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Welcome to the Soupbone
Saw You At the Post Office, Didn't Say Hi ... NOTHING PERSONAL!
11/12/09 at 03:59 PM by Chris Fallon
I had an awkward moment of staring at someone who I thought I recognized today. Whenever that happens, I always feel like an idiot.

I was in the line at the post office earlier and there was a guy in there who looked exactly like Alex from All Time Low. Given that their tour schedule runs them through this area around today (I checked), it very well could have been him. He gave me a look, but I think it was because I was looking at him like, "Is that the dude from All Time Low in the post office? In Ellensburg?! What the hell..." This isn't exactly a city people just stop by for kicks. If somebody knows him, they should confirm whether or not this happened or my mind is playing tricks on me.

Random, but I kind of wonder if he recognized me because I tend to talk a lot of shit about his band and their friends. I guess I'm a little critical of the band, but hey -- they have a few pretty good guilty pleasure hooks I think are worth jammin'. Nothing personal? Right?
Tags: all time low, my life is lame, nothing personal
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It All Looks Good From Here
12/16/08 at 11:48 PM by Chris Fallon
Not sure if I ever explained this, but it happened over the summer.

My sister & brother-in-law had originally adopted a baby on incredibly quick & short notice back in July. It happened so fast, the legal work was still in the process when the mother gave her newly-born child over to my sister. The mom, a young single girl who was living with her mom & four siblings, didn't think she was fit to be a parent: the baby's father was in jail and her own father was out of the picture; her mom could barely afford her siblings, let alone a grandchild.

Long story short, my sister & brother-in-law were chosen and given the baby over one weekend. It was all very sudden, but still exciting. They had been anxiously anticipating this moment for years, waiting for someone who was unable to care for their child to allow them to be loving parents.

Well, after a week, the girl changed her mind -- due to pressure from her own family -- and took the child back from my sister (who had obviously grown attached and was not prepared to let go of him like that), saying she was going to attend a camp that would "teach [her] how to be a mother." What a joke... but I digress.

Over Thanksgiving, my sister called to tell me two new parents (both 16 & 17) chose my sister and bro-in-law to adopt their child come spring. These kids have their shit together: they know they're far too young and unable to care/raise a child, and my sister is. Hell, she has a nursery and all the equipment ... she just needs a baby.

The point of all this is, I'm going to be an uncle for real come April. While legally it's not official (you can't sign the papers for that until after the birth), it's still cool knowing that this one is for keeps. The parents have come to terms with the reality, and my sister got to hear the baby's heartbeat this afternoon. Sort of cements it all into place.

2009 will be a good year. I will hopefully be pretty much done with getting my degree and I get to be an uncle. Who knows what else it could bring? I think Sarah and I will go through a whole new, wonderful year, too.

Felt like sharing all this, because seeing that I'm alone tonight without much to do... it really puts things into perspective for what's to come.
Tags: 2009, life, uncle chris
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Where Everybody Knows Your Name
11/04/08 at 01:42 AM by Chris Fallon
Seems I've been neglecting my blog and the entire site lately. It has been rather busy, with my neverending barrage of homework piling each & every week and the fact that I moved over the weekend. So far, so good on that piece of good news -- once I'm more settled in and have some downtime, I will be frantically catching up on my reviews. Got a lot to cover (most notably, Butch Walker)!

This is it. The big day our country has been anticipating for months now -- sadly, it has to be raining. While I like the rain sometimes, when it doesn't let up for 24 hours and the grass & leaves are wet... no fun there.

Once I get out of class at 6pm-ish, I can't wait to plop down with the lady and see what's going down in Election Land. I already know the site will be chaotic -- the aftermath will be fun to sort through.

One last thing: you are officially famous when you find out someone on another message board tried posing as you to be cool. Jason Tate, eat your heart out!

As shitty as the weather is and school has been, I am loving the season, the new place, my girlfriend and sports more than ever right now -- what a wonderful time to be alive.

Now, as if you have not heard it enough -- VOTE!
Tags: life, weather, election 2008, moving
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At Least This Week Is Over...
10/24/08 at 12:46 AM by Chris Fallon
Fuck, it felt so good to get today over with. My week has been rather stressful with homework and other odds-n-sods, so this moment is a great moment: because I am relaxing!

For my studio production class, I had to direct a segment today, and I did surprisingly well -- I was told I was the best newscaster during our class rotation, so maybe my natural ability to be in front of a camera will pay off by sheer word of mouth. I don't have a cool voice or anything, but I know how to be casual and comfortable for someone watching, reading with some personality but still remaining effective. Amazing to me how many people freeze up when a camera is placed in front of them though haha.

Since that task was a lot of hands on and memorizing, it felt good to get it over with. Next up, more of the same and some crunchtime homework completion before I move on Halloween. Thank god my move will be easy and I can move all the little things over the course of the month -- I don't have to be out until mid-month; I just want to get all the big shit moved in so I have a new home.

Signed up for Amazon.com's Affiliate Program tonight -- hopefully the more traffic I send there (linked on my reviews), the more dough I can potentially make. I need another small source of income, and it will drive me to post more reviews each week (when it's not as hectic as this one). Still have a good heap of reviews I want to post, I just need that time to do them -- going home this weekend will at least give me time to take notes before I go to bed or something.

I'm excited to move -- I feel like I can make it much more of a home with my girlfriend around. The big task this week will be litter-box training the cat. She is an outdoor kitty, but can't go outside around our new pad, so time to train her -- should be somewhat easy; she's a good feline.

Plan on seeing some pics of the new crib around Election Day -- I have some rad posters to display in my new room and (if the lady lets me) in the living room. I think I'm more excited to hang out in the kitchen more than anything -- a spacious kitchen with a dishwasher?! How I have missed thee!

Tomorrow, Moyer takes the mound for Philly -- I'm impartial to who I want to see win, however, it'd be cool to see Tampa Bay pull one off. I'm still reeling over the Mariners' GM hire -- this team never ceases to piss me off with their backward thinking. They are the McCain's of baseball.

Penn State/Ohio State game this weekend should be excellent -- so stoked. See you Sunday night, APFaithful.
Tags: stressful week, unwinding, rambling, moving, life
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Fall Into Change
10/21/08 at 02:19 AM by Chris Fallon
Lots of news in my life to report on.

In two weeks, I'm moving (seems like I've been doing it constantly for two years now) into a new apartment with my girlfriend. It's a two bedroom, one-story place -- very spacious and much nicer than where I live now (campus-owned and operated apartments). And the best news: it's cheap -- all together, it's cheaper than my one-bedroom is now. I have a lot to get done by Halloween, but it's worth it. Big kitchen, big living room and a dishwasher (how I have missed one of those!) -- fuck yes.

Fall is a time for change, and I love this time of year -- moving into a new home with everything changing around you is near-perfect conditions for a big event like this. Once snow arrives, it will be a longer trek to class, but I like the area on that side of town -- quieter, darker and just enough out of the way to still be in the mix.

Considering changing my major focus from production to critical studies -- still debating that one, but I'm beginning to realize I liked the classes in that area much better than the ones I have now. The classes I'm taking now are bleeding into one another and too technical for me -- not really my thing; I like to write more than stand in front of a camera and tell a news story or what have you.

Going home over the weekend for a party and to gather up some belonging to bring back for the next move. I just hope it doesn't rain -- it's so cold here now, which means snow is on the horizon. Please, wait until November 2nd for that!

Busy times in the CFal life -- I'm going to do my best to continue posting reviews as the quarter progresses. I think I am too overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work condensed into a short period of time. Am I not allowed to have a personal life, too? Jesus, my professor must think we're all Supermen. Enough of me -- g'night APFaithful.
Tags: life, changes, school, fall
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You Listen to Me!
10/12/08 at 04:49 AM by Chris Fallon
Revisiting my love for The Simpsons this weekend. Picked up season four on DVD - arguably the show's best hour - and my girlfriend & I have been staying inside, trying to keep warm and laughing our asses off. She hasn't seen too many episodes, so it's a great introductory season before I get my next set.

Great day for football - Penn State, Florida and Kansas (my three teams of choice) snagged W's while a few big upsets oughta shake up the BCS a bit come Monday. Looking forward to seeing any unexpected drops after LSU's economy-sized failure this evening.

Seahawks play at home versus Aaron Rodgers' Packers today -- I'm confident that without Favre or Al Harris, we have a better shot at beating them, and the only difficulty is going to be handling it without Matt. Holmgren says "game-time decision," however the optimism is low. Rodgers might be uneasy in the loud stadium and (hopefully) it gets Charlie Frye's confidence up to rely on our healthier team -- a rejunvenation from last Sunday, I fucking hope.

Big, busy weekend in terms of sports (baseball and football have me hooked, and the Wings' season is in full gear) and when I get some time tomorrow, I have some reviews to get done. Pushing back Funeral for a Friend so I can get Quietdrive and Dillinger Four by Tuesday, plus I need to begin work on my Butch review -- prepare to be blown away!

Lots of things to accomplish on my AbsolutePlate, however, APFathful come first, so remember that I am here for you! Go Seahawks!
Tags: rambling, life, just read it fool
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For Those of You Interested...
10/01/08 at 04:46 PM by Chris Fallon
Thought I'd jot down my school schedule and a brief rundown of my classes so the APFaithful can see what CFizzle is up to this current fall quarter.

COM 341 - Television Field Production: Essentially, this is intended for those looking to go into the news broadcast spectrum of the film & video studies major ... however, I am not. I would rather work in fiction/narrative film, but it's a required course to familiarize ourselves with the basic framing principles of video photography.

COM 322 - Television Studio Production: While my other class focuses on outdoor projects, this class is strictly in-house, revolving around the education of proper equipment use for studio television. Something like Saturday Night Live or The Tonight Show -- we will cover how to produce/record events like that. Should be interesting, albeit intimidating -- I have to learn how to use everything, including sitting in the director's seat and calling all the shots. Maybe I'll find something to my liking through here though.

COM 208 - Writing Across the Media: Normally, this class is reserved for those going into journalism, PR and other related careers. However, my intended focus is on film production and writing - figured this class would be perfect to cover an enhancement on said writing skills and would also give me insight on the more business-oriented aspect of such things. It might also improve my review style/skills here on the site ... hopefully!

It's going to be a busy quarter for me. Shit, I have a lot to learn and focus on my time on -- once I get over the initial first week hump, I should be on-track to get used to a set schedule ... it's just going to be a very chaotic few months here for yours truly. Wish me luck!
Tags: school, life, etc.
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Lyrical Spotlight: Valencia's "The Good Life"
09/07/08 at 04:32 PM by Chris Fallon
I barely got to sleep last night, but don't worry girl: I still had that dream again. The dream where I'm in a perfect world with perfect blue skies.

Where no one dies and we spend forever, livin' in love.
Nothing could be better than a perfect world, with a perfect girl. We'd have so much time living out the good life.

From the moment my feet touched sand to the perfect skies up in the tall mountains.

It felt so good to roll the windows down, drive alone until we find ourselves, and we'll go back to the life we wanna lead. Then we'll go back to the way things used to be.

We'll find a way to make it right. We're gonna live our lives, step by step. We'll make it as we sing.

Don't ever forget all the sleepless nights. We stayed up late until the sun would rise. No matter how far you get, I'll be a step behind to catch you when you fall down.

I met great friends, I've seen great times. I've been in love and I've seen love die.

But nothing's as good as when I close my eyes, and feel that road that's led me through this life.
It's a good life; just get me on my feet. It's a good life, but I'm living in a dream where I'll take a chance on every breath like it's my last. Step by step, we'll make it as we sing.

I packed my bags; I was on my way home. I was 400 miles away from being back inside of your arms - it's where I always wanted to be.

I'll catch you when you fall down.

I barely got to sleep last night, but don't worry girl: I still had that dream again.
Tags: valencia, the good life, lyrics
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Lyrical Spotlight: "Playing Favorites" by The Starting Line
07/30/08 at 04:51 AM by Chris Fallon
So I was listening to this song tonight, and the lyrics really captured my attention. In one way, I feel this song describes something all too perfect. Yet it also reminds me of another occurrence going on in my life... and then it reminds me of something totally unrelated to that.

Isn't it amazing and awesome how songs that are so simple can be so fitting and complex to every listener? Granted this song has one meaning to the songwriter, yet it brings to mind so many feelings of hope, desire, happiness and confusion. I really feel like this song describes about five different events happening in my head, and fits them each to a 't'. Any song that can do that... well, quite frankly, reestablishes my optimism for any sign of hope. Happiness doesn't come easy - it's never as simple as it should be to me - but I do know it's never the complete end.


I guess the most that I can do is make a call and tell you the truth. Sing the words in melody and hope that you'll believe me. Here's another song for you, so this one makes two. I still don't know where to begin ... I'll just leave it at this.

I'm sure you always feel my eyes on you but I hope that you will never feel unwanted.

Wait for me to move out west - it's ok if you don't. I hope you know you're my favorite thing about the west coast. I wish I stayed, I hope you wait. So here I am, counting down the days 'til California comes.

This is the least that I can do. You know I'm bad at calling you. The best way I can extend the lonely words "I miss you". I'll say it but I'm sure you knew - you're what I look most forward to
coming back to where I've been.

I'll just leave it at this.
Tags: starting line, lyrical spotlight, life
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Redemption Blog
07/25/08 at 10:58 AM by Chris Fallon
Notice the very not-so-subtle Bob Marley reference? Mmm, yeah. So witty, aren't I?

Redemption is a funny thing. On one hand, I feel relieved to be over and done with my summer class. However, on the other hand... I haven't been this lazy a student since I was 18. Most of it was not simply because it's summer and my motivation is lackluster (although, yes that was a critical ingredient) - my professor had a very loose teaching style I had difficulty relating to, teaching boring material that seemed ripe for becoming interesting with the right instructor. He was pulling rabbits out of his hat frequently, and it really didn't work with me. I'm the kind of guy that if my professor doesn't really try and pulls a fast one on me, I have a hard time following along (this was the same thing that happened to me last quarter with a mass media class).

Anyway... what's done is done and while I didn't earn my ideal grade, the class is finished and I now have two months of summer to do jackshit with. Yes... you heard me right: two months. I go back late September, which pleases me very much so. That means plenty more chances to see The Dark Knight again (already up to three, looking to go five... that's a solid number).

Now that I have all this spare time before I go home next Tuesday (for only a week, don't you worry), I'm sure to get a lot done here on the site. I have a number of reviews to get done and some other stuff - all I'm really hoping for: an early leak of Lagwagon's EP or an advance copy. I really, really want to hear the Caper's new material.

Going home should be nice. I'm looking forward to seeing the fam - I think I'm more excited to go to Oregon for a week so I can just... let loose. Nothing too wild and crazy - just some beach play and beer swilling. That's my ideal weekend, and with it being in Oregon... I love that.

Have I mentioned how blissfully happy I am lately? Yeah... my attitude has really changed in the past week. Certain people tend to do that to you when they reinvigorate your lease on life and overall sense of the world around you. I don't want to say I've never felt this way... but each time is different than the last and more rewarding than when you're younger. Now that I am nearly 25, I have a greater appreciation for the world around me and a greater understanding of what encompasses everything around me. Different people mean different things to me, and certainly I've found some splendid people in my time - some great friends and family members come to mind. Yet no matter how many people we meet, one always manages to come along and completely blow you away because they light a fire inside of you that you never knew existed. It's like you recognize this feeling but it's coming out in a vastly new and refreshing way... and it feels fucking amazing. Just goes to show when the cards are down... there's always hope still waiting for you somewhere along the line.

Yeah, I feel pretty lucky. Things can only go up from here - I don't believe relationships can go downhill and devolve unless you allow them to; it's never something that will inevitably go downhill, you control it. I'm looking forward to continue the push for however long I need to.
Tags: life, happy, redemption
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Ramblings Of a Night Owl
06/19/08 at 03:44 AM by Chris Fallon
I have the worst sleeping habits. Here I am, at 3:30am and I am still wide awake. I've always been a night owl, someone who would rather get shit done in the wee hours of the morning rather than be up in the afternoon. Don't know why ... no one else in my family is like that.

Sad thing is, I have class at 9am, too. Thankfully, I am only taking one class over summer - and it's for six weeks. Boring material, but I can pull through. As Scandal once sang, "I am the warrior!"

Not to mention, I have a ton of site stuff to work on. Interviews, promotions for smaller bands, lots of reviews, continuing to edit user stuff ... I'm a dedicated man, and I will find the time to get it all done. I should set a timeline for myself so I can bust through it.

I'm also convinced I want to start a Bob Seger cover band. We will call ourselves Night Moves, and I will don a fake beard, drink lots of whiskey (to get that everyman voice Seger had) and belt out "Katmandu" better than even he could.

Or maybe I will start up a barbershop quartet, much like Ted's a capella group on Scrubs, but here's the twist: metal songs only. Yeah, imagine Megadeth or Slayer but sung in smooth vocal harmonies like an old-fashioned barbershop group. Money, baby - pure money.

I think it's time to put on SportsCenter and doze off to sleep. More on my life accomplishments later. I have several I need to list here - I'm making it a goal of mine to get that red "popular" icon next to this blog soon. Adrian did it, Jason did it ... I'm not quite on their level yet, but yeah, just wait!
Tags: rambling, life goals, ego
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