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War All The Time
Featured Live Tracks - The Dangerous Summer (New Song)
07/03/11 at 01:57 PM by anamericangod
Not much for me to say with this, as the music speaks for itself. A terrific live acoustic version of "No One's Gonna Need You More," off their new album War Paint, which is currently my favorite album of 2011.

Pre-order the album here: http://hopelessrecords.com/thedangeroussummer/

The Dangerous Summer - No One's Gonna Need You More (Live Acoustic)

Tags: the dangerous summer, war paint, featured live tracks
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Featured Live Tracks - The Dangerous Summer
08/29/10 at 06:31 PM by anamericangod
A band that needs little introduction here on AP.net, The Dangerous Summer, recently released a highly impressive live EP to hold fans over until the follow up to their breakout album Reach For The Sun is available. In a world of absurdly altered vocals, computers being used as instruments, and a pretty face being worth more than a solid song, The Dangerous Summer are a stellar example of a band doing everything they can to stay true to the music. Their live show exemplifies this, the raw energy and passion that made fans fall in love with Reach For The Sun is taken to an entirely new level, making what was one of 2009's most emotional albums sound that much more heartfelt and sincere. If for some reason your ears have yet to experience this, I highly recommend you change that as soon as possible.

The Dangerous Summer - Surfaced (Live)

Tags: journal, blog, featured live tracks, the dangerous summer, reach for the sun
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Featured Live Tracks - The Early November
05/10/09 at 03:17 PM by anamericangod
The best thing about this video is that it had to have been shot not long after he had first written the song. You know he's feeling every word he sings. You know this girl is truly, still on his mind. This is as sincere as it gets.

I think we've all felt this way, a time or two.

and you know it's not so easy
when you're all alone
and I wonder if I'm alone
in your head

Tags: journal, bog, featured live tracks, The Early November, nostalgia
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Featured Live Tracks - Taking Back Sunday
01/23/09 at 03:36 PM by anamericangod
Boy, does this one bring back memories. "Your Own Disaster" is one of those songs that used to be a little known gem from the band. The only people who knew about it were the ones who had gone out of their way to find every song that Taking Back Sunday had ever recorded, or the people who were lucky enough to have it featured as track number 11 on the breakup mix cd they had been given the week before.

It's a rather simple song, but it's chock full of emotion. They even went as far to remake it years later and give it a semi proper release featuring 10 different layers of Adam Lazzarra's voiced dubbed over one another. I'm partial to the original version that I'm pretty sure I first heard on mp3.com nearly a decade ago.

The best part of this live version? Pay attention near the end when John Nolan unleashes repeating lines of "just forget me, it's that simple," while Lazzarra complements him perfectly. It's a powerful finish to what was mostly a lullaby of a song, and you just can't help but scream along.


Tags: journal, blog, featured live tracks, taking back sunday, nostalgia
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6 am, day after Christmas
12/26/08 at 04:00 AM by anamericangod

Aside from the pregnancy and abortion perspective, we've all had somebody who we can associate this song with. This song brings back memories of years past, particularly cold winters where things just refused to go my way. Regardless of its release more than 10 years ago, "Brick" has become somewhat of a poignant anthem for our generation. Some people can relate to Ben's personal story behind the words, while many others believe it's a perfect tune to describe how it feels when you realize there's just nothing else you can do for someone. The latter is a feeling I've felt one too many times.

The smell of cold
Car seat is freezing
The world is sleeping
I am numb
Tags: journal, blog, Ben Folds Five, featured live tracks
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Featured Live Tracks - The Juliana Theory
12/19/08 at 07:30 PM by anamericangod
While it's arguable that their later efforts never quite matched up to their early material, The Juliana Theory never put out a bad album. "August In Bethany," off of 1999's Understand This Is A Dream, is one of the bands most popular songs, as well as a crowd favorite. In this recording, it's the little things that make this version so memorable. The vocals from the audience mixing perfectly with the first lines. The girl screaming "Yeah Brett!" during the introduction. The way the crowd sings "Ohhhhh ohhhhh" just loud enough to be heard over the explosive crescendo. A quintessential breakup song, fairly simplistic, but undeniably powerful. The Juliana Theory may be gone, but with gems like this, they surely aren't forgotten.

The Juliana Theory - August In Bethany
Tags: journal, blog, featured live tracks, the juliana theory
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Work In Progress
12/07/08 at 12:30 AM by anamericangod
As many of you know, I am an epic insomniac. This has both positive and negative aspects. When I'm not up late killing time on AP or watching Sandra Bullock movies, I occasionally try to conjure up some ideas for things I can do to bring a little bit of entertainment to AP, both for myself and for others.

So, I don't want to give away all my ideas just yet, but here's a sample.

1. AP User Interviews. I tossed this idea around awhile ago, but it got kinda sidetracked and I just haven't gotten anything set up. Thankfully I have free time coming up and should be able to get something done. As of now, I have a decent set of questions prepared and I thought I would personalize some questions for whoever the interviewee is so things aren't too repetitive, assuming I actually get some people who are interested in this. I think it would be a really good way to get to know some AP members a little better. I'm trying to come up with a clever name for this "segment" but so far I've got nothing. Any ideas? Let me know if you're interested in being interviewed.

2. Featured Live Tracks. I actually thought of this late last night, somewhere in between Miss Congeniality and Hope Floats. I'm gonna showcase various live tracks that I think people would enjoy. Maybe it'll be from a band you know and that AP talks about all the time, or maybe it'll be somebody you aren't particularly familiar with. I have quite the stash of live recordings, so hopefully I can dig a few things out that you guys will like.

So, to kick that off, here is Dashboard Confessional doing an excellent cover of Radiohead's "Fake Plastic Trees." You're more than likely familiar with Dashboard, but maybe there's some of you who aren't quite aware of the wonder that is Radiohead. Carrabba does a fine Thom Yorke impersonation, and an arrangement of strings helps flesh out the rest of the track. Would Radiohead approve? Who knows, but I surely do.

Dashboard Confessional - Fake Plastic Trees
Tags: journal, blog, personal, ideas, featured live tracks
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