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Deborah Remus
Show Review: The Flatliners (04/12/12)
04/13/12 at 07:43 AM by Deborah Remus
I've lost count how many times I've seen The Flatliners over the years, but it's a lot. Whether they're headlining or opening for someone else they're always worth seeing and last night was no different. The band packed in a decent sized crowd into the Ellice Theatre and they kicked things off with "Meanwhile, In Hell..." before launching directly into "Carry the Banner" from 2010's Cavalcade. They don't talk much to the crowd, they don't have a crazy stage set-up and they don't do anything overly entertaining, but it works for them. All of their songs sound excellent live and they don't need anything extra to keep you interested. The crowd was pretty tame, but someone nearly cracked their head open the last time they headlined Winnipeg so that's probably the reason people didn't get as rowdy.

A lot of songs were from their latest record, but you won't see me complaining. It's held up over the last two years and it was the moment they truly lived up to their potential in my opinion. They ended their set with "He Was a Jazzman" and it was cool seeing "Monumental," "Shithawks," "Liver Alone," and "Count Your Bruises" make the cut alongside "Christ Punchers," which was on the Monumental 7-inch. "Eulogy," "Mother Teresa Chokeslams the World" and "Fred's Got Slacks" were some of the older tracks and at this point I've listed most of their set. They played for about 50 minutes so you can expect quite a few songs.

A bunch of Winnipeg bands opened the show and one of them was this metalcore band called Waster. If you like Cancer Bats, there's a chance you might like them. They're pretty heavy, they used to be called FAME and Daniel from Carpenter released their new record. Kids and Heroes reminded me of a cross between Blink-182 and Set Your Goals. I heard of them through our weekly Mailbox Listings and while I didn't review the record, I did listen to a few songs and was pretty stoked to see they recorded a cover of Wave's "California." That song was the jam back in grade 5 and I wish they played it, but I can't complain too much. A punk band called Asado was the first to play and I'm assuming other cities will see their local talent represented at their dates as well.

So if this tour is coming near you, check it out:

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Show Blog: The Flatliners (04/15/10)
04/16/10 at 08:49 PM by Deborah Remus
Since I did interviews with Chris from The Flatliners and Ty from Broadway Calls, I didn’t catch as much of the show as I normally would have. So why am I blogging about it, then? Well, it's been awhile since I made a news post announcing this tour and I want to give all the bands an extra shout-out at the very least. So now, if you care enough to read my experience, you can. And if you've been as well, I'd love to hear from you:

Making Waves

They are a local band that only played the Winnipeg show and they were OK from what I caught, which was the last 2 songs and the bass intro to “Longview” by Green Day. I don’t really want to write more because I barely saw anything to judge.

Cobra Skulls

These guys played a fun, fast paced set when they kicked things off with “Back to the Youth.” The crowd was pretty mellow, but they were able to connect to the crowd and get a small circle pit going near the end. They pulled out their Spanish with “!Hasta Los Cobra Skulls Siempre!” which was a pleasant surprise and they kept on going with “The Cobra and the Man-Whore,” “Thicker Than Water,” “Honorary Discharge Under The Influence,” “Rebel Fate,” and “The Streets of Cairo” among others.

Broadway Calls

The second I got a promo copy of their self-titled from Smallman Records back in 2007, I’ve been a gigantic Broadway Calls fan so I was especially excited to finally see them. And I can happily say they sounded great and their set didn’t disappoint me at all. The crowd was still a little timid, it was the type of situation where you didn’t have to push anyone or get there early to be right up against the stage. It sucks because these guys deserve to play to a packed room. But because it was so small, it felt like they were playing just for me in a way so that made the set all that much more memorable.

As for the set-list, there was no way I was going anywhere during their set and it’s as follows:

What They PlayedBad Intentions
Basement Royalty
Fuck You Seattle
Call It Off
Suffer the Kids
Be All That You Can’t Be
Van Rides and High Tides
Midnight Hour
Classless Reunion
Save Our Ship
To The Sheets (Chris from The Flatliners came out to sing part of it)
Back To Oregon

The Flatliners

I’m terrible and missed some of their set to finish up the interview with Ty, but in my defence I’ve seen this band a ton of times since they always play Winnipeg and they often open up for other bands coming through too. I’ll never forget seeing them with Less Than Jake in 2008, that’s still one of the best shows I’ve ever been to. Plus, I'd like to think both interviews will more than make up for this not very detailed blog.

Anyway, they were just as energetic and crazy as ever and the crowd finally really started to liven up for the first time that night. “July! August! Reno!” “This Respirator” and “Eulogy” should give you a brief taste of what they played. Thankfully I caught some new songs like “Carry the Banner” and “Bleed” and they sounded great live too. Cavalcade just came out on Tuesday after all and it's one of the many records worth picking up this past week.
Tags: cobra skulls, the flatliners, broadway calls, show blog
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