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Interview: All Time Low
02/08/10 at 12:27 PM by sean-reid

Prior to their sold out headline show at the London Camden Roundhouse, Alter The Press! were fortunate enough to sit down with Alex Gaskarth of All Time Low for an in-depth interview.

Alex spoke to ATP about growing up in the UK, 'Nothing Personal' getting to #4 on the Billboard Chart, dealing with success, being given the 'Blink-182' tag, signing to Interscope Records, new material, building a moat around his house and more.

ATP: But in a rare instance you get the situation where, recently a girl paid to find out your home address, waited outside your house, took pictures of your dogs through your windows and even after that, knocked on your front door asking for a picture with you.
Alex: That set me off a little bit. That, in my eyes, was crossing the line. I think what people forget, is that we are humans, and you forget that you wouldn't do that to just anyone. It's like, 'Why would you do that to one of us?' It definitely crossed the line, freaked me a little bit, but kids do foolish things. I think she learned from the mistake, based on the bashing that she got from her peers online. It's more of an eye-opening hint of what's to possibly come, if the band continues to grow and have the same kind of success. But again, you can't live your life behind walls. It's a risk, but it's not going to affect my life, I'm not going to live my life like a hermit.

Tags: All Time Low, Interview, Alter The Press, Stalker,
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Album Reviews: Person L/Canterbury + Four Letter Lie/Billy Talent Interview
11/09/09 at 01:59 PM by sean-reid
Tags: person l, canterbury, four letter lie, billy talent, album review, interview,
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Interview: The Swellers & The Devil Wears Prada (and some reviews)
10/15/09 at 05:50 AM by sean-reid

Alter The Press! recently spoke with Nick Diener from The Swellers. Diener talked to us about the bands superb Fueled By Ramen debut, 'Ups and Downsizing', growing up in Flint, Michigan and the music scene there, the bands inspirations, their current US tour alongside platinum-selling group Paramore and more.

Read the full interview here.


Alter The Press! sat down with Mike Hranica and Jeremy DePoyster of The Devil Wears Prada whilst in the UK supporting Enter Shikari.

Mike and Jeremy spoke to ATP! about the success of their latest album, 'Roots Above And Branches Below', the Christian metalcore scene, signing to Ferret Music, The Office, new material and more.

Read the full interview here.


Latest Album Review
s:Single Review Round-Up:
Tell It To The Marines, Swound!, Green Day, Outraze and Crazy Arm

Tags: The Swellers, The Devil Wears Prada, Interview, Alter The Press,
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Interview: Dallas Green (Alexisonfire/City and Colour)
10/11/09 at 10:41 AM by sean-reid

Alter The Press! were fortunate enough to sit down with guitarist and singer behind Alexisonfire and City and Colour whilst in the UK touring with Alexisonfireís latest release, ĎOld Crows/Young Cardinalsí.

Dallas spoke to ATP! about how he got into music, meeting fellow members of Alexisonfire, his acoustic side-project City and Colour, the new Alexisonfire EP due next year, the future and more.

Read the full interview here.
Tags: dallas green, alexisonfire, interview, alter the press, city and colour
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Interview: The Friday Night Boys
10/06/09 at 03:36 PM by sean-reid

Check out our interview with The Friday Night Boys

The band spoke to ATP! about their first time overseas, the bands love of The Office and more.

Expect a few more interviews in the coming months.
Tags: The Friday Night Boys, interview, alter the press,
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Interviewing Important People (I think ?)
09/27/09 at 01:42 AM by sean-reid
Before going out 2 nights in a row and losing all motivation I had, I posted an interview I did with Chris Hansan of No Sleep Records.

I think Iíve said it before, but I kind of like doing interviews with people who work within the music indsutry, and are not just in a band. I like finding out their views and opinions, on certain issues and how they started in the industriy. That's probably the History student still in me. I like knowing how things start and came to be.

Anyway Chris talked about his background, the aims of No Sleep Records, his thoughts on illegal downloading, their distribution deal with RevDistribution and more.

Read the interview here.
Tags: No Sleep Records, Interview, AterThePress,
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Interview: The Summer Set (and a bit of coming soon blog etc)
09/23/09 at 04:32 PM by sean-reid

AlterThePress.com have a new interview with 3/5 of The Summer Set

They talk about their new album, 'Love Like This', their new single, 'Chelsea', the use of social networking sites, their collaboration with Dia Frampton and more.

In Other News:

Welsh band, Tiger Please sent us this special video messege:

Personally I've got a list of big(-ish) releases to review within the next week or so.

AFI - Crash Love
The Swellers - Ups and Downsizing
Relient K - Forget and Not Slow Down
Sparks The Rescue - Eyes To The Sun (UK release)


This is a bit belated, but congrats to Adam Pfleider to becoming a AP staff member. I've been following his blogs for about a year now. Looking forward to reading his book in the future.

Also looked like I missed out on a talented writer when I had the chance, my bad.
Tags: The Summer Set, Adam Pfleider, interview, alterthepress,
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Interview: The Dangerous Summer
07/07/09 at 05:15 PM by sean-reid
Click here to read an (e-mail) interview I did with Cody from The Dangerous Summer.
Tags: The Dangerous Summer, interview, Alter The Press,
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Alter The Press! Interview with fun.
05/26/09 at 04:09 PM by sean-reid
Tags: Alter The Press, fun., Interview,
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Interview: Eyes Set To Kill
05/21/09 at 02:14 PM by sean-reid
Interview: Eyes Set To Kill (click here to read)

From the interview:

ATP: What is your opinion on Brokencyde? A few bands have spoken out
against them recently.

A: I get it. I understand why kids are so nuts for Brokencyde and it makes perfect sense. They know how to party and get the crowd excited. They deserve what they have right now. One thing they donít deserve is having all these jealous people in bands talking crap about them so constantly. It really irritates me to hear people gossip on tour about Brokencyde or any other band that is doing well right now. I started touring to get away from that gossip type of stuff. Frankly I think that whenever I catch other people talking shit, I feel like Iím back in high school again. I think itís even more immature that more respected bands are trying to get them kicked off tours. where is the love? we are all supposed to be on the same team here!
Tags: Eyes Set To Kill, Brokencyde, Interview, Alter The Press
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Interview: The Appleseed Cast
04/29/09 at 05:36 PM by sean-reid

AlterThePress! Interview with The Appleseed Cast.
(Thanks Kristen)
Tags: Interview, The Appleseed Cast, Alter The Press!,
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An interview with me
04/16/09 at 12:47 PM by sean-reid
A few weeks back I was e-mailed from a University about doing an interview about Alter The Press! for their coursework. Here is the interview:
What exactly does you job entail at ATP?
I do quite a lot for AlterThePress!. My main tasks are help with posting news on a daily basis, as well as writing reviews and e-mail interviews. I also maintain our MySpace, Twitter, LastFM and Forum. In addition to this I design the layout and maintain the sub-sections of the website, like the album reviews and interviews page.

How did you get into review web based work? Was AlterThePress a brainchild of yours or did you get onboard after the initial concept had been formalised?
I came onboard a few days after Jon Ableson started the site. I came across the site after he posted about it on Punktasticís forum. He asked for other writers. I had just written an album review of Farewellís ďIsnít This Supposed to Be Fun!?Ē on my own personal blog. I mentioned that and asked if heíd be interested in using it and then from there, I came involved in AlterThePress!

Do you write reviews yourself and is this something that you enjoy, and why?
I had never written reviews much before I became involved. It had been something I had thought about doing but I had never got round to it. I do enjoy it though, even more so now, as with earlier reviews it would be stuff that I liked, but now we get asked or given records to review and most of the time itís music that Iíve not heard before, so my writing is not as bias as my earlier reviews were.

Also what genre of music do you specialise in regarding reviews?
Our site mainly covers rock, hardcore, punk, pop-punk, emo and anything else in between. We also cover a bit of hip-hop, indie, dance, pop and electronic.

How long have you been writing reviews? (Not necessarily just with ATP - just in general)
I have been writing reviews since last August, which was when ATP started but I had attempted to write one review before, for a website I tried to be a writer for, it wasnít that good.

What methods of promotion did you use initially to advertise your website? Are these the same methods you are using now?
Do you plan on expanding into different areas of the music industry?
I guess we use pretty basic promotion, especially by using the internet. As I mentioned earlier we have a MySpace, a LastFM and a Twitter page, which is helpful for networking and for letting people know about our site. We also promote a little bit on a few music-based forums, as itís easy to say ďhey, we have a new interview with so-soĒ. Itís a quick way to get people interested in our site, as they might see something on a band they like or are interested in.

In addition to this I did 2 podcasts before Christmas, which I guess didnít promote our site much but I think it showed that weíre a site that are willing to add more depth. Iím following this up with a free downloadable compilation in April, which will hopefully interest a few more readers, as well as those in the industry such as bands, labels and PR people.

At the moment I donít think we have any plans to expand into other fields.

I was wondering your thoughts on getting viewers of the site to submit their own reviews? Would you see any potential problems with this? The submissions would be screened of course before being published of course.
I think having viewers submitting their own reviews would build a sense of community. In addition to this, it would help writers improve their writing, as they would be given feedback from others. Iím not sure what problems could affect this, however people on the internet can be very mean and critical but if youíre encouraging your viewers to write, I canít see this being a problem.

As you said, there are so many webzines out there doing exactly what I would be proposing, are there any ways you could suggest that could make such a project stand out more?
Yeah, itís hard to stand out from the crowd. Itís tricky not to do something that has been done before. I guess doing plenty of research beforehand would be useful. I think itís ideal to have a niche or a gimmick, something that is going to draw people in, something that is unlikely to be seen on another website, but finding what that something is, is hard.

I will be using online banners to promote the website as well as the usual promotional methods - posters etc. Do you think online advertising would be the way forward with a project like this?
Yes I think so, as web-based promotion is quick, as people will see your banner or link and they can instantaneously be taken to your site. However the problem with the being a music webzine, is that you are just one of thousands of webzines. It can be quite a challenge to attract readers to your site, as there are other well-known and established sites. However if you enjoy writing, love music and enjoy doing what you do, it is worth carrying on. It is especially rewarding when a label or a band personally thank you for a good review or when you get told someone visits your site on a daily basis.
Tags: Alter The Press, Interview,
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A Few Things
03/07/09 at 06:52 PM by sean-reid
1. Alter The Press! interview with Thieves and Villains
Read here.

2. Album Review: New Found Glory - Not Without A Fight
Read Here.

3. Lately Iíve been listening to this mash-up bootleg album called ĎDo It For The Kidsí

Itís 36 mash-ups of various Blink-182, Box Car Racer, Angels and Airwaves and +44 songs.
Tags: New Found Glory, Not Without A Fight, Thieves and Villains, Interview, Album Review,
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Alter The Press! Interview with The Arrival
03/03/09 at 05:54 PM by sean-reid

I recently interviewed a band called The Arrival and can be read here.

Expect more interviews soon.
Tags: alter the press, interview, the arrival,
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Hey Monday Interview and Piano Review and Interview
02/11/09 at 05:33 PM by sean-reid
Today I posted 3 Ďarticlsí on AlterThePress
First was an interview with up and coming pop-rock band Hey Monday.
Then I posted a review and interview with a British band called Piano, who havnít had much success in their home country but have had success in Japan.

Go and check them out,
Tags: Hey Monday, Interview, Piano, review.
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