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(Sometimes) Witty Banter
12/17/09 at 09:22 PM by Schreiforme417
For my birthday this year, I got a new pair of shoes. They're lime green and made by DC. While cool in their own right, that's not what i'm writing about. Within the first few days, I noticed a smudge on the right toes. It's a black line that runs from the top to the bottom of the toe. At first, I was annoyed. I thought about getting rid of it, then stopped.

That line is proof I've been somewhere others haven't. For the rest of my life, I will value the dirt on my shoes. It is a sign I have done something, gone somewhere. If you don't have dirt on your shoes, then what? Where have you gone? What have you done?
Tags: travel, life, shoes
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finally a contributing member to society
10/12/09 at 01:25 PM by Schreiforme417
i got a job. yehaw. i work for parks and rec at their aquatics center. hopefully I can use the pool, too. It has a water slide.

Tags: job, life, being a big boy
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The Jolly Green Giant is an Asshole
10/07/09 at 12:39 PM by Schreiforme417
www.letsnotcrashandburn.com go to my website. read why the jolly green giant scared the shit out of me as a child. its funny, i promise.

also read about the first thing i ever cooked. its disgusting, i promise.

Tags: food, life, shopping, jolly green giant
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cause she's just a hand grenade
10/05/09 at 09:59 PM by Schreiforme417

this song, this whole album, was one of the reasons i started playing guitar. god i miss them
Tags: the movielife, hand grenade, old school
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Postcards, A Project
09/26/09 at 09:01 PM by Schreiforme417
i met a girl who kept tattoos for homes
that she had loved
if i were her i'd paint my body
until all my skin was gone

So, if you're a follower of this here piece 'o internet space, then you know that recently I moved to Montana to pursue a graduate degree in cultural anthropology at the University of Montana. This, aside from the whole engaging in the furthering of my education, it also entailed a move 2300 miles across the country. I moved into a house on 3 acres of land with two guys who, for all intents and purposes are awesome, but this isn't about them. Moving into a house involves move into a new room. After being in the same apartment for three years, this is a total change. The walls are white. The closets are white. The ceiling is white. White white white. Bare. It would evoke pure winter snow, if it were't for the holes from the previous tenant's nails, her tape stains, her life.

This is where, fun little readers of mine, come in. See, I like postcards. I don't necessarily collect them, but I like getting them. I like the pictures that people pick out--it says something about not only themselves but what they think of me. And the words. i love reading the words. There is something about postcard notes that freezes time in an okay state. How often does one actually get a bad postcard? Mostly they're neutral, but still, the words are fun.

So, considering I like getting postcards and I have blank walls (who's already caught on?)


I'd like you, readers out there, to send me postcards.

It can be of anything and you can write anything on it. Funny things earn bonus points in my book. The more creative, the better.

This isn't postsecret though. i don't want to know your dirty secrets. Unless i do, if its hot.

Anyway, if you wanna send me one, drop a comment or leave me a message or anything and I'll give you my address and start looking forward to getting my postcard.

If i start getting alot, I will start doing something creative. I'd say donate to charity, but I have nothing to donate. Maybe start writing to...I don't know. Ideas are welcome. Thanks.

Tags: postcards, life, connection
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The Big Beautiful nothing
08/12/09 at 09:24 AM by Schreiforme417
I am here. I am alive. I made it to Montana.

Right now, I am sitting on the porch of the house I'm living it looking at the mountains. There are deer playing around on our yard a few feet away. This will be something.
Tags: montana, life
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Dear Warped Guy
07/08/09 at 06:57 AM by Schreiforme417
Dear Guy Who Runs Warped Tour,

First of all, yes, I know you're name, but right now I don't feel like using it. In many societies, using one's name intimates a close relationship with another, a friend, if you will, and this, sir, is not what I want to be with you. We are at odds I feel over some choices about this years Warped Tour. I know, I know, you've heard this all before "we hate Brokencyde," etc, etc. This little missive isn't what that is about. It involves Brokencyde, yeah, but also the Millionaires and god knows who else. It came to my attention recently that the Millionaires were caught lip-synching at warped tour when their track skipped. They were left flustered and unsure of what to do. To this, all I can do is start a slow clap. I mean, really, not knowing how to go with the flow? Even Ashley Simpson recovered fairly quickly from her little disaster on SNL a couple years ago. Then again, she's a consummate performer compared to the likes of the two aforementioned bands. This is not saying much. So, to this issue of lip-synching, I have some questions that I really, really hope you can answer. I will put them in a bulleted list to make reading easier:

1. Why did you let bands like this on the tour to begin with? This questions seems to be a crux of many arguments. I understand Warped is for a wide variety of music, that it allows for all sorts of "scenes" to come together, but these two groups seem more fit for a festival like Z100's (NYC) Jingleball, where they flaunt the latest talent to come from the minds of some fat old men sitting in offices writing songs for twenty-somethings to shake their asses and fake tits to in order to sell music. (Sidenote: Do you think when those girls are growing up they think specifically about selling their soul to the devil in order to be seen as a sex symbol?)

2. How much of this is about money? Seriously, I understand this is undertaken as a way to m bring music to the people (it sounds very communist when it is put that way) but now that Warped is over a decade old, does that matter to you anymore? This seems to be the way that most punk-related music festivals go. Look at Skate and Surf--gone. Look at Bamboozle--the headliners include, among other odd choices Fifty Cent, that are decidedly not in any way related to the music scene. I know it brings in revenue, but are you aware you, too, are selling your soul like those ladies mentioned in point 2.

3. What about real bands? There are plenty of bands that have busted their asses to reach a stage even remotely close to Warped, and now they are being shut out in favor of ways for you to make money and embarrass yourself, frankly.

4. What about real bands? Ah, you see my little literary device here, repetition. I feel it was necessary to get across the enormity of this point. Have you been to NJ recently, or really any time in the past fifteen years or so? Do you know how many bands there are? There are probably as many bands as there are stray cats or Chinese restaurants (Though the stray cat number may be reduced by the Chinese restaurants significantly, it is still quite high--another bad thing but that letter would be addressed to other people). Anyway. Those bands, the ones that deserve it. What about them? I understand having bigger bands, they are your main draw, but groups like Brokencyde and Millionaires aren't big. Big in the sense that the majority of the crowd at Warped, the kids who bust their asses at Starbucks and McDonalds and on paper routes (and inevitably the group who just get their parents to buy them a ticket) think they are big. I know, when I was younger, Warped Tour was the highlight of my summer. I could see friends, snag some cool, cheaper merch and see a ton of bands that I absolutely loved. Now, I fear, I will not be returning. Warped has been, well, warped.

You are serving the kids a lie, man. I do not appreciate this.

Disheartened greatly,

Sam Slaughter

p.s. I'm sure you will have plenty of people defending you about business tactics and shit, but I do not care about that. I've said my piece.
Tags: Kevin Lyman, Warped Tour, Sad, Life, Disappointment, Asshole
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Albums that Rock That I Forgot About
07/05/09 at 01:38 PM by Schreiforme417
Inevitably, I forget about music, we all do. In today's day and age, with new music so readily accessible, CDs that we used to cherish fall by the wayside in favor of the latest ep or leak or what have you. I was in my car today driving to target when I decided to pop in a few CDs from some bands that, at the time of release, held constant sway over my speakers. I think they need to be brought back and given a revival, even though they're not really dead or anything. Well, in some cases at least.

Albums that shouldn't be forgotten:

1. Whole Wheat Bread - Minority Rules
2. Allister - Last Stop Suburbia
3. The Matches E Von Dahl Killed The Locals
4. The Early November - For All of This
5. Hawk Nelson - Letters To The President
6. Catch 22 - Keasbey Nights
7. Halifax - A Writer's Reference
8. Goldfinger - Open Your Eyes
9. Mest - Destination Unknown
10. Wakefield - American made

what else is there, lemme know what y'all think
Tags: Music, Forgotten, Life, Enjoyment
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New Tattoo
06/24/09 at 08:44 PM by Schreiforme417

Tags: Tattoo, Life, Travel, World, New
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Safe to Say
06/09/09 at 08:29 AM by Schreiforme417
We watched the sunset and we told ourselves to never forget,
Just how good it felt to be surrounded
By a town that we knew like the back of our hands.
We felt alive, hoped for the very first time

Is it safe to say in the morning you'll come back
And things will be the same?
'Cause since the day you left, you know I've
Had a hard time and I want you to know
If you hear these words, won't you please just come back?

It's been a year now
But I still appreciate the sundown.
It reminds me somehow things will work out
And I'll fall to your arms, just like I'd always do
It felt so good, it was the very first time I felt alive.
Yeah, so alive.

Is it safe to say in the morning you'll come back
And things will be the same
'Cause since the day you left, you know I've
Had a hard time and I want you to know
If you hear these words, won't you please just come back?

If I could sing this out loud, I'd scream it to the clouds.
And everyone in this town would know what I'm about.
Rather die than feel this pain take me over again.
It's so hard to let you go.

Is it safe to say?

Is it safe to say in the morning you'll come back
And things will be the same?
'Cause since the day you left, you know I've
Had a hard time and I want you to know
If you hear these words, won't you please just come back?

Tags: safe to say, valencia, life
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At 6, We Go Live
05/15/09 at 09:14 AM by Schreiforme417
By 6PM tonight, but most likely by, say, 4/4:30, I will be done with college.

My last undergrad exam ever is today, and I can't wait to finish it.

Also, my mentor signed his book for me today. I didn't know if he would when I asked but he laughed at me and was like "did you actually think I'd say no, Sam?" so that is good. He called me a kindred spirit. that makes me feel good. like, for realz. anywho.

i'm loving the comments i'm getting on my website. I have my own haters. its awesome. check it out, and if'n you're bored, leave fun comments.


there will be my experiences on the jerry springer show up there soon
Tags: life, college, the end, happy
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Life Plans and Short Updates
04/25/09 at 08:56 AM by Schreiforme417
28-ish days left in college, then the big big world of Montana. In that time though I've got some stuff to accomplish

I present my research twice in the next two weeks. this entails me wearing a suit. i will look ballin. wurd.

Today is water sports day with whoever we can find. Oh and Gin Cooler day too. Fun times.

I have 2 more papers to write, one by monday.

the devils could move onto round 2 on sunday.

there's this girl.

and i like her.

busy life, fun life.
Tags: life, love, busy, fun
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Sam Is Listening: 10th Installment, Songs of a Lifetime
04/07/09 at 08:05 AM by Schreiforme417
So I haven't done this in a bit. This time, I'm highlighting the songs that always make me remember some good times. They will always be close to my thumb on my i-pod. These are those songs to me that, while cruising down the highway, doing 80 with the windows down and the sun setting just ahead of you on the horizon, you scream along rergardless of how you are feeling. You could've just been dumped, and you'll still scream every single word and, at the end, feel just a little bit better. Or, maybe, still want that person to drive off a cliff. Whatever. Screaming along is the point here.

And if you don't have them already. go go go and get them.

1. Good Charlotte - Waldorf Worldwide
2. The Used - Taste of Ink
3. New Found Glory - Sucker
4. Unwritten Law - Cailin
5. Sugarcult - Bouncing off the Walls
6. Fall Out Boy - Chicago is So Two Years Ago
7. Taking Back Sunday - Cut from the Team
8. The Starting Line - Given the Chance
9. Saves the Day - Sell My Old CLothes, I'm off the Heaven
10. Hidden in Plain View - An American Classic

Okay, so maybe a bunch of these are about breaking up, and that would fuel the 'wanting your ex to drive off a cliff thing' but you can listen to them out of that context too. Try it, its fun.

Tags: Music, Life, Happy, Listen, RIYL
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Punk Goes Pop Vol. 2, a track-by-track commentary
03/29/09 at 10:56 AM by Schreiforme417
I had spring break this past week and RG and I drove from Elon to Indiana where friend_regan goes to school. Then from there to see Springer in Chicago and hang with friends_dacie_and_emily. In that time, since the I-Pod connector wasn't working, we listened to CDs. A lot of them. PGP2 came up a bunch because we were too lazy to switch out CDs. This game me plenty of time to give this a thorough thinkin' through.

This isn't really going to be an album review. I guess you could see it that way if you want to, but I'm just going to say a few comments on what I think of the song/band/choices made for this album. First, though, a few general comments.

I was really pumped when I heard about PGP2--I absolutely love PGP1. The bands chosen did a pretty damn good job covering some pretty popular pop songs. This time around though, a few things threw me off and made me, on the whole, hate this album. I know it is a very biased way to look at it, but I will be comparing 2 to 1 a bunch because, well, its better.

These things are as follows:

1. Unnecessary Screaming: Self-explanatory. When this first type of music first started, I was into it. There was a raw energy that appealed to me. I found myself sitting on my roof outside my room or just in my room screaming along, air-guitaring it up. Sometimes I even air-drummed it. And then a couple months passed and new bands were still coming out doing the same thing. The music all started to blend together. Here on PGP2, we see the nexus of all these bands. Except for 2 or 3 tracks, every single track on PGP2 has unnecessary screaming. The covers are good up to a point, where you are assaulted with throaty, harsh noises (not really even words, it just sounds like someone is trying to projectile vomit).

2. Band Choice: On PGP1 and even on Crunk, the bands were good. Like, really good. There was a wide variety of types of pop punk represented on PGP1 and on Crunk a whole slew of styles (more or less--I'm thinking variety in terms of Say Anything to ATL to say, FTSK). Here, this point coincides with point 1: too many screamo bands. Yes Fearless, I get it, you like screamo bands and so do thousands of preteen angsty girls out there, but what about everyone else? Those guys and gals that are nearing the ends of their college careers, having grown up with the scene that evolved around screaming. The people who have a bunch of those bands on their I-Pods and listen to them for nostalgia purposes from time to time or when they decide that, hey, i'm allowed to be upset from time to time and I want to express that through my music for six or seven minutes. What about getting bands to represent them? Every band out there has pop covers, that is just a given, go to any live show and you'll most likely a cover of something (I've been present at "Just can't wait to be king," "bittersweet symphony" and "milkshake" covers). Just find some other bands. There may be contractual reasons that Fearless couldn't get other bands, but since those are not out there for the public I am ignoring them.

And now, I will discuss the tracks.

1.. "What Goes Around.../...Comes Around"---Alesana---Justin Timberlake
----I don’t particularly care for either of these bands. The track doesn’t do anything for me as an opening track either. Nothing special. I wish I had more to say.

2. "Apologize"---Silverstein---OneRepublic
----Another one of my favorite tracks on the album.

3. "...Baby One More Time"---August Burns Red---Britney Spears
---- First, this was on PGP1. It shouldn’t be on two. They should’ve rolled up a newspaper and hit August Burns Red collectively on the nose and gone “No! Don’t do that!” I can’t even listen to more than a few seconds of this song. It is shit. ‘Nuff said.

4. "When I Grow Up"---Mayday Parade---Pussycat Dolls
---Since my last time seeing Mayday, my opinion of them has sunk. The band members each seemed to be playing for themselves, not together as a band. This song has nothing to do with that, but that thought sits in my head.

5. "Over My Head (Cable Car)"---A Day to Remember---The Fray
---Hmm. This one intrigued me. I think it was a curious/bold move to switch genres for the song so drastically, but, more or less, this one worked. Except for the screaming (well, if you haven't figured out that I'm harping on this by now, go reread the beginning of this piece).

6. "Smooth"---Escape the Fate---Santana
----Santana is one of my favorite artists and has been since I was a kid. The sexuality imbued in his kickass guitar pieces is awesome and ever since my dad popped Abraxis into the tape player I was hooked. Then Supernatural came out and it was good, cause it still had Santana and his awesome guitar. “Smooth” is my favorite track on that album and the first time I listened to this I was stoked. Then there came all that screaming and sich (Yes, sich, watch South Park more if you don’t get it). By this point, though, my body had developed a callous shell against it, I was a little dead on the outside, but it protected me from the pointless noise. I like what they did with the guitar in this, I’m glad they didn’t kill it.

7. "Ice Box"---There for Tomorrow---Omarion
----Not a bad cover, but I feel this would’ve fit better on Crunk. Then again, a bunch of these tracks would fit better on that album, especially if they consider Will Smith ‘crunk.’ So, thinking along those lines, was PGP2 just a Crunk b-sides album? Jeez, thanks for putting in the effort to try and put good songs on a CD Fearless. Just because we’re not buying as much music as we used to, and you’re not making as much money or anything doesn’t mean we still don’t care.

8. "Flagpole Sitta"---Chiodos---Harvey Danger
----Compared to all of the other songs on here (except maybe “Smooth”), this track seemed out of place. This track was in high school when the rest of the songs were still playing hopscotch during elementary school recess. I think Chiodos did a pretty decent job with it.

9. "Beautiful Girls"---Bayside---Sean Kingston
--Seriously, you're letting people who define themselves by saying they want to cut themselves listen to someone who they look up to singing the words "you had me suicidal/suicidal when you said it's over." Are you fucking insane Fearless? I see that as dipping a baby's hand in water then setting them down in a room full of electrical outlets. Tact, you (Fearless) have none. On the other hand, this song doesn't have unnecessary screaming, which gave it bonus points in my book, and I think Raneri's voice works for this, minus the content.

10. "See You Again"---Breathe Carolina---Miley Cyrus
---Both the original songtress and cover band need to be put on nuclear testing islands. BC is riding that wave of popularity of all those sorts of hardcore crunk/techno bands. Give it up, you will go down in history as a blip on the radar.

11. "Disturbia"---The Cab---Rihanna
---Rihanna must be proud, every song she makes these days is covered by scores of unimpressive emo-pop-synth-whatever bands. Yehaw, let me go get my guitar so I can cover some of her songs, too. I know, I’ll do a mash-up, I’ll call it “Umbrurbia.”

12. "Toxic"---A Static Lullaby----Britney Spears
---I was shocked when I saw that ASL put out a video for this. That ruined it right away (that and the screaming). First, there is already another abominably covered Spears song on here (not that the songs weren't already bad). Second, how bad off as a band are you when you need to put out a video of a cover song to try and stir up some interest in your band? I know, I know, Madonna did it with American Pie and tons of other people probably have too, but "toxic" is still considered our generation. When "American Pie" came out, it was at least a decade or two after the original came out. Get it? There was time for popularity to ebb and flow. With Britney Spears, she's been in the news since "Baby One More Time" and that skirt/ white shirt combo (she was so hot back then, when I was in grammar school), can we please stop giving her more attention than she deserves?

13. "Love Song"---Four Year Strong---Sara Bareilles
---This is my favorite song on the album, I think. When I first heard it, it made me laugh a little. Yeah, I don't like the screaming but at this point on the cd my body developed a callous to it, I was a little dead on the outside, but it protected me from the pointless noise.

14. "I Kissed a Girl"---Attack Attack!---Katy Perry
---Yay, another song covered a billion times. Let me just say this, less talking about girl-on-girl, more actually girl-on-girl, then this song might be bearable.

I realize a lot of this is ranting, but I'm okay with it. This album seriously disappointed me (it is on par with PATD!'s live show being a huge disappointment also) and I hate when that happens. A little part of me dies. It is like when you go on vacation and you hear all of this stuff about how magnificient all of the beaches are, but once you get there all you see is rain and crack whores on the beach. Major bummer, dude.

Things you could listen to that would not take precious seconds away from your lifespan: Tom Waits, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Count The Stars, The Starting Line.

Anyway, comment so that I know what everyone else thinks, if I am alone on this position (or not).
Tags: Punk Goes Pop, Review, Love, Hate, Music, Life
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And so it begins
03/20/09 at 09:25 PM by Schreiforme417
Spring break started today. Well, technically, I started last night, but there was that little issue of a midterm between last night and where I am now.

Last night: Fun.
The midterm: not fun. Not at all, it made me realize just how much I don't know (and don't really care about) meiosis and mitosis and, i guess, anything else that ends in -osis.

Anyway. That aside, RG and I hit the road on the beginning of our adventure to increase the meaningfulness of our lives by seeing Jerry Springer in Chi-town. Before we leave, I realize just how far away St. Mary's College (where we are meeting friend_regan)--it's an eleven hour drive, no 9 like i thought. somewhere, i fucked up and must've typed in the wrong place. I mean, who would've thought that there was more then one place in the country named St. Marys. Whatever, no biggie, we can do this, we'd just switch off and we'll be fine. Well, yeah we can do the drive but there was this little thing about getting in after midnight. See, we couldn't be let in.

How do we solve this problem? Well, now I'm sitting in a hotel room in fort wayne, indiana, watching college basketball and sipping jameson and coke. The college basketball is frenetic. They don't stick with one game for more than a minute or so now that a bunch of games are in OT. I didn't fill out a bracket, but I'm gonna pull for Wisconsin. Go badgers.

This is a bit weird. There is an odd sense of independence in this room right now. Like, it is RG and I, without parents, without well, I don't know. It feels like a precursor to next year, to this summer really, when I have to travel cross country by myself to Montana. Hm. My writing feels off right now, so i'm gonna hit the hay, we have another 2 hours of driving tomorrow. Huzzah. Maybe we'll see any more of the following, all of which we experience today:

-a mountain that looked like i had a giant nipple on top
-an old man with crazy orange aviators, long white hair, a long white beard and a pipe--he looked truly like a santa on crack and I waved to him.
-a tractor trailer that, while on a dark road in Ohio, would slow and put its hazards on every once and a while for seemingly no reason other than to check our constitutions and the tightness of our sphincters.
-Ski soda: ride the wave 'same great taste!'
-et cetera

note: i realize the past couple of entries have sucked writing wise. I haven't been feeling it. I want to write, but I'm just not feeling inspiration in my usual way. It isn't like I've been not living or anything, I have, but yeah. I'll work on it, hopefully Springer will inspire me.
Tags: A road trip, Life, growing up
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