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The Pen, The Page, The Paper
A Dreamer's Disease - Updates for the Second Week of April
04/17/08 at 09:52 PM by Julia Conny
Tons of updates tonight, I know. But I'm making my way through my Google Reader, and its been a hot couple-a-days on the Internets. I'll press on with a list.

1. There's going to be a Tucker Max movie, I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell. An actor will play Tucker Max, another one with play SlingBlade (easily the most hilarious of Max's friends, IMO), and another will be a combination of a few other noteworthy drunkards. I'm relatively excited. This should be expected considering how great the book was (I could barely put it down, which might mean I like going to strip clubs and getting pissy drunk).

Screw that. Who cares about a movie? It's not like it could be anything like the book. Because if it were, it would be so close to horribly disturbing hardcore porn that it would be horribly disgusting hardcore porn.

Still haven't seen 2girls1cup.

2. On Beat: Remembering Radio Hits (w/ complimentary videos)



3. Nifty! Another reason to dislike Myspace!

Today at work, my boss asked me if I could be a shift supervisor. Looks like I got a promotion. I already interviewed for the position last year, got it and then turned it down, but I know now is the time to make the big bucks ... figuratively. I already make more money than most of my supervisors. But really, I need the "full time" and benefits.
Tags: google reader, on beat, starbucks
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Liars Academy and an On Beat
04/07/08 at 06:25 PM by Julia Conny
On Beat: Buy a share, break the band.
And please, tonight, rehash some Liars Academy. Stream "Dreams in Technicolor" here.
Tags: liars academy, on beat
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Another Blog Shout-Out and Some On Beats
03/23/08 at 10:04 PM by Julia Conny
RCRD LBL is an ad-supported music blog that is stocked with free MP3s. It is the gem of gems for free music, and the good kind at that. Most of it is your standard indie hip, but that's not actually a bad thing. Check it out. Also check out She & Him, a organic folk-pop duo featuring M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel. Stream some here. If only I could be as quirky.

On Beat: Why Prince is better than MJ
On Beat: Five cover songs I'll never forget
Tags: on beat, she and him, rcrd lbl, music blog, recommendation, free music
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We Can Silence Thunder
02/18/08 at 02:17 PM by Julia Conny
First off, I've been listening to this Tiger Lou album non-stop. That, and I just bought City & Colour, but I need to spend a lot more time with Dallas Green before I blog about it. Serious business. And now, some serious linkage.
  1. Prose about working for The Baltimore Sun; David Simon (writer for The Wire).
  2. The Google-ization of Music? Labels Sue SeeqPod.
  3. Me, On Shuffle; Chuck Klosterman (Thanks to Jac for finding this, and linking it up.)
  4. On Beat (02.17.07) - Ad-supported music can be cool.
I came home to my parents house for a day or two to collect thoughts and get some work done. It's been nice so far. I missed my fam a lot, and they weren't even that upset when I showed them the new tat. A couple days prior to my visit, Aunt Nina and my mom went through 25 boxes of my grandfathers old manuscripts and writing, and I've been leafing through some as well. The house smells faintly of aging books and paper.

I didn't know my grandfather very well - he died when I was 4 or 5 - but he was especially nuts. Or at least that's what my mom and aunt think. I think he's hiding secrets, and those secrets I am meant to find. There are hundreds - thousands, maybe even millions - of his thoughts to internalize. Expect to see excepts of his writing here and there. Maybe these sheets of paper carry more significance to me because they are frail and yellowing along the outskirts. Maybe it's the typewriter font, or the balding, bearding old man cooped up in the a crowded NYC apartment shooting musing from his fingers that has gotten me all riled up and treasure hunting. Maybe I'm looking for answers, and Grandpa Bob knew them all along. Maybe we were meant to find things this way all along, at this time, in this mindset - just like how my little sister found three crisp one hundred dollar bills pressed between two pages in one of his hundreds of journals.

Excerpts from Sights and Insights - Robert Mende

Writing is half mind and half fingers.


Trying to convince others of our wisdom, proves us foolish.

If weather can change us, we have the wrong sun.

Waiting, clarifies.

We can silence thunder.

The thief gives us the gift of knowing what can't be stolen.

Test threats by how they feel after eating them.

A typewriter has the keys to the universe.

More soon. Love you all.
Tags: robert mende, tidbits, sights and insights, on beat, tiger lou
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All Things Ordinary (or Sucky)
02/13/08 at 09:09 PM by Julia Conny
Today sucked.

I woke up to a mass of homework and deadlines clogging my nervous system and an overwhelming sense of urgency. As I left my apartment, already late for class, my brand new purple headphones were still inside (yet I still had my iPod), so all I could do is imagine what music would sound like. This especially sucked because I bought lots of new CDs yesterday - The Anniversary's Designing a Nervous Breakdown (used, and I didn't have the full album), Every Time I Die's Hot Damn, The National's Boxer - and I had a great promo batch just itching to be listened to - Shellshag's Destroy Me I'm Yours (recommended by James Eyeball), Rocket From The Crypt's RIP, Russian Circles' Station, and even some new beats from The Gay Blades. So yeah, you can see why I was so cranky. And it certainly didn't help that neither Record and Tape Traders nor Best Buy had the new City and Colour album, which was SUPPOSED to be the highlight of yesterday. I'm still deciding if I should hold out for a physical copy (which I am leaning towards) or spring for digital.

And it was raining.
And it's a 15 minute walk to class. In the rain.
And I realized on the walk, quiet and stressing, that I can bitch and moan (in my head; I don't think I'm too much of a verbal complainer) as much as I want, but when the going gets tough, it keeps going whether you know how to keep it all on your plate or not. It's not a very cheerful or positive philosophy, but it's given me a harder outer shell, and that's really important for me to hold up right now.
And now I'm in a very serious conundrum. This is totally unrelated to the rain and walk and whatnot and isn't life-threatening or anything, but yeah, I gots a major decision on my hands.

On Beat: Internet corrupts band's attitude
(BTW, I completely talked out of my ass for this week's Towerlight column.)

And, for any bands wondering, the semi-finalists for the Unsigned Band Merch Hook-Up will be selected soon. There were over 400 bands that entered, and to give every one fair shot, my roommate and I have been listening to ALL of them over the past several days. Sit tight, my friends!
Tags: on beat, blah, rain
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On Beat - Feb. 04, 2008
02/04/08 at 11:56 AM by Julia Conny
First 2008 On Beat Column for The Towerlight: New Year brings new excitement

(I write a music column for Towson University newspaper.)
Tags: on beat, the towerlight,
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Breathe and Sleep
11/27/07 at 11:36 PM by Julia Conny
It's been a long day, and tomorrow will be even longer. Everything is catching up to me, and my silly conscious can't stop thinking about the future. But, I am thoroughly enjoying the book I am reading at the moment - The New Kings of Non-fiction. See, I'm a big non-fiction nut. When I lived in Pittsburgh, I was a creative non-fiction major, and loved it. I once took a class called Writing the Review. I got an A. Now since I don't have that same outlet, I get giddy when I find the kind of non-fiction that used to motivate and inspire me in those two, creatively-extravagant years.

On Beat: Rappin' with my grandma
On Beat: Stop bitchin' and believe, hon

I would really appreciate it if you threw me a bone right now, life.

EDIT: Everyone friend me on facebook. Let's see if anyone actually reads this thing.
Tags: stress, non-fiction, on beat
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On Beat and a Rec
11/18/07 at 01:37 PM by Julia Conny
On Beat: Rock on, but don't look like a moron
On Beat: Handling the blues

Listen to: That Was Something.
Tags: on beat, recommendations
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If I Could, I'd Wear Scarfs All Year Round
11/01/07 at 02:59 PM by Julia Conny
Did some much needed shopping today, which basically means I bought a scarf. See, I am obsessed with scarfs. I'd wear them in the summer if I could, but that would be silly. One time, I did wear a scarf in the middle of July, but that was because I was trying to cover-up a hickey the size of Lake Michigan.

The Towson mall is the size of Lake Michigan too, and I spent half an hour trying to figure out how to get to the second floor. It was a perfect time to call my mom, wandering helplessly, eyes like saucepans and discussing my family holiday plans. I avoid carrying a purse (that's what hoodie pockets are for!), I get lost in the mall, and I drive a manual - I'm not very good at being a girly girl. I'd much rather spend a night frolicking down city streets with a boy than waste time at a fancy restaurant. Roses are nice but so are plastic dinosaur toys. Win me with surprises.

Listen to The Minus Scale.

On Beat: Amazon, iTunes: the Battle Royale
On Beat: Attn: drunk middle schoolers
Tags: scarves, lake michigan, girly, on beat
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On The Far Side
10/16/07 at 02:57 PM by Julia Conny
On Beat #7: Radiohead results

I'll make a bigger update later - I have to rush off to class in like half an hour - but I'm thrilled to announce that tomorrow's midterm has been cancelled. Logically though - we haven't had class since the first week. I really think my professor died. The chair of the history department will be feeding us our Jewish history instead.

Oh man, I have lots to update about. I'll do this tonight. Let's just say I will never drink and ride the train again, I will never play Wii around wine glasses again, and I will always want to have weekends like this past one ... again.

And Jason has his CMJ panel today. Good luck, J!
Tags: on beat, weekend adventures
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A Couple Things
10/07/07 at 08:14 PM by Julia Conny
Can someone buy this for me pwease?

You'd think that the summertime would be the season of debauchery and wild nights, yet my weeks are getting nuttier in the passing. Friday night: eventful. Saturday night: eventful. Sunday all day: eventful. Sweet.

On Beat 4: High for All Time Low
On Beat 5: Lyrically lacking, music preferred
On Beat 6: Radiohead reinvention

My editor at The Towerlight keeps fucking up my paragraphs and my headlines. I understand this is an editor's job, but you're completely changing the context of my subject. That being said, my On Beat columns look and sound way better in Word format.

Oh, and Jacqueline got a Wii for her birthday. And now we are playing Mario Party. Score.
Tags: wii, on beat
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On Beat Column # 3
09/17/07 at 09:50 PM by Julia Conny
Hell hath no fury like the Copyright Royalty Board
Tags: on beat, crb
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09/13/07 at 05:28 PM by Julia Conny
Jacqueline and I got a new cat. Well, actually he's an older cat (and pretty fat too). DUKE used to be her grandmother's, but we have him now and he's wonderful. He's such a cuddler, and I really appreciate that because I am too. I've always been a dog person (my dad is allergic to the felines), but I'm a changed woman. I'll put up a Duke photoshoot on my Buzznet photoblog soon. He's a bit of a primadonna (spelling?) because he demands your attention - and you better give it to him - but it's great to always have that constant lovin' - hence the name Snugglemuffin.

I'm listen to the new MCS and raking my brain for musing thoughts. This needs to spark it soon and I need to go postal on this keyboard. But one thing I am realizing right off the bat: this album is a whole lot better than when I first heard it in the beginning of July, and I dug it a bunch then too. A good sign? I think so. Pierre and crew opened up their arrangements and made them spacious and flowy so that the synth is never overpowering. When I re-listen to IATM, I have a harder time handling the electronic flair like I used to. Even If It Kills Me is a lot more contemplative and seasoned, like a pop-rock band that has actually aged their age. I'll be sure to mention that in my review.

"Hello Helicopter" is a great fucking song. Definitely my favorite off the album.

I starting writing a music column for Towson University's newspaper The Towerlight. This week, I wrote about how much I don't like jam bands, which I figured was appropriate if you knew what a typical class demographic is at Towson. It's not that I hate it there, but I'd certainly rather be rolling with the crazy hipsters and hippies at U of Pittsburgh. I deal. I rant about 'dem Greek life bitches when I'm off campus and in my zone. I'm a senior, a year away from getting my Bachelors, and finally noticing the end in sight - my complaints fall on deaf ears, mine especially. Here are my two columns so far:

On Beat: Pirates own streets, musicians lose beats

On Beat: Jammin with boredom

I have one going up every Monday, so I will likely be posting them here as well. It's a surreal feeling every time I see my name in newsprint. And it doesn't hurt my resume (AKA my livelihood) either.

"Point of Extinction" is damn clever. I think it is the catchiest song I've heard on the album - the gang vocals, the driving riffs bulking up the middle, the building momentum in the repetitions of the point of everythings. Damn. I had to sidetrack to get that down. It shook me a bit.

And The Graduate is coming back to MD! They will be in DC on October 18th with Anathallo and The New Amsterdamns. What a fucking awesome show. Two bands I've wanted to see and one band I need to see in order to maintain my grinning equilibrium. And I have some incredible Baltimore-related news for them, but it's going to be a little while before everyone knows about that. When the time comes ...

In a nutshell, I'm crazy busy. Opportunities are opening up like potholes, school is going OK, and I'm always learning more about myself. I'm no where near discovering who I am, and I kind of like it that way. My eyes and ears are open when they should be, and when they are closed is when I know they want to be. I might even be getting a new tattoo soon, one that feels right and significant on this wandering body of mine. These are the kind of moments where you take a deep breath and feel the bite of the air.
Tags: the towerlight, on beat, snugglemuffin, mcs
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