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Music Mends Broken Hearts
A Blog Discussing a Blog No One Will Read.
09/17/09 at 05:04 PM by Jason Tate
I guess I really shouldn't give shit like this the time of day; however, for me it's important that I use the power of the internet for good (every once in a while) and use it to stop rumors before they start. So I'm cutting this off at the pass. This blog post was recently sent to me (no, I'm not sending traffic their way). After a little research, I found out it was posted by this AP.net user. I have emailed him asking him to correct the said post to not include libelous statements and included in my email the exact phrase: You can say whatever you want about me as long as it's A) opinion or B) factual. So, just getting that fact out of the way right now: the dude is allowed to make any subjective statements about me that he wants. I am only asking for the un-true and libelous statements be removed.

Now, let me actually address what is written:

So we all know who Jason Tate is. He is owner of Absolutepunk.net. But what we don't all know is he used to be one of the labels most hated.
Absolutely untrue. I work with literally hundreds of record labels on a daily basis.

This guy apparently used to supply to "Scene" release groups back in the early 2000s.
100% untrue. In fact, this is libel.

Remember the band The Acceptance? I do, they made some good music, until Jason Tate decided to leak their album almost a YEAR in advance..
This is 100% untrue and, again, by legal definition: libel. I have a great relationship with Acceptance, did back then, did now. How do you think I got permission to post their unreleased demo on the homepage? Because I talked to Jason and Christian and got permission. Christian was the one who sent me a bunch of their demos a year or so ago - and Jason didn't even have them (coincidentally, he asked me to send them to him on Facebook). That's beside the point ... and only brought up to bring to light how absolutely ridiculous this claim is. I believe a band member at one point made a joke about Scott Weber leaking their songs, or something like that. But any claim that I had anything to do with the leaking of this band's album is 100% categorically false.

Holy shit, a year... I mean Thrice and Underoath leaked 3 months before release but a YEAR? If you didn't know The Acceptance is no more, I wonder why? Now I'm not the source for this information, and I can't give that person/s name out. So if Tate happens to read this, don't be too mad. It's freedom of the press.
I don't think you understand what "freedom of the press" means. This doesn't shock me that much; however, I can assure you that writing libelous and defamatory statements online is not covered under "freedom of the press."

Yeah, this might stop albums from leaking but, then again it won't. Not all albums leak from a shady reviewer or publication. Bands are the source of the leak sometimes. Some bands couldn't care about their album leaking. Also, some of them leak it themselves to get early exposure for the people that will actually go out and buy their CD when it hit stores, because they like it so much from hearing it early.
My blog was not about reducing album leaks. It was about putting "professionals" and "fans" back on the same page. I don't recall once mentioning anything about album leaks in my entire blog post.

Advances shouldn't stop because Tate says it would be better. We review for a reason, it's just what we do best. If we didn't have reviews posted on-line then how would anyone know the album is good or bad, it's also a way of marketing the bands music.
I find it funny this dude's getting any advance music. Barely has control over the english language, but reviewing is "just what we do best." As for his question (minus the question mark, but I'm going with it anyway): Uh ... people would know if the album was good or bad by listening to the fucking CD. I know actually listening to the music is probably a foreign concept to you.

It's just his opinion I know, and he could possibly have some pull but he'd need a lot of pull.

Labels like Warner Brothers have a great way of doing Advance Promos. You can't rip them with a PC, you can't even listen to it on your PC. You have to pull a shitty portable CD player out or get in your car and drive with it.
How in God's name is that a great way of doing advances? A) Yes, you can rip them (line in, sharpie, etc.), and B) how is having to pull a "shitty" CD player out a "great" way of sending out advances? And Warner sends most of their shit via PlayMPE these days anyway ... which actually IS a great way of doing advances.

I received LIGHTS new album "The Listening" and I couldn't figure out how to play it. I tried everything. First, I put it in my PC, and it froze every single Music Player I had. No go there. Second, I put it in my Xbox 360, don't ask why but I did, that didn't work either. Third, into the DVD player, still nothing. Finally, I found my girlfriends CD Player, ya know the ones that are like 20$ at a store like Boscovs? Anyway... the lid was broken so I had to rig it up, put it in and it worked. YAY finally, great CD too btw, very well balanced and Solid.
Yes, please, continue reviewing CDs because "it's just what we do best". Sounds like a "great" way of handling advance promos. Why the fuck is anyone sending this dude advance music?

Sample review:

After listening to the album once during work. I was quite amazed to hear what I was hearing over the patients screaming, yelling, talking and the nurses acting faker than hell like they really care that you go above and beyond your regular duties.

Anyway... Back to Crash Love, the album has everything you know AFI for. His voice for starters that will never change thank God. Just the musicianship in general hasn't changed.
Although I haven't been able to give the album a true full listen I still enjoyed it.

You can't make this shit up.

How about my new idea: just stop sending TheInterlude advances. They get less traffic than my twitter page. Seriously. Don't waste your time.
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That Number is Way Too Low.
06/22/09 at 11:14 AM by Jason Tate
Someone really needs to shut this "Strike Gently" website down - the RIAA sure is slow moving these days. That aside - I mean, come on - is blatant homophobia really needed? Call me whatever name you want - but don't degrade an entire group of people by tying them to me. That's just bullshit.

This kid sucks.

Tags: response, annoying
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Thanks for the Publicity.
12/30/08 at 12:06 PM by Jason Tate
Some readers emailed and submitted news about how one of the dudes in Envy on the Coast went off on a "5 minute tirade" about me at a recent show. Uh. Thanks. I apparently don't mean anything, and my opinion is completely void because I don't make music; however, I matter so little that you take time to rant about me at your shows? That makes sense.

when [a man] puts a thing on a pedestal and calls it beautiful, he demands the same delight from others. He judges not merely for himself, but for all men, and then speaks of beauty as if it were a property of things. Thus he says that the thing is beautiful; and it is not as if he counts on others agreeing with him in his judgment of liking owing to his having found them in such agreement on a number of occasions, but he demands this agreement of them. He blames them if they judge differently, and denies them taste, which he still requires of them as something they ought to have; and to this extent it is not open to men to say: Every one has his own taste. This would be equivalent to saying that there is no such thing as taste, i.e. no aesthetic judgment capable of making a rightful claim upon the assent of all men. (Kant 1928, p. 52; see also pp. 136-139.)
Tags: response, envy on the coast, your band still sucks
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RE: On Craig Owens
07/28/08 at 07:13 PM by Jason Tate
If we're going to be practically called out in a blog, I might as well respond and make sure other information is available to those that want to find it. I've already been villainized enough in the comments for this to even matter that much - but it's important for me to get a few thoughts down:

I find it interestingly humorous that the aforementioned blog is mostly about choosing to take the "high road" by not posting a story - yet, by doing so, effectively is posting the story. The first 10 paragraphs are more in-depth on the "story" than the AP.net news blurb. This blog post is now, for all intents and purposes, the story you said you wouldn't run. To sit back and say you're a better person for "not running it when I could have" - and then turning around and not only running the story in your personal blog, but then adding more information that no one else knew about? More was written about the story by "not posting it" than ever was in the actual story. I can't be the only one that sees this irony. I mean - really!?

Now, before I actually address the story itself - I have to address the apparent dig at AP.net. The comment makes it seem like there were 13 pages of people trashing on Craig. Untrue. The post is still up on this website to read. Verifiably untrue. Yes, there were some idiots making comments in the news post - there usually are (this is true on every website, to paint AP.net as the only place this happens is ridiculous; hell, you can see comments deleted from the blogger's own commented system for being inappropriate) - however, we did what we could to make sure it was monitored correctly (as we do with all controversial news posts) and still allow our community to discuss and comment on a very relevant news item. I'm stifling a little laughter at the fact that AltPress ... the company who had an editor change my registered username and signature on that message board (that I once registered for to correct a story they posted about me) to be something about a "Douchebag" ... has the gall to bring up internet "standards." Their website has multiple times ran untrue statements about me, AP.net, and the bands we cover. They've been corrected and still refuse to print the new information. I find that ironic when followed by statements of just "doing the right thing" because it's "better", nothing more. O, well - no more comments on that matter; it's unimportant and ultimately trivial.

As the situation played out - it appears now that Craig was never trying to hide what happened. His follow up posts a few days later completely proved what my original thought was: He wasn't going to pretend this didn't happen. He's made multiple posts, bulletins, and mention of the incident in his blogs and live show. It was my understanding (and still is today) that it wasn't even Craig who deleted the original post -- I could be wrong. It could have been him, he made a mistake - and then didn't want the information out there. I keep thinking about what I would have done if word of the story came to me (and I could confirm it) without having ever been able to proof the blog existed.

The line you walk in this world is just because it's "news" do you run it or not ... do you do what's best for the fan, the publicity company, the band, the music, your ad buyers ... or the community. In the end I usually weigh what our community demands first, the music and band second, the publicist/label, the individual, my personal thoughts, and then the ad buyers. This is the line I go down when I decide what happens in major news stories - it's my personal thoughts on how it should be played out, and you can agree or disagree. I do this based upon being the "messenger" of information that is usually already available (as in this case). Rarely do I run stories where I am breaking the news (I am very aware of this) -- this is because our news works on a user submitted/wiki-like model. At times it leads to incidents like this ... where it is very clear the community demands this information be posted and very clear the label (and possibly man himself) does not want it posted.

I look at ESPN and how they have to run unfavorable stories about athletes they're probably friends with. CNN and the relationships they probably have with politicians. It sucks. It really does. It's not so much about journalistic integrity as it is about just wishing you weren't in the place where you had to make the decision at all. Where the incident itself not occurring would be so much better off for everyone involved. I'm not doing this to burn bridges, piss people off, or cause problems. And in the end I just have to assume I'll have some respect from others knowing the "why" behind my actions - even if they don't agree with those actions themselves. And for me -- it's about making sure I respect the work I do. That's why I banned idiots in that thread that day, it's why I spent 4.5 hours out of my day talking with people about abuse, addiction, depression, and moderating.

I could pat myself on the back for every story I didn't run - or maybe I'll just be happy that we were able to run the news in a matter that I found to be respectful to the fans and man himself. If we failed in that split second decision - then we failed; however, I still believe we made the right call to run that news that day. No label reached out to me until after it was posted - and after we talked, they respected my decision. Fans respected the decision. People talked. People prayed. To me I saw a greater outpouring of love than there ever was hate - it certainly wasn't as I feel we were portrayed in this particular blog.

I saw maybe 40-50 posts (most all of them deleted soon after posting) out of 500 that one could consider "negative" toward Craig Owens in the thread (some being first hand accounts of incidents). Yes, there are assholes online - at a pretty decent ratio to kind decent caring people. I'll take that, especially because most of those occurred after I left the thread - and the people that were dicks got fucking chewed out 10x over by fans of the band.

What I did see were some 2-300 different posts from bands, friends, and industry people wishing Craig well, discussing their own problems, depression, getting help, reaching out, and opening up. This followed in the TWLOHA thread later in the day. It just irks me that the truth behind that day isn't portrayed and this story paints us in a way that is completely different from facts. Facts you can read. Facts you can see with your own eyes.

Frustrating. But hey, guess it's my job to deal with it...
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Interesting Turn of Events
06/06/08 at 10:36 AM by Jason Tate
So, I just read this announcement on Hawthorne Heights.

This is disappointing to me for a variety of reasons. The main being that the wording of this press release makes those that supported the band through this feel as though they did so unmerited.

I can understand wanting to put bygones behind and continue making music - I respect that. I however find it difficult to hear "please now buy our album - and by proxy be supporting Victory Records" after having heard about all the things they did to their bands (and this band).

If the things said were untrue -- then we were lied to by the band and I don't want to support them. If the things said were trued -- then I don't want to support Victory Records.

I feel like I'm caught in a no-win situation ... and that's frustrating for me after the relationship I have cultivated with members of Hawthorne Heights over the past year.

Actually, I think I'm going to go post this in that thread.
Tags: hawthorne heights, victory records, response, thoughts, musings
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It's Not a Hard Choice When You're Playing With Facts
02/07/08 at 08:54 PM by Jason Tate
One of the nice things about the internet is that it allows almost anyone to have a voice. However, one of the shitty things is that means ANYONE can have a voice. It works fine when people choose to use it in a manner that lays within the groundwork of facts -- however, when people use said voice to publish fiction, I have a problem with it.

Many will ask why I even choose to respond - the truth is because I can. Because I have a place to get things off my chest and make sure the truth is out there. I just want to make sure that the facts are there for anyone to find if they choose to look.

So, let's start with the post made on another website:

Below is an email that was sent to me, earlier today, by Jason Tate. I haven't talked to this guy in many months and I will not respond to this email. But someone is really stretching to find a way to hurt [us].

From Tate:

"This is a formal request to remove the untrue statement about AP.net from your website as found on:

If you choose not to I won't play games - I'll just contact our attorneys."

Jason Tate
c/o AbsolutePunk.net

You can be the judge because I'm speechless.

It makes sense just to take this line by line. He admits that he won't respond to the email, that's fine, I never expected him to - I'll just send the information over to my attorneys and let them deal with it. I thought the right thing to do was let him know the information he has posted is incorrect (and possibly defamatory) and give him a chance to correct it. Instead he decided to make my email public. Whatever, that's what I was expecting from the start. At this point, however, it is now very clear that he is aware the information posted is in fact false. Not true. 100% fabrication. This is important to remember for a variety of reasons.

Now, what I love is the "trying to hurt us" line. I am unsure how my asking that verifiably untrue statements be taken off a website is trying to hurt said website. If the traffic of this website is so dependent on lies and fabrications about MY website ... maybe there's something wrong. No? Weird.

I also laughed at the "speechless" part. I found it funny because this is not new to this idiot. Basically, he's posting made up numbers about our ad-sales team, IndieClick.com, and I asked him to correct these. Indieclick.com themselves have already asked him to correct these falsehoods as well (and provided the correct numbers - I was BCC'd the email) ... so to be "speechless" about an incident you are well aware of - is hilarious at best, negligible at worst.

The dude can post truthful statements about me and AP.net as much as he wants ... hey, nothing like telling your own staff (ie: basically the only people that view the website) how much you hate me. That's cool, I don't care. What does bother me is flat out lies about me, indieclick, and AP.net. That's just not cool. You don't have to "judge" anything to know that. Even my most ardent detractors support the truth.

Guess we should just be happy that when I bold things, it's for a reason.

Look, I don't like lawyers - they bug me. And given the choice between paying a lawyer to do something and asking someone to correct a factual error ... I'll send the email every time. But I'm not going to sit back and let someone flat out lie about me or my partners. It doesn't matter the size of the publication -- if it's wrong, it's wrong. I think that's common sense. I'll also point out that never once did I threaten to "sue" anyone (as I read some idiotic comment in their board) - I simply asked for corrective action to be taken against a factual error and pointed out that I'm not going to play games (as this is not the first run in with said website), and let them know what my next step would be if the fabricated numbers were not changed.

People can and will talk as much as they want -- the regular morons will continue to spout nonsense -- that's what they do, that's why they're called morons. That's fine. They are not our competition; they don't even get more traffic than your very own myspace profile (I'm serious). I just have a problem with lies being associated with my company. Plain and simple. So ... by all means, you be the judge: Truth or lies. Tough decision.

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Recommendations: August 19th, 2007
08/19/07 at 02:06 AM by Jason Tate
My only real recommendation for this week is to check out the Gunz Show tonight. I believe my "interview" segment is going to run around 8pm. If you miss it - you can grab the podcast/mp3 of the feature on their website in the next few days (I'm sure I'll end up putting it up on here too). Basically, depending on how it's edited - you'll hear me rant like a jackass with a whole lot of swearing tossed in for no good reason. Or you'll hear me rant like a slightly less vulgar jackass with a tad less colorful language. Once I was told I didn't need to censor myself, I sorta just talked. It was funny and we had fun. Good times, so I think it's worth a listen. Should be entertaining none the less. If you know me, or spend anytime on the website, you basically know what to expect.

Last week I listened to: New Found Glory's cover album, All Time Low's new one a little bit, Armor for Sleep's new one, Eisley, Thrice (getting prepared), Minus The Bear, and Joshua Radin.


Now I figure what's the point of this blog if I don't use it to respond to certain things I encounter. That's the beauty of the internet - instant feedback and response. So when I came across a post on a webzine earlier today ... I felt the need to respond. Right here is as good a place as any. I'm not going to include their URL in this post because if even 5 or 6 of you click the link you'll spike their traffic to unprecedented levels -- and well, I'm not going to give anyone the publicity they desperately desire by taking potshots at me. It's a juvenile tactic. I'd also appreciate no one including the link in the comments section ...

So, I suppose I should start off with "why" was this post even made? I can only assume it's because the "creator" of said webzine wanted publicity from AP.net. For a while, I agreed. We made posts about their new website - gave advice - helped them out. Then they hired a jackass to their "staff" who spent more time in our forums talking shit on me ... then he ever did improving their webzine. So, a staff member banned him (wasn't even me that did it). I emailed the owner of said zine and told them that due to the behavior of their staff - I had no desire to continue our relationship together. That was it. That was the last I heard from anyone at this webzine ... until today.

Here's the post that appeared in their "news" section (that's in quotes because their news is either 3 things copied from AP.net, or 5 random bands they pulled from PV.com's charts and pretended to "discover"):

I thought I would let everyone know that infamous webzine owner, Jason Tate, will be in his tent tomorrow (Sunday) on Warped Tour in Portland.

Since he loves to disrespect bands, fans and other people in the music industry, maybe some of you would like to talk to him about it.

I would normally never acknowledge anything like this but music is about building a community and supporting each other. It's not about name calling from someone who's never even toured before or worked in the business.

Now, if you know me - you know I'm a big fan of the "quote" deconstruction. I figure this is as great a time as ever to utilize it. Now, you may be asking yourself, "why waste your time" -- the truth is -- it's not a waste of my time. It's 1:30am, I just got home from keeping a friend company, and I've got nothing else better to do. Plus, I'm just not one to "let things go" now am I?

So here goes ...

I thought I would let everyone know that infamous webzine owner, Jason Tate, will be in his tent tomorrow (Sunday) on Warped Tour in Portland.

First and foremost I must say it's insanely cool to be called "infamous" - that's gotta be one of the sweetest compliments ever. Not many get that title ... I love it. Ok ... I will not be attending Warped Tour. I found out earlier this week that my best friend's (since Elementary School) father has been in the ICU for a stroke this entire week. This is why I've been on edge here on the website, as well as slightly less active compared to usual. It's where I was earlier tonight. So, instead of going to a scene-fashion-show ... I decided it was more important to spend some time with by best friend - who is going through the toughest thing in his life. So, earlier this week I made the decision to not attend Warped Tour. I didn't post about this here, or anywhere on AP, because it's personal - and it's no one's fucking business. However, since this post was made - I feel I need to be straight. There will be representatives from AP.net there ... but I will not be one of them. There are things more important to me than Warped and this website. My friends are one of them. So, while I would most certainly be looking forward to all friends (and foes) that were going to stop by ... I'm afraid it'll have to wait until another time.

Since he loves to disrespect bands, fans and other people in the music industry, maybe some of you would like to talk to him about it.

Now, I dunno about you - but this sounds like the little fucker is inciting people to do a little more than "talk" to me. That shit sounds like a threat. I think it's fucking hilarious that someone writing for a webzine that gets less hits than my blog (yeah, I'm being dead fucking serious) would need to post something like this to get a response. I guess it worked - they got more responses (mainly double posts because their website coding is fucking atrocious) on this one post than they have on anything else on the main page. But that's beside the point of the actual post ... the meat.

I do not "love" to disrespect bands. Do I "disrespect" some? Yes. Of course. It would be a lie for ANYONE to say they don't. I spent far too long defending the accusations that I "love" everything that I have made it a point to admit when there is something I don't like. I rarely (if ever) let my personal opinions impact what content is covered here by those that love the artists. But I do still voice my distaste if I disagree with it. Everyone has an opinion ... and my role as "webmaster" should not immediately censor my voice simply because it may offend someone. I believe that would be selling out. That would be sacrificing my integrity. Fuck that. Our track record, and the number of bands that support AP.net, speaks for itself. Some say more "hate" me/us than love us ... but that's simply not true. The facts seem to get in the way of some people.

The truth is people love to hate me. They do. Look - here's just another example. The thing is - I don't care. I made the decision long ago who I was going to be ... and it's fucking pathetic how many people think they should (or can) sit behind some computer and tell me how I should be living my life. How the fuck do you get off telling me how I should act? That's bullshit. This is not "personality by majority" ... I'm who I am because that's who I am ... pissing and moaning and wishing I was who you want me to be isn't going to make it happen. And if it ever did -- there'd be 5 more complainers to take your place and wish really hard I fit into their plastic mold. Fuck that.

Now I also want to address the fact that this fucker has the nerve to post something like this on a website and doesn't even have the fucking balls to say it to my face. Come on. Everyone's a big man on the internet. Everyone can talk a big game. But what the fuck!? Can't respond to an email? Can't respond to a phone call? Pathetic. This call of arms is a weak attempt from a weak individual. And sure - a bunch of the people I've pissed off over the years would love for something to happen to me ... but think about that ... people are wishing HARM to someone they've never met ... because he made them a little mad over the internet. Are you fucking kidding me?! Really. REALLY!? With all the shit going on in the world ... that's what you pick to be calling to arms over? Wow. I'm flattered, really, I am. But you have got to be shitting me.

I would normally never acknowledge anything like this but music is about building a community and supporting each other. It's not about name calling from someone who's never even toured before or worked in the business.

This is where it gets good. You have to love the hypocrisies here. I laughed pretty hard at this line. The irony is readily apparent - so I'm just going to point out the facts.

Fact: AP.net is one of (if not the) biggest online community for alternative music.

Fact: The community, as a whole, has very little to do with me as a person.

Fact: I have been on tours with bands before - it fucking sucks.

Fact: Many would consider what I do "working in the business" - however - I choose to not work "in the business" because I don't feel the need to bend over and try and please every single person I come in contact with. I've turned down the A&R jobs this prick wishes he had. I've rejected job offers from a variety of record labels. I don't talk about this for a reason -- it doesn't fucking matter. But if some little shitstain is going to start making up bullshit about me on the internet - I'm going to defend myself. I choose to do AP for a living because that's where I think I have the best chance of changing and impacting the music scene and industry. Most would say the website before you is proof of this accomplishment. The "business" fucking sucks. Trust me.

Here's the thing ... I don't ask people to like me. I've never made that a rule for enjoying AP.net. I'm a member just like all the rest of you (I just happen to use my real name). I like things, I don't like things, I have good days, I have bad days. I have strong opinions. I like to talk about music. I love certain bands, I can't stand certain bands. I am just like most of you in that regard. I understand that my "status" as the CEO of this website means my words carry a little more weight than most, and therefore I am working on certain aspects of how I come across (there's some blog entry a few pages back that discusses most of this). But people need to stop taking this shit so seriously. If it's going to get to the point where me saying some band sucks and joking around about it with a staff member becomes grounds for physical threats ... then fuck that ... I'll walk away. It's not about me. Don't let it sink to that level.

I suppose the problem is that I learned long ago you can't take it so hard if someone doesn't agree with you. I've had people talk shit about my musical taste for some 8 years now. Been photoshopped on more pictures than I can count. Hate websites, false accusations, threats, attacks, personal information stolen and leaked, the list goes on ... that's the part of this whole thing that really fucking sucks. But here's the kicker ... and I want everyone to pay extra special attention to this ... the music makes it all worth while. The feeling you get when your favorite band's music impacts your chest. The emotion you feel the first time you hear a new song that resonates as deep as an old favorite. The music is why I'm here. The music is why you're here. And despite all the petty bullshit. Despite all the drama, the fights, the name calling, and the differences in opinion -- we all share one commonality: We love music. While trying not to sound too mushy ... let that be the uniting factor. Let that be what moves you. Because I promise you -- if anything ever becomes a focus over the music -- I will have failed -- and that's when, and only when, I know it's time to hang it up.

Thanks for reading - it's been a very rough week and a shit load of emotions have been hiding below the surface (for a variety of reasons I don't want to discuss). I ask that if you're of the praying type, you keep my friend's father in your prayers. Thank you. Those that understand, know I love you.
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