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(Sometimes) Witty Banter
True Men of Genius
12/20/09 at 01:37 PM by Schreiforme417
"Men of genius are incapable of studying when they are young, because they unconsciously feel that they must learn everything different from the mass." -Leo Tolstoy

This explains a lot.
Tags: genius, me, tolstoy
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My Favorite Smells
11/10/09 at 04:20 PM by Schreiforme417
Taste and smell are integrally intertwined and, after spending a good amount of time smelling my tea today, decided to think about my favorite smells ever. Post yours' in the replies.

5. Cinnamon rolls
4. Cotton candy
3. Evening in Missoula tea (think spearmint meets root beer)
2. Melted butter
1. Sauteed onions and garlic
Tags: food, smell, favorites
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1000 miles away there's nothing left to say
09/29/09 at 10:32 AM by Schreiforme417
To invoke a popular term on this website....


Aside from being an a) badass song, it is also b) a badass video.

and finally, you gotta love the addition of furries to the video. If you do not know what furries are, go look them up. No, they did not just get a bunch of people in animal costumes, there's a whole lifestyle that furries engage in. Enjoi.
Tags: Rise Against, Savior, Appeal To Reason, Awesome
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The Best Road Trip Playlist Ever
07/28/09 at 11:19 AM by Schreiforme417
So, i leave for Montana on Friday. It is a 2200 mile trip, and i'll be making some stops to see family and that lovely girl i call my girlfriend. for those times that i'm on the road, though, i'm going to need companionship, ie. the greatest road trip playlist of all time. This is where you, loyal readers, come in. I need help.

Tell me the songs I need to put on my road trip playlist. keep the theme to movin on, the road, travel, shit like that. I've got some songs already but I want to hear what everyone says.



Tags: Road trip, playlist, music, awesome, ultimate
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07/16/09 at 08:31 PM by Schreiforme417
i fucking love this video.

right now it makes me happy despite the pain i am in. i am bloodied, bruised, and swollen and yet this video makes me smile. it makes me think of someone, too. which is good.

Tags: cartel, honestly, chroma, awesome
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Dear Warped Guy
07/08/09 at 06:57 AM by Schreiforme417
Dear Guy Who Runs Warped Tour,

First of all, yes, I know you're name, but right now I don't feel like using it. In many societies, using one's name intimates a close relationship with another, a friend, if you will, and this, sir, is not what I want to be with you. We are at odds I feel over some choices about this years Warped Tour. I know, I know, you've heard this all before "we hate Brokencyde," etc, etc. This little missive isn't what that is about. It involves Brokencyde, yeah, but also the Millionaires and god knows who else. It came to my attention recently that the Millionaires were caught lip-synching at warped tour when their track skipped. They were left flustered and unsure of what to do. To this, all I can do is start a slow clap. I mean, really, not knowing how to go with the flow? Even Ashley Simpson recovered fairly quickly from her little disaster on SNL a couple years ago. Then again, she's a consummate performer compared to the likes of the two aforementioned bands. This is not saying much. So, to this issue of lip-synching, I have some questions that I really, really hope you can answer. I will put them in a bulleted list to make reading easier:

1. Why did you let bands like this on the tour to begin with? This questions seems to be a crux of many arguments. I understand Warped is for a wide variety of music, that it allows for all sorts of "scenes" to come together, but these two groups seem more fit for a festival like Z100's (NYC) Jingleball, where they flaunt the latest talent to come from the minds of some fat old men sitting in offices writing songs for twenty-somethings to shake their asses and fake tits to in order to sell music. (Sidenote: Do you think when those girls are growing up they think specifically about selling their soul to the devil in order to be seen as a sex symbol?)

2. How much of this is about money? Seriously, I understand this is undertaken as a way to m bring music to the people (it sounds very communist when it is put that way) but now that Warped is over a decade old, does that matter to you anymore? This seems to be the way that most punk-related music festivals go. Look at Skate and Surf--gone. Look at Bamboozle--the headliners include, among other odd choices Fifty Cent, that are decidedly not in any way related to the music scene. I know it brings in revenue, but are you aware you, too, are selling your soul like those ladies mentioned in point 2.

3. What about real bands? There are plenty of bands that have busted their asses to reach a stage even remotely close to Warped, and now they are being shut out in favor of ways for you to make money and embarrass yourself, frankly.

4. What about real bands? Ah, you see my little literary device here, repetition. I feel it was necessary to get across the enormity of this point. Have you been to NJ recently, or really any time in the past fifteen years or so? Do you know how many bands there are? There are probably as many bands as there are stray cats or Chinese restaurants (Though the stray cat number may be reduced by the Chinese restaurants significantly, it is still quite high--another bad thing but that letter would be addressed to other people). Anyway. Those bands, the ones that deserve it. What about them? I understand having bigger bands, they are your main draw, but groups like Brokencyde and Millionaires aren't big. Big in the sense that the majority of the crowd at Warped, the kids who bust their asses at Starbucks and McDonalds and on paper routes (and inevitably the group who just get their parents to buy them a ticket) think they are big. I know, when I was younger, Warped Tour was the highlight of my summer. I could see friends, snag some cool, cheaper merch and see a ton of bands that I absolutely loved. Now, I fear, I will not be returning. Warped has been, well, warped.

You are serving the kids a lie, man. I do not appreciate this.

Disheartened greatly,

Sam Slaughter

p.s. I'm sure you will have plenty of people defending you about business tactics and shit, but I do not care about that. I've said my piece.
Tags: Kevin Lyman, Warped Tour, Sad, Life, Disappointment, Asshole
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Albums that Rock That I Forgot About
07/05/09 at 01:38 PM by Schreiforme417
Inevitably, I forget about music, we all do. In today's day and age, with new music so readily accessible, CDs that we used to cherish fall by the wayside in favor of the latest ep or leak or what have you. I was in my car today driving to target when I decided to pop in a few CDs from some bands that, at the time of release, held constant sway over my speakers. I think they need to be brought back and given a revival, even though they're not really dead or anything. Well, in some cases at least.

Albums that shouldn't be forgotten:

1. Whole Wheat Bread - Minority Rules
2. Allister - Last Stop Suburbia
3. The Matches E Von Dahl Killed The Locals
4. The Early November - For All of This
5. Hawk Nelson - Letters To The President
6. Catch 22 - Keasbey Nights
7. Halifax - A Writer's Reference
8. Goldfinger - Open Your Eyes
9. Mest - Destination Unknown
10. Wakefield - American made

what else is there, lemme know what y'all think
Tags: Music, Forgotten, Life, Enjoyment
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Soundtrack of the Summer
07/02/09 at 12:47 PM by Schreiforme417
So, I've been listening to a certain set of songs so far this summer. a lot. like a lot a lot. this is my soundtrack of the summer. if i were to give it a theme itd be about going places, mostly at least. Here we go... ten songs that make up my summer.

1. A Day To Remember - The Downfall of Us All
2. Valencia - Safe To Say
3. All Time Low - Weightless/A Party Song
4. Farewell - Eighty Eights
5. Mercy Mercedes - Drop Top
6. Hit The Lights - Her Eyes Say Yes
7. A Change of Pace - Summer Girls (LFO Cover)
8. Incubus - Drive
9. The Audition - My Temperature is Rising
10. Ben Harper - Burn One Down

What is your soundtrack to the summer?

last year I had "Drop the Girl" " Bada Bing Wit A Pipe" and "Call Me Jersey" among others...
Tags: Summer, Music, Me, Sam, LNCAB
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tweet tweet mofos
06/29/09 at 04:29 PM by Schreiforme417
follow me on twitter. www.twitter.com/lncab

yes, this is shameless self promotion.

no, i don't care.


then tell me you're from AP, so i can love you forever
Tags: twitter, me, lncab
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I sold my soul to the open road
06/26/09 at 09:10 PM by Schreiforme417
It's not easy making a name for yourself
Where do you draw the line?
I never thought I'd be in this far
Let's have some fun and never change not for anyone
Try not to miss me when I'm gone

(Whoa uh oh, whoa uh oh)
I sold my soul to the open road
I'll live my life alone!

You won't find me in the same spot
Believe me I could never stop
My life's turned upside down
Meet me out past the train tracks
I'm leaving and not coming back
You're right and I was wrong
This town will be the downfall of us all

I'm gonna need you to try to follow along.
I did the best that I could to try and write you songs.
Now go tell them we sold out, like we're the ones who changed.
I write what I feel, I say what I mean.
You can't buy sincerity.

(Whoa uh oh, whoa uh oh)
I sold my soul to the open road
I'll live my life alone!

You won't find me in the same spot
Believe me I could never stop
My life's turned upside down
Meet me out past the train tracks
I'm leaving and not coming back
You're right and I was wrong
This town will be the downfall of us all

Don't forget yourselves
We made up our minds
And we signed 3! 4! 5! on that dotted line!
Don't forget yourselves
We made up our minds
And we signed 3! 4! 5! on that dotted line!

You won't find me in the same spot
Believe me I could never stop
My life's turned upside down
Meet me out past the train tracks
I'm leaving and not coming back
You're right and I was wrong

this put me in the mood to get on the road. world, here i come
Tags: A Day To Remember, Downfall of us all, road trip, world
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Vegas, baby
06/21/09 at 10:19 AM by Schreiforme417
Back from Vegas. Read some books, saw the strip, ate some food, gambled a bit, didn't win anything. got a tan. sat poolside. that is my experience. my advice, go with someone your own age. I yearn for a partner in crime, i am at my most effective then.


new posts on site, check'em out. they're funny. no really.
Tags: me, sam, lets not crash and burn, vegas, new
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Dear Tom DeLonge,
06/10/09 at 10:04 AM by Schreiforme417
Dearest Tom,

Hey, Tom, how's it going? Are you glad to be back on the circuit, playing shows with the band that made you famous in the first place? I hope so. It must feel good to know that whatever you do, millions of people worldwide will be on their knees praising you, ready to suck you till you blow. I, as a fan, was very excited when blink announced their reunion. Now, I am not a crazy and obsessed fan, but I am a fan, I own four of blink's albums, all legitimately bought, mind you. I hope that you enjoyed that Domino's pizza or that six-pack that my money went towards you buying. I hope they tasted good. So anyway, I guess I'll get to my point, I know you're a busy guy, with all this blink hype again.

I saw your performance on Jimmy Kimmel and I was disappointed. No, disappointed may not be the best word. It felt more like, whenever you sang, someone was trying to take drill and go from ear drum to ear drum. I remember seeing another performance by you a few weeks ago, too, and I thought the same thing. But then I remembered, blink has been on hiatus, maybe he's rusty despite any of those other side projects you've engaged in. But no, on Kimmel, you were just as bad. Are you aware you're voice sounds like what I imagine a cat would if someone was trying to forcibly insert a cucumber into the cat's nostril? Because that is what you sound like. You don't like that metaphor? Okay, would you prefer to think that you sound like a guy who enjoys having his testicles stomped on by two-dollar hookers in high heels? You sound like that guy when he moans. Did I also mention that that same guy probably likes to watch little kids through blinds while they are at school? Yeah, that guy is sick and he has a sick moan. That was your voice.

I guess the point of this is that I am highly disappointed with you. You had such a good thing going when you were blink 1.0, now with blink 2.0 (coincidentally, did you know "Web 2.0" is now the millionth word in English? It was added today, fun fact) it just isn't that much of a good thing. I mean, Mark is great and Travis is spectacular as always, but you...not so much. blink has talked that you guys would do this until it isn't fun anymore. Well, it isn't fun for me to here you. I can only hope that, if you guys put out another album, the autotune is in full effect on your voice.

A discouraged fan,

Sam Slaughter, NJ/MT
Tags: blink 182, tom delonge, disappointment
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fuck me, damn you twitter
06/03/09 at 08:47 AM by Schreiforme417
yes, i made one. i'm not sure why, but i did. go, be a follower

www.twitter.com/LNCAB (the name makes sense when you think about it)

man, i'm still not sure why i did that. i guess i wanted to be cool. haha
Tags: twitter, tweet, follow me
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Someone to Watch: One Funny Fucker
05/26/09 at 11:09 AM by Schreiforme417
so I saw this guy on Jimmy Kimmel and he also has a show Parks and Recreation.

His name is Aziz Ansari

check him out

here's some standup

i think he was on scrubs too.

funny fucker
Tags: aziz ansari, comedy, standup, funny
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20,000 Views, Thanks and a New Blog!
04/08/09 at 08:21 AM by Schreiforme417
Hey everyone.

So, I've reached 20,000 views. HOLY-FUCKING-SHIT.

Never thought that would happen (I know, I know, I've said that every time I reach some sort of personal milestone. deal.)

So, here's the deal. I love each and every one of you that has read my blog just passing through, or obsessively.
I love you even more if you've left comments. I love you even more then that if you've contributed to my almost 300 posts in some way. You are the reason I am writing still, because y'all make my life interesting.

Here's the second deal. I AM STARTING A NEW BLOG.

(what? did Sam really say that?)

Yes, yes I did. It will be a spiffier looking blog on a different website, where I hope to gain some more attention from people on the interweb.

Here is the plan:

Step 1: Start Blog on AP... check
Step 2: Gain a following... check
Step 3: Start new blog and gain larger following
Step 4: Take over the world.

I am accepting offers for positions in my world domination cabinet right now. Apply within.

So, where can I find this blog Sam?

right here! http://letsnotcrashandburn.wordpress.com

yes, I'm calling my blog Let's Not Crash and Burn. I think the title is spiffy.

What will you find there?

For now, I'm going to be moving some of my better pieces on here over to there, so pieces about food, music, culture things along those lines.

Will you still keep this blog, Sam?

Yes, I will still post on here, but not as often. I will post shorter little things on here ( because I refuse to tweet).

So what am I supposed to do?

Go to my new blog and read, love and enjoy it.

I love you all, let's help me take over the world now.

Tags: take over the world, blog, wordpress, awesome, love, thanks
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