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billyboatkid's Blog

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A Sailor's Journal
Snow Leopard and Stuff.
08/28/09 at 11:34 PM by billyboatkid
So me and some buddies got together and bought Snow Leopard this morning. I've already installed it and I gotta say the little tweaks are pretty awesome.

The it free'd up like 10gbs of free space on my comp and I just restarted my computer and it did it in like a 45sec flat. Shits pretty tight.

Stoked to see what is coming out next with the iPods on September 9th. I need another one with more than 30gigs. I've completely filled my iPod. Found a few more bands I'm enjoying lately.

School starts on Monday and me and my friend are starting p90x Classic too. To all you non believers it works and well. You just gotta stick with it.

My sleeping pattern is shit so lately I have been feeling really tired, but fixing that shouldn't be too hard.

Everyone should check out Weaver and the Loom. Their EP I was Searching for Something and This is What I Found... is awesome as shit. late pass for me, but I don't care.

Hope everyone is peachy.

"I want my oceans in a spoon, some thing shallow, something I can swallow"

Tags: Weaver and the Loom, School, MAC, Stuff
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01/13/09 at 10:42 PM by billyboatkid
So school started this week and blah...

I couldn't find my class forever today and it was like 30 degrees. So freaking cold. Dammit.

Oh well.

I'm starting to like TGL a lot more. Their LP is pretty good. "Sweeter as Fiction"
They even feature the lead singer of Asteria on one of their songs. Another band I also love.

Check out Beauty School Dropout, Corey Wants a Battle, and Heels Over Flatts.

Catchy stuff.

So what else is new my friends!? I need to start running..

"Don't worry baby I'll leave the light on! Just so you know, it was burned out long before you got here"

Tags: School, TGL, Asteria,
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Falling Into Place
01/08/09 at 12:31 AM by billyboatkid
Just like one of my favorite EP's of all time. aka Falling Into Place - Finch. I love when things fall into place ever so nicely. Don't you?

Winter break was pretty freaking sweet and relaxing. Christmas, birthday and that good stuff.

I'm really distraught I have yet to snowboard this season. It's killing me.

But I do have something to look forward too. Tattoo in only 12 hours. I'm so ridiculously stoked. First one and I've researched everything, aftercare and all that jazz. I'm so ready. haha

Other good news is that I have my schedule for this semester figured out and everything is all good, 14 credit hours. Should be awesome. Hopefully I meet some cuties in my classes this semester. I need something new. A change of pace you could say.

So stoked for this year. All the sweet news posts already. I'm ready for some new Brand New. Damn this year could be freaking amazing, and I hope it turns out that way.

Hope everything is peachy keen for everyone. Laters

"I'm sorry, but that's my color now. Guess you got to me some how"
Tags: Finch, School, Random Whatever ness
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Checked off the list
08/26/08 at 10:08 PM by billyboatkid
School is starting... Yippity fucking yay.. Not.

I fucking hate school. But, I am glad that I finally got my classes and everything else about it handled. Man I swear I am the biggest procrastinator ever.

What else...>?
Well I just had an interview for another job that I really, really hope I get. 13 an hour within walking distance. 3min on a bike. This gorgeous girl that took my breath away when I was leaving... Lol
That's just an added bonus (in the words I said to my mom)

Hmm I just listened to the Senses Fail sampler for the new album and it actually got me really stoked for it. The songs sound good.

I'm also starting this work out program on friday. I'll post a picture when I'm ripped lol. I swear to you it'll happen to.

I might update some more later if I have anything else to say.

"I'll do this the right way, and dig myself out of this hole. It's frightening that I don't know which way I can go. It might be that everyone around me seems cold and I think I need to do it all on my own!"


p.s. LOVE Valencia, you should too

Also forgot to share that I'm really diggin the new FOB clips. They actually have caught my attention unlike Infinity On High. Check EM
Tags: Senses Fail, School, Jobs, Valencia, FOB
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Spring Brizzle Fo Shizzle (haha)
03/14/08 at 06:00 PM by billyboatkid
Well today is the first day of my Spring Break 08' and I couldn't be happier.

Already I have gotten my Yellowcard/Spill Canvas concert ticket for March 31st, which I can't wait for.
Then I get on Ap.net my favorite site in the whole history of the Internet and I come to find I have won the new Lydia cd "Illuminate." I couldn't be happier because I recently have just gotten into this band pretty hardcore and I have wanted this album for a while now. Topping off my day I am probably going to file restraining orders and a civil lawsuit against my psycho ex and her psycho bf.

She is finally getting what she deserves. Then after work which I am at right now I will be heading home to play some Brawl! Love that game.

I've also found a few new bands that I highly recommend to you all. They are damn catcy and I've been spinning them a lot lately.

Flight 409 We Don't Dance - Before You Go, Beauty In a Car Crash, Don't Stop Believin' (Journey Cover), Operator

School Boy Humor Demos - Disturb the Universe, Dear Miss Wright, Paint Me Envy

The Sophomore Attempt Hallways - Their whole EP Hallways, especially The Turn

Stages and Stereos Demos - Their whole EP also, especially Living Without You

I'm really digging all four of these bands a lot. Check em and if you have time let me know what you think.

"and I don't see the point of this,
when all we're doing is avoiding loneliness" TSA


P.s. Thank you AP.net for the awesome contest and picking me! and this could very well be an awesome Spring Break!
Tags: Flight 409, School Boy, Sophomore, S&S, Good Days
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