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Welcome to the Soupbone
I Like You and You Should Read This
11/03/09 at 06:18 AM by Chris Fallon
Finished my reviews for Weezer and This Time Next Year. Always hard for me to give Weezer a low score seeing how long I have adored their music, but Raditude is just a "filler" album: it's fun and pleasant but warrants no critical points for doing anything worthy of true merit. This Time Next Year just loses steam over time. I absolutely loved it back in August when I first received it, but as the months go by, there's just much better pop-punk being made. Still enjoy the album, just not as much as I initially did.

Expect reviews for the following this week (and weekend): Nothington (whoo!), The Larry Arms (yeah!), Strung Out (finally!), Dead To Me (meh!), Dashboard Confessional (not sure yet!), We Shot the Moon (not bad!) and Anchor Down (pretty good!) (plus two others from punk bands not many are familiar with outside of, say, Canada).

Excited to pick up the Foo Fighters' deluxe edition of their greatest hits comp. I really just want the DVD that comes with it since I already own all the albums. "Wheels" has become one of my favorite songs of the year. In terms of favorite singles... I think Weezer will win that. I'm still madly in love with "If You're Wondering if I Want You To (I Want You To)." It's fucking addicting as hell.

Gonna be working hard on getting my meathooks on Joey Cape's album here in the coming weeks. That's my goal for the month. Can I do it? Yes. Yes, I can. I am Chris Fallon damn it.

Oh, and in case you were curious... I cannot decide which album I am looking forward to most in 2010: Jimmy Eat World, Butch Walker or The Gaslight Anthem. How in the name of fuck can I choose between those three?! If 2010 is half as good as 2009, I'll be satisfied. My current top 10 for 2009 is almost narrowed down... give me another month. I can't figure out where to put a few selections. I just love some of these albums like they are my children.

Listen to Adam Carolla's podcast. I love that man and his rationale. I'd like to have a beer with him one day. Dan Patrick can come, too. As long as he brings Tony Dungy and Rodney Harrison.

Here's to Philadelphia ousting the Yankees (probably won't happen) and to the Seahawks salvaging what's left of that sinking ship season they are struggling in. I miss the Sonics.

It is cold here. I think I should warm myself up with some Curb Your Enthusiasm and a blanket before sleep... or what little of it I get. Goodnight CFaithful.
Tags: random, reviews, update, weezer, this time next year, joey cape, 2010
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New Kid on the (Writer's) Block
06/25/09 at 03:04 AM by Chris Fallon
By my count, I have 10 upcoming reviews on my pallet... reviews I thought I'd have up by now. To be honest, I have most of them halfway written - I am just at a standstill, currently suffering from a bad case of writer's block. You all know how it goes - after a few weeks, putting all my time and energy into schoolwork, you simply run out of any fresh material you feel is worth sharing. Sure, I'd say 50% of these will be "once-overs," but I am picky about what I publish for the public - so if I am not feeling it, I won't bother.

Anyway, figured I'd say that in written form so I feel better about my current whereabouts/status on the site. I guess a couple of these upcoming reviews don't need to be posted anytime soon (for as-yet-to-be released albums), but I still have a racking sense of guilt on my conscience. I just love my job here too much, and I've neglected it for far too long now.

In case you are interested... here's what albums I need to finish:

Defying Control
Anchor Down
Half Hearted Hero
High Five Drive
The Van Buren Boys
House of Heroes
Sugar Ray

Not to mention...

Shook Ones
This is a Standoff
Rx Bandits
Our Lady Peace
Broadway Calls

Yeah, some of these are for small, up-and-coming bands so they might be pretty short -- there's only so much you can say, really. But some will get my magic touch. I actually really like Our Lady Peace and Sugar Ray's offerings this summer. Broadway Calls continues to sound better with every listen, and I fully endorse High Five Drive, Anchor Down and Half Hearted Hero. Stay tuned I guess -- you never know when I'll throw down.

Picked up some new vinyl the past week. Probably gonna post a summary of my recent additions to my ever-growing collection. I'm currently on the lookout for some speakers in good condition so I can play these over 4th of July weekend.

Stay well, AP Faithful. Who loves ya baby? This guy does.

Oh, and P.S. Look what I received in the mail earlier this week.

I found it amusing.
Tags: update, random, reviews
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Still Alive, It's True.
06/15/09 at 01:15 AM by Chris Fallon
I haven't been around here for awhile, so in case anyone is wondering, "What the hell ever happened to that loud-mouthed poopface who dishes out piss-poor reviews and makes n00bs angry?" Well... I am happy to say I am still very much alive.

The last couple weeks of school have been catastrophic, and have left me pretty drained. All my attention in terms of writing has been devoted to papers, scripts, etc. I have also been working more recently due to the fact that people keep quitting or getting canned.

Anyway, this week is my first official week off before summer courses begin. Thankfully, it's only for 6 weeks and both classes are online. No big threat there. I will be working much more, maybe hanging out with friends more often after we're done... but I am coming back strong this week. My goal is to complete every review on my plate (around 8 or 9) -- and many are halfway done or unorganized thoughts... so not too much left to do. 311, Sugar Ray, some unsigned bands, Half Hearted Hero, a unique idea I have for both House of Heroes EPs... all kinds of goodies.

I will also finish up my summary/analysis of Green Day. I'm sure some clown will try to knock me for it, but I enjoy lighting fires under people here. Sometimes, it's all so personal, ya know?

That's my update for now. I feel like I have been gone for ages... and to think it's only been a few weeks since that disastrous New Again fiasco. New day, my friends... new day.

Go see Up and The Hangover. Go listen to Eddie Money. Go enjoy some Domino's pasta bowls. The end.
Tags: update, random, greatest man that ever lived
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Mr. Popular Over Here...
05/17/09 at 02:26 PM by Chris Fallon
Wow, in only four days, my review for 21st Century Breakdown is currently my second most-read review. Rise Against holds the top spot with a little over 13,000 page views -- but it earned those in much less time. I have a feeling at the end of the week, Green Day will surpass that.

Pretty cool, since I've never had a review as widely-read as some people (Tony, in particular) here. When you look at the most popular reviews here, mine aren't up there -- so unless I write a review trashing a band highly-praised by most users here (All Time Low and Taking Back Sunday do have albums coming out soon, ya know), I am knocking on wood that Green Day can do it for me.

I have a bunch of reviews that will be posted this next week once my homework palette clears, none that are bands anywhere near Green Day's stature (most are unsigned or lesser-known punk bands). I am debating reviewing Taking Back Sunday, since I only had one "major" review for May. I'd like to take on another challenge, and New Again would provide that. Not sure yet. That could potentially be a biggie... hmm.

Anyway, as the quarter winds down, more reviews are bound to be posted. It will be my one year staff anniversary next week, and I have just begun, AP Faithful.
Tags: reviews, green day, random, page views
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04/30/09 at 11:25 AM by Chris Fallon
Apparently, I'm a "turd."

71% isn't a bad score -- in theory, it's an average recommendation, really. And I even complimented him! I like the drums on this record, and I said that!

Still not as priceless as Plain White T's or Paramore fans, but close!
Tags: the audition, ryan o'connor, turd, random, silly
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Everything Has It's Point
01/20/09 at 01:03 AM by Chris Fallon
Glad I had today off -- not sure if I would have been able to make it through class. Been so tired lately, and my sleep schedule has been so fucked. Not sure why, just haven't been feeling well.

I have two papers to get done by tomorrow. Both are relatively simple, just need to get them done. One is a creative writing essay, the other is a "review" for Hero (the Jet Li movie) for my Media Aesthetics class.

Welcome to Mike Kraft, our new staffer -- he'll be assisting with news posts and the release date calendar with Nathan.

In Bruges is a fantastic film -- I don't normally like Colin Farrell that often, but he was excellent in that movie.

Sadly, I won't be able to witness any of the Inauguration Day events live. I'll be in class all day until 2:00 p.m., so that bums me out. Missing something so extraordinary and historic -- sucks... and to think we've barely said "goodbye" to Bush. Kind of makes me LOL, just a tad.

Think I'll spend tomorrow night finishing up three or four reviews I have that need to be posted. The sooner I get 'em up, the sooner I can get The Loved Ones and Propagandhi.

Tomorrow, after watching Obama make history, go pick up Reel Big Fish and Let Me Run -- it will add to the smile glued on your face, I swear!

I think my cat's new nickname will be Tobama. Seems fitting for the next four years.
Tags: random, update, dude you are so boring
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Tell Them You're Batman!
01/10/09 at 05:56 AM by Chris Fallon
Picked up a great book today, perfect for any Batman enthusiast. Batman Unauthorized, which was published last year and then re-issued this past year to commemorate the release of The Dark Knight.

Comprised of several chapters by different authors, all somehow connected to the world of Batman (whether it's in comics or film), each chapter focuses on questions, discussions and the history of the Caped Crusader. I'm a huge Batman nerd so I have no idea why I never picked this up earlier. Either way, it will make a nice addition to my collection.

Think I'm going to pick up The Essential Batman Encyclopedia next -- that is right up my alley!

Watched Step Brothers last night -- I'm a big Will Ferrell supporter, and I think John C. Reilly is wonderful in merely everything he's done. While it was better than Semi-Pro, it could have been a lot worse -- and for that matter, a lot funnier. By the time it was wrapping up, I felt like it was getting too long -- and the ending was just bad. Not funny at all.

I will admit I did laugh a lot for the first hour though -- I liked Reilly's character, especially when he was caught in an affair he didn't realize he was fully in.

Ravens and Titans play today -- I hope Baltimore pulls off a win. Also, Carolina... if you could crush Arizona, that would make my day.

Go Gators!
Tags: batman, step brothers, random
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I Love This Time of Year
10/14/08 at 02:41 AM by Chris Fallon
Got the new Bronx album today -- gonna give it a listen tomorrow or Wednesday at work, see how I like it. Loved their last two records -- this one should be a fun listen.

Tom Gabel's new EP is pretty good. Little more experimental than Against Me, but also a bit more organic in many ways. Not half bad.

For those of you who like Avail, Tim Barry's upcoming album Manchester is another worthy solo record to listen to.

I don't know what it is with solo records by punk vocalists, but they always seem to kick ass in the best ways. Tom Gabel, Tim Barry, Joey Cape, Trever Keith, Greg Graffin ... I am liking this trend.

Best time of the year for new music -- no doubt about it. Working on reviews for Quietdrive and D4, expect 'em up tomorrow or early Wednesday. School was draining today and I need to locate my sanity.
Tags: new music, random
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Brain Spillage
10/07/08 at 01:01 AM by Chris Fallon
Sometimes I get the feeling I need to articulate myself a little better in my reviews. I am quite confident in the work I do here, however, sometimes I get the nagging feeling that I need to get through to everyone when I most certainly know that's not possible.

At least people are nice and understanding about it ... can't win 'em all!

I got a lot on my plate here in the next week or two. I want to slam down some once-overs throughout the week when possible, sandwiched in-between reviews for Dillinger Four (good!), Quietdrive (meh) and Funeral for a Friend (who knows). There is a possibility I might start my Butch review early to ... well, I don't know, nothing's planned but ... I would love to do something for the album, seeing that it's a great album and Butch is the man.

Picked up Shudder tonight, and I got an official copy of Rise Against from the label ... even though I gave the album a B as a stand-alone disc, it's not my favorite record of this year. Won't be making my end-of-the-year list, but it's not as awful as the longtime listeners make it out to be.

Enough from me. Cognrats to the Red Sox for kicking the Angels' asses - so glad they are out.

And big what-what to the Rays - that's nice to see them in there, even though it's a quiet night in Chicago ... boy, that city got pwnd this year, didn't they? I wanted to see Griffey in the World Series, too.
Tags: random
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Fulfillingness' First Update
08/28/08 at 02:17 PM by Chris Fallon
With me working every day this week, I feel like I have had no time at all to complete the amount of work I want to get done on the site. Usually, once I get rolling, I just power through everything - and I know me; Sunday will be packed of Chris Fallon material, reviews and all.

Today kind of sucks so far, because I have this terribly uncomfortable ear ache from sleeping on my side all night. My sinuses are really bad, and trying to pop my ears just makes my nose hurt. So I can hear out of my right ear ... but I prefer both.

This weekend should be a great time to relax from work. My birthday is Saturday, gonna spend it with my wonderful girlfriend - I'm not a big "throw me a party" birthday guy. If people send their wishes, that does it for me. It's also a rather busy weekend in the city I live in, as the one of the biggest rodeos in the U.S. is only half a mile from my apartment. It's going to be packed around my neck of the woods ... not sure how I feel about not being able to walk/drive around for four days (not to mention, my poor cat being outside haha).

On a side note, go listen to some Stevie Wonder. I gotta say ... every time I listen to his music, I become enthralled by how much of a genius the man is.
Tags: update, random, chit-chat
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And Now I Come Back Stronger Than Before
08/19/08 at 04:52 AM by Chris Fallon
Why, hello! How long it has been.

Okay, a few days - but I'm sure it's felt longer.

Been out of commission lately with the flu. I got hit hard with an illness - normally, I'm not one to get sick (this was my first bad sickness since 2006!) so I got my fucking ass kicked! It's over now, so I am able to concentrate and focus once again! Whoo!

Still enjoying the Olympics, the sweltering heat, time with the lady and the awesome leaks that happened this week. Okay, okay - I use awesome selfishly considering it's only because I've been anticipating both Anberlin and Jack's Mannequin for awhile now. I'm still too low on the staff totem pole to receive cool advances like that so I'm glad for purely selfish reasons. Can ya blame me?

Before I forget - click here for my review of another "this leaked way too early" album, The '59 Sound by The Gaslight Anthem. Comes out today so you oughta go buy it - definitely one of my top picks for Album of the Year.
Tags: gaslight anthem, return, random
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Life Is Good
07/24/08 at 02:48 AM by Chris Fallon
Even when things can go wrong... everything turns itself around and still manages to bring a fat smile to my face.

I'm so ecstatic right now: class is almost done, going home in a week and a half, I'm getting more comfortable here at the site, The Dark Knight kicks ass, my cat is a whore (but I love her anyway) and I've been talking to an incredible girl. Honestly, I have it pretty good.

I'm happy for the first time in a long - I mean, really happy. It feels nice.

There has been a developing news story with my sister, but... I'll save it for later. That's the only downer in my life at the moment.

"Isn't it nice to know that the lining is silver?"

Yes. It truly is.
Tags: happy, random
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No Batman Here... Just Me.
07/16/08 at 04:05 AM by Chris Fallon
I know my blog isn't as riveting as getting an early screening of The Dark Knight or advance copies of cool albums or going to Warped Tour but I will say I am excited about seeing The Dark Knight this weekend (I severely need something massive to jolt my body back to life). It's just been a very peculiar, emotional week. I pretty much barricaded myself in my apartment today to revive myself. I guess it worked a bit (got a nice surprise from Nathan, so that was cool).

I feel like talking All-Star Game, but it was kind of dull. You just knew the American League would pull it off in extra innings. I especially liked hearing the raves about Ichiro.

America's Got Talent is a very funny show. The bad contestants are all I care about.

I just want my class to end. I am incredibly irritated, frustrated and generally annoyed with my class/department/professor. My department head will be getting a very heated email from yours truly tomorrow - I'm sick of paying good money to these douchebags for them to do nothing but piss me off.

Once next Friday comes ... I am so ready to get the fuck away from this town for a week.
Tags: random, the dark knight
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These Are The Nights We Were Born For
05/30/08 at 11:15 PM by Chris Fallon
Nights like these are my favorite: clear, not too cold, just the right amount of people/traffic on the main drag I live alongside.

Without the university here, Ellensburg would be nowhere anyone would want to live. Living directly across from the school, on one the town's main streets does help. Sit out on my porch for an hour or two on any night and you'll see plenty of entertaining occurrences.

Summer starts next week (too ... much ... to do), and despite the fact I have summer classes and work, I'm looking forward to spending my summer here. I haven't been home to the Westside since February, so I hope to travel over back home more often (Butch Walker show, July 7th).

Despite the stress right now ... I'm happy. Summer will only amplify that feeling, which is worth all the trouble.
Tags: summer, random, happy
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When You're Facing A Loaded Gun, What's The Difference?
05/28/08 at 12:29 AM by Chris Fallon
I love The Departed. Such an intense movie, even after several viewings. After seeing part of Titatic the other day and then this film, it's odd knowing how much of a badass DiCaprio has become on-screen. Not only can the dude act, he takes beatings and gives them like nobody's business in Scorsese's masterpiece.

I'm presenting this movie for my final project in a film theory class so I've been doing a lot of reading on it and every time I watch it, I want to go kick the shit out of someone. Now that I think of it ... the guy who lives above me is kind of irritating...


Ben and Jerry's Americone Dream (Stephan Colbert's ice cream) = one of the greatest things to ever be created.

Make sure to pick up Street Dogs' State of Grace when it comes out in July. Another great addition to their solid back-catalog.
Tags: departed, random, street dogs
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