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Music Mends Broken Hearts
The Ewok is Trying to Steal My Food!
02/12/09 at 11:29 PM by Jason Tate

Tags: rowdy, image, puppy, sneaky
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Rowdy Likes The Dark Knight
01/30/09 at 12:33 AM by Jason Tate
The dog ate my copy of The Dark Knight - the novel.

That sure was fun to clean up.
Tags: rowdy, image, puppy, the dark knight
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Today and Tonight
11/24/08 at 11:25 AM by Jason Tate
Have to get some work down around the website and then I'm heading to the Blazer game with some friends tonight. This will be our first in-person game of the year - and I'm looking forward to it. I have to answer some emails first, get some news posted, that kind of stuff.

Sidebar: I realized this morning that Rowdy is getting big! Hahah, well, relatively big from the little guy when I first got him. He's currently sitting on my lap as I type this and licking the inside of my arm. He just ate an ice cube and the little hairs around his mouth are freezing cold.
Tags: personal, rowdy, puppy, blazers
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Me Vs The Toe Vs The Couch vs The Pooch
11/14/08 at 01:46 PM by Jason Tate
Pretty sure I broke my toe.

Yeah, the picture above is of the most disgusting of appendages ... but it was turning such a weird purple/black I just needed to take a picture.

So, I was trying to grab the dog last night -- he was sprinting around the room and I was playing with him with one of his toys. Well as I turned the corner around the couch, I kicked the base. At first I thought I just stubbed it ... but as the night went on it started changing colors and continued to hurt.

Grumble. I can walk and I can still sit and use the computer - so I'm fine. Of course the ego took a bruising. Especially when the dog pranced around me as I lay on the ground grabbing my left foot. He had an extra special look of accomplishment on his face that I did not appreciate one bit.
Tags: rowdy, puppy, toe, injury, personal
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"Potty"? Oh, Come ON!
11/13/08 at 05:04 PM by Jason Tate
So I've realized that the only word my dog responds to when I take him outside and want him to relieve himself is ... "potty." I don't know why - but it is clear that it's the only phrase that he recognizes and knows it means he is supposed to go to the bathroom. It works. However, I can't even begin to explain how ridiculous I feel when I am standing outside pointing at the ground and saying "potty." I have this reoccurring feeling that some hot neighbor is standing on the other side of my fence listening to me talk to my dog like he is a 2 year old child. Could there be a worse, and less masculine, word than "potty"? I feel like such a moron every time I say it. And at 4am when I am freezing and want to go back to bed -- I can only wallow in self-pity as I instruct Rowdy that he should "potty over there."


Silly pooch.

Been posting news and working on the FAQ today. Quite a bit more of the FAQ is done, search is officially working, and I will soon be finishing up my sections and passing the buck to staff members who want to add (and spell check) what I have written.

All of the bugs in the bug thread/post have been addressed and fixed. If anyone finds anymore - please post them in that thread. Anything you find not working correctly, or like it should, or how you think it should. Or if it just doesn't look right.
Tags: rowdy, puppy, ap related
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Wag the Dog
11/01/08 at 01:08 PM by Jason Tate
The dog his chasing his tail. Hahaha. Running in circles.

I'm trying to teach him how to play fetch - but so far he just tackles the tennis ball. Doesn't really bring it back. Hahhah. Still adorable.
Tags: rowdy, puppy, personal
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Prance, Prance, Prance
10/25/08 at 01:55 AM by Jason Tate
Tags: rowdy, puppy, image
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I Are Confused Puppy
10/22/08 at 11:09 PM by Jason Tate
Tags: rowdy, puppy, image
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On the Edge of My Seat...
10/22/08 at 01:51 PM by Jason Tate
Rowdy has taken up 90% of my desk chair; passed out behind me I am sitting on the edge trying to get some work done - silly dog.
Tags: rowdy, puppy
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10/21/08 at 06:46 PM by Jason Tate
Filled out my ballot - going in the mail tomorrow. I'm getting ready for House, MD tonight and craving Kookaburra Licorice (sugar is my vice) ... I think I'll be making a run to the store.

Rowdy's been a good dog today, he's chilling on the floor right now -- I think he's chewing on an old sweatshirt.
Tags: politics, rowdy, puppy
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Good Morning
10/15/08 at 10:22 AM by Jason Tate
Woke up with The Gaslight Anthem in my head. Those choruses just don't go away. "I had a dream about my first wife ... everybody leaves, so why wouldn't you." Woke up 30 minutes before I wanted to because someone was whining. Silly puppy. Same puppy that was whining to wake me up? Yeah, now passed out on my lap. Hahahah. Figures.

Debate night tonight - I'll be in the politics forum talking with people during the debate.

Posting news and then going to get back to working on our new "invite friends/banner/widget" page. It's going to be a whole lot better than the past ones. Design and function wise. I'm working on the layout now - and then I'm going to be working on widgets.
Tags: update, personal, puppy
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Rowdy Doesn't Care
10/14/08 at 09:38 AM by Jason Tate
Rowdy likes Fall Out Boy. Seriously. He will dance around on his hindlegs and make little barking sounds, this morning has been strange. Haha. He also decided to not pee when he was outside this morning - but wait until he came back inside. He shit -- but somehow forgot to piss. Silly dog. Thought we had him almost potty trained - guess not! Hahaha.
Tags: rowdy, puppy, fall out boy
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My Blog Tweets.
10/13/08 at 04:24 PM by Jason Tate
Crazy dog wears me out! Hahaha, we just went for a walk - then he chased me around the house for a little bit. Now he's all tuckered out -- and so am I! He's relaxing on my knee as I try and answer these interview questions. This sucker is so damn long (that's what she said).

Hopefully I can get it done by MNF tonight, should be a good time to take a break and get some dinner and relax a little. Plus it will be around Rowdy's dinner time.

Later tonight (probably after this little guy goes to bed), I'll be working reorganizing my office. I need to do a better job with the cords under my desk (yes, someone likes to chew on them), as well as set up a few other minor things. Make sure things stay clean and organized.

I also need to get a haircut.

Oh, and this Twitter account uses my blog to update - just in case you care -- or, well, it will once Twitterfeed updates it. Basically just another way to follow my blog if you forget to come back her (I am a self-promotional whore).
Tags: rowdy, puppy, personal, twitter
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My Morning, My Farting Dog
10/13/08 at 10:12 AM by Jason Tate
Rowdy is being a good boy this morning. Laying down at my feet as I get some work done upstairs. We will be taking a break in a little bit to go play - but for right now, what a good dog!

I'm bummed about the push-back of the new Fall Out Boy disc. It was so close - the single was doing well - and I've loved everything I heard about it. Hopefully it's not too far back, and hopefully I get to hear it soon! I've been getting really excited for it.
Tags: rowdy, puppy, fall out boy
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Rowdy Hates Bedtime
10/11/08 at 10:09 PM by Jason Tate
Rowdy hates bedtime. He whines a whole lot once he's put to bed for the night. He does not like being alone. I feel bad - but all the books/websites say that he needs to learn bedtime and that I have to ignore the whining so that he doesn't feel like if he whines enough he'll be let out or given what he wants.

He's usually passed out before he is put to bed - and then once he gets to bed he freaks. Haha.
Tags: rowdy, puppy
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