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Cloud Buster
So What Did I Miss?
10/18/10 at 01:53 PM by Adrian Villagomez
Due to limited internet access, I haven't kept up-to-date with the latest and greatest music releases. So, what new albums/bands should I be listening to? How about you let me know your favorite 2010 releases, so I can get nice and caught up. I did pick up the new I Can Make a Mess album, which I've been enjoying. I'll always accept more Ace Enders into my library.

For anyone who cares to know, I recently relocated to Austin with a good friend of mine. That good friend has since moved back home, so here I am with an empty room to rent (I've received a couple humorous responses to my ad) and plenty of city to explore. It'll be interesting to see where I'm at a year from now, because my future is pretty wide open. Have you noticed how coming back to a cherished album after a long absence is like embracing an old friend? I found a burned copy of Interventions + Lullabies in my car and was very happy to say hello to the music. "On Your Porch" is one of my favorite tracks, and some of its lyrics hit close to home:

"'Cause what's left to lose?
I've done enough.
And if I fail well then I fail but I gave it a shot.
And these last three years,
I know they've been hard,
But now its time to get out of the desert and into the sun
Even if it's alone."

I've gotta give it a shot.
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Song Spotlight: "Dog Problems"
08/11/09 at 12:06 PM by Adrian Villagomez
The Format - "Dog Problems" (music video)

I usually don't mind picking up albums years late and finally discovering why they're almost unanimously loved by AP.net critics. But I really could've used Dog Problems back in 2006. Regardless, I spent the end of last month listening to Dog Problems when I should have been enamored by Aim & Ignite, and that's fine by me - gotta show respect to the classics. If you're somehow even later to the party than I was, you need to listen to the jaunty title track now.

Don't you dare speak for someone you don't know,
They'll feel it in the back of their throat.
We know I can't construct a poem,
'Cause words, like girls, get bored and run.
C'est la vie.
I say I've got so many better things.
I've got nothin'.
You should see me,
I smoke myself to sleep

And blame postmodern things I can't relate,
Like summer camp and coastal states.
Like alcohol and coffee beans,
Dance floors and magazines.
I think it's safe to say
I've only got myself to blame,
But boys in swooping haircuts are bringing me down,
Taking pictures of themselves, oh.

And so I walk the web in search of love,
But always seem to end up stuck.
I'm finding flaws in everyone.
I've reached the point where all I want
Is to sleep around in hopes that I will catch back up.
We are parallel lines,
We're runnin' in circles,
We're never meant to cross.

I'm at a loss, you were my tangerine,
My pussycat, my trampoline.
Now all's I gets are wincing cheeks,
And dog problems, I signed a lease
Thinking my heart belonged at 93rd and Park.
Instead I broke a girls heart
And flew back to Phoenix
To finish the year as it started.

Can you hear me?
Are you listening?
This is the sound of my heart breaking.
And I hope it's entertaining,
'Cause for me it's a bitch.
Was it worth it when you slept with him?
Did you get it all out of your system?

I am a man
Holding it all.
I could not breathe
Coming across.
I didn't know
I couldn't get up.

B is for believing you'd always be here for me.
E is for everything, even when we'd see it though.
C, C is for seeing through you, you are a fake.
Which brings me to A because because you always run away.

I never finish phrases I misspell,
Open arms are prison cells.
When I said, "I hate what I've become",
I lied, I hated who was.
So when you start to wonder 'bout the pain in my throat,
Then don't you ever, no never, ever, speak for someone you don't know.

Tags: lyrics, recommendation, song spotlight, the format
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