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The Remnants of Uncertainty...
Save The Music Campaign - 100th Blog!
10/11/08 at 04:07 AM by cassusriff
Well ladies and gents, this is my 100th blog on AP.net. In a little under a year I have managed to be bored enough to vomit my thoughts into this little space 100 times. What's even crazier is that I have garnered a good amount of views in that time. I have about 100 friends on AP.net and a good amount of them check out my blog, including a couple of staff members. I've written poems, songs, angry rants, and music, movie, TV, and video game reviews. I've posted videos of me performing songs and reading my rants or reviews. I've even begun collaborating with another AP.net user (RyanFTW) and venturing into other cool entertainment ideas.

I want to thank all the people from the work thread, despite all the drama, who helped me through a lot of this really rough year. Special thanks to Alyx, who has been a true friend to me and someone who has talked me through all my craziness. I want to thank Lizzy for seriously changing my life in the last few weeks and making me feel like I can do anything. I want to thank Ryan for being crazy enough to come up with the ideas we are actually pursuing. I want to thank all the staff here at AP.net, especially Jason Tate, for giving me a soapbox to stand up on and providing this wonderful site where I spend most of my time.

Last, but not least, I want to thank all my readers/viewers who give me purpose and give me validation that what I think and write and film is entertaining, significant, or just somewhat interesting. I hope you all continue to stick around, I have a lot of cool stuff planned.

Now it is time for me to introduce the "Save The Music" campaign that stars me and RyanFTW. We are campaigning and competing for your votes to be elected Music Scene President. I hope you all will support me and help me to win this scene back. Here is my introductory video:

Here is all the info you need to stay up-to-date with our campaigns, debates, and other info. Remember to vote!

Corey Long Vs. Ryan Riddell in the Music Scene Presidential Race. A month long series dealing with the music issues that are at the hearts of all Americans. Vote for your favorite candidate by visiting his channel or blog in the links below!

Corey's Channel
Corey's Blog

Ryan's Channel
Ryan's Blog

Enjoy, and thank you all!

Tags: 100, blogs, vlogs, ryanftw, politics, music, thanks
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Things are working out...
10/01/08 at 01:03 AM by cassusriff
So you might notice that I have the Razia's Shadow preview as a private entry. I just had to compile all the info so I could get working on the blog and vlog preview I'm preparing. To clarify, I don't have an advance copy or anything, but I'm going to present all the info from all over the place in one nicely wrapped preview that is sure to get you stoked. Should be up by the end of this week.

So I decided to can the Fall TV preview because the videos had a short shelf life. Previewing an album a few weeks ahead of time or reviewing an album makes for a more watchable product. Not to mention that there are fewer spoiler alerts. So after this Razia's Shadow preview I'm probably going to roll out a top 5 countdown of albums I'm feeling that match certain criteria (ex: top five pop punk albums of 2008, top 5 albums to blast in the car with windows down, etc). Then, if I EVER get a review posted on AP.net, I'll do a vlog version of it as well. haha.

So that's all the business stuff. Personally, my life is pretty swell. I think I'm able to say that because I worked out again tonight after a layoff that was much too long. I realized that I've become a bit dependent on the endorphins that come with my daily workouts, which explains why I was beginning to unravel last night.

Can't stress enough how stoked I am about this girl that has come into my life. She made a music video of the song "Bruises" by Chairlift. This video is edited really nicely, makes her look amazing, and makes me look like a fool.

I'm in my last week of training for my new position at Blue Shield. I'm excited to see how fast I can move up in this department, I seem to catch on pretty fast.

Anyway, I'm tired. I'll catch up with you guys later. Thanks again to everyone who reads my blogs or watches my videos, means the world to me!

Tags: razia's shadow, plans, top 5 countdown, music, personal, relationships, vlogs, blogs
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New Blog/Vlog!
09/19/08 at 02:56 AM by cassusriff
Alright, so I've decided that I'm going to get serious about this whole blogging thing and create a blog hybrid. I'm going to continue writing out all my thoughts, recommendations, reviews, and such. But now I'm going to make videos to go along with all of this. I'm really excited about this and I hope the people who do watch (as few as they may be) will enjoy the different mediums I employ.

Here is my video of what I plan to do on my youtube channel.

This will be my main blog for the time being. I may start up a blogspot, but I enjoy writing here and it keeps the traffic coming to this site. Basically I'll post my videos in my blogs here and also post my blog link in my videos. It's cross-promotion and it's awesome!

I'll have some good videos/blogs up soon! Cheers!
Tags: blogs, vlogs, videos, music, movies, changes, excitement
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