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sjb2k1's Blog
nobody wants to hear you sing about tragedy
01/23/09 at 10:22 AM by sjb2k1
the recession has hit my company. two layoffs yesterday, one this morning, plus a 10% pay cut for all employees via a cap in hours. so starting next week i'm only allowed to work 36 hours.

i'm telling myself that i still have a job and that is what's important. but this certainly throws a kink in the house-buying plans. good thing they pulled our credit last week haha

so i am making lemonade today. lots of lemons to work with. and if you know me, this is going to be spiked lemonade. because i drink as a coping mechanism, like all the drunks before me.

but i have janine and she has me, and we will make it through. this is supposed to be a 6-8 week burden, although i am sure it will be longer. for now, i'll work my 36 hours, enjoy my half days on friday and maybe use that time for me. i have 5 gazillion projects to work on...to finish, really. this is a time where entrepreneurs will come out on top.

"and you can take this however you want, yeah you can take this however you want, and don't be so, so sure this is all it adds up to yeeeeeeeahhhhhhhhh"

i am blasting music in my cube and they can come back and tell me to turn it down. music to cope until i can get my hands on a drink. this is how it has been, this is how it will be. i am rambling and typing and i don't want to be at work anymore today but i still have this job and it is a good thing. i'm going to decide this weekend if i want to apply for a job i heard about last week, or just stick it out here. it might be better just to ride out the storm.

look at this as opportunity, not setback.
Tags: work, drama, pay cut, layoffs, making lemonade
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the drama continues
01/07/09 at 08:59 AM by sjb2k1
i am getting extremely tired of this shit.

after monday night's holier than thou text message session and apparent bitch-out of cool dude, straight girl (and poor lesbian) STILL ISN'T FINISHED. she couldn't just let it go. dude smoked with me. at my apartment. of his own free will. in fact, he asked if he could come smoke. neither janine nor i suggested it. we smoked three pipes. we didn't shoot heroin or eat babies.

janine and i talked about the whole thing for a while last night. we're both still in disbelief that these two girls (yes they are 23/24 but they are clearly not mature enough to be called women) with their own very evident fucked up lives would take it upon themselves to butt into ours. yes they are our friends, but none of this concerned them.

okay i'm ranting. back to topic.

last night janine's phone was dead so she plugged it into the charger and turned it on. immediately it beeps "message received," and we both say "oh jesus christ what now?" fully expecting more extremely-dead-serious-with-a-period-at-the-end texts from straight girl and/or poor lesbian.

it's a text from cool dude, saying "HELP ME! they called a family meeting tonight and have been sending me judgmental texts all day!"

what. the. fuck.

by this point it was far too late for us to do anything about his message. what could we do anyway? we can't have him move in with us or anything like that. can't really even offer him a place to crash. but this is getting wayyyyyy out of hand here. we smoked pot. GET OVER IT. it's not even like straight girl and poor lesbian have never smoked. straight girl has smoked a fair amount in her life and enjoyed it (despite the fact that she told cool dude she hated it every time HAHA yeeeeah right), and poor lesbian smoked a shit ton back in the day and loves to tell us about how she was addicted to weed (that's a big LOL as well).

full disclosure here: poor lesbian is training to be a country sheriff. but they asked where cool dude was going on monday, and why, and he told them. don't ask questions you don't want to know the answer to. and again. my apartment. he's not lighting up a bunch of doobs in his room.

so anyway, the plot continues to thicken. janine texted him back last night saying we got his text too late, but we haven't heard back from him. god knows. but i still reeeeally want to tell both SG and PL to fuck off and work on their own business, instead of ours. i am really at a loss here.
Tags: straight girl, poor lesbian, weed, drama day 2
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mind your own damn business
01/06/09 at 07:05 AM by sjb2k1
so i got my christmas wish of a nice fat sack. life is good. had a great time with my family during my 10 or so days off. got ripped with billy every day. enjoyed raisin nut clusters, the best munchie food of all. etc. and got to bring back a decent portion of that christmas wish to NC.


before i left, i promised straight girl and poor lesbian's roommate, who i will call cool dude, that i would bring some back and we'd smoke. i guess he used to smoke a bunch when he lived in western NY but hadn't in two months and change, pretty much since he moved to NC. and since janine's not smoking, or pretty much everyone else i know down here, it would be nice to have someone to smoke with from time to time.

so last night i was smoking a bit and had just gotten nice and toasty when we got a call from cool dude. janine and him were talking, and i guess he got into a car accident and a few days later lost his job. so he's got a fucked up car and no employment for the time being. then he asked if i brought back any of the NY stuff, which i did, and he's just kinda like "would you mind?" no, i don't mind, he had a shitty week and i said i'd smoke him up at some point. so he's going to come over.

then both janine and my phones receive text messages. straight girl has sent us both the same message: "he's looking for a job you know."

then a moment later:
"not cool."

excuse me? sooooo let me get this straight, straight girl. you're cool dude's mom? or my mom? or janine's mom? or some kind of person with control over our lives? because i can tell that you think you are, by the fact that not only did you use periods at the ends of your messages (much more serious than just a frowny face!), you had to send TWO messages, to emphasize your disapproval of other people's lives/choices.

this would be all well and good if in fact she was any of our moms, or didn't have a complete farce of a relationship going on. meaning, she has her own fucking problems, things much worse than cool dude smoking a few bubblers with me. cool dude's 22 years old. he's an adult. he can make his own choices. he pays his share of the rent. he didn't bring weed into their apartment. yet they still yelled at him as he left for our apartment and sent us those texts.

as he said to us last night, "i moved down here to be their roommate, and their friend, not to be the son they never had."

i don't know what else to say except that i'm flabbergasted. and incredibly annoyed. last night after we got those texts i got all adrenaline filled and angry, which ruined my buzz, so i am doubly pissed haha...but seriously, mind your own damn business. particularly straight girl. i know what's going on in your life, in your sham of a relationship. cheating on poor lesbian, nagging her all the time, your plan to get cool dude to move here so you could move out...and poor lesbian's constant neediness, although at times i don't blame her for being all clingy because if i never got sex or even attention from my partner i'd get that way too.

the dysfunction is astounding. anyway. i'm still not sure what to do about it all, because i want to say something, and by say something i mean scream at them to fuck off and get out of my business. because guess what, i already have a mom...and she's fine with my smoking, thank you very much.
Tags: straight girl, poor lesbian, weed, drama
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so much drama
08/28/08 at 06:06 PM by sjb2k1
i don't remember why i signed up for this site, what it was that compelled me to register and to post. i do remember that i was searching for news on the starting line and yellowcard and a review that tate had written came up on google. i read it and liked it and stuck around to see what else was on here. and so it goes.

i like the b-sides thread, what's in our mailbox, the release date calendar, the random music recs floating around. i like the people i talk with on a regular basis. they make me laugh and they help the time pass during the day. this place has a lot of good in it.

but then there are days like today, and i wonder why the fuck i post here. so much anger and so much hate, and it is ridiculous.

and as i type this, NC State's quarterback just took two really bad shots to the head and is being strapped onto a board to be carted off the field. so i'm not going to finish this blog, because there are more important things in life. in REAL life. i hope this kid will be okay.
Tags: drama, more important things
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