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London: Day 1 and Day 2
05/18/08 at 12:30 AM by Blake Solomon
It's 8:25 AM here, and we are about to go on a big ol' tour of London. Not sure why it has to happen this early, but oh well.

Last night we went all around Earl's Court and took over pub after pub after pub. Funny thing, though, is that most people there were americans, too. Everyone here is american. Our british neighbor... is American.

There's six of us in this apartment (damn me if I call it a flat). 4 mizzou kids, one kid from UM-St. Louis and one from Western Missouri. All good guys and I'm chilling on a top bunk bed a la first semester of freshman year.

Out of order, I apologize, but the Air India flight was baller. Chicken curry for dinner and Mama's Boy on the screen for a movie (featuring Jon Heder!!!!). Flight attendants know what's up, they keep you well fed and satisfied.

Alright, I better go get dressed. Just wanted to update quick since we finally (!!!) got our internet working correctly.


Tags: blake solomon, london, life
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may i be forgettable
05/13/08 at 11:39 PM by Blake Solomon
I kinda didn't blog yesterday like I intended to, but that's alright. After my two tests I hung out with some homeys and kicked it legit style. I get a free pass.

I talked to my mom today and that really helped my impending fear of new, unknown stuff. She's a great lady, always knows what to say. I'm going to miss her most of all. Without a doubt. I would have given anything to have been with her on Mother's Day. Hallmark holiday or not, she deserves it.

I need to start packing and getting odds and ends tied up when I wake up. My fear has once again turned to excitement and I'm ready to do this. LIFE!

If Set Your Goals' new album is half as good as "The Fallen," it will be my album of the year. I can't get over the lyrics and power of this song. Easily top 3 of favorite songs from this year.

Tags: set your goals, blake solomon, london, MOM
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New countdown
05/12/08 at 08:59 PM by Blake Solomon
I'm close to 100 blogs. Why do numbers matter so much? Why are milestones grounded in arithmetic and not blood sweat and tears? Why is it important that I've listened to "If It's The Beaches" By The Avett Brothers 51 times? These are questions I'll never have the answer to.

I will be blogging in some form everyday this week. And soon this blog will transition into a travel diary for my trip overseas. I hope to be able to track my enthusiasm, fear, fear, growth and fear. I'll be handing the address out to a few family members and friends and letting them know they can always check it to check on me.

This also makes it fairly certain that they will then peruse the other entries in this blog, the "normal" entries. Will they like what they read? Will they be a tad bit terrified? Why do I expect everyone to be weirded out by me? There's way crazier people out there.

I bet they have wonderful families, too.

Tags: blake solomon, 100, travel, family, avett brothers
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Drop down
05/10/08 at 01:20 PM by Blake Solomon
It's saturday afternoon but it feels like Monday night. The clouds won't stop hanging around, always threatening rain. Drab is a good word for it. Tests and an urge to escape also hang around me. Followed By Ghosts play, ironically (i think, the word's true definition is elusive), a song called "Hymn of Twilight." As it shimmies through aquatic background noises and head-bobbing bass throbs, I sit nearly motionless other than my jittery fingers. There's too much on my proverbial plate right now. The climax of this song signifies the end of my current life phase. I'm leaving in 6 days. I'm leaving in 6 minutes. What's the difference?

Don't answer that.

It may seem like time spent writing this entry is time spent procrastinating, but this is a warmup. "Clockwork" by Pyramids comes on, strangely enough. I forgot my music is on shuffle, but this is an appropriate next track, so I won't revert. I don't think me and Through The Hourglass have properly met. This release has been in my possession for some time, but I don't feel the attachment I had to Following The Tracks. Heavier music is very hit or miss with me, and I think I prematurely pegged this newer album as a miss. We'll see.

I'm leaving in 6 seconds.
Tags: blake solomon, leaving, pyramids, followed by ghosts
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04/28/08 at 12:22 AM by Blake Solomon
by Fleetwood Mac is a great album. Partly because it sounds so happy on the surface. Partly because the members of the band were all so fucked up in different ways when they wrote it. Multiple break-ups, separations, etc. Should've made for a sad album. And, well, yeah, it is a sad album. Maybe that's why it's sold some 30 million copies. Everyone can relate to at least one of the members of the band. But, really, fuck them for spelling "Rumors" with the extra "u." That's my only gripe with the record, but it's a big one. What's your favorite song? Mine is, right now, "The Chain."

On other fronts, I've been a bit bored with reviewing lately, so to combat this I've just upped the absurdity levels. The response to my FotC review was pretty much 50/50, but I stand by it as a funny, decently insightful read. It instills curiosity, which is a good thing. My Ghost of a Stranger review also had a purposefully dumb opener. I wish you all could have seen the first sentence I had originally written, ask Rich Duncan about it. I think he's a little sad I decided to go a different way.

Isn't this blog shit great? I get to talk about only myself all the time. It's what I imagine Heaven to be like. God will sit me down in his big palace room while angels fly around and stuff and say, "So Blake, how are YOU feeling today?" Perfect. But until then, I'll just blog my little fingers off. Reminds me of my favorite ad campaign (I'm sure others love it, too) that is going on for Direct Tv. It features insight into the "corporate world" of "CABLE." Great stuff, really smart writing and great, professional acting. Simple and informative, memorable and funny, A+. Also, I think I spy some of the people from Best In Show and Waiting For Guffman, but I'm not a huge fan of Guest's work.

19 days until London Town

Tags: blake solomon, update, awesomeness, tags
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Hi there
04/22/08 at 02:14 PM by Blake Solomon
I'm hilarious.

Tags: blake solomon, truth, fotc, love
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04/12/08 at 03:39 PM by Blake Solomon
I've been grappling with thoughts of what in my life is actually blogworthy. In years will i really want to remember how much I study or worry about life's little triffles? Hopefully I'll be so rich that I'll have a servant just read off my old blog entries at my every whim. Then I'll laugh and laugh and laugh at 2008 Blake. 2020 Blake will have his own country. 2020 Blake will spend all his time playing virtual tennis with his oldest son who's studying abroad on Mars.

I'm just over a month away from my study abroad experience. Today I went to a general orientation and it made me realize that I am, at the same time, very prepared to leave and vastly underprepared. I know the mood swings will start soon and probably continue until after I arrive in London, so at least knowing they're normal will help. One day I'll be having the time of my life and the next I'll want to be on the next plane home. A lot of this hinges on my internship experience and the number of douchebags I'll be surrounded by. I'll be meeting some of them this week, so fingers crossed, I guess.

I'm listening to the new Wolftron album, has a dude from DLD in it. I used to love that band when they only had demos, but now not so much. It's alrright, I guess. Pretty boring. I want to turn it off, actually, now that I think about it. I'll do that.

Tags: blake solomon, london, mood
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Just Wait
04/08/08 at 11:15 AM by Blake Solomon
I'm on my way.
Tags: blake solomon
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Bday Thoughts
04/06/08 at 08:36 PM by Blake Solomon
April 7, 1987 - ?

Blake Solomon, somehow, is turning 21.

Is this a joke? Did I really make it this far?

A constant with uber successful people is this: there was always someone there to tell them, "It won't work, jackass. You're a failure." This hasn't happened with me, yet, so maybe that's my goal for this year. Maybe I take a bit of initiative and try to follow a dream, and when some asshole mentor lets me know that I can't succeed, rather than fight, I'll smile. I'll know that I've come up with something truly great and daring.

Isn't it strange how I just assume the naysayer is wrong and I'm right? Pretty egotistical, huh? It's my birthday soon, and I feel like giving myself the gift of naivety and far-off dreams.

In a month I'll be in London. In 3 months I'll be a college senior. In 12 months I'll have a degree. Nuts. In 21 months I'll have a job and money? That last one is the most jarring.

I've learned a lot in my time on this website. A lot of it has been helpful. A thick skin will take you out of this atmosphere and to new heights. They don't cover spacecrafts with cheese, after all. An opinion is always worth fighting for, as long as you never forget the other person is thinking the same thing. Music tastes change, bands get new members, technology simultaneously ruins/jazzes up music. But the one thing that never goes away is those people you spend all day and night chatting with about what has got you jiving that day, week or year. If any of those people read this blog, then, thanks. You definitely know who you are. Life isn't like a website, though, and you can't hide behind this week's avatar/user title combination. Eventually you're going to have to literally stand up from behind the keyboard and make a case for yourself. Don't take this step lightly, it's one of the most important things you'll ever do. I've typed some horrible shit during my time on this site, but the recent realization that I now feel comfortable to say the shit in real life was a great one. Over-analyzation (and remember this is coming from a freakin' music reviewer) will never, ever bring the closure you're searching for. People are simple and they want simple in return. The next time you're on a date or in an awkward situation, remember that. If everyone stopped trying to guess what the other person was going to say next, social interactions would be much more fun and spontaneous.

Hold on tight. I think that this is going to be one heck of a ride these next 12 months. Will I be the same person? Well that depends on if I'm happy with who I am now.

Tags: blake solomon, birthday, musings
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04/03/08 at 09:17 AM by Blake Solomon
I have a big test today and I feel like poop on a scoop. I've been through like a whole bag of those ricola things. I don't think they help my throat at all, but they sure are tasty!

I'm going to be "that guy" who coughs every 2 minutes in a silent auditorium. Oh the joys of life.
Tags: blake solomon, cough, advil, benjamin lundy
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Houston, We have an Ego Boost!
04/02/08 at 10:52 AM by Blake Solomon
I was added to a lot of peoples' friends list yesterday. Why you ask? Well, namely because I asked them to. But the other reason is because Jason added a brand new feature to the trusty UserCP that lets you know when a friend of yours writes a review. So if you haven't done so yet, and you don't think im too dimwitted, add me as a friend. I'd really appreciate it. We'll get ice cream the next time I'm in town.


Tags: blake solomon, usercp, adding friends, review
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I want to feed the sparrow in you heart
03/31/08 at 09:22 AM by Blake Solomon
Quite unceremoniously, school has started again. I received no emails instructing me to start studying or working on hw again. I was expected to do all these things anyway. But let me tell you, that damn horse is hard to grab hold of. He's currently running all around my apartment wearing my backpack and singing "This Wind" by The Tallest Man On Earth, which is a solid bluegrass song, but still, he doesn't have to be so rude about it all.

I'll get to studying today, although I have noticed my notes have some noticeable holes. I have a meeting with my counselor today, should be a hoot of a time.

My birthday is in one week, and the first of the bday concerts went swimmingly. Explosions in the Sky played for almost 2 hours and really knocked me down. Thank goodness I was sitting on a stool! Go see them if you get a chance, their drummer is a sight to watch. He's very talented. I love him?

Tags: blake solomon, school, explosions in the sky
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03/21/08 at 11:02 AM by Blake Solomon
Tags: spring break, blake solomon
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Thurs. Night Recs
03/06/08 at 11:56 PM by Blake Solomon
I am in bed extra early so I don't miss my alarm tomorrow morning and so I don't have to run the mile and a half to class with a backpack on so I can present my ad. Last friday was not one of my finer moments. Anywhoo, thought I would drop some tunes on y'all. After all, that's what this is about, right?

OWEN PYE (www.myspace.com/owenpye)

-Acoustic singer-songwriter who doesn't have a problem telling you about Jesus and his personal life. His earthy voice (i've started to loathe adjectives) sounds more like a good friend than a faceless musician. The harmonizing on "Just A Spark" is beautiful. I will be reviewing his latest 3-song EP soon. He also recently got engaged, so congrats to Mr. Pye!

ENJOY DESTROY (www.myspace.com/enjoydestroy)

-I tried to make a thread about this in general, but of course it failed. These are some british dudes doing the catchy pop-punk thing. Listen to "LBJ" and prepare your vocal chords. It's an easy chorus to learn, so just do it. I don't know who they sound like, but it's accessible stuff. Shabang!

EASTSTRIKEWEST (www.myspace.com/eaststrikewestband)

-First things first, their album art to their demo thingy is awesome. They recently released two songs and it's great mostly instrumental music with some light vocal interplay. Think post-rock with vocals. Think a calmer moving mountains or something. I don't know, but don't play these guys unless you have a few minutes to sit and chill out. Take a chance.

Alright, that's all I got. Hope everyone is well. I got my official approval for going to London this summer. I'm smitten like a smitten person tends to be.

Tags: recommendations, blake solomon, london
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I tried
03/05/08 at 08:22 PM by Blake Solomon
With each passing minute, it's less likely that I will receive the Teaching Assistant position I applied for yesterday. I'm definitely bummed. These things happen, though. Being declined will be good for me.

Head always up,

Tags: ta, blake solomon, bum
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