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12/17/11 at 05:35 PM by Blake Solomon
The Cinema - My Blood is Full of Airplanes

When Lydia broke up, I was pretty bummed. Which, I don't know, seems kind of weird, even now. Bands go away all the time. Whatever. But they always leave us with their work, which in some cases, is more than enough to keep us going for eternity. But I always felt like Lydia had more to give (which they, in a new form, did. And, sadly, it wasn't as amazing as I'd like it to be.) But The Cinema, well, The Cinema created an album that, although different, kept with Lydia's theme of making long-lasting, emotionally-charged music. My Blood is Full of Airplanes is in someways even more singular a statement than even Assailants. Its dichotomy of electronics and Leighton's ethereal voice make songs like "Picasso" and "Satellites" burst out of your speakers in a truly monumental fashion.

Most of the albums I like, I do so for a very specific reason. And usually I can pinpoint that reason, but when I listen to My Blood is Full of Airplanes, lots of things rush through my head. Some of them hopeless, some of them carefree, but all of them meaningful. I won't say that is is a more personal record than any of Lydia's work, but it does have a view I can respect. By maybe jumping from thing to thing, it is perhaps more human. As cliche as it is, we are complicated beings. There is no one way to be. There is only how we are. The Cinema reminded me that what's now is not forever, nor should it be. Now is only now, and with any luck, we'll get to later.

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Next Best(s)
12/27/08 at 04:50 PM by Blake Solomon
Moving along with a discussion of my favorite albums, I thought it was important to note a difference of opinion I hold with many listmakers. Most start from 30 and end at 1, but I do it "backwards" by starting at the top. True, there's no big "AHH!" moment after reading, but I think it's important that the first album a person reads is the one you liked the most. People will always stop to read the top of the list, so why not make it the best? Makes sense to me Okay, moving on to number 2 and 3 from my list.

2.) Lydia - Illuminate (Julia's review is wonderful. Please read it in full.)

Probably my favorite album that was ever hyped by this here website. I typically wait for such shenanigans to die down before forming my opinion, but in this case I rushed in and was luckilly greeted with an album that has stood the test of the year. I bought it using our Amazon featuere and I hope you guys will, too. (Link below). The soft but powerful music is wonderful for the colder months, but it also creates a nice change of pace during spring and summer. The female vocals are placed in just the right places and their usage of piano is heartbreaking (in a good, emo way). I wanted to share this record with everyone, and those that heeded my words were overwhelmed with music-induced joy. For a moody and piano-filled journey, look no further than Illuminate



Best Buy

CD Universe

3.) Foals - Antidotes (Apologies, but it's another one of my reviews. This one came out pretty well, I think. 83% is a very high score from me, and although I gave Mason Proper a higher score, this one is more memorable/replayable and thus places higher on the list. Any mood and this record works, not so with Mason Proper.)

Probably my most unexpected placement in the upper register of the 2008 list. Upon first hearing Antidotes, I simply didn't "get" it. They recited things in other languages, seemingly nonsensical phrases appeared to hold importance to everyone but me. I was lost. Then a fatefully boring day at work in, ironically enough, England, led me to replay this album. I became fully entranced by their bouncing rhythms, interesting take on lyrical passages and a knack for writing catchy songs that catch you by surprise. British accents and horns didn't hurt their case, either. The first half of this album is stronger than the last, but it's so strong that I couldn't deny glory where it's due. For fans of post-punk or bloc party or melodies doused in intelligence by musicmakers who may have actually graduated high school and college (excuse me, Uni). Easily one of the most intriguing albums I've heard in a long time.


(also, I didn't count off for the horrid album cover. All the artwork for this album blows nuts. But that's not musical and wasn't a part of my critique system.)


Best Buy

CD Universe

The last part of my top five will be posted tomorrow. Until then, see ya! And make sure to look for all of the staff's list early this week

Tags: blake, lydia, foals, blog
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That'll teach me.
01/28/08 at 12:15 AM by Blake Solomon
So I always thought Lydia was a bad post-hardcore band for some reason. Maybe it was their name. Fuck band names, they always throw me off. Anywho, I like this band. You should to. This is what I wish Copeland could do. This is what I wish a lot of bands could do. A balance of mellowness and controlled enthusiasm. A smack in the babymaker and a bottle full of warm milk. I haven't done my research on them yet, so I don't know names, but there female singer has a sweet voice. Allow the caveman in me to come out: she sounds hot. (In a related note, I just coughed up a chicken wing.)

So give their old album a try (don't I mean "buy"?) and get ready for the new one, entitled Illuminate. Illuminate is a pretty word. It's one of those words that can have a different meaning to every person. Other words like that: beautiful, shame, sweet. You know, words like THAT. I need to stop using the word "that." Most of the times it's completely unnecessary to use. But, along with the word "so", we are disposed to use it. Arghhh, a problem for another day.

Holla at Lydia, call your college radio station (for you high schoolers, call Jack.FM) and request a song or two.

I'm contemplating reviewing the new Why? disc. Waiting on a couple of albums to arrive for the ol' Blakey touch. That sounds dirty on purpose

Anton, if you see this, I throw my hat into the ring (and other cliched metaphors) for the blog contest. Feature me. Use me. I don't get enough love. I cried during breakfast this morning because the Captain wouldn't Crunch for me like he used to.


Tags: blake solomon, future featured blog, lydia
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