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The Remnants of Uncertainty...
Razia's Shadow Performance Blog: Rounding Up The Actors
03/17/09 at 01:25 AM by cassusriff
Yes, I am still working to put this show on this summer. I'm serious about this. This isn't some cool idea that is going to fade away after the initial excitement wears off.

Unfortunately, the process is just that... a process. I've talked with the producer of the theatre company I want to work with and she likes the idea. I've sent her the script and music and she will check it out. What's even better is that I've pegged her daughter, someone I've acted with and known for years, to be Princess Anhura. She goes to school in Oklahoma but will be back this summer like many of the others I've pegged for certain parts. She is back this week for spring break and I met her at dinner last night. I played her "It's True Love" through my iPhone but felt like that wasn't good enough. So when she mentioned that she was going to see two of my other friends (One of which I would love to play O The Scientist and his girlfriend whom I'd love to have help with choreograph and be in the chours), I had to take the opportunity to drive her to the performance while playing her the album.

She was definitely taken with the story and started to see my vision a bit. She seems interested in playing Anhura. If I can get her, then I feel like this show can really start to take shape. I've directed her before and our show won best show, so that's a plus. In fact, in that show I directed, 3 of the 4 people are pegged to play the 3 biggest parts in Razia's Shadow. Kyle is set to play Pallis, Spencer as Ahrima/Adakias, and Lauryn as Anhura.

So the actors are coming together. I'm also lucky because I happen to be moving in to a house with the guy I'm hoping will be my tech director and another guy who has won awards for lighting. I have some good minds around me.

The next big step is getting the business proposal together to bring to the board. I'm going to wait until after this weekend because I'm going out of town to Seattle to finish up my college applications/visits and then finish my midterms by next tuesday. After that the main focus shifts back to that proposal.

I'll update you all once I finish that and bring it to the board.
Tags: razias shadow, forgive durden, performance, theatre
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Razia's Shadow Performance: The Wheels Are Turning
03/06/09 at 11:46 AM by cassusriff
So the wheels are in motion. The Razia's Shadow performance is coming to fruition. A day after I decided to give it a shot, I have people extremely excited about doing it.

I have a cast that is starting to round out, with people tenatively set to perform certain roles. So far I have my Ahrima/Adakias, Pallis, Princess Anuhra, Nidria, Narrator (me), and I have people in mind for the Spider and the Oracle (Pardon the spelling, I'm on break at work and trying to get this out as quick as possible).

I have potential sponsers, people I know who could get us some attention and get some posters out. Maybe this won't be a one-time gig. Maybe I can squeeze a few more performances out of this.

This is the exciting portion of the process. The ideas are flowing. I'm listening to the album and envisioning what I want on stage. I have choreography in my head but I'm looking to my girlfriend and another friend to put that to actual dance steps.

Lucky for me, all the people I have cast in my head so far are excellent musicians who wouldn't need much training.

I have some tech experience and a few friends who know lighting and sound like the back of their hands.

The coming months will be interesting, I have to partner with the community theatre group here and try to get my old high school to let us use the stage. I'm going to have to work with some sponsers to see if we can get some funding. The only thing more exciting than directing this show for me is directing all the business aspects of it.

Either way, talks are beginning. Emails are being sent. Meetings are being planned.

As far as I'm concerned, this is happening.

I'll keep the updates coming.
Tags: razias shadow, performance, forgive durden, theatre
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Razia's Shadow
03/05/09 at 07:54 PM by cassusriff
I'm sure a lot of you remember the news post on AP.net a while ago that offered the Razia's Shadow script and instrumental tracks for those who applied and wanted to put on the show.

Well, I always had a vague interest in putting together the musical, so I applied. Turns out I was awarded the script and instrumental album.

I have a good deal of experience with theatre, I performed for years and I nominated for a couple of awards. My true strength seemed to be the more technical stuff and directing, which I discovered in the last few years.

There is a local theatre group that has the administrative ability to help me put this on. I have tons of contacts from my years of doing theatre that I have a good pool of performers to work with. My initial thoughts are that I would direct and play the narrator, I have someone in mind who could put together some choerography, I have plenty of friends who could direct the vocals, and costuming is something that I'm sure someone within that theatre group could hash out for me.

I'm thinking a performance to raise money for charity, not any kind of long-run or big-time production, just a decent, student-created performance for a good cause.

These thoughts are in very early stages. The whole thing would come together during the summer, when most of my acting and singing friends are home from college and right before I move away. I'll have the time at night after work to put this together, I have the connections, I have the talent.

It's possible. I'm thinking I'll pursue it, get into some talks with people. And of course, I'll update you all with the progress as I move along in the process.
Tags: razia's shadow, performance, forgive durden, theatre
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Life is Looking Up
11/05/08 at 05:06 AM by cassusriff
For my thoughts on the election, check out my blog entry right below this one.

So much. So much is on my mind. I already got my thoughts on the election out. So at least that is done. Again, let me try to put this all together.

First of all, Forgive Durden's Razia's Shadow: A Musical is easily my album of the year. I have no problem stating that now. This album is well-crafted and clever. A perfect blend of what I love from my theatre days mixed with a hint of my favorite kind of music. The Dutton brothers wrote an outstanding story with amazing instrumentation and lyrics that are far better than any I've heard in a musical. The guests on the album are all nearly flawless and fit their characters perfetly. Brendon Urie, Greta Salpeter, and Casey Crescenzo stand out amongst a spectacular ensemble. This album is definitely not for everyone... but if it is, it is a gem. One of the best albums I've heard in a long time.

Next, I'm getting on the train late, but I'm going to attempt to write most to all of Skyscraper. If you don't know what that is, it is a story I brainstormed a while back that I haven't had a chance to really dive into yet. Since it is "Write a Novel Month" I figured that this is a better time than any to start. I've been incredibly busy, but if I can find just a little time to write every night I can at least begin to hash the story out. Wish me luck!

Videos... I'll try to make more of those, but I have so much going on and I really don't have the time to make them as great as I'd like. I have the equipment now, so in time I will get on making more videos.

I'm also still writing lyrics and music and stuff. It's a bit painful to me because I feel like I'm at an artistic apex in my life and yet I'm too busy to capitalize. I'm hoping life starts to slow down a bit after this week... can't promise anything though.

So on to the real stuff. Today is November 5th. I've waited at least 7 weeks for this day, if not my whole life. I'm going to LA to meet up with my friends and a girl who quite possibly is 'the one'. There is a new president elected. I 'm definitely moving to LA in a year. I'm completely on my own. I'm turning 21 soon. I have so many directions I can go and I'm scared. It feels like a new chapter in my life is about to begin. Just based on how the last month has gone, I have seen my life on a very considerable upswing. I don't understand why all this good is coming to me, but I'm starting to think that I deserve some good for once. It feels weird to actually expect good things for myself because I've been so used to disappointment and abandonment. This new feeling is something I hope to never lose again.

But really... all I can think about is seeing Lizzy. In less than 24 hours I'll be in LA with her. We are going to Disneyland this weekend. I can't believe how real it all is. I'm excited and scared and speechless and short of breath.

This is going to be one hell of a weekend.

I'll start bloggng more when I get back... and I'm pretty sure I'll be a changed man when I get back.

Nobody understood me till her eyes fixed upon me. My puzzled life's complete now that I found my missing piece.
Tags: music, razias shadow, forgive durden, life, personal, writing, relationships
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Funny Thing Is...
09/27/08 at 08:00 PM by cassusriff
I met the girl of my dreams tonight...

hmmm, is anyone interested in some thoughts on the new Anberlin, Gym Class Heroes, and House of Heroes? How about a Razia's Shadow preview?

Stay tuned...
Tags: girl, personal, music, reviews, previews, anberlin, gym class heroes, forgive durden
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