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atticusfinch's Journal
Goodbye, I
06/18/09 at 09:47 AM by atticusfinch
I'm seriously scared shitless sometimes at what being truly happy can mean for me.

Open wide my door, while there's still light to run towards.
Tags: life, girls, mewithoutYou, happiness, pain
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Mix The Chemicals Right Dear...
04/22/08 at 12:06 PM by atticusfinch
S.O.S. to loneliness
I got 3 whole years to sit on this
Through our wait in line
Say it's not my time, no it's not my time
Get it up, get up, and get it to go
Let it go, let it go, let it go

I got a place in my hand
I got somewhere to be
I got a place in my mind
Sometimes the worst is letting someone see
Somebody see my love, my love.

Sometimes the worst is letting someone see

As I grow older, I have started realizing that none of that matters. Whatsoever.

The sooner I become okay with this, the better I'll be.

Yeah, the margin of error is slight.

when this frame fails me
will i trust you to carry me through?
i know there's no such thing as safety
but i know what a promise can do.

My problem is I trust no one. Not even myself at times.

I don't trust myself to let myself try to be happy.

I seriously hope that changes soon. For my own sake.

Life scares the shit out of me.

Keep it going for the song wants to keep playing.

This music is medicine.
Tags: trust, life, personal, music
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It's Like The Titanic, But With Bears Instead!
03/09/08 at 07:09 PM by atticusfinch
It's a damn shame, really.

I am awesome at complicating my life at the worst possible times.

Moving to Florida in two weeks whoo!

I have some serious serious packing I need to start doing.

But for now, I am beyond exhausted, so I'll be crashing and sleeping in tomorrow.

A couple of things:

New MBD = great

New Colour Revolt = meh
Tags: life, moving, music
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I Should Be Over This By Now...
03/04/08 at 07:29 PM by atticusfinch
You're making time
You've got the cure
But the virus by your side

It really sucks sleeping alone every single night.

Please stop time.
Tags: life, relationships, shit like that
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Ah, Life.
02/25/08 at 04:42 PM by atticusfinch
Why is it that when everything seems to be going well, something comes along side of you and says "FUCK YOU DUDE".

That happened today, apparently. ha.

I took my car to the shop today because I got a flat the other day in the rain, and I've had the donut on it since. Mind you, I have not been driving anywhere.

SO I take it up this AM, and I get a call back this afternoon that not only was my tire an issue, but I needed BRAND NEW BRAKES.

Fuck dude. I'm moving in 4 weeks, and now I'm looking at a $250 car bill.

Thanks life, for making my day one of THOSE days. You never fail to amaze at how much you can screw things up.

In lighter news, I spent the afternoon skateboarding through town. Yay beautiful weather.

Blah. Life is a prick.
Tags: life, shit happens, blah, etc
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Come On And Get It All...
02/21/08 at 06:43 PM by atticusfinch
I see my world from a daze
Learn to live with it, long enough to take it day by day

And all I know,
Is that I'm ready here,
Yeah, I'm waiting for you to take me from this place
And make it all okay
Because you're you

The tough part is figuring out who it's going to be that will make it all okay.

Damn you, life. You complicate things too often.

Oh, and rain and flat tires do not mix. BAH.

I have to take my car in tomorrow AM before work to get a new tire. LAME.

Today was lame, so thank god Lost comes on soon.

Having said that, Team Locke ftw!
Tags: life, lost, team locke, complicated
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