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Sunday Recommendation: Sparks The Rescue
11/15/09 at 12:17 PM by Keagan Ilvonen

Portland's finest pop rock outfit is perfect for today to cheer you up from the dreary weather outside.
Tags: Sunday Rec, Sparks The Rescue, Eyes to The Sun
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Interview with Sparks The Rescue
08/15/09 at 08:24 PM by Keagan Ilvonen
Keagan: So first off, whatís your name and what do you do in the band?

Toby: My name is Toby and I play guitar in Sparks The Rescue

Keagan: I guess I should start with saying congrats on signing to Fearless I know itís been a long time coming.

Toby: Thanks so much! We are so pumped to be on the label that we grew up listening to. And I would like to add that I'm stoked on doing an interview with you, because I love AP.net. It's been my homepage for the longest time.

Keagan: For those who donít know, where did the name Sparks The Rescue come from?

Toby: Well I wish we had a cooler story, but it actually comes from a Nicholas Sparks novel called The Rescue. He also wrote fan favorites such as a walk to remember and the notebook.

Keagan: How has this European tour been? I bet you guys were stoked being on tour with a band li ke The All American Rejects.

Toby: The shows in Europe with the rejects were like a dream come true..I still can't believe it actually happened. The shows were incredible, and we made friends with so many sweet kids over there. We are dying to get back, especially since Hassle Records is releasing our cd there next month.

Keagan: What was it like being signed to Fearless? From what I heard there were a few labels that had been shopping around, what made you decide to sign with them?

Toby: Fearless felt like the best fit. They contacted us first, and they really believed in the record..and that's the most important thing. Now that we have hung out with everyone at the label numerous times, we are friends with them as well, which is also really crucial. We love them as a label, and as people so there's no place we'd rather be!

Keagan: As lots of people would like to know, what made the band want to change their sound from the earlier material?

Toby: I don't think it was the band wanting to change sounds. It was more like, we lost a member, and we spent roughly two years in between releases writing new stuff. So as cliche as it sounds, the change was pretty natural. We were super into Underoath when we wrote the Secrets E.P. which is totally cool, I still love that band...However, we want to be a band that changes and doesn't stay the same every cd.

Keagan: Do you feel like you may ever venture back to that sound at all or are you going to continue the path you all are on?

Toby: Like I said, we don't really know. We're just going to continue writing rock and roll music.

Keagan: From what I have gathered on AP.net a lot of people have thoroughly enjoyed the new album. As to where lotís of pop rock acts seem to blend in easily you guys seem to stick out, what would you guyís say is different about you?

Toby: You are definitely right about pop rock acts blending together these days. And we try our best to stick out, but it's tough when there are so many bands. We try to interact with everyone we can online and at shows, and our live performances are always the same whether there's 2 people in the crowd or 500. These two things alone I think make us stick out..we're that band you can just come say 'whats up' to, and then we can go play some hacky sack.

Keagan: If you had to pick one song off of the new record to showcase what you guys are all about to a new listener, what song would that be?

Toby: I think My Heart Radio, which is the opening track, really shows a new listener what our band is all about. We write about love, growing up, vampires, and having a great time.

Keagan: What do you think about The Cambiata (another Portland, Maine favorite) breaking up?

Toby: I was bummed about the Cambiata breaking up, and even more bummed that I couldn't make their last show. But we are friends with those guys, and will still support whatever comes next for them. I still rock my Cambiata shirt all the time.

Keagan: Now to take the focus off of you for just a bit. 2009 is shaping up to be a phenomenal year in music, what releases are you looking forward to or have really enjoyed thus far?

Toby: The Dangerous Summer was definitely a great release this year, and I'm enjoying a couple of the new Taking Back Sunday tracks. The new Jack's Mannequin Cd never gets old to me. I don't want to list too many, but another favorite of mine is the latest Anarbor e.p. it's fantastic.

Keagan: Being from a small music scene in Maine you guys know what itís like having your back up against the wall. What bandís should people be listening to that they may not know about?

Toby: Ben Kweller, Coconut Records, Wale (the hip hop dude), and Bob.

Keagan: What touring plans are coming up in the future?

Toby: We will be out all fall with a few sweet bands which will be announced soon...but we're pretty much going to be on tour forever.

Keagan: Is there anything else exciting coming soon that we should know about? Have you begun to record any new material yet?

Toby: Not yet, but we are going to be shooting a video soon, along with a lot of sweet online content so everyone should check back at our page often!

Keagan: I believe that is about it, is there any last thing you would like to add?

Toby: thanks again for the interview! and to the readers: hopefully if you have taken the time to read this, then we will see you at a show sometime in the near future :)

Sparks the Rescue Toby, Ben, Nate, Alex, Pat myspace.com/sparkstherescue
Tags: Sparks The Rescue, Interview
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Spartks The Rescue - Autumn Music Video
04/02/09 at 07:03 PM by Keagan Ilvonen
I guess I can't rep these guys enough. They have worked their asses off and it seems like things are paying off for them. I hope people go out to their shows and see how great of a performance they put on and show some love. I may be a little biased because they are my hometown boys but who wouldn't be?

Tags: Sparks The Rescue, Autumn, Music Video
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