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sjb2k1's Blog
i loved the way she said LA
03/17/11 at 12:19 AM by sjb2k1
or Monterey. or San Jose. anything really.

she goes to California, oh
California's not so far
when i close my eyes and wonder where you are
and you wish upon a star
2,000 miles doesn't seem so far

additional information not related to the rest of this post: this is my second sober st. patty's day. weird, but really, really good. plus, the world is a little safer without the female equivalent of frank the tank (minus the streaking. never got THAT far) roaming the streets.
Tags: song of the day, st patrick's day
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song of the day 3.14.11
03/14/11 at 07:57 PM by sjb2k1
"Seasick" by Fireworks

Tags: song of the day, fireworks, cute girls
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song of the day
03/06/11 at 02:04 PM by sjb2k1
"Rolling in the Deep" - Adele

kicks off 21 with a punch to the face with this delicious hook:
the scars of your love remind me of us
they keep me thinking that we almost had it all
the scars of your love they leave me breathless
i can't help feeling we could have had it all

i feel like charlie sheen lately with the music i'm listening to. everything's just fucking awesome. i love it all.
Tags: song of the day, adele, winning
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i jock what Eda jocks pt. 2
03/04/11 at 10:21 AM by sjb2k1
go check out the Absolutexclusive EP stream for Typhoon.

Choice Cut: "Summer Home"
RIYL: horns, guitars, big sounds, Canada* + Lueda Alia

*they are from the US; that's not the point.
Tags: currently listening, song of the day
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check it out
03/04/11 at 12:09 AM by sjb2k1
in the Rolling Stone Top 500 albums thread.

we're listening to two albums a week, starting at #1 and working down to #500. first up:
1. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - The Beatles
2. Pet Sounds - The Beach Boys

if you're not convinced, check out these great user write-ups/commentary on each album:
Pet Sounds

Got me to buy Pet Sounds today. Sgt Pepper's probably later this week.
Tags: Rolling Stone Top 500 albums thread, song of the day, currently digging
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i jock what Eda jocks
03/02/11 at 10:33 AM by sjb2k1
because i like to stick with the winners. hehe

Typhoon - Summer Home
RIYL - chill music with horns

honorable mention to The Rural Alberta Advantage. new artist to me, so i'm just getting into them. you should too. or not.

EDIT: and then 2 seconds later i realize i can listen to new Noah and the Whale, so today's second song of the day is Noah and the Whale - "Rocks and Daggers"
Tags: song of the day, currently digging
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holy shit it's March/song of the day
03/01/11 at 02:23 PM by sjb2k1
i mean really. we're now in the best month of the year, which will culminate in the best day of the year: March 30. i'll be turning 28. when i was younger i always had this feeling of connection to the big 4 who didn't make it past 27 (morrison, joplin, hendrix, cobain), so i'm sort of looking forward to this birthday. i know that sounds stupid, but maybe it's all the drugs i did from 18-22.

either way, this year is going by so fast. i used to think my mom was full of shit when she said life speeds up as you get older, but she's so right that it's sad. for the last month i've been going like a robot, just hanging on for life. the week and the weekend have ceased to be different. my work week is as erratic as my free time is. i hope i'm not the only one feeling so out of control.

i want to call my psychiatrist and ask her about the manic symptoms i've been experiencing. my sleep patterns are all off, so i'm not surprised i've been fluctuating between needing to hibernate and staying up for 48 hours. impulsiveness, financial extravagance, hypersexuality...but absolutely none of the psychosis. i probably just need to quit smoking this shit i've been smoking (homemade jwh018 spice blend), cool girl alert. or maybe stop going crazy about girls i never met.


i'm not sure what the song of the day should be. i've been spinning Bad Time Zoo all day, so how about "One Dimensional Man" from that album. yeah, we'll go with that.
Tags: song of the day, march babies are the best babies
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song of the day
02/28/11 at 08:34 PM by sjb2k1
"Anybody Out There" - Rufio

i just love the guitar work in this. also, the chorus will blow your face off or your money back.
Tags: song of the day, rufio
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song of the day
02/23/11 at 10:18 PM by sjb2k1
"I Grew Up in a Legion Hall" - Fireworks

These guys can write pretty fucking good pop punk songs. I have to say, I'm consistently impressed with everything they put out. Plus I freaking love Dave Mackinder's voice. Makes my old ass want to jump up and down in my living room like I'm 19 and back in my bedroom in NY. THAT'S an amazing thing
Tags: song of the day
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song of the day
02/17/11 at 10:07 PM by sjb2k1
or more accurately, songs of the day. i couldn't pick just one out of these three, so today you all get a trifecta from Copeland:

1. "Should You Return"
2. "The Grey Man"
3. "Chin Up"

the three of these just flow so well and set such a good tone for You Are My Sunshine. i love aaron's voice. probably their best album overall. tell me i'm wrong!
Tags: song of the day
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song of the day 2.17.11
02/17/11 at 12:11 AM by sjb2k1
"What She Really Wants" by Brighten

i didn't even know physical copies of the Early Love EP existed until last week. of course now i own one (thanks to another NCer).

this makes for happy memories and a few current bittersweet moments.
Oh she's my music when I'm trying to sleep
When I forget the words she knows everything
But what I really want
Is to hear her sing
She's my feet when I cannot dance
She just loves it and she doesn't laugh
And what I really love
She says I'm not so bad

You're the one who keeps the two of us
From going overboard
I can see
You're too good for me
We're the ones who will change love
To what it used to be
So simple
So sweet

I don't want to let you go
It's something I should know
I don't want to let you go anymore
Tags: song of the day
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song of the day
02/15/11 at 11:00 PM by sjb2k1
"a manner to act (live at daytrotter)" - Ra Ra Riot
i'm so in love with these 315ers it hurts.

go here to listen.
Tags: song of the day
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song of the day 2.15.11
02/15/11 at 07:45 AM by sjb2k1
hmm. i'm up quite early today, so this one will actually get most of a full day.

"all the pretty girls" - fun.

i woke up with "all the pretty girls on a saturday night" playing over and over in my head. so there you have it. eventually i'll post actual links to these. for now, google it.
Tags: song of the day
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song of the day
02/12/11 at 11:20 AM by sjb2k1
hmm. super late with this one. i meant to post this last night but i got distracted by criminal minds. that's probably going to happen a lot in the next couple weeks.

"Hang You Up" by Big If

please note the band. this is important. there are two demo versions of the song. start with the first. i think it's incredibly important in this case to hear the evolution of the song.

but really, who on this site hasn't done something just like this, literally and/or figuratively?

this is a black and white of you i found
i hang you up and then i pull you down
Tags: song of the day
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song of the day
02/10/11 at 10:53 PM by sjb2k1
today's (2/11/11) song is:

"we're sleeping" by down to earth approach

see, i have this issue with bidding on 1 cent CDs on ebay. usually i end up with a lot of stuff i wouldn't normally buy otherwise. another intervention was a good purchase, if only for this song. i love the opening guitar work and the chorus. plus, two thumbs up from being from WNY. home sweet home.

anyway, come back on 2/12 for another song of the day. feel free to leave your own. we all know i'm a sponge for new music.
Tags: song of the day
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