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jimjam32's Blog
3/13 Valencia Show
03/14/09 at 11:29 AM by jimjam32
Awesome. Fucking awesome.

The songs translated into a live show much better than expected. Met Shane and George. Nice dudes. Will continue to support this band as long as they are a band.

First impression of Houston Calls: dudes that love playing music. The keyboard player had a lot of fun on stage, and the whole band was good. Bought their cd.

Cant wait to see Valencia again. They played like a 5 song encore!

..Asked George about my theory (them playing with blink182). Answer is no, but he wouldn't tell me who it was, so I'm assuming it is going to be a pretty big band. He said they're hopefully coming through Indiana this fall. Will go to that for sure.

aaaand I look like a creep. haha.
Tags: Valencia, Houston Calls, show, awesome.
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Brand New Show 9/26
10/01/08 at 09:32 AM by jimjam32
So I've decided to write a blog about every show I go to from now on and why not start with my favorite band?

The night started off slow, we got to the venue at about 6 and the doors didn't open until 7. I found it really ironic that despite Brand New's obvious distate for "emo" and "scene" kids, they were the majority of people there. There were 15 year old girls there who were being obnoxious, frat bro's talking about how they want to see 70x7, and then the normal people like my friends and the few strangers standing in line around us.

I had trouble getting in when they "frisked" us. They told us to take everything out of our pockets. I didn't know they were literal when they said everything, and that a few dollar bills was a big deal. The bouncer was a bit annoyed with me and clearly thought i was an idiot but I didn't care, because I was going to see Brand New. I bought myself a shirt, and took off my Fall Out Boy (I read one of Tate's blogs[or someones] a long time ago that said something about wearing a band who is very opposite of that band, in order to get great responses from strangers). We went in and the security guys had everyone sit down before the show started. Now I have never been to a show where they make the general admission concert-goers sit on the ground until the show starts. This might sound weird, but for a 19 year old guy I have really bad joints. My bones are really loose and it hurts to sit on my knees, or cross-legged. So i laid down and almost fell asleep. Finally The Builders and the Butchers came on and started playing. I checked the band out a few days before, and absolutely hated everything about them. I just hate indie-rock for some reason. It's like they try so hard to be weird and stikc their noses up at anything catchy and fun. Anyways, the band was actually really good. Creative music and I loved their drums. The only thing is (as nice as he ewas) their singers voice was like nails on a chalkboard.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, BN came on.
Here'es their setlist:
Sic Transit
Quiet Things
Tommy Gun
Shower Scene
Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis
Two-headed Boy pt. 1
Sowing Season
Seventy Times 7
You Won't Know

The "break" was not planned. During Me vs. Maradona vs. Elvis I heard some screaming behind me (not normal concert screams, it was guys) I heard them saying to stop the music. At first I thought they just hated the song or something but I turned around to see the problem and a girl about 6-8 feet behind me was having a seizure. I started flipping out screaming too. "Jesse! Stop playing!!" "Someone is dying, stop the fucking set!" I was surprisingly loud and since I was closer than most of the people he looked up. The song was almost over, so he finished it and asked if we needed to lights to be brought up. So once the lights came up everyone turned around to see a girl lying there on the ground -- not breathing. The EMTs were there pumping air into her but it wasn't looking good. Jesse tried to keep our attention off the girl (it was really uncomfortable) so he played two-headed boy. Then after the song he admitted nothing had ever happened like this and that "if anyone believes in prayer, now would be a good time." The band went to the back of the stage while the crowd circled around the girl. Lots of girls were crying and strangers were hugging (which I thought was a little weird). Eventually (the girl didn't look good, she was literally turning blue) the put her on a stretcher, Jesse asked us to make way for her to the exit and everyone did their best. Finally, after what seemed like forever(not because i'm impatient for the band, but because I was sick to my stomach for the girl) they came back on.

They played a few of the newer songs but the crowd was obviously not as into it, and not jumping around at all. Everyone was spooked and didn't want anyone else to get hurt. It was honestly a bittersweet feeling. It was great, because the crowd wasn't so hot/sweaty, but I could tell it bummed the band out that we were not as into it. Then they played Mixtape, the crowd went nuts. I was really shocked to hear something off YFW that wasn't The Shower Scene. During mixtape I saw Garrett whisper something to Jesse and then after the song he said "Yeah let's do a little more of that!" And busted out 70x7.

Seriously, that was insane. I know they never play that song. The rest of the show was great and Degausser was a great finale. We never heard any more word on the girl, and I hope she is okay. Got home from the concert and yesterday I found a picture of their set list. They were going to play a pretty different set. Shows that Brand New don't hate their fans as much as people make it seem. I didn't hear one person request 70x7 at that show. It was pretty nice. Jesse said the whole band "really appreciates" how everyone responded to the girls injury.

great show, too bad someone got hurt though, thanks brand new.
Tags: brand new, show, concert, 70x7, personal
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