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A Sailor's Journal
10/03/09 at 09:05 AM by billyboatkid
Told some people I was starting it and haven't been around the site lately due to some life stuff.

But I wanted to update. I started and was at 197, we are now starting phase 2 and I'm down to 180.

I'm noticeably skinner which is awesome and I'm really starting to get defined and toned up. I'm really liking this. I've been eating a lot better also, no junk or fast food. No soda. Pretty much fruit and healthy meals plus a multivitamin.

So there is my progress I'll post before and after pics maybe... haha if anyone wants to see.

Hope everyone is doing well.

"I never thought I'd feel this lost"

Tags: Saosin, P90x. Weight Loss
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Release Date
05/20/09 at 08:53 PM by billyboatkid
Man there is gonna be so many good albums released this year. I can't wait for a few.

All Time Low - Nothing Personal
There for Tomorrow - A Little Faster

Brand New - ???
Say Anything - Say Anything
Saosin - ??? (if it ever even ends up being released)
Mayday Parade - ??? (hopefully it comes out this year)

A bunch others too.
Still spinning The Dangerous Summer constantly. It was awesome while listening to it, it reminded me of The Starting Line. I never really got into Direction, but I decided to give it a spin today at Jury Duty. I gotta say I like it a lot, lot more than I did when I first heard it. There's probably only two songs I don't care for. Great record that I sadly overlooked when it came out.

Yeah so you might have seen that I have Jury Duty, It fucking blows so hard. Sitting in a room for 4/5 hours doing nothing. The only good thing that came of this is that I've had time to re-read Harry Potter 6 before the movie comes out this summer. Great book.

OH and I couldn't be more excited about Chicago! Looks like it's gonna be a blast! New adventures everyday.

I really need to go through my music and delete shit I don't listen to or want. I'm kind of a pack rat when it comes to that stuff.

I always have so much I wanna say, but I wait to long. I need to stop doing that.

I took the Key Bridge North to your parents' house again.
I saw my share of lights from the sky outside the city.
I bought you things I love just to show you that I care.

Tags: TDS, TSL, ATL, Mayday, BN, SA, Saosin, TFT, Harry Potter, Jury Duty
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Spring Break
03/18/09 at 12:48 PM by billyboatkid
Man I'm really loving Spring Break.

I can't even begin to explain how sick of school I am. Even though I feel like a giant slacker (which I am)

It's nice to have a week off. Then will come the Wolf Creek snowboarding trip!!

Recently beat RE5, such a great game. Good little game for Spring Break too.

Been partying way to much. So tonight I'm gonna take it easy. Man I hate my eye's, random I know. They are just horrible always changing and getting worse. I'm practically legally blind. Fu**

I was gonna go to The Used concert tonight, but Saosin dropped off and I don't feel like spending the money.
Besides there are 5 other shows I want to go to in the coming three monts. Save up.

Man I have such a love/hate relationship with work. I need to go home and take a nap or something.

The gf sitch is awesome. Been together for almost two months now. It's perfect. No complaints. Except almost breaking my dick the other night... Terrible.

Welp, I hope everyone is having a great Spring Break or Week.

"Suck on ma' BOOOMSTICK!! There goes your legs bitch!! Now you're a paraglegic!! Bawahahahaha!!!"

Me talking shit on CoD. Great times.

Tags: CoD, The Used, Saosin, Spring Break, Stuff
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Long Time No Blog..
11/11/08 at 11:43 PM by billyboatkid
Man It seems like I haven't blogged it up in forever.

Since the last time Obama has been named Pres and I couldn't be happier.

Running straight A's in all my classes surprisingly.

SOOOOOO stoked for Quantum of Solace. Midnight showing for sure.

Then the Underoath/Saosin concert on the 20th alone with the midnight showing of Twilight with a bunch of ladies. haha Should be fun....

Then the week after that my parents leave for a week and I have the house all to myself again. That means party time, hot tub time, and what ever else time I would like.

I know I'm forgetting some stuff, but I'll throw it up here when I remember.

"I searched the earth for the worst ways to let you down. Because you don't deserve shit, and I didn't deserve this"


I just remembered something I was thinking about the other night.

I Fucking Love Brand New. Deja Entendu, is not only my single most favorite album probably ever, but it has impacted my life so much. I realize this the other night as I lie in bed wondering what to listen to as I fall asleep.

I can always come back to that album and listen all the way through, not skip a single song, and not miss a single line. The words spill from my mouth effortlessly like the words are my very own. I met Jesse Lacey one time, but If I ever met him again I would thank him for making such an amazing cd that has affected me and helped me through my life unlike any other.

I'm not over exaggerating, I listened to this album every single night my whole High School career.
As I've told many people The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot will be played at my funeral.
I'm planning on getting lines from each song tattooed on my body at some point.
I can play pretty much every song from that cd on guitar.
I flew to see BN play live in New Orleans at the original House of Blues.
My love for this band runs blood deep.

So much more I liked to say, but I'll keep it to myself at the moment.
hope everyones doing good.
Tags: Brand New, Twilight, Saosin, Underoath, James Bond, Morning Call, Good times to come
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10/20/08 at 10:53 PM by billyboatkid
So just thought I'd share this..

So I've had my 30g black iPod for a year plus now. But the thing is I had never taken off the plastic cover that comes on the front when you purchase it. Which I put said iPod in a silicon case. So today I decide I don't like the case anymore and then go as far as to take off the plastic finally. Glad to say my iPod is in sweet ass mint condition like I got it yesterday.

Sadly I just revealed to you how OCD I am about everything I own. Haha. No joke.

Can't think of anything else worth mentioning at the moment. Oh! Besides I already beat Dead Space in like two days.

"go away, no please stay"

Tags: Saosin, Dead Space, iPod, perfection, OCD
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Under the Weather
08/15/08 at 11:03 PM by billyboatkid
Man I hate feeling shitty.

It's that one feeling of shittyness that people get all the sudden at night.

My stomach hurts, and I feel like I'm gonna spew. Oh well.

That's why I love deep breathing. It calms me down and it just makes me feel better.

This is a weird Friday night.

The one good thing is that I found out Underoath and Saosin will be touring and coming through Albuquerque.

It'll be my first time seeing Underoath and second Saosin. It should be fun.

OH OH OH! I almost forgot. Stages and Stereos, a great fucking band have new tunes. They posted a blog that says they will be posting the demos. I'm so stoked about that. I've been listening to them since they had two songs on their player and ordered their four song EP about two months ago.
I've talked about them before, but whoever reads this now and hasn't heard them should give them a listen. If you do let me know what you think. For Realz.


"You'll be here for every song
I wish that you could come back home
and bring the passion and the joy you were surrounded by.
And I appreciate your love, I could never say it enough.
And I hope I can make you proud from a distance"

Tags: Sickness, Underoath, Saosin, Stages and Stereos
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