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The Remnants of Uncertainty...
The End of May
05/25/09 at 11:40 PM by cassusriff
Interesting weekend. To recap:

My room underwent a bit of a redesign. My mom got me a new desk and a new bed set. My room has a very distinct contemporary design with black furniture. I also got a bluetooth apple keyboard to go with my bluetooth mouse and MiniDVI to HDMI cable. What all this means? Well, I'm in bed typing this while I stare at my 42" Sharp Aquos TV. I have a nice portable macbook, but I also have a 42" monitor to use while in my awesome room. Of all the living spaces I've ever had, this is definitely my favorite. The house in general is amazing and has really factored into my decision to stay here for school.

During the weekend I saw Terminator (awesome movie), hung out with my girlfriend, smoked hookah with some old friends, watched some sports, went shopping with my mom, and went to my cousin's high school graduation party.

The graduation party was very interesting. I remember when my cousins were freshman in high school and I was a senior. Now I'm three years removed from high school and really beginning my adult life. I keep getting asked if I feel different now that I'm 21. Initially I always say no because I don't drink much more now and I never drank much in general, but when I think about it I do feel different. I feel older now. I feel more removed from everything than ever before. Maybe this has to do with living in this house with my older friends. Maybe this has to do with making the decision about going to UC Davis. Or maybe it has to do with the fact that all my friends are getting to this place too. When we hang out we talk about college majors, careers, graduating from college, moving, jobs, relationships and where they are heading. We talk about our plans for marriage and kids.

It is all very overwhelming, but it is incredibly exciting. I see pragmatism in the decisions the people around me are making. I don't think any of us have really throw away our dreams, I just think we are all growing up and realizing we have to do things to survive and make a decent life for ourselves. Seeing my friends making big decisions and finding happiness makes me very happy.

My family and I are doing well too. It was nice shopping with my mom, good to talk to her again and put the last few months behind us.

The summer is promising. The semester is over and now I'm working to get everything together to go to school this fall. Loans, orientation, registration, paperwork, etc. Of course, I'm still working full time. My girlfriend is leaving to be a counselor at girl scout camp in a week so I won't see her much. Basically my summer is not extremely busy but definitely not a breeze.

I also got the go-ahead to do Razia's Shadow with the theatre company. I need to talk to my old high school to see if they would let us perform there. I don't know if I can pull this show together during this summer, but I can definitely try. I'll update more on that as it happens.

That should be all for now. Till next time.
Tags: razias shadow, performance, technology, life, personal, school, family, friends
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Look Past the Past to the Future
04/18/09 at 07:28 PM by cassusriff
Business is an interesting thing. It is a mix of old tricks and new ideas. An ever-changing medium that one can never get comfortable with.

I'm thinking about this today because the world of journalism is changing so much. With that, the world of business, technology and everything else changes. I see many reactions across generations. Older generations are mostly stubborn, insistent on doing it the way they know how. They don't want to give up what they've grown up with. They write off the new ideas as unnecessary and harken back to 'better' times. This may be true in some aspects. Newspapers, for example, have a timeless quality to them. There is no news medium more historical and prominent throughout history. But that alone should not be a reason to stay stuck in our old ways. If a person has nothing to do with the world of journalism and just prefers to read a newspaper on his lap until the day he or the newspaper industry dies, then no problem.

The problem comes when you have people involved in the business or teaching it continuing to be stubborn. There is only so much history can teach us until we eventually need to rewrite it and make new history. A professor talking about the history of newspapers may be interesting (not to me), but how will it help those students get jobs in a world that will likely be devoid of newspapers in the next decade?

The same goes for business. Why preach the same old processes that don't work? The world of advertising has never been more confusing or exciting. Television commercials aren't as effective as they used to be due to DVR's and short attention spans. Staying power is extremely difficult these days. So instead of spending 3 quarters learning about the history of advertising, maybe make one of those classes into a brainstorm seminar on the future of advertising. After all, those who go to college now are supposed to be the innovators of the future right?

I'm not trying to blast the older generation by any means. In fact, I think the current generation's lack or respect or knowledge on the older generation's accomplishments is nothing short of a travesty. However, the older generation better get with some of the new ways or they will find that they will get flushed out, no matter how innovative and masterful they used to be. There is a time for pride and a time for survival. I don't know how you could survive in the world as it is now without knowing at least the basics of computers.

For that reason, I keep up with all the trends. Call me a sellout, call me a self-involved kid, call me a follower, but for all that I am also someone who won't be out of touch. That's one thing I hope never happens to me. At some point I will have my ways that I prefer (I already do), but everytime I see a new website, new technology, and new ways of doing things, I check them out. Why be stubborn and get left behind? Many will find this hard because they get sentimental attachment to certain ways things work, and I understand that. But I like change. I like seeing the new ways of the world. I see good business as a model that constantly improves on itself, constantly looks for ways to get better, constantly looks at competition and tries to take the good and the bad and improve.

Because honestly... it's just good business.
Tags: thoughts, business, journalism, future, past, history, innovation, technology
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10/31/08 at 10:27 AM by cassusriff
I just got the brand new Apple 15' 160GB Macbook. It usually runs around $1300 and I got it brand new from a co-worker for only $900! She has a business and they overstocked on computers for workers and basically needed to downsize so I got a huge discount.

I can't focus at work... I want to get home and play with this big bad machine! I'll have a review on it later.

Needless to say... I am STOKED.
Tags: apple, computer, macbook, new, excited, tech
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Election 2008: Obama v McCain: The Tech Issues
10/15/08 at 12:29 PM by cassusriff
I came across a very interesting article that compares Obama and McCain's tech policies. So if you can't find a reason to support either candidate based on social and economic issues, because let's face it... those issues mostly are streamlined due to party affiliation, then look at these differences.

Anyone who reads my blog HAS to be interested in technology and jobs and things like that, so this is an article geared towards that.

Leave any thoughts in the comment section as always.

I'll be back to blog later.
Tags: election, politics, tech, obama, mccain, article, wired, policies
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09/11/08 at 01:13 AM by cassusriff
Man, I love Drumstick ice cream cones. Totally delicious. I took a break from working out tonight so I could do some good old fashioned web-surfin'. I read a TON of news and visit a TON of sites on a daily basis. Here are some links I think you will enjoy that I visit pretty regularly:

I go here for my music news of course. I browse my 49ers blogs, other sports and fantasy news, tech and video game news, politics and general news, movie info, and many others. I also visit the typical social networking sites, this one being my most frequented. This video site is amazing. I watched the entire series of Arrested Development and the second season of Friday Night Lights on it. Youtube is great and all for videos from the average person, but for good quality movies and TV Shows for free, you can't go wrong with hulu. I buy all of my music from this site, as well as my books for school, posters, other technology, supplies, etc. If you want to get your life organized, one more site I'd recommend is this one. Go here for lyrics, and here for tabs. Those are all my favorite links so I hope you can make use of them. I'll take recommendations from anyone else if they have any.

A few more links you should check out because you love me are:

Donate to the American Heart Association for my Heart Walk

And vote for my stories "Get Lucky" and "I just play with them!" EVERY DAY so I can win this contest and win $1000!

Tags: links, music, news, politics, video, sports, tech, lyrics, tabs, movie, tv, shopping
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