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Music Mends Broken Hearts
I am a whore!
05/06/10 at 09:59 AM by Jason Tate
Weddings are expensive. Wanna get me a gift? Buy something from my fiancee, she's damn talented.

Edit: Thanks so much to those of you that bought something! Brings a huge smile to my face.
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Mini Update From Me to You.
09/23/09 at 08:38 PM by Jason Tate
I'm enjoying this little mini-vacation of sorts. Still working a lot to make sure the website stays updated (I snagged that Jesse exclusive today). However, the time away has helped recharge my batteries. Atlanta is nice, enjoying the humidity and time with the girl and her family. Really don't want it to end and have to go back to the daily grind. Although, I do have a few ideas for AP.net when I get back to full time on Monday.

New Morrissey b-side album is great (easily the best vocalist/lyricists alive IMHO). AFI deluxe edition came today - good CD, cool package, I'm just not as into this band as I once was. Brand New is dominating my life (acoustic stuff is fantastic), John Nolan's new solo album has made it almost impossible for me to play anything by Parmore or Rocket to the Moon ... I'll see if they can be worked into my rotation next week, but for now ... not happening.
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One Million
09/22/09 at 08:45 PM by Jason Tate
My blog has surpassed a million views. Woah. Thanks! I posted Brand New's "At the Bottom" (acoustic) on twitter for hitting 6k followers, I should do something special for my blog readers as well. I'll come up with something.

Listened to MUTEMATH some tonight -- damn that album is good. Fighting with Thrice and BN for AOTY I think.
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A Blog Discussing a Blog No One Will Read.
09/17/09 at 05:04 PM by Jason Tate
I guess I really shouldn't give shit like this the time of day; however, for me it's important that I use the power of the internet for good (every once in a while) and use it to stop rumors before they start. So I'm cutting this off at the pass. This blog post was recently sent to me (no, I'm not sending traffic their way). After a little research, I found out it was posted by this AP.net user. I have emailed him asking him to correct the said post to not include libelous statements and included in my email the exact phrase: You can say whatever you want about me as long as it's A) opinion or B) factual. So, just getting that fact out of the way right now: the dude is allowed to make any subjective statements about me that he wants. I am only asking for the un-true and libelous statements be removed.

Now, let me actually address what is written:

So we all know who Jason Tate is. He is owner of Absolutepunk.net. But what we don't all know is he used to be one of the labels most hated.
Absolutely untrue. I work with literally hundreds of record labels on a daily basis.

This guy apparently used to supply to "Scene" release groups back in the early 2000s.
100% untrue. In fact, this is libel.

Remember the band The Acceptance? I do, they made some good music, until Jason Tate decided to leak their album almost a YEAR in advance..
This is 100% untrue and, again, by legal definition: libel. I have a great relationship with Acceptance, did back then, did now. How do you think I got permission to post their unreleased demo on the homepage? Because I talked to Jason and Christian and got permission. Christian was the one who sent me a bunch of their demos a year or so ago - and Jason didn't even have them (coincidentally, he asked me to send them to him on Facebook). That's beside the point ... and only brought up to bring to light how absolutely ridiculous this claim is. I believe a band member at one point made a joke about Scott Weber leaking their songs, or something like that. But any claim that I had anything to do with the leaking of this band's album is 100% categorically false.

Holy shit, a year... I mean Thrice and Underoath leaked 3 months before release but a YEAR? If you didn't know The Acceptance is no more, I wonder why? Now I'm not the source for this information, and I can't give that person/s name out. So if Tate happens to read this, don't be too mad. It's freedom of the press.
I don't think you understand what "freedom of the press" means. This doesn't shock me that much; however, I can assure you that writing libelous and defamatory statements online is not covered under "freedom of the press."

Yeah, this might stop albums from leaking but, then again it won't. Not all albums leak from a shady reviewer or publication. Bands are the source of the leak sometimes. Some bands couldn't care about their album leaking. Also, some of them leak it themselves to get early exposure for the people that will actually go out and buy their CD when it hit stores, because they like it so much from hearing it early.
My blog was not about reducing album leaks. It was about putting "professionals" and "fans" back on the same page. I don't recall once mentioning anything about album leaks in my entire blog post.

Advances shouldn't stop because Tate says it would be better. We review for a reason, it's just what we do best. If we didn't have reviews posted on-line then how would anyone know the album is good or bad, it's also a way of marketing the bands music.
I find it funny this dude's getting any advance music. Barely has control over the english language, but reviewing is "just what we do best." As for his question (minus the question mark, but I'm going with it anyway): Uh ... people would know if the album was good or bad by listening to the fucking CD. I know actually listening to the music is probably a foreign concept to you.

It's just his opinion I know, and he could possibly have some pull but he'd need a lot of pull.

Labels like Warner Brothers have a great way of doing Advance Promos. You can't rip them with a PC, you can't even listen to it on your PC. You have to pull a shitty portable CD player out or get in your car and drive with it.
How in God's name is that a great way of doing advances? A) Yes, you can rip them (line in, sharpie, etc.), and B) how is having to pull a "shitty" CD player out a "great" way of sending out advances? And Warner sends most of their shit via PlayMPE these days anyway ... which actually IS a great way of doing advances.

I received LIGHTS new album "The Listening" and I couldn't figure out how to play it. I tried everything. First, I put it in my PC, and it froze every single Music Player I had. No go there. Second, I put it in my Xbox 360, don't ask why but I did, that didn't work either. Third, into the DVD player, still nothing. Finally, I found my girlfriends CD Player, ya know the ones that are like 20$ at a store like Boscovs? Anyway... the lid was broken so I had to rig it up, put it in and it worked. YAY finally, great CD too btw, very well balanced and Solid.
Yes, please, continue reviewing CDs because "it's just what we do best". Sounds like a "great" way of handling advance promos. Why the fuck is anyone sending this dude advance music?

Sample review:

After listening to the album once during work. I was quite amazed to hear what I was hearing over the patients screaming, yelling, talking and the nurses acting faker than hell like they really care that you go above and beyond your regular duties.

Anyway... Back to Crash Love, the album has everything you know AFI for. His voice for starters that will never change thank God. Just the musicianship in general hasn't changed.
Although I haven't been able to give the album a true full listen I still enjoyed it.

You can't make this shit up.

How about my new idea: just stop sending TheInterlude advances. They get less traffic than my twitter page. Seriously. Don't waste your time.
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The 10 Online Ad Formats People Hate Most
07/02/09 at 12:02 PM by Jason Tate
Curious if my blog readers have thoughts on this article about advertisements on websites. I've talked about this before in the past - and wonder if these findings are in tune with your own mindset (and in what order).

Can I just say that marrying advertising and content/functionality/aesthetics is the least fun part of my job.
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Time to Brag.
01/31/09 at 02:11 PM by Jason Tate
My blog is roughly 5k views away from being seen 1/2 million times. Most websites can't say that. Today's the last day of the month - so I'll be running stats tonight on the past month around AP.net. I'm curious to see what the stats look like/how they compare to previous months/last year. I'll post some of the findings in my blog soon. We'll see if a more proactive posting/reminding structure has had any impact on new visits/old visits and the like.
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Today. Well, Today Was a Good Day
01/09/09 at 12:00 AM by Jason Tate
This is so fucking awesome.


anyway, i cant wait to graduated from college cause jason tate YOURE GOING DOWN. ahhahahahah

Actually, I think that one of the main problem in this world is how people dont have respect, and thats non-respect to me.

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Handmade Handgunner
01/02/09 at 12:17 PM by Jason Tate
Hahahaha. Amazing.

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Only 100k to Go
10/21/08 at 02:34 PM by Jason Tate
When my blog hits 500,000 views I'll post something special for everyone that reads this little place on the internet I call home. Thank you to everyone that checks in - it's nice to know there are ears.
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Blog Shoutout: Unclutterer
10/13/08 at 12:38 PM by Jason Tate
Just found this cool blog: Unclutterer. It's been added to my RSS reader. Cool organization tips. I grew up in one of "those" households.
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Pop-Punk is Starting to Suck
07/30/08 at 12:05 PM by Jason Tate
Is there a new trend brewing and, more importantly, can we stop it? I honestly don't know what to call it ... beside the pussification of pop-punk.

Boys Like Girls
We the Kings
Metro Station
Every Avenue
Academy Is
Holiday Parade
The Maine
Mayday Parade
All Time Low
Cute is What We Aim For
The Cab
The Higher

Pop-punk was always the genre that got shit on 5 years ago - people made fun of bands like New Found Glory and Blink 182 -- now by comparison they look hardcore. As record sales have dwindled, boys with lame haircuts have decided to sell records (and get into girls pants) they need to slow their music way down. They write the same mid-tempo songs as everyone else, use the same song structures, and put out albums virtually indistinguishable from each other. I never thought I'd look at a list of bands and say "The Cab" have the most versatility amongst the band's they're in line with. Hell, at this point Fall Out Boy's music packs a harder punch than most of the new pop-punk bands on the market. Shouldn't everyone wanting success be emulating the most successful?

Blah. Yep, I'm complaining. Mostly because if this is the way the trends continue to play out ... we're going to see more of this. And if it continues to get popular, it'll mean we end up having to cover more of it. And there's just too many other pop-punk bands that I actually think make better music. Faster, tighter, better structure, better lyrics, better sound. Have the ears of the youth changed - or is it a matter of exposure? Not sure - but pop-punk is starting to suck.

The new New Found Glory will be great and won't sell half what the bands above are selling while they hold 1/10th the influence, talent, and ability as NFG. Fucccccccckkkk that.

People can listen to what they want - I'm fine with that - I was the leper when I was first getting into the music scene because I probably liked then what's the equivalent to the above bands now. But I would feel such a wave of embarrassment driving down the road with the windows down with any of the above albums playing - let alone in front of my friends. People would honestly wonder if I was listening to Nsync - it's music for dudes in tight jeans to fuck girls in bright colors. That's all I see.

Stuff I'll listen to instead:

Four Year Strong
Fall Out Boy
Set Your Goals
New Found Glory
Jet Lag Gemini
Runner Runner
New Found Glory
Almost Gold
Hit the Lights

And yes - there's a big difference.
Tags: rant, pop-punk, it's my blog i can bitch if i want to
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Inside AP.net: Renaming Your Blog Trick
05/31/08 at 12:42 AM by Jason Tate
Want to change your blog title? The one you set up, but didn't give any thought to when you started your blog? You know how mine is titled "Music Mends Broken Hearts"?

Well - this isn't an option that's linked anywhere on the website. I don't want people changing it every day for no damn reason. However, there's a link that will allow you to do this ... it's secret, it's hidden ... but I get a lot of requests for it so I'll make it known here. The page isn't even skinned/coded properly (missing phrases), but it works, and because you read my blog -- you get to learn about it.


Change "YOURBLOGID" to the id number of your blog. It's found at the top the page when you view your blog (ie: mine is #1 -- it's after the j= portion of the URL).

From there you can rename your blog.

Tags: inside ap.net, hint, tip, renaming blog
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Inside AP.net: Blogs Are Finished
04/28/08 at 04:28 PM by Jason Tate
So, I think I finished up the "new" blogs today. Here's a few updates on the upcoming changes.

I changed the "blog tags" link to go to its own page (screen shot). This page displays every tag a member has used on their blog (and only one of those tags - finally fixed that bug). I think it works better as a separate page - plus I made the "search username's blog" search the tags as well as the title/entry. This is helpful on blogs like mine where sometimes I tag something with a keyword that doesn't actually appear in the body of the blog - but you'd like to search for all of those.

I changed the blog comments section (screen shot). One of the reasons I redesigned the post bits a while ago was for this very reason. Before, when they were shown in a smaller box (like when ads are on the side) it looks really, really squeezed. However, now with the new design I think they look just fine even when shrunk a tad. This way every single place a user can "post" on the website is the exact same. It works the exact same, looks the same, interacts the same. This also means a user can quick reply with BBcode functionality - as well as quote users just like in the forums.

One of the big changes to the new blog (actually, it will end up being the website in general) is the new "write/post" pages (screen shot). What I decided to do was get away from the old "fill out a lengthy form" look. Move away from the "scroll down, fill out box by box in little fieldset areas." I just felt that this was too "message boardy" and was done on far too many pages. I wanted to give the pages a look where all the information was right at your fingertips. Right there - you can add tags/mood/playing/etc. This also allows for customization. Each of the little "menus" on the right side are clickable (the headers) and they'll "collapse" once clicked. The page will remember your settings. So -- if you don't ever fill out the privacy options or the mood -- simply collapse them and you won't be bothered by them unless you need them. I'll be revamping the privacy section a little more after launch. I want to incorporate "only friends can view" a little bit better. Basically - I think this kind of "write" page gives us a more updated look with a better UI. I know it might take a few of the old timers some getting used to - but after using it for a few days as I work on it and post blog entries (and hey, I post more blog entries than anyone) - I am loving it.

That screen shot is also your first look at the new WYSIWYG posting box. I changed up the icons to fit our new look as well as move away from the default for too many message boards.

Once we move servers in a few days (cross your fingers for Thursday), I'll also be able to change the "Image Upload" for blogs into an upload to your own gallery (instead of tiny pic). Once we have new space - I'll be able to open up our gallery to practically unlimited picture potential. Of course - that'll coincide with the new look I'll be putting together for that section.

A lot of the other changes are things that you'll see when launched - a lot of minor bugs and such that were cleaned up and the user interface is easier to understand. Especially searching/search results.

Also - as you can see from the screen cap in my previous entry -- I changed the "in screen" box. Basically, we have this on the site you're viewing right now - but it's faked. It tosses a page into a div/iframe in the middle of your screen. The new one uses ajax (basically it's exactly like Facebook's system - no reason hiding it) and is extremely cool/clean and functional.
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The Blog I Wish I Was
03/12/08 at 12:20 AM by Jason Tate
In case you didn't know - John Mayer still blogs.
Tags: john mayer, blogger, envy, themes of the night
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And I Will See You Again....
02/24/08 at 02:30 AM by Jason Tate
Hey, my blog is moving in on 200K views. Pretty cool. That's more hits than some websites get. Thanks to everyone that reads this little place on the internet for my ranting and what not. I'm moving closer to 800 entries too -- that's a whole lot of bitching isn't it? Hahaha.

The AP.net to-do list is almost done. Also, I made a big decision tonight. Something I'm sure will come up in the future. I'll let you know when it does. You know me, always dripping words onto this computer screen.

So the rain paints this window pane; I count the drops. Why is that I keep thinking if I close my eyes and wish hard enough ... maybe you'll appear?
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