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New Rock
04/04/11 at 11:29 AM by Blake Solomon
I just got the new Dads album Brush Your Teeth. It's passionate, noodle-y, intricate and doggone passionate (x10!!). But perhaps the most amazing song on it, is "Pass The Ball." You can stream the song on their bandcamp page, but below are the lyrics.

wordsI'm not moving, I'm just standing still.
In this shit you left me, I'm glad you left me.
I've learned three things this year:
like my dependency on beer,
how sweat feels in my eyes,
and how you depend on your lies.

You can't apologize enough for feeling sorry for leaving.
It doesn't help at all that each time you do, I still don't believe it.
So I've made shapes out of your left over belongings;
a hand empty through old age,
a new bed for each turned page,
a perfume bottle I can't stand to see,
someone who actually needs me.

The opening lines on this record are just so true and so meaningful/yet smart. They do what they do well because even though this is clearly a reactionary song, it's created with the hopes of moving on and getting better. That's sweet. That's what music is supposed to do.

I've learned three things this year:
like my dependency on beer,
how sweat feels in my eyes,
and how you depend on your lies.

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11/01/10 at 09:26 PM by Blake Solomon
Your favorite instrumental band? Let's hear it.

This is brought to you by fall and its perfect atmosphere for instrumental music.

I've been listening to

Moonlit Sailor
To Be A High Powered Executive
They Mean Us
Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson

now let me hear some of your favorites for this time of year. I need to gorge.

Tags: blake, instrumental music, blog
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10/26/10 at 10:05 PM by Blake Solomon
Also, hey, i need a few new tunes. Do other bands sound like tokyo police club? hehe. But anything will do. Other things I've been listening to lately, so you can get a little hint

The Calm Blue Sea - post rock/instrumental
Curren$y - rapper who is too cool for a square like me
Small Black - an electronic/chillwave band
How To Dress Well - a mix between chillwave/falsetto addiction/drag
A Sunny Day in Glasgow - female fronted crazy pop with synths and crap

So I guess, basically, anything with keyboards/synth/could be described as electronic influenced or chillwave-esque.

Anything like that? Or anything else at all. Oh, I also like the new Bad Books album, despite having never heard a Kevin Devine song before.


now go my minions! bring me ear happiness!
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Meet Bangs
10/26/09 at 09:33 PM by Blake Solomon
i think what i like about music is, well, this:


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few musical thoughts
08/08/09 at 07:04 PM by Blake Solomon
This Cobra Starship album is so bland. There's no oomph to any of these songs, and that's important when you're trying to get people up and dancing. I'm sure more capable hands will remix the shit out of some of these songs and make them club-tacular, but in their current form they are completely forgettable and, umm, normal.

The new Mute Math album really picks up at a point. The first few songs are decent, but it's in the last 8 or so that they really find their groove. The finale, 9-minute "Burden" shows the band at their best. My biggest problem with their last release was the long runtimes and lack of dynamics. This song moves from dance-related to contemplative with ease. It's nice to see a band that can turn their negatives into positives so quickly.

I don't know if I'm allowed to talk about this, but I received the new Boys Like Girls album. Hmm, what to say, it's BIG. Each song rockets forward with radio-readiness and holds nothing back. Who knows what the lyrics are about, but it's not about that. It's about the hooks and the guitar licks that implant themselves into your brain. I'm not sure if there is anything as accessible as "Hero/Heroine" or "The Great Escape", but there is certainly enough here to please the masses.

Other than those new ones, I've been listening to Menomena's old album, I Am The Fun Blame Monster a lot. It seems to fuel my work at a nice pace. To think that they invented their own computer program to create these songs is awesome. And I also feel that it's much more concisely genius than Friend And Foe, though I'd be lying if I said that I don't like that album.

Oh, DUH, the Brand New song. I don't like this band. I can barely make it through Deja Entendu. But I love this song. I gave it no less than 20 spins in a row the other day. I love the scuzz and grime layered over the pop. This is the best song that they've ever written that I've heard. Take that for what's it worth, but maybe I will actually buy an album of theirs. the thought is startling.

Tags: music, blake
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Music Map
07/11/09 at 06:08 PM by Blake Solomon
This is a cool website. Enter in any band and it will show you a bunch that are "close" on the map.

Something to do if you're ever in need of a recommendation or two.


Tags: blake, music map
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08/02/08 at 06:20 PM by Blake Solomon
I'm racking up the views and entries this summer. I'm glad I kept up with this blog fairly consistently. Can't believe I'm heading home in a week and the blogs will exist (much like this one) without the now typical "London:" format. Sigh. I'll update the week later on today, but now I've earned a bit of rest.

It's sunday for me and I feel like a rec or two:

Modern Cliches - www.myspace.com/moderncliches

-Don't let the bad name fool you. These guys (kids) are awesome. I saw them at some smelly venue for 6 pounds the other night and they nailed every song. Think The Arctic Monkeys if they didn't suck or brood so much. It's fast and smart and cheeky and I love it. They have a 3-song EP coming out in Sept. and i bought it at the show and it's dead on. I think these guys could be huge.

Kings of Leon - www.myspace.com/kingsofleon

I only have a few songs, but they are all great. I need to buy their discography. "King of the Rodeo" and "On Call" make me so happy. Beautiful fun and reminiscient of America. Just what I need

Tags: blake, blog, music
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Tunes Galore!
07/21/08 at 01:30 PM by Blake Solomon
I've been blessed to have heard some great music lately. In the hopes that you will hear it (buy it), too, let me list it all.

1.) Dropout Year - On A Lighter Note (acoustic EP of some of their best songs. Steve sounds great on this and the orchestration is a really nice touch. Can't wait to listen to this in the fall.)

2.) Just Surrender - Stronger Now EP (two new songs sound baller. Way better harmonizing and dynamics than the last release, which wasn't bad but just too bland. The acoustic/remix track are also very well done. Expect a review for this)

3.) Family Force 5 - Dance or Die (just as fun as their first record. Lots of great beats and funny lines. This needs lots of time to digest and I think it might get them a scene hit or two if the negative nancies silence themselves long enough.)

4.) Noah and the Whale - Peaceful, The World Lays Me Down (best folky record I've heard this year, though my intake has been limited. The lyrics are pretty depressing, but the dude's voice makes it not even matter. Lots of horns and handclapping. Lots of love for these Brits.)

5.) Hit The Lights B-sides (I usually hate that dude's music in secret handshake, but his remix is straight fire. Find that in the b-sides thread or on their awesome site.)

Tags: blake, new music
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This is our final chapter, a swan song if you like.
03/15/08 at 02:47 PM by Blake Solomon
One British kid, one acoustic guitar, one computer. Apparently that's all you need to sound fresh and intriguing.

Give The Futile a try on this drab, cold, study-filled Saturday. I can't stop listening to "Two Piece Puzzle."



EDIT: "Two Piece Puzzle" isn't on his myspace. Instead listen to "Maestroy, My Maestro"

EDIT EDIT: He is giving the whole EP away for free. Download it here: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=9H1R5PGM

(I should have done some research before I did this blog.)
Tags: the futile, free music
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mid-week music recs (free music inside!)
10/17/07 at 12:00 PM by Blake Solomon
1.) Lipona - Urbi Et Orbi

-fanfreakingtastic melodic punk rock. Some great gang vocals, a few shouts and crashes. It all works so well. I just finished my full review. Look for that later tonight.

In the meantime, download their EP here and see what I'm talking about: http://www.sendspace.com/file/arflwa

2.) Refused - The Shape of Punk To Come

chances are you've heard this one before. Such an encompassing record. And the history is hard to deny when listening to it. If you've listened to any "hard" music in the last 6 months, chances are that band adores this record. Get it.

3.) Hello Control - Hello Control

fun synth rock. These guys were featured on one of the first self promotion spotlights and they were nice enough to send me a copy of their new EP. It's really good and fun and catchy and everything I look for in pop music.

www.myspace.com/hellocontrol for a taste.

(I'm getting tired, let's make it short and sweet.)

4.) Deer Tick - War Elephant (mangy folk/alt-bluegrass) AWESOME

5.) Jimmy Eat World - Chase This Light (not as great as Futures or BA, but still dang good)

6.) Whatever you are listening to. Tell me!

whoever smelt it, dealt it,

Tags: blake solomon, blog, music recommendations
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The Ties That Bind
08/26/07 at 01:14 PM by Blake Solomon
Today, I'd like to talk about new music. Not any particular band or anything, well, Moving Mountains is what sparked my thoughts. A few days ago, I made a thread about "unexpected hit albums" AKA albums you love but didn't see coming. Lots of people expected and loved TREOS or Minus The Bear, i'm not talking about those. I'm talking about me and From Autumn To Ashes or Ryan Adams. I had no prior listening knowledge of those bands, didn't give a flip about them. Now I dig them alot (Adams more than the other, but still). So here's my point, isn't it wonderful and frustrating about how little time we have to find new music? Am I not the one millionth person to ask about this quandry (thats a 10 dollar word, if its a word, that is)? I sometimes come out of the general or music forums and feel wholly inadequate in my listening habits. I will sometimes feel like I need to find one new band a day, but that's pretty near impossible.

Strange paragraph break.

With the internet, its easy to feel empowered, thus leaving me little or no excuse at musical laziness. Except thats just what has happened. Sure, I listen to a lot of random myspaces in a given week, but when cd's are coming to you with little or no effort (cool brag, right?) its easy to sit back and let it happen. I'm going to try and listen to even more music than ever, search through the extensive cave system we call the blog-nation and find more music. Bring you more music, bring me more music. It's mostly for me, to be honest.

If anyone has any great blog sites I should check out, lay them on me. They don't have to share the music, but they do have to talk about it. Help me faithful readers (hi, mom!)

this was long, if you've skipped to the bottom, focus on the last paragraph. Much appreciation,

Tags: blake solomon, new music, moving mountains, blog
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