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Music Mends Broken Hearts
I'm Excited for Pre-Season; Oh no.
10/05/09 at 05:04 PM by Jason Tate
You know you're in trouble when when you start getting excited for preseason games. But it's true, preseason is almost here and I'm already pumped to see this guy back in action.

Tags: video, brandon roy, blazers, sports
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Finally Found This Video
03/28/09 at 12:12 PM by Jason Tate
I saw this live on TV and was going nuts. Ended the game pretty much right then and there. Rudy scores 5 points in 3 seconds.

Tags: sports, portland, blazers, basketball, video
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The Magnificent Seven
03/05/09 at 10:58 AM by Jason Tate
B. Roy getting some love.

Tags: blazers, sports, brandon roy
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Brandon Roy is My Hero
02/16/09 at 12:08 AM by Jason Tate

Oh, that Lebron guy is pretty good too.
Tags: video, brandon roy, blazers, sports
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Thank You Oregonian
02/12/09 at 04:06 PM by Jason Tate

Tags: image, blazers, funny
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Daily Recommendations: Go Blazers
02/03/09 at 12:50 PM by Jason Tate
My recommendation of the day is to jump on the Portland Trail Blazers' bandwagon. I know, I know ... not music related. But this is my blog/feature and I can do whatever I want.

Tags: recommendation, video, sports, blazers
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12/18/08 at 10:31 PM by Jason Tate
Brandon Roy. Damnnnnnnn ... what a game.

Tags: sports, blazers
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Today and Tonight
11/24/08 at 11:25 AM by Jason Tate
Have to get some work down around the website and then I'm heading to the Blazer game with some friends tonight. This will be our first in-person game of the year - and I'm looking forward to it. I have to answer some emails first, get some news posted, that kind of stuff.

Sidebar: I realized this morning that Rowdy is getting big! Hahah, well, relatively big from the little guy when I first got him. He's currently sitting on my lap as I type this and licking the inside of my arm. He just ate an ice cube and the little hairs around his mouth are freezing cold.
Tags: personal, rowdy, puppy, blazers
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Go Blazers
11/19/08 at 07:38 PM by Jason Tate
Another Blazer game tonight -- crazy back to back, but looking forward to it. Down with Chicago.
Tags: sports, blazers
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That's How We Do
11/18/08 at 09:35 PM by Jason Tate
Sitting down and answering email while watching the Blazer game. Oden is having a good game - glad to see him starting to get the feel of the game back. The last few days have been pretty busy - lots of emails and a whole lot of work getting done. Basically I am still working on the ideas mentioned in the beta blog entry ... some little things that will make the website better and easier.

If you're reading my blog and not currently using the new version - you should probably switch over. We will soon be kicking people over to the new version and slowly phasing out the old. This will probably start happening around Thursday if we are on schedule. This will also mean the color themes will be converted over as well.
Tags: personal, blazers
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Rip City
10/28/08 at 07:57 PM by Jason Tate
The Blazers open up tonight against the Lakers. It seems this is the year for all of my teams to be extremely young ... we saw the Broncos open strong and then start to fade. We shall see what the young guys out here will do this year. Should be fun to watch at the very least.

However, for being so young - we seem to be pretty fragile. The main thing is staying healthy through the year. If we can do that - we're going to be good in a few years.

Today was spent taking notes. Been playing with Rowdy some, but mostly, taking notes on things that need to be done around the website. I'm also doing all I can to stay busy for the next week as we start closing in on the election.
Tags: blazers, sports, personal
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10/07/08 at 10:48 PM by Jason Tate
Damn, the Blazers looked good tonight. Check out Rudy's pass at the end of the highlights.
Tags: sports, blazers
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Loving the Blazers
01/13/08 at 01:24 PM by Jason Tate
Tough double OT loss for the Trail Blazers today. I am firmly behind this team now -- Brandon Roy is an All-Star IMO, and I am glad that Portland finally has shook the "Jail Blazer" image and has a team I can really get behind and root for.

While we're on the sports discussion - fuck Phillip Rivers of the Chargers. That dude is a straight up prick. I hate the Pats and I can't cheer for that dickhole -- next week's AFC championship game is going to be difficult to watch.
Tags: sports, portland, blazers, basketball, football
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