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The Pen, The Page, The Paper
Low-Key Friday
03/01/08 at 12:46 AM by Julia Conny
Headed to the student union tonight to see some friends play. Dipped out, got ice cream with the roommate and laid low for the night. I have on odd obsession with maraschino cherries. Saw Henry Rollins speak this week, which was remarkable. I could see Ian MacKaye standing backstage, and that was epic for me. The man is a near idol of mine, and I've never been in the same room with him (and known about it). It's hard to put moments like those into words.

I have the semi-finalists for the Unsigned Band Merch Contest, and now I'm waiting for a few more of those bands to get back to me. You'd figure that it wouldn't take days for some of them to send me note back, especially when we are talking 1000 bucks of potential profit here. Hrmm.

I have a big to-do list for tomorrow and a book I'm really enjoying (Tucker Max's I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell). Nice and content.

On Beat: Stickin' it to the fans (I even got comments for this week's column!)
Keynote Interview with Thomas Hesse, Sony/BMG
Tags: tidbits, ice cream, henry rollins, ian mackaye, contest, books
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We Can Silence Thunder
02/18/08 at 02:17 PM by Julia Conny
First off, I've been listening to this Tiger Lou album non-stop. That, and I just bought City & Colour, but I need to spend a lot more time with Dallas Green before I blog about it. Serious business. And now, some serious linkage.
  1. Prose about working for The Baltimore Sun; David Simon (writer for The Wire).
  2. The Google-ization of Music? Labels Sue SeeqPod.
  3. Me, On Shuffle; Chuck Klosterman (Thanks to Jac for finding this, and linking it up.)
  4. On Beat (02.17.07) - Ad-supported music can be cool.
I came home to my parents house for a day or two to collect thoughts and get some work done. It's been nice so far. I missed my fam a lot, and they weren't even that upset when I showed them the new tat. A couple days prior to my visit, Aunt Nina and my mom went through 25 boxes of my grandfathers old manuscripts and writing, and I've been leafing through some as well. The house smells faintly of aging books and paper.

I didn't know my grandfather very well - he died when I was 4 or 5 - but he was especially nuts. Or at least that's what my mom and aunt think. I think he's hiding secrets, and those secrets I am meant to find. There are hundreds - thousands, maybe even millions - of his thoughts to internalize. Expect to see excepts of his writing here and there. Maybe these sheets of paper carry more significance to me because they are frail and yellowing along the outskirts. Maybe it's the typewriter font, or the balding, bearding old man cooped up in the a crowded NYC apartment shooting musing from his fingers that has gotten me all riled up and treasure hunting. Maybe I'm looking for answers, and Grandpa Bob knew them all along. Maybe we were meant to find things this way all along, at this time, in this mindset - just like how my little sister found three crisp one hundred dollar bills pressed between two pages in one of his hundreds of journals.

Excerpts from Sights and Insights - Robert Mende

Writing is half mind and half fingers.


Trying to convince others of our wisdom, proves us foolish.

If weather can change us, we have the wrong sun.

Waiting, clarifies.

We can silence thunder.

The thief gives us the gift of knowing what can't be stolen.

Test threats by how they feel after eating them.

A typewriter has the keys to the universe.

More soon. Love you all.
Tags: robert mende, tidbits, sights and insights, on beat, tiger lou
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The 9th Rule of Fight Club: You Must Sing and Dance
02/11/08 at 12:05 PM by Julia Conny
I've always thought Chuck Palahnuik is an overrated author (anyone can write in fragments, dude), but a Fight Club musical?
Tags: fight club, chuck palahnuik, musical, tidbits
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Tidbits - 02.11.07
02/11/08 at 10:50 AM by Julia Conny
Tags: tidbits, rss feeds, industry news
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But I Don't Have A Piano So This Guitar Will Have To Do For Your Love
01/04/08 at 11:30 PM by Julia Conny
Once again, Andy Hull has done it. Killed it. Wrapped up the presents, socked them under the tree, and closed down the checkbook. The song "Badges and Badges" is one of the most beautiful pieces of work I've heard as of late but a new song freshly-pasted on his myspace, "It Happens So Fast" is a gentle and majestic wonder.

I forgot that today is Friday and that tonight is supposed to be the night for drinks and fun. I live a different schedule, and I work on the weekends, but really, I'm always working towards something. I won't sleep, I won't rest until it's all done, all crossed off the list, but I'm always working on something. Will I ever rest? Will I ever stop to breathe and take in everything? No. I never will. Life is too short to wander aimlessly. If I do wander, I wander with purpose and to take in more for the purpose of learning or experience. Wasted moments are one step back and the future is one step in the other direction.

Do I make sense? Probably not, but in this wicked, short-tempered and irrational mind of mine, I create a bigger picture that I eat up and internalize anytime I take a word to paper. Or keyboard. Sometimes I think that I speak better on a keyboard than in real life, and then I realize that I'm right in this notion. But I can't decide that if I wasn't as good with a keyboard, would I be better with real verbiage? Or would I just be less understood?

But enough about me and my lost-child musings. I'm thinking too much at the moment. Tonight my friends and I went to the Local Highrise, a new venue in Baltimore, to see That Was Something and play room-inspector. Jacqueline and I are always looking for a new business venture, and this place defines the word potential. It used to be a movie theatre in the early 1900's to the Sixties, and it was later transformed into a supermarket until 2005, which it was shut down and put on the auction market. About six months ago, a group of daring buds rented out this warehouse-like space, spruced it up with graffiti-style paint job, and made it oddly inviting. This venue could be huge (as in popularity ... it already has a 1000+ capacity), and Jac and I want to help make it huge. You could see our brains reeling through our eyelids. Color us determined.

In other tidbits, looks like all four majors (Sony/BMG being the last one) have moved over to DRM-free digital management (... totally predicted that shit). Looks like the tides are turning for Amazon. I still need to give their service a try. I think I will do that tomorrow night, make a blog date out of it. Apparently, Universal mp3's on Amazon are watermarked, but not with unique identifiers ... note to self: research this more. Also in interesting articles, Neilsen SoundScans for 2007 are in and 2007 saw a 50 percent increase in digital sales. Well, you don't say.

I've been watching a lot of Jake and Amir lately. Off-beat addicting. G'night, moons.
Tags: 2007, 2008, drm, amazon, that was something, right away great captain, venue, tidbits
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Tidbits - 12.20.07
12/21/07 at 11:56 PM by Julia Conny
More teens than ever sharing - and restricting - content online.
David Byrne explains the six record deal models and chats about a bunch of the other industry importance. <-- READ THIS
Tags: tidbits
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Tidbits - 12.19.07
12/19/07 at 08:41 PM by Julia Conny
I am always collecting tidbits of interviews and articles about things I am interested in or I think I can use/quote/reference in the future, and this blog is an aggregation of these. I hope they can bring you momentary understanding or a peek into something new.

The Price Of Music: David Byrne Interviews Thom Yorke
FCC Green Lights Increased Media Consolidation
Does Imeem Have a Strong Set of Legs? - Multitasking Numbers
Tags: tidbits, david byrne, thom yorke, fcc, media, imeem
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