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Take This To Your [Headphones]
It's almost 1:30AM.
02/05/09 at 11:12 PM by Miss Heartcore
Letís do this for each other
Letís do this for truth
I give for you, you give for me
Let me take you somewhere, I can not explain
Iím stumbling right in front of you now
I wonít refrain from guiding you there
Normal is not so far
Was it just a dream
Or something much more
We are not alone
Since you agreed to follow
Itís all in my head, if you want, you can look inside
Thereís nothing but red and all the mess Iíve been
Itís all in the way I say what I donít mean, and mean what I donít
I need to speak of you and what is real
They will never understand
What eats at our insides

Ehh, you get the point.
Tags: The Created Void, Underoath, specific people, "friends", Life
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I'm [not] Content with Losing
08/22/08 at 02:32 PM by Miss Heartcore
I'm half way there,
This is what i get for wanting more....
for wanting more

This is the way its got to be;
desolate, alone and searching...
So I walk around with this rope in my hand
So I'll tie it around, and around and around...
I'll tie me down

I'll fantisize of leading many and leaving us behind.
in your eyes, you were the one that tried.

If seconds is what holds us here,
Then you my dear are the one i fear today...
We'll try this one more time...

This is the moment that we all wait for, are you ready?
Are you ready?


I can't find anything or anyone worth my time.
Tags: Underoath, Romance, Personal Life
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Not so Young, Not so Inspiring.
08/11/08 at 12:13 PM by Miss Heartcore
This all needs a break from you
And I'm used to this

I fear that I am just an end
So you'll play the mistaken and I'll play the victim
In our screenplay of desire and I'm still writing
The letter I'll never send

Running in circles I can't forget how many times
I've played this in my mind

Feeling free, feeling free

Consequence, it's our need in times like this
Feeling free is our modern disease
You're a classic disaster with a knack for losing your exterior
I'm so sick from staring at the mirror

This is my panic, this is my call to arms

I thought that this would get better.
That once I broke free of all ties
I'd breathe easy and begin to move forward.

I'm fairly certain that 98% of the world is a letdown
and these drinks fail to silence my concerns.

I feel less interested in people now more than ever.
I've got a mental block when it comes to attraction.

Everyone around me seems to be giving up.
Might as well join the parade.

Life is pretty much at a standstill.
Except for the gears turning in my head.
I'll write this all down and maybe make something of it.
At least this will be an ending I can control.
Tags: Underoath, Romance, Personal Life
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Moving for the Sake of Motion
08/07/08 at 02:52 PM by Miss Heartcore
Oh, my God
I hate the me that Iíve become
This needy useless forgetting one
Truthfully I canít be the me that Iíve washed up to be

That's pretty much it.
I'm not much for words lately.
I really just wish that I didn't give a shit
Tags: Underoath, Personal Life
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Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
08/05/08 at 01:03 PM by Miss Heartcore
Please God,
Let me stop fucking up.
I'm ready for life.

It's so good.
I'm ready for it.

This ringing in my ear, It's so unclear, so unclear
I hear them talking, but can't make out the words
Speak up, Speak clear
I hear them talking, but can't make out the words
Speak up, Speak clear
Where have I been, What terrible company,
With zero apologies
My God, where have I been, Where have I been
When I sink to the bottom,
I'll Sing out as it fills with water
I hope I've done enough
When this thing breaks, I will be you, you will be me
Tags: Underoath, Personal Life
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Holy Marketing Trend BATMAN!
03/05/08 at 10:58 PM by Miss Heartcore
All the cool kids are releasing Live Concert DVDs.

A Day to Remember
Alkaline Trio
Armor For Sleep
Butch Walker
Darkest Hour
Division Day
Fall Out Boy
God Forbid
Rocket from the Cript
Set Your Goals
Silent Envy
Story of the Year
The Anniversary
The Number 12 Looks Like You

I'm missing a bunch, but you get my drift.

I mean, don't get me wrong, if the DVD has backstage stuff and extras then I'm totally pumped.
It's the LIVE CD that I could care less about.

FOB has a TON of freaking stuff on the up-coming DVD--totally worth buying if you're a fan.
and the trailer for Saosin's is such an awesome tease--I might be compelled to buy it.

I will say that I own TBS's two Louder Now DVDS.
The trailers for each were awesome and totally won me over.

I guess most bands are really being pushed to do this.
Not a bad idea if you've never been able to see your favorite band live and want to be able to re-live the experience at your own leisure...
I just find the whole thing turning a little trendy.

But then again, maybe I'm a hypocrite...because what I'm working on is expected to turn into a DVD...
Tags: FOB, Underoath, Documentary
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