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Cupcake Cult Monster Hat gets Top Place on Bestsellers list in Little Black Cher
01/13/12 at 11:16 AM by littleblackcher

I have finally sorted out our Best Sellers page today, it's finally up to date and shows what have been the most popular in last few weeks :) Poizen Industries have made really good job with their Plushie jet black and neon pink Monster Hat, it's been so in demand last month, especially with all Christmas shopping :)
It's extremely appealing, made from cuddly fabric that covers your hair and ears and cheeks so there's no risk of feeling cold when you wrap up :) You can hide your hands in big paws, and each comes with it's own little monster claws - that's too cute!!
I felt in love with this Monster Hat as soon as I opened our first Poizen Industries clothing delivery, it was funny day to see all these Monsters, Dinos, Pandas and crazy paw bearing creatures hijacking our office. They became part of our everyday lives now, and believe me once you try this Cupcake Cult Monster Hat with Spikes there's no turning back to your ol'regular beannie, your soul belongs to cupcake & co!
Tags: poizen industries, girls clothing, girls hats, black and pink hat, emo clothing
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How To Make Skinny Jeans Fit Your Style?
04/30/11 at 08:44 AM by littleblackcher

Ok, today I'm so inspired by super skinny skinny jeans, baby zebra skinnies to be precise. I've grabbed these babies few weeks ago, and honestly they work like magic every time. Don't want to repeat opinion old as the world that skinnies jeans are back, as we all know that. But difference is all in the design - material, colour, fit and comfort. Jeans Skinny should be well fitted on bum, and shouldn't require extra trips ot shops to make them look fab. They should fit into your style, and the clothes you already have ;) Now, when it comes to my Baby Zebra Skinny Jean, they can transform my old boring plain vest or cardi into glam rock chick outfit! Honestly, even my green waterproof parka looks like from fashion catalogue when i wear it with zebra skinnies to my local co-op! It's insane! These Girls Jeans do half work when it comes ot pimping a style. Best investment of last year. Hope there's few more to come still :>
Tags: skinny jean, girls jeans, zebra skinnies jeans, scene emo clothes shop
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Fancy a Piercing but Parents say NO?
06/03/10 at 03:48 AM by littleblackcher

We all love changing our look every now and again - new hair, heavy make up, new clothing style... We also like trying something more permanent - tatoos, piercing, hair dye (maybe not super permanent change, but still tricky to get rid of when it goes wrong). Now, how to convince your parents you really want to get piercing, dye your hair,
or start wearing something new and different?

We collected few really helpful (and tested!) tips from you, check them out now and if you've got any of your own tips too, share them with us!

"If you want to convince your parents you really want piercing, try doing things to get them change their minds. Such as
  • getting good grades
  • cleaning without them asking
  • if u do things such as smoking, drinking, or even drugs, try to stop, so you can show them that u can be responsible.
If they see a change in you, they might feel the need to reward you."

"I wanted a lip piercings but my mom wouldn't approve. I tried convincing her into it, but she kept saying no. So I went against her and pierced my lip myself. She was disappointed in me, but I talked to her. It was just a stud, and the one thing that got her to let me keep it was "you have tattoos, those are permanent. I can take out the piercings, if you're scarred." ha, it worked. And now I have snakebites. I guess you can pull that line if your parents have tattoos. :D"

"Try getting the magnet piercing first and then tell your parents it's real - note their reaction and if they are like gasp about it, take them out and show them, but if they don't make too big of deal about it just tell them that they are real and later go get them done 4 real..."

"What I did to convince my parents was I went online and got all the info about taking care of piercing and the cost and everything and showed it to them to prove I had thought about it and knew what I was getting into so they knew I was serious about it and that it wasn't just a phase or something I wanted because one of my friends had it done..."

"Well, if you pay for it with your own money and tell them that you will help out around the house I'm sure they will let you. I'm 17, I'll be 18 in february.. but with my parents if you pay for it then its okay, they wouldn't
like it if i did but once it's done they get over it eventually... so good luck!"

"You could say that's the only thing you want for christmas or your birthday. oh and comprimises are good too. example: my mom wants me to have good grades, so i asked her.. "so if i get all straight A's will you let me dye my hair purple?" and she said yes. something like that sort of comprimise. good luck :)"
Tags: piercing, scene kids, emo shop
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Going To Festival? See What To Pack!
05/15/10 at 05:41 AM by littleblackcher

Festival season is nearly here! From muddy Glastonbury to posh Wireless, whatever the place, occassion or music, we all wait for these events. It's more then just pure music apprecciation, it's time to go crazy, forget about everyday rules, and eventually mingle with celebrities!
Now, what to take with you to stay safe, warm and comfy? There are two secrets to festival fashion:
  • leightweight
  • layers
Festival goers know there are far more important issues then looking good - first of all you need to feel comfy to enjoy music - often in rainy weather, cold or late at night! Check the weather forecast before you take off and pack accordingly
STYLE IS A BONUS, NOT A NECCESSITY - anything goes, so go crazy!
Pack List:
  • Wellies - opt for plain version rather then novelty prints as flowery wellies will make you look like farmers' market reject
  • Casual dresses / tunics - easy way to make an outfit, and they look awesome with wellies!
  • Scruffy pants / Skinnies to hide dirt

Tags: festival outfits, scene clothes, emo shop, skinny jeans
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Tip of The Week - How to Apply Emo Make Up?
08/31/09 at 02:29 AM by littleblackcher

Here's great tip on doing Emo make-up sent to us by kaitlyn ansinda:

...I think you should:
  • take a black eyeliner and put it on really thick on your bottom eye lid
  • then u should put it even thicker on your upper lid
  • then u need 2 put on a whole bunch of mascarra - and don't listen to your parents when they say no, take it of lol : D - any ways
  • make a poind like cat eyes and make it go really far out
  • then surround everywere you put the eyeliner in exact lines like the cat eyes.
  • Put black eyeshadow over it, and the make up is done!

Now you just need to do your hair the usual way, I can tell u how I do my hair, ok:
  1. First I brush my hair completely
  2. then take flat iron, and go over it as many times as needed to get it super flat :)
  3. then I separate pieces of hair and tease it
  4. then use hairspray - i use gottaB glued
  5. once it's done, I put a bow in my hair (I like putting it by the side bangs)
  6. then I kinda tweak it a bit and I'm done :)

Oh, and don't forget to wear tight jeans and any tight t-shirt prefferably, a t in black with a name of a club or something u have never been 2 - ok well, I think im done here byyyyy...
Tags: emo make up, scene hair, how to do make up, put eye liner
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Bambi Electric Blue Handmade Men's T-shirt
08/18/09 at 11:57 PM by littleblackcher

Bambi Electric Blue Handmade Men's T-shirt
Handmade Electric Blue Mens 100% Cotton T-shirt
Limited Collection Bambi T-shirt with sewn details
Men's T shirt inspired by London's Underground fashion
Perfect edgy Men's Tee, try it with zebra skinnies!
Be irressistible in this cult Bambi electric blue T-shirt!

Get this edgy handmade Mens T-shirt now!
Tags: mens t-shirt, handmade, electric blue, tee, scene clothes, emo clothing
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Men's Disturbia Mouse T-shirt - Controversy or Art?
07/23/09 at 07:27 AM by littleblackcher
Men's Disturbia Mouse T-shirt - Controversy or Art?

This amazing T-shirt is designed and printed in England, UK by famous Disturbia label. It's made from very high quality Cotton, with screen print design on the front, fruit of wild imagination of Frank, the head behind Disturbia bars. We love it, and so does Slash, sporting this Tee proudly before the cameras.

According to Thunderfrogs: "This mouse tee manages to transform the American dream into a nightmare by subverting one of their most easily recognisable characters - and trademarks - into a self-distructive skeleton of his former self."

Read more about Disturbia Mouse Tee as worn by Slash...
Tags: disturbia, mens t-shirt, celebrity, slash, punk emo tshirt, emo clothing, scene cloth
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How To Pick Right Sunglasses for Your Face Shape?
07/15/09 at 01:17 PM by littleblackcher

Summer is here, sun is out, and sunglasses are teasing you with all designs and shapes. But how to pick the right one for you and make it your hottest accessory this season? With so many colors and styles there's deffinitely one for you, use these few simple tips to help you choose:

Tags: sunglasses, ladies, pick right sunglasses, face shape, scene, emo, emo clothing
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Join LBC Club Mix For Juiciest Offers Every Week!
07/07/09 at 11:07 PM by littleblackcher

LBC Club Mix - the juiciest products available for LBC Club Members with exclusive 25% OFF! With new products added every week, from Rockabilly Sunglasses, Urban T-shirts, to Emo Hoodies and Jeans it's something to look forward to!

Check this week's Juicy Offers @ LBC Club Mix!
Tags: offers, emo clothing, scene clothes, deals, discounts
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Emo Hairstyle for Guys - What's Hot?
06/05/09 at 09:40 AM by littleblackcher

There is plenty of tips for ladies how to create their Scene Hair, but we haven't forgot about you guys! To prove we still love you, here are some really good tips how to get and keep your hair in Emo style with minimum time and effort!
The really good thing about the boy Emo hairstyle is that it doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to create one. This is very much a “do -it- yourself” hairstyle, as well as one you can get a professional stylist to do.
It’s all about personality and your preferences. Emo hairstyle should be crazy and all over the head. It’s also a hairstyle to have fun with.
Another great thing about boy Emo hairstyles is that
  • it can be created by anyone.
  • you can do it on your own, or have your best friend do it
  • you can choose to go to a salon that specializes in the Emo haircuts
The standard Emo cut is normally layered in many different lengths. A razor can be used on the back so that it will have a spiky look, with longer bangs in the front. An important part of the Emo haircut is to have some uneven strands framing your face.

Here's few simple steps how to style your Emo Hair:
  1. Add hair glue to the front bangs. This will make them stiff and straight, just the way that Emo bangs should look
  2. Gel can be added to the back of your hair, so that it will stand out straight. This works really well if you have the back of your hair shaved shorter.
  3. Having the back of your hair shaggy and long is even more versatile.
Have fun experimenting with different hairstyles to reflect your mood, go crazy and spikey if you feel more rebellious and enjoy!
Tags: emo guy, emo hairstyle for guys, scene, hairstyle, scene hair
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Patience - it's a drag, but it really works ;)
05/09/09 at 10:12 AM by littleblackcher

I know, patience is not my middle name, but it apparently does work! I had really chilled out week, and I couldn't be bothered to worry about anything - of course, the usual work thing was still going on, but I did not get stressed when my stationery order came incomplete, the T-shirt order went into insomnia after I paid for it, and lovely lady at Boots pretended not to understand me when I asked for something she didn't know about... It's unusual for me, as I am always on the grumpy side of life, being perfectly happy with 'glass is half empty' sillyness.

So anyway, I decided to try the Beatles recipe 'let it be' and try 'let it all slide' - and it really worked! Amazing!

The missing stationery order arrived the next day, the silly lady at Boots didn't get any prettier by making a fool of me, and I spent £36 online instead in her store, and T-shirts are arriving this Monday, with additional designs, which are the best of the bunch I've ordered - so yes, being patient does really work, I don't know if it will work for me, as I would rather pass a kidney stone then be patient, but yes, it works for some. Good Night my folks.
Tags: top emo, scene clothes, grumpy, littleblackcherry
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Black and Charcoal Striped Punk Emo Mens Hooded Jacket
04/22/09 at 06:06 AM by littleblackcher

Black and Charcoal Striped Punk Emo Mens Hooded Jacket

Funky Cool Punk Emo Striped Hooded Jacket
Black and Charcoal Stripes with black linen, funky design
Made of 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester, top quality!
Fantastic and eye-catching Punk Emo Hooded Top
Matching strings with front pockets, all length zip
Top quality, very flattering Men's Hood, a must-have!
Tags: mens, striped, hoody, top emo, scene clothes, punk rock clothing, hoodies
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Comic Funky Printed Urban Retro Unisex Hooded Jacket
04/12/09 at 03:19 AM by littleblackcher

Comic Funky Printed Urban Retro Unisex Hooded Jacket
Fantastic Comic all over print Hooded Top
Made from 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester, top quality!
Fantastic and eye-catching Unisex Comic Hooded Top
Matching strings with front pockets, all length zip
Top quality, very flattering Retro Hoodie, a must-have!
Tags: comic, mens, hoodies, printed, emo, retro, cool, funky
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Last Chance to Buy Striped Mens T-shirts!
04/04/09 at 03:28 AM by littleblackcher

Now is a last chance to get Mens Striped T-shirts for only £8.99!

This fantastic price is available only this weekend!

New price from Monday 6th April is £10.99!

Don'tmiss out, and get yourself this Best Seller Now!

Men's Striped T-shirts for £8.99 - two days only!
Tags: striped, mens, t-shirt, offer, buy, emo, punk, funky, discount, last chance, buy
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The Most Embarassing Thing that Happened to You?
03/22/09 at 10:54 AM by littleblackcher
The Most Embarassing Thing that Happened to You?

That's probably the Endless Story, if I focus more I'd write an essay about it, but life's not for remembering all nasty things that happened to you, after all ;)

Anyway, I was walking on the street in this beautiful sunny Sunday morning,
wearing the coolest outfit ever, when I was about to cross the street on Zebra Crossing. It was one of the 'On Demand' crossings, where the cars always stop. So the car stopped, and I, with cool gesture of 'cheers mate' went on to crossing the street, when suddenly my shoe just felt down from my feet, and I nearly tripped over!

I had to stop, grab my shoe, jump back to the pavement, let the cars go, and put the shoe back on, and then try to cross the street again! How very embarassing, luckily only one guy've seen it, he smiled at me, maybe I didn't look like a complete idiot, but I felt like one :/

Marlene xxx

Tags: outfit, summer, emo, scene, cool, trends, blog,
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