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Music Mends Broken Hearts
Daisy Review Coming Soon
09/23/09 at 08:43 PM by Jason Tate
Almost done with my review for Daisy. Check for periods.
Tags: brand new
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First (ok, Tenth) Impressions: Brand New - Daisy
08/20/09 at 09:51 AM by Jason Tate
There aren't many bands that conjure the attention that Brand New does; and whether it's the haters or fanboys -- it seems everyone has something to say. Even little 'ol me.

So what are my thoughts on the album? It's a testament to a band when they can release, arguably, another classic in their collection. A band that can continually redefine themselves while still maintaining the form that fans expect. Bringing us something old, something new - and, always, something fresh. The end result is an album full of energy. It starts, quite literally, with the hardest song the band has ever written ... and it doesn't let go of its vice grip until the final note. What you want from me is to know if it's good -- right? What you don't want is for me to spoil it. Trust me. What you want is to sit down with this album for the first time ... and be shocked, awed, maybe even confused by what is coming out of your speakers. Because then you'll truly appreciate what the band crafted. You'll spend hours pouring over the songs ... and by the 5th or 6th listen ... you'll fall in love. It's good. It's really good. That's what you want to know.
Tags: first impressions, brand new
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07/31/09 at 09:04 AM by Jason Tate
Was listening to those infamous Brand New demos from a few years back last night. Part of me wonders what a straight up pop album from those guys would sound like ... Demo 2 seems very Viva Hate like, I think an album with verses/choruses like that and "Archers.." would be really good. Almost U2 like. Not that I don't like the direction they're going in ... just a thought.
Tags: demoitis, brand new
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Just Wishful Thinking
07/24/09 at 08:43 AM by Jason Tate
There's a part of me that wishes we'd get to hear a Dennis Herring produced Brand New album. Might just be me being selfish ... but still.
Tags: brand new, thoughts, random
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Check Back Sunday
07/06/09 at 12:42 PM by Jason Tate
We will be exclusively announcing the new Brand New album title and release date this Sunday, July 12th. Get ready - it should be a fun day around the website. I can already see a massive discussion about the title taking place ... it's ... interesting.

Tags: brand new, hype, tease
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Maybe eman83 Will Stop Hounding Me Now. Hahah.
02/01/09 at 10:50 PM by Jason Tate
If anyone is wondering why I haven't posted anything about the internet rumored March release date for Brand New ... it's because I checked with management and found out, "march will not be the time for a new release from BN, they are looking at more like summer although beginning middle or end is still to be determined."

Just so you don't think I'm slipping or anything -- I've got my ear to the ground.
Tags: brand new
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Who Do You Carry The Torch for My Young Man?
01/26/09 at 01:30 AM by Jason Tate

Tags: image, torch, punk, brand new
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Still My Favorite Band
05/15/08 at 01:06 AM by Jason Tate
If it makes you less sad
I will die by your hand
I hope you find out what you want
I already know what I am
And if it makes you less sad
We'll start talking again
And you can tell me how vile
I already know that I am

I'll grow old
And start acting my age
I'll be a brand new day
In a life that you hate
A crown of gold
A heart that's harder than stone
And it hurts a whole lot
But it's missed when it's gone

Call me a safe bet
I'm betting I'm not
I'm glad you can forgive
I'm only hoping as time goes
You can forget

If it makes you less sad
I'll move out of the state
You can keep to yourself
I'll keep out of your way
And if it makes you less sad
I'll take your pictures all down
Every picture you paint
I will paint myself out
It's as cold as a tomb
And it's dark in your room
When I sneak to your bed
To pour salt in your wounds
So call it quits
Or get a grip
Say you wanted a solution
You just wanted to be missed

Call me a safe bet
I'm betting I'm not
I'm glad that you can forgive
I'm only hoping as time goes
You can forget
So you can forget
You can forget

You are calm and reposed
Let your beauty unfold
Pale white like the skin
Stretched over your bones
Spring keeps you ever close
You are second hand smoke
You are so fragile and thin
Standing trial for your sins
Holding onto yourself the best you can
You are the smell before the rain
You are the blood in my veins

Call me a safe bet
I'm betting I'm not
I'm glad that you can forgive
I'm only hoping as time goes
You can forget

Tags: brand new, recommendation, itunes
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I Have The Best Job in the Entire World
09/19/07 at 10:20 AM by Jason Tate
This record was presented to me by Brand New and the owner of Triple Crown Records. It's absolutely gorgeous and this picture doesn't do it justice. I have to clear some wallspace immediately. Probably my favorite album of all time ... I can not thank the band, label, manager, etc., enough.

I seriously have the best job in the entire world.
Tags: personal, brand new, gold record
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