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Music Mends Broken Hearts
I Hate The Phrase "Hump Day"
10/14/09 at 08:43 AM by Jason Tate
Awake and working. A lot to do today (hmm, what else is new, right?). Hope everyone is enjoying the new track from The Graduate (on the homepage), we have a few new songs that we may be able to do this sorta stuff with if it keeps getting this kind of response. Hopefully labels pay attention. I see no reason why this band couldn't have a really solid fanbase that crosses over a few demographics. Guess we'll see.

Back to work.
Tags: working, update
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Worker Bee or Queen Bee?
01/27/09 at 07:05 PM by Jason Tate
Well, I have two pages of notes of little changes I need to make around the website. Some things that aren't working right/could look better. I'll post more about those as I make the changes to the website.

I also sent off a "wishlist" to buzznet the other day for some things I don't know how to do - but would love to have added to the site/help with. Hopefully I hear back on some of that stuff -- because it could be some pretty cool/helpful new features.

Right now I'm just listening to music and organizing some things. Might take a break to watch last night's episode of House (missed it to watch the Blazer game) and then get to work on this to-do list.

As always - feel free to hit me up if you have any thoughts or comments on how to improve the website (layout wise, function wise, etc.).
Tags: ap related, working
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If It Were Me ... (Part 3)
01/26/09 at 04:14 PM by Jason Tate
Instead of looking at the music industry - I want to look at the social networking world. This is something I would love to have the time to code for fun, but I just have so many things on my plate right now, I just don't even have enough time to do the things I have to do in a day (that's a good thing, I could be unemployed). However, I've had this idea in the back of my mind for a while that I wanted to flush out. In a different life this is the kind of thing I would probably try - even if it was just for fun - basically it's something Facebook should do in my opinion.

OK -- basically my thought is to aggregate everything about a person onto one tumblr like feed. I like the feel of tumblr where you can post things, set up a blog, customize the look (key), and share shit from basically all around the internet in one place. I also like Facebook -- and the feed/wall portion of the website. I think combining those two things would be a sweet feature.

Imagine a site like tumblr, where you can do whatever you want - customize your page, get followers, etc. -- but the "blog" or "feed" portion of it was customizable in a different way. Basically you could go in and edit a bunch of modules to pull your data from other places around the web. RSS feeds from other sites (unlimited), status updates from twitter, facebook, aim, myspace, pictures from sites, blogs, notes, last.fm listens, google reader -- basically if the site exists out there ... you'd be able to pull the info into your page. Each one would get pulled in separately, comments would be allowed, it would all be categorized and filterable - as well as searchable and archivable. You'd be able to post your own content in there as well (like a blog/tumblr) and there could be options for how you view the site. You could view a calendar of different events. A graph of words/trends. A timeline of your life. Basically the ultimate online aggregator. Completely customizable - completely up to you how it's used - and 100% social. As well as these modules - maybe there'd be ways to download other add-ons. A firefox add-on that spits out information about your browsing habits (some people like to share everything), an add-on for web cams, or iphone gps updates. Writing a few lines of code to track a users stuff would mean you could spit out relevant advertisements on their page beyond anything currently out there. Hell, offer the user a kickback if they allow you to toss the ads in their "feed" instead of just on the side. There's plenty of monetization options ... if you're a little creative. And I think (coming from a music stand point) there are all kinds of entertainment related things you could do as well. Especially if the design remained clean and straight forward. A band version would be damn cool.

The set back is that from scratch it's basically another blog/social network. It would work better implemented into a site than done from the ground up ... because who really wants to sign up for another blog/social network? Xanga is dead, livejournal is dead, tumblr is the new hotness -- but that will die in time as well. However, I think as long as people are on the internet ... they want to catalog their life -- I'm not sure Facebook (and other social sites) have really tapped that as well as they could.

I dunno - maybe something like this exists out there and I just haven't seen it ... but I think there are different ways of databasing information and showing it to the user that haven't been explored yet. We've seen how feeds/bursts of information have become popular -- however, I think there are other ways to display the data and bring a clearer picture of a person to the net. We try to do this on AP.net -- however, we're not really a social network. We allow profiles so people can comment on content ... we don't have profiles as the reason to sign up. Anyway ... just some thoughts I wanted to type out. Oh, the things that go on in my head.
Tags: advice, random, thoughts, social networking, industry
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No More 'Pedia?
11/21/08 at 12:50 PM by Jason Tate
Well, someone deleted the AP.net Wikipedia article. I guess people have far more time on their hands than I do these days. I'm sitting around swamped with emails and work all the while trying to prepare and deal with this economic nightmare and then this other bullshit gets thrown on top. Fucking ridiculous. We'll have to create a new one in the near future - Adrian will probably be working with me on that.

I am going to go post news and get back to working on the website. Trying to get the FAQ finished up today. Basically all I am going to be working on for most of the day.

Curious how I'm feeling about life lately? Check out "Welcome to Heartbreak" by Kanye West. I think the lyrics sum it up perfectly at the moment.
Tags: annoyed, working
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