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Getting Past the Industry to Love Music Again
Will the Real Jason Tate Please Stand Up?
08/29/08 at 08:16 AM by Adam Pfleider
This is only an attempt. Because I don't think like everyone else.

I have contacted Mr. Tate on several occasions for a number of articles I was working on to get an opinion on certain subjects. I have gotten little to no response. But before everyone starts the hate on Tate (HA!)l, the man is busy, and I respect and understand this immensely.

But there's a hurricane supposedly heading up the Mississippi River's ass at the moment, and everything is beginning to sound reminiscent of a few years ago.

In my marketing class yesterday, I was given an assignment. I would have to talk to one successful person and ask that person what three things (even if the answer was sex drugs and rock and roll) made and continue to make their business successful.

Again, I could just ask my boss at the restaurant I work at, but I think and reach out further.


Mr. Tate.

If you read this, at all, would you list the three reasons that your little college project (to my understanding) became and continues to be a success?

Thank you for your time.

For now, I have to go pick up beer and pop tarts before Kellogs starts gouging prices.
Tags: Jason Tate, Marketing
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Jason Tate sold out like The Beatles...
05/06/08 at 04:24 PM by Adam Pfleider
So instead of studying for my Entertainment Law final tomorrow, as usual, I'm sprawling the Internet while the new Russian Circles disc (which by the way is amazing) and a used copy of Blur's 13 is ripping to my computer.

That's right, I procrastinated more by going to the record store, and my group study session is in two hours.

Scrolling through the news post today since I had work this morning (man, I'm just really putting this final off) I came across Mr. Tate's post about his little baby becoming part of the Buzznet arena.

Is this like Murdoch buying Myspace? Is this like the major's buying stock in YouTube? Are the six conglomerates taking a hold of another wonderful Internet community?

Speaking of which, did MakeOutClub ever get bought up?

To this, Mr. Tate, you've done the right thing. In fact, you've done what any young entrepreneur would do, build something out of nothing, making a little bit of money and keeping it your own. To this, I will not defunct you for the American Fucking Dream!

My final paper for Advance Print and Edit questioned whether or not Baton Rouge is or has the potential to be a progressive music haven like Austin or Memphis or Athens, etc. In one of my sections, I spoke of artists that began with a mainstream sound and moved themselves forward, and in the process lose and gain fans along the way. The two examples were The Beatles and Radiohead. Meet the Beatles and Pablo Honey were very mainstream for their time. No one would have guessed it would evolve into Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band and OK Computer.

When asking Alex Cook, 225 Magazine music critic and music editor of Outsideleft.com, said simply put, both bands had great marketing. Think about it, they damn sure did/do.

What upsets people is when large companies take a smaller well known company under their wing. In esscences most of them just want a piece of the pie. Seriously, how many FOX Entertainment Ads do you see on the main page of Myspace. We're afraid that special thing we called our own is almost being infiltrated by "outsiders," or in this case and most, something mainstream.

It happens with our favorite bands. Our favorite indie and cult films. To those 500 people who clung to the first season of the Office or originally watched Family Guy before it got canned. Once something we hold sacred is thrown into the mainstay, we become fearful, and "sell-out" slips off our tongue.

As a music critic, I can sit here and bitch about how I want to change the radio, but even I got sick of Panic! At the Disco after Clear Channel got its hands on "I Write Sins, Not Tragedies."

Point is, we all have dreams, and it takes ambition to run with them, if not, you'll end up just 9 to 5.

Mr. Tate, you just got a hold of good marketing like Cook said. Take it, protect what it wishes to show the world, and maybe Absolutepunk could one day move to print.

Wait, that would be moving backwards? Isn't print dead?

good luck to those with finals...I'm going to get some dinner before I show up to the study group without anything to say in an hour. HA!
Tags: Jason Tate, Sell-Out, Conglomerates
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