
- Sunday Self-Promotion Spotlight...figure out if Ryan is going to do it or not. If not, take it over and be consistent.
- Coax Jason into adding certain things in gallery.
- Add at least 100 new high-res images per month. Search archives if needed.
- Thursday discussions--make sure that they are engaging every week and stop letting the negative criticism get to you.
- Have fun!

So, I guess that's it for now. What a list.

*Don't get hopes up.
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We Apologise For Nothing
12/26/07 at 08:36 PM by Anton Djamoos
Life is.

I guess that's all I can really say about how things are going right now. It's like cruise control in the sense that nothing's really changed and as long as I keep on this straight course, nothing will change. And you know what? I'm totally fine with that for now. I'm content where I am and I'm loving my job and it gets better by the day. I'm hoping for a promotion soon since I've been put on extra projects because they know that I can get the work done. If I got a promotion, that'd be great. If I don't though, it's cool because I'm still making good money and I have a ton of fun.

I think it's especially great that I'm connecting so well with my coworkers. Whereas I've been hanging out with the support staff since I started, I've recently been getting to know all of the programmers. These are the 26+ year old people who really intimidated me when I first got the job because I'm thinking that they're so superior to me in every way but then I started going out to the bar with everyone on Thursdays and just hanging out and it's like there is no age difference and no job barrier that distinguishes us from another. As lame as it sounds, we're all friends at our job. I love it. Even cooler, the CEO has come out drinking with us before and that's just great. I like that everyone at my job is so young that we can all have fun together and I, as the second-youngest person in the group, can be accepted and seen as normal. That's made me the most happy over the past few weeks...I feel like I'm really fitting into my role in the company. Yay.

Fightstar has really fit me as of late. I think it's because it's somewhat self-assuring. It's probably not meant to be, but that's how I'm taking it. I love the singer's voice:

That's a fun little ditty.

Anyways, here are some things that I have planned in the near future.

- Discussion Question? Maybe not because of EOTY stuff. Maybe I'll do a Friday question.
- Not as cool as...?
- Put up new auctions
- Write article on Tourmaline studio
- Site watch
- Erin Christmas shopping? Figure this ish out. Wrap gifts.

- Feature videos
- Finish Tourmaline article
- Site watch
- Figure out Meli situation
- Coax girlfriend into naked situation
- Nice!

- Sleep late, pleeeease.
- Do whatever with Meli
- Lannen Fall interview
- Go to music store, order drum kit
- Kick Zac's ass in Stratego
- Get Doug a better Christmas present
- Get something small for Lustin (senatorlamb) and Todd
- Lustin, if you're reading this, pretend you're surprised on New Year's

- Lounge in pajamas all day.

So, that's how my life is going right now. No funny anecdotes or anything, just a routine cruise-control life.


Things I would like to accomplish:

What to Expect in the Coming Year (Releases/Tours/Rumors)
Get Jason to approve Absolute Non Profit Idea
Before They Were Stars feature
Get on a MWF gallery update schedule once releases start being more numerous
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Panic! In the Bathroom
10/19/07 at 09:47 PM by Anton Djamoos
If you've been reading my blog since the beginning, you'll know of a certain spider attack I was faced with. I recently experienced another.

Let me set the mood for you. I work everyday from 9-6. My place of employment is about an hour away so I have to leave at 8 a.m., meaning I have to wake up at 7. So, in going to sleep around 12-1 every morning, I don't get much sleep. On this particular morning, I woke up at 7:00 and went to hop in the shower. Here I am groggy and I walk into the bathroom and it normally looks like this:

Unfortunately for me on this wretched morning, it looked like this:

I know it's subtle, so if you can't see exactly what the difference is, I've created a little drawing to help illustrate.

Damn right! There's a friggin spider staring up at me, smiling, knowing that it's going to make me late for work because I'm groggy and afraid of it.

Usually, I would admit defeat, run away and see if the spider would go away. Ignorance is bliss, right? Unfortunately, I needed to get in the shower. I can't show up for work unshowered and unprofessional. It was time for me to confront this problem.

There was no way I was going to step on this arachnid because I did not want to touch it. That's just gross. I hate feeling the crunch under my feet because it's like I'm touching the demon, even if I'm wearing sneakers. Construction boots are a different story, but I did not have any readily available. So, I did the next best option...

I looked for projectiles.

I had many tools at my disposal. Throw a shoe? Maybe, but they're not the most aerodynamic things in the world--I could have thrown it in one direction and had it veer completely off course because of a cross breeze. Idea rejected. Maybe a radar baseball I had in my room. No, I thought immediately. I touch that baseball. I am not going to put myself in a position where I would have to touch something that previously touched spider innards. Then, it hit me like a sonnet to a hopelessly romantic girl--William Shakespeare.

That's right, I was going to use the bard to end this spider's life. I have a nice complete collection of Shakespeare's stories in my possession and it was the perfect size to drop from a height and vanquish the spawn of evil quickly.

As I put my plan in motion, the spider must have known that it was about to meet an untimely end, attempting to scurry away. Yes, spiders scurry because they're bitchy little pricks and will do movements that are unnatural and have stupid names like scurry. Luckily for me, I outsmarted the son of a b by cleverly putting a wall on the side of my bathroom. The spider was trapped.

I climbed on top of my toilet like a 50s housewife hiding from a mouse and launched my book. It made an explosion of victory that I have detailed in the picture below.

Once again, I have proved that 8 legs are not better than two. Try again next time, spiders.

Anton - 2
Spiders - 0

PS: This tale will end when I get the courage to lift the book and vacuum the little bitch up. There's no way I'm picking it up in a napkin or something, are you crazy?
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Nice Guys Finish First (If They're A Nice Guy)
10/17/07 at 06:45 AM by Anton Djamoos
It’s everywhere. It's on myYearbook. It’s on television. It’s in magazines. It’s on the brain of most men. And it just isn’t fair. The debate has raged for as long as men have been rejected—do nice guys finish last?
Let me start off by saying that I’m a nice guy. And that’s not bragging, because I’m saying that I’m the nice guy that the nice guy rants on the Internet typically embody. I’m 22 years old, slightly overweight, a chronic gamer (as I write this I’m wearing my Legend of Zelda hoodie); I’ve never done drugs and I’ve never hooked up with a random person. Yeah, I’m the “nice guy.” But here’s something you probably wouldn’t expect…I have a girlfriend. (Sorry ladies.)

I read many complaints from self-proclaimed nice guys on myYearbook that girls only go for the “bad guys” and these girls are only interested in a guy that treats them like dirt and uses them for sex. While many women would find this alluring for one night, the prospect of a relationship with a bad guy is not something that entices the typical woman. This typical woman wants the nice guy, the guy that will treat her with respect and love her for who she is, not for what he wants her to be. And as contradictory as this may sound, the typical woman does not want the “nice guy.”

John Fate, one of the authors of Make Every Girl Want You and The Nice Guy’s Guide has determined exactly what women want. They want the nice guy, but they want the nice guy to be his own man, not the complaining and self-pitying qualities found in so many “nice guys.” Fate says the key to success with a woman is to simply "pay attention to the woman, and ask her questions about herself."

While this guy may have all of those stereotypically negative traits (video game obsession, weight issues, lack of experience), he’s got the heart of a lion and a cute puppy dog devotion. He does pay attention to the woman and ask her questions about herself. What’s not to love, right? The vocal heartbroken cite only the positives of their personality and forget to mention that there’s a certain element lacking in the initial attraction from a female: confidence.

Take it from Heartless Bitches International, a site dedicated to women telling it like it is. Their reasoning for the tragedy of the nice guy lies within insecurity. Nice guys “are so anxious to be liked and loved that they do things for other people to gain acceptance and attention, rather than for the simply pleasure of giving,” they say. “You never know if a Nice Guy really likes you for who you are, or if he has glommed onto you out of desperation because you actually paid some kind of attention to him…Self-confident, caring, decent-hearted women find ‘Nice Guys’ to be too clingy, self-abasing, and insecure.”

How is this possible? When did being a nice guy become a bad thing?

Being a nice guy is never a bad thing; being an overly nice guy is what turns women off.

The Nice Guy’s Guide breaks down the differences between jerks, doormats, and nice guys</a>. You’d be surprised at how similar they can be.

Jerks almost always have something else going for them (rich, famous, local celebrity, good-looking, or "in the cool fraternity / popular crowd / sports team"). Women aren't attracted to these guys because they're jerks, but are willing to put up with them because these guys have something else going for them (rich, famous ...).

Don't attract women. Make themselves always available to women, always at their beck and call. Women walk all over these guys, & use them as a Doormat.

Nice Guy
Comfortable, confident, & secure with who they are. Treat women well, but are NOT doormats. Attractive Nice Guys have a life of their own, & they make sure to convey this to women.

Clearly, the lines between doormat and nice guy are blurred and can often overlap, causing confusing amongst the already-flustered male crowd. When I asked esteemed myYearbook colleague and great reference (she’s a female) Kate H, she told me that the top three things that attract women are confidence, a sense of humor, and appearance. These minute attributes are paramount to the majority of females’ attraction and are the three things that most of these “nice guys” lack and usually turn them into what Fate has deemed the “doormat.”

Just read the "Ode to the Nice Guys”, one of the most widely-circulated pieces of literature on the subject of the nice guy. Originally written for the Wharton Undergraduate Journal, the author, Fu-Zu Jen, gave a list of instances serving to offer the nice guys some overdue respect. An excerpt reads, “This is also for that time she didn’t have a date, so after numerous vows that there was nothing “serious” between the two of you, she dragged you to a party where you knew nobody, the beer was awful, and she flirted shamelessly with you, justifying each fit of reckless teasing by announcing to everyone: ‘oh, but we’re just friends!’ And even though you were invited purely as a symbolic warm body for her ego, you went anyways. Because you’re nice like that.”

Because you’re nice like that. How is the ability to become a doormat for a woman indicative of niceness? Surely this “nice guy” is in desperate need of self-respect and a confidence that is lacking.

As stated earlier, the three traits that a woman looks for are confidence, sense of humor, and appearance. Most nice guys are so concerned about their appearance for whatever reason that they lose confidence and thus are afraid to show any sense of humor. Their own insecurity drags them down and forces them to miss out on situations that could have been successful in other situations. The three most important qualities are intertwined and synergetic. If one fails, the rest come with it. In short, the only fault of the nice guy is the nice guy himself.

So what can be done to turn a jerk into a perk or to change the format of a doormat? It boils down to the easiest step of all: be yourself! No matter how desperate you are, making the girl feel sorry for you will elicit a bit of sympathy but it will also be a huge turnoff. Women want a strong man, not a whiner. Plus, you’re kind of making the rest of us nice guys look bad.

It’s great to show that you care, but a bouquet of roses and a heart of Russell Stover chocolates on the first date shows that you’re trying too hard (not to mention you don’t have any original ideas for what women like). Think outside the box! You can spend $250 on a date that is one of the most boring experiences of your life or spend $20 on a picnic and using your creativity to plan a date that is truly fulfilling for her. Maybe you could get an astronomy book from the library and lay her down on a blanket under the stars one night and point of some constellations. This is a date that would cost nothing and wield hours worth of interesting conversation. Sounds better (and more fun) than going to see a movie which costs money and usually is a two hour block of no conversation, right?

Remember—she is dating you for you, not the stereotypical guy that you think she wants. Hopefully you’re nice enough to realize that.

The nice guy has limitless potential as long as they realize they truly are unique. As Addison Walker once said, “It's not true that nice guys finish last. Nice guys are winners before the game even starts.”
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