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12/23/11 at 10:47 PM by Blake Solomon
The Dangerous Summer - War Paint

Whoo boy, these next three albums are going to be hard to write about. Starting with War Paint as the example, my three favorite albums of 2011 were so immensely touching to me that it's hard for me to sit here and say why or what or even how an album like War Paint and I connected. Which, fine, is a cop-out. I understand that. I also understand that whatever I say here would be so outlandishly personal and crybaby-ish that I'm just not that comfortable having anyone else read it.

As a person who still doesn't understand irony, I'll go on a limb and say that's irony when discussing a record like War Paint. There is literally nothing left to the imagination here, which is why I tend to find myself connecting with the more in-your-face variety of songs ("Miscommunication" or "No One's Gonna Need You More" or "War Paint"). Perhaps my favorite lyric from the whole thing comes early, in "War Paint" when AJ Perdomo sings, "Remember when we first met, we were alone?" And I guess to me that kind of sums this whole thing up. You have to be alone before you can stop being alone. You can't let the lack of people in your life keep you from ever having people in your life. I think it becomes increasingly easy to stick with your own personal status quo, and that scares the fucking crap out of me. War Paint, after lots and LOTS of listens, kind of became a sort of rallying cry - it might sound stupid and overly trite, but The Dangerous Summer created more than an album for me. They crafted a handbook for getting better and moving forward. Sometimes it doesn't have to be complicated. Sometimes, we just need to remember that although we can stand on our own, we don't always have to.

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05/04/09 at 06:23 PM by Blake Solomon
My copy of Reach For The Sun arrived today! Packaging looks great and I now have a new TDS sticker to put on my dresser (which has a side dedicated to band stickers).

This is also your reminder to check out The Dangerous Summer and to buy the album tomorrow if you haven't preordered it.

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TDS - Reach For The Sun
04/23/09 at 02:58 PM by Blake Solomon
i'm actually mixing blogBlake with reviewBlake because I love this record that much. It's the highest rating I've ever given any album. 260ish reviews, 3ish years, one 95%. Cool


preorder it here: http://www.hopelessrecords.com/index.php?Flash=Yes

Album drops May 5th, suckas

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04/09/09 at 02:46 PM by Blake Solomon
So my birthday was tuesday and I got some cash from relatives. I made my first non-food purchase with said cash today and pre-ordered The Dangerous Summer's Reach For The Sun. You should too.. But the reason I'm writing is because, if you go to TDS' Myspace page, you are shown an enticing preorder that comes with a shirt. Of course, I clicked this link. I was taken to SmartPunk. After some searching (and chuckling at all the spam in the comments), I found the price... 19.99!

19.99! It's 2009, economies are crumbling. Calling that shirt free doesn't seem right.

So I found their price for just the cd... 12.99!


The price is only 9.99 on Hopeless' site, and I don't understand why anyone would use Smarpunk. How are they selling anything for such bloated prices? Hopeless doesn't even charge you shipping if you use regular mail. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

No thanks, Smartpunk.


p.s., buy the album:
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Why'd I Waste Your Time On It?
03/07/09 at 07:08 PM by Blake Solomon
Time for some more fantastic lyrics from The Dangerous Summer's Reach For The Sun. This time the song is called "Northern Lights" and it's the best slower song on the album. So enjoy, and let's continue the hype train.

"Northern Lights"

It's two o'clock
And I was sleeping
But I'm not feeling great
I took some pills
To help my thinking
But now I'm thinking worse
I was hoping
That I could see you
If that's not too absurd

Am I in love
Or am I dreaming?

Cause I'm not sensibly
Just taken by your words
For once I found the cure
I'm sick of staying up late
Cause you're not here
And I'm not there
No, I'm not afraid
To watch you change me (anymore)

You need to know
What you're into
I tell you I'm a god damn piece of work
So I'll just sit here
Until you enter my arms
Cause that's the simpleness
Of where I lay my head
I'm a wreck when I'm alone
I'm the boy who lost his home


I took the Key Bridge north
To your parents house again
I saw my share of lights
From the sky outside the city
I brought you things I loved
Just to show you that I care
I found a place to lay inside of the warmth
And that's the way that I spent the past two days
Writing all these songs
I swear to God that I love you
Cause I can't explain this



P.S. You have no idea how badly I wish I could relate to this song.

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No, Not Tonight
02/28/09 at 11:01 PM by Blake Solomon
Took the night off tonight. It's been a busy week. Got to meet the guys in We Are Voices yesterday. Very nice dudes, but of course me being the awkward guy that I am, I spilt my drink on one of them. Smooth. Also I unexpectedly met the guys from Eagle Scout, who I had written about for a Self-Promotion Spotlight thingy a long while ago. I actually had to look it up on my phone since their name sounded familiar. Their set was killer, really awesome stuff.

Drove to Jeff City this morning in a snow storm and the trip was a bust since I was met with 40 less survey completions than I needed. Looks like I'll be back in the capital on Monday. Frick.

But the real reason I'm blogging is because I want to copy the lyrics down for the new The Dangerous Summer's songs "Weathered" and "This Is War." It's like The Graduate meets The Starting Line. And it's awesome!. Both songs are so good. Their new album is going to make heads explode. I can't stop listening to it, and my last.fm proves it (user name: blindshoes). So since they aren't posted anywhere, I'm just gonna do the "listen and type" for my own good and so you can see how good their lyrics have gotten. Bolded parts are my favorite. Also, some of these might not be 100% correct, I'm going off just my ear. But I believe them to be pretty accurate.


"I felt unable
I was lying on my side
In the same clothes from the very last night
I want to pray that I'm doing everything right

I saw my mom die for the very first time
She was an angel. God took her from the sky
And there's a million other people that I've found
who care more than I ever will.

I held that note out.
I grabbed my bag and I left through the door
I let my hair blow. Put these words on my skin.
I can not relate

Would you believe in my songs if I gave them up to you?
I can't find the strength in my voice to call you back and say,
"That everything went bad without you."

I'm lost again. God, believe I'm lost again.

I fade in [sic]. We took so much that I couldn't even sleep
I waited so long. Though that wasn't even that bad.
I never had to be a part of the world and I've been
Making that a goal for reasons that I cannot explain.

Well I'm an optimist, but only in a perfect world
Think I'm too stained by all the negativity
From all the people in my way.


I took a trip down south
Felt the sun on my face and it made things OK for a second
I drew a picture of my problems when I was going insane
And I focused on the currents
It's the funny thing about it: I never seemed to worry
That every single current's not the same.
It's all about position and where I choose to lay.
And God I am going away.


"This Is War"

"My [sic] on my head like a thunderstorm
A place where I could barely stand
I spent a winter without my air
But now I feel it in my chest
I'm just so sick of the scenery
And all those hours without sex
I get so tired of being me, but now I'm feeling this again

And God knows that you can't see after dark
But I won't give this up cause I wrote this on my chest
So tell me what you think of the atmosphere
And all those moths inside my head
Do you really believe in me?
I will hold this like a gun cause
I've got some things to do

I filled up all my fears with [sic] words
I told the whole world I was spent
I came around when they needed me
And that's just how I learned to give
With all the feelings and losing sleep
In a scene where I found hope
There was a piece [sic] buried deep
And now I never want to go


I've got all those plans [sic] again
And this is war
And I want to touch the coast again
I'll forget to take. My voice is going.
Forget to hold. My breath is spoken.
Say, don't you remember where you've been?


let me tell you, this is an insanely personal record. But as you can see above, it's told in a way that is endearing and commonplace. Fantastic.

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