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The Pen, The Page, The Paper
A Rec and A Bandwagon
03/01/10 at 09:28 PM by Julia Conny
This band, River City Extension, and their upcoming album - The Unmistakable Man - is one of the best things I've heard so far this year. No joke. Please give them a listen. Exclusive lined up soon, hopefully.

Oh yeah, and ask me a question or two. This is kinda fun.

Tags: formspring, river city extension, recommendations, recommendation
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What does applesauce have to do with anything?
02/03/10 at 07:42 PM by Julia Conny
I suppose I should update this. I've been out of touch lately.

But truthfully, it's been nice. Refocusing, reevaluating, and just plain organizing. Which, also truthfully, I needed. Additionally, I've been eating a lot of applesauce.

I'm still here, just preoccupied.

Playlist for the past couple weeks: David Bazan and the new record from the The Forecast.
Tags: david bazan, pedro the lion, recommendations, the forecast, applesauce
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It's The End of the Year, and That Means Lists.
12/22/09 at 10:31 PM by Julia Conny
Stick a fork in me, I'm done.

Our End of the Year Lists are up. And here is my personal list, which - if I can say this much - is BEAUTIFUL. I'm really pleased with my list this year, more than any years in the past. That's probably because 2009 was rock solid in tunes, thwarping 2008. God, I'd hate to be 2010 right now.
Tags: eoty, 2009, recommendations, recommendation, lists, list
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Recommendations: 12.06.09
12/05/09 at 10:30 PM by Julia Conny
Wow, it's been forever since I've done staff recs.

I've been mulling over my End of the Year lists, and I'm gonna give you a peek. TV has been dominating my life as of late. Here are my favorite TV shows of 2009. This could change, but here's what I'm feeling at this second.

Favorite TV Shows of 2009
1. Friday Night Lights
2. Dexter
3. How I Met Your Mother
4. Flash Forward
5. Stormchasers
6. Top Chef
7. Party Down
8. Gossip Girl
9. Glee
10. LOST
11. Fringe
12. Dollhouse

EDIT: I cannot believe I forgot about How I Met Your Mother!! Updating now.

Also, please listen to The Builders and The Butchers and Built to Spill, There Is No Enemy.
Tags: recommendation, recommendations, eoty
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Sunday Recommendations: 10.18.09
10/18/09 at 09:53 AM by Julia Conny
No, but seriously, the New Moon soundtrack is actually quite good.

And anyway, I've read the Harry Potter books and seen all the movies so I'm not sure I have room to diss on super teen book-to-movie series. I don't quite understand the extreme hate on Twilight anymore other than the storyline and buzz is just so over-the-top. And the sparkling. It just seems like the cool thing to do at this point.

Look at this tracklisting:

01. Death Cab for Cutie - Meet Me on the Equinox
02. Band of Skulls - Friends
03. Thom Yorke - Hearing Damage
04. Lykke Li - Possibility
05. The Killers - A White Demon Love Song
06. Anya Marina - Satellite Heart
07. Muse - I Belong to You (New Moon)
08. Bon Iver & St. Vincent - Roslyn
09. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Done All Wrong
10. Hurricane Bells - Monsters
11. Sea Wolf - The Violet Hour
12. Ok Go - Shooting the Moon
13. Grizzly Bear - Slow Life
14. Editors - No Sound But the Wind
15. Alexandre Desplat - New Moon (The Meadow)

I really enjoy the Anya Marina track.
Tags: new moon, soundtrack, track list, recommendations, recommendation
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Have I told you about this album?
10/17/09 at 09:31 AM by Julia Conny

It's been my main squeeze for the last week or two. I'm thinking it's going to end up on my EOTY lists.
Tags: rubik, eoty, album, recommendations
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This show is currently dominating my life.
09/09/09 at 11:15 AM by Julia Conny
I'm 2 and a half seasons and three wives in.

Tags: the tudors, tv, show, recommendations, recommendation
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Review: All The Day Holiday
08/19/09 at 09:12 PM by Julia Conny

I know there is still time, but The Things We've Grown To Love hasn't budged as my favorite album of '09.
Tags: recommendations, recommendation, all the day holiday, review
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Daily Recommendation: Frank Turner
08/05/09 at 09:05 PM by Julia Conny
Tags: recommendations, recommendation, frank turner
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American Fangs.
07/17/09 at 07:10 PM by Julia Conny
I was just told about this band. I am in love.

Tags: recommendations, american fangs
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Walk The Line: More Like The Movies
07/09/09 at 11:20 AM by Julia Conny
For our second installment of Walk The Line, I would like to introduce you to More Like The Movies. These Minnesota boys have only been playing shows since March, but they're kicking their band career into full gear by already following the Warped Tour. Ambitious youth! In Minneapolis, where pop-rock reign supreme, it's tough to break through as a new band. So instead of playing the regular show circuit, they decided to hit the road this year to start building a fan base in small pockets across the country. And what better way to do so than follow ze Warped.

Really, the band only hopes they can break even, but seeing their positive attitudes, I imagine they'll be satisfied with just the experience. You can stream a song from their debut EP, It's a Risque Business, below. And if you coming to any Warped dates for the rest of the summer, make friends with More Like The Movies. They'll still try to sell you a CD, but they'll be nice about it.

Let's Settle This With A Dance Off

And don't forget guys, all my Warped Tour updates can be found on Heart Throb Media.
Tags: recommendations, walk the line, more like the movies, warped tour
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Walk The Line: Sparks Will Fly
07/08/09 at 07:43 AM by Julia Conny
Warped Tour is rough. For anyone. Blazing heat and six dollar waters, sun beaming down on pretty little faces and smudged mascara - for the concert-goers, Warped Tour takes a bit of endurance. And for anyone working or playing in the tour, it gets even tougher. oading in, loading out. Gravel roads and hills. But then there are the bands that take it to the next step.

It's like clockwork. Stand in line at Warped Tour and you're gonna get two things: 1) EXCITED and 2) at least ONE band coaxing you with their sweet tunes. Headphones and iPod in hand, a good portion of these bands are either dedicated locals or even more dedicated out-of-staters, following the tour to sell CD's toa hopefully eager youth. This feature is designated to reward their hardwork.

At the Indianapolis stop of Warped, I found Sparks Will Fly from Rhode Island. A pop-rock band that typically likes to have a lot of fun when they play, this four-piece quit their jobs, built bunk beds in their van and headed to California earlier this summer to (hopefully) follow all of the 2009 Warped Tour. Their spirits, although descreasing slightly each time their van breaks down (count thus far: three), is exceptionally high for a band who is riding arond with no A/C. With their vehicle on the brink of overheating, Sparks Will Fly has to turn on the heat. Layer that on top of a lack of food, shelter and laundry, and Sparks Will Fly is powering on like pros. And to that, we give them major props.

Below you can find a stream from their album, The Soundtrack. If you happen to stop by Warped Tour this year and find these sweaty folk, give their music a listen. They're also doing acoustic sets every night.

We're Not Chasing Ghosts
Tags: walk the line, recommendations, recommendation, sparks will fly, warped tour
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Tokens of Daily Needs
06/16/09 at 07:07 PM by Julia Conny
I love energy drinks. My current fave:

But I can't deny there are some crappy crappy ones on the shelves. I've tried a few losers, and so have these dudes.

I also put hot sauce on everything. Ok, almost everything. My current fave:

Tags: hot sauce, amp, recommendations
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AOTY? (So Far?)
06/03/09 at 09:09 PM by Julia Conny
All The Day Holiday - The Things We've Grown To Love


I'm in the middle of my review and I think this might just be my favorite album of 2009 (thus far). Just a beautiful but approachable record. I can't stop listening to it, damnit.

Tags: all the day holiday, recommendations, recommendation, daily rec
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Best Supporting Actress
05/14/09 at 05:10 PM by Julia Conny
This video is cute. And so is this song.

One For The Team

Tags: rec, recommendation, recommendations, one for the team, video
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