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Welcome to My World*
my friends have successfully made me seem like a psychopath.
02/17/09 at 11:26 AM by starlit_nights
so. story of a girl: theres a guy i like.
things were going okay, we were just hanging out, talking.
I was going to see where things went.
if they didnt, who cares?

then, the friends got involved.
they somehow convinced me to let them in on this little secret
and took matters into their own hands.

let the cameras role. cue the insanity.

friend one: determined to tell this guy
friend two: will do anything to get us together. I'm not over exagerating.
and, silly me, i put the 4 of us in a room together.

never. again.
I obviously dont want to let loose the gory details in risk of someone stumbling across this and becoming offended
but, long story short: the guy knows, and was told while i was sitting about 3 inches away from him
he "doesnt know how he feels about me"
aka. no.
this, to all you (maybe 1 person) reading this, is my life in a nutshell

things will go okay for a little bit and then proceed to spiral out of control

doesnt seem like a spiral to you yet? not understanding the title?
oh. it gets better
so much better -.-

so. we let that monstrosity of an event lie as dead as my chances with this guy for a couple of days
the next weekend, however, yet another friend of mine came to town to visit.
this lead to conversation
and learning about the previous encounter with "the guy" as he's being referred to in this blog.
to make things easier, he is "guy" from now on.
so, what does friend #3 want to do? she wants to go walk to guy's house.

after hand to hand combat down an entire block of my town we somehow ended up on the intersection of his street and friend #2's street.
i wonder which one i walked down

here's a bit of information that may be useful to the reader:
I have no self esteem. at least when it comes to anything involving the opposite gender.

so, anyway. they decide it would be fun to call guy and see what he's up to
unfortunately for me and my slowly, inhumanely tortured dreams they didnt plan who would talk when he picked up... so when he answered with a confused "hello?" there was nothing but silence and a few muffled
"you talk!" "no, you talk" 's followed by childish giggling and him hanging up the phone
congratulations. now I appear to have the maturity level of a 3rd grader.

any normal person would realize that that should be the end of this adventure of the day
not my friends. they called back.
and they began to talk
i wish i could tell you what was said, but it was so traumatizing that my mind is supressing the memory
except for the parting line...
friend 2 looked back at me, sitting cross-legged and helpless on the ground and said clearly into the phone:
"well, erin is humiliated now, so i think we're going to hang up, bye"

wow. thank you. that was exactly what i needed to make this go away.

then, just when i though they might let me go back to the house and hide in utter embarassment
a new idea strikes.
let's go to his house, and knock on the door.
this is where i drew the line. i told them I would have nothing to do with this.
I sat down on the sidewalk like an unruly 3 year old, and refused to move.

so. they left without me.
panicing, i txted guy and tried to brush off the odd workings of my friends' minds as funny and them joking
we talked a little, until i recieved a message asking "are they outside my house?"

I braced myself for what i was positive would be cause of the end of my mental stability
and i looked down the street.
there i saw friend #2 sitting in the middle of guy's driveway reading a newspaper with her cellphone
(keep in mind it is now 6:00 - 6:30 at night, in the winter, and it's getting dark)
and friend #3 is doing laps around friend #2 trying to keep warm.

i nearly collapsed right then and there.
why? why does irony hate me so?

i called them away from his house and txted him saying that i was getting rid of them,
continued the conversation for about 5 more txt messages the last asking if he wanted to hang out during the week
recieving the most hated word as a response to that

a day in the life.
the insanity, the headaches
and dont get me wrong. I love my friends to death, and i know they mean well
their plan, what ever that could have possibly been, just didnt execute the way they planned it to.

it's now been over a week since these unfortunate events
still no conversation with guy.

this, this, is my life in a nutshell.
Tags: guy, friends, disaster
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a ridiculous rant about a party you didnt attend. <3
02/08/09 at 12:39 PM by starlit_nights
AHH! So, last night was my oh so amazing sweet sixteen party :)
SOO much fun !
MY cousin's ska band played, and they were surprisingly really good. I had no idea, i was just praying for the best
but, everyone loved them.
After failing at singing "I'm yours"
One of the guys in the band was like "heres a song we all know the words to"
and they started playing happy birthday for me
which, a band singing happy birthday to me is like <3333333
and then my friend dan picked me up and i freaked out, cause hes tall as hell
and i'm now like like 10 feet off the ground
Then the band thought it would be fun to play hava nagila
(for you who dont know the name, its that jewish song)
and my friends pushed me into a chair and held me up...
it was fun.. until they realized how hard it is to coordinate putting me back down...

And, of course, we had an intense game of twister
we ended up kicking peoples' limbs out from under them because 4 people refused to fail
we made up the directions SO they would fall and they managed it..
i guess it helps that one is a second degee blackbelt and another is a ballerina
they're really flexible and have all that balance and crap.

I had just gotten back from a sparring tournament, so i had no energy left for coordination
i got third place for my rank by the way,
and i didnt get to finish my matches cause i had to help set up for the party and such
so, who knows, i might have even won


my friends are amazing
From one person i got "the complete idiot's guide to playing the guitar"
I swear, it was written for me. XD
i cant wait until I get my guitar now
I'm going to guitar center wednesday to check out my Ibanez in real life <3
hopefully all goes well
(sounds like i'm talking about a puppy...)
but anyway i got that and 2 other how-to-play books
and a set of picks (because we all know I would be the idiot to buy a guitar and not get any picks..)
plus, an unidentified piece of plastic that, after much online investigation, i discovered to be a peg turner.
this is why i have the complete idiots guide to playing guitar

and my step sister got the the CD from warped tour '08

another friend got me a chords pocket guide
which, its a pocket guide if you're wearing trip pants
otherwise, its just a awkwardly long, skinny book
but, as long as it teaches me things :)

what else, what else
zumiez gift card <3

some sick jewelery
a TWLOHA shirt, a twilight shirt

ah. it was an overall good night

and i found the secret to getting people to dance:
turn off the lights and break out the glow sticks.
everyone will get out of their seats.

Tags: birthday, guitar, idiots guide, glow sticks, ska band, peg turner, ridiculous ranting
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We The Kings :)
01/26/09 at 01:25 PM by starlit_nights
So, i'm trapped in my school's cafeteria until 4:30 (even though I got out at 2:10) when I can get a ride home.. and seeing as my school is evil and has every website known to man blocked 24/7 I figured I'll take this time to rant about how excited I am.
I got tickets to a We The King's concert!!!
I'm so excited.
and the theatre is a pit. none of that seated bullcrap.
It's going to be WTK, The Cab, Every Avenue, and Versa Emerge
and i get to go with two of my best friends, hopefully getting to meet the band afterwards
so, long story short, life is complete for the moment :D

except that stupid 5 page research paper.. that I could do without
but, I am SO not letting that bring me down at the moment
haha :)

Tags: We The Kings, Concert, Excited, Pointless, Dont, Bother, Reading
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I think I found the guitar i want (opinions please?)
01/18/09 at 09:27 PM by starlit_nights
So, I've been searching for months for the perfect guitar (right...)
I've realized that it's about as hard as finding the perfect guy.
This one's look is a litte off
this one's sound is odd
this one is too expensive
this one isn't in stock
this one can only be aquired in a store, which is wayy too far away

the similarities are ridiculous.
but, anyway back on topic.

So i finally found it:
A black electric-acoustic Ibanez V70CE

love it. love it. love it. love it. love it.
It has great reviews, but who knows who's been hired to write those. haha.
so, I want opinions from you guys. what do you think?

i really think that this is a good guitar

... now all i need is that guy ;)
Tags: opinion, on, guitars, i, know, nothing
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Blatant Emotion
01/17/09 at 06:19 PM by starlit_nights
Losing grip
Hard to speak
Wanting more
Feeling weak
Nothing more
To pull me through
Thereís no more
For me and you
Letting hope slip
Out of grasp
Of my fingertips
Iím done with this
I want an answer
You want another
You can have her
Just let me know
Just let it show
I need a sign
If you want to be mine
I need to know.
I need to know.
When will this end
When will I see
That maybe
Youíre not meant for me
Loves unexpected
Love is cruel
It exists
To break itís every rule
There is not truth
Only passion
There are no lies
Only emotions
You want love
Find the light
And put it out.

To be completely honest, that just typed itself.
As a direction, the lack of punctuation is deliberate
Let your imagination go wild
interpret as you will.

Tags: poetry, emotion, truth, love, why, did, i, write, this?,
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Guitars <3
01/05/09 at 03:31 PM by starlit_nights
Today seems to be a good day to start blogging
I am finally getting a GUITAR
I'm so pumped right now, you have no idea...

...problem: I know nothing about guitar brands.
I know i'm getting an electric-acoustic, but I have no idea what brands are good (other than fender)
and the other issue: Money. I'm on a budget. I can't get anything over $250. (Goodbye Gibson...)

I found one guitar that I like the look of.
Is Ibanez a good brand? (hopefully that isnt an intensely stupid question..)

So, all of you guitar savy people :)
I need your help!

any input would be appreciated

Tags: guitars, help, Ibanez?
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