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07:11 PM on 01/24/08
xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx
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What were you talking about when you wrote on my wall?
03:33 PM on 01/15/08
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walking_person's Avatar
Hahah, that's great (they're my favorite)! I'm a Girl Scout and because there was an event on Sunday I got to have some of them, but no more until February 29th. Selling them can be a pain sometimes.
11:28 AM on 10/13/07
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XPunkxRockxDeeX's Avatar
heyy alotta yyour bandz rawk leavee mee a message sometime ;)
08:00 PM on 10/05/07
son, i loved you at your darkest
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rodericknj's Avatar
thank you soo much!
i really appreciate that! haha, what's your name?
and it's nice to meet you.
10:37 PM on 08/06/07
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lostfear's Avatar
thanks man, I really Appreciate it. Lyrics are a big deal to me. and I spend a lot of time writing mine. If a band has weak lyrics I find them hard to listen to.

my band is recording an E.P. right now. and I will tell you as soon as it;s record that's if your interested.

my bands name is Connery



the songs on the sites currently are poorly recorded, out of date and the vocals lack overall.

but if you want to add us and tell us what you think I'd be happy to hear it
03:08 PM on 07/16/07
TgE ARTdamage
Where are you Yeezy?
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TgE ARTdamage's Avatar
haha, rad dude. glad to see i made it into your sig. it's my goal to someday be in everyone's sig on AP.

I dig you, you're a cool dude on this site.
07:18 PM on 06/27/07
mortal soldier
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mortal soldier's Avatar
You're right, that sounds pretty dick.

He might of just been having a shitty day, though. I can imagine he'd have a lot of them with all the negative focus on him. I'd feel bad for him if his music wasn't godawful.
04:58 PM on 06/14/07
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all time low rocks...can't wait for their album!
The 350 pound fat kid in junior high with the "sexy" canadian girlfriend who is "totally going to fly down this spring for the school dance". Said fat kid undoubtedly has acne, and hates his life because he has to take care of his 80 year old senile grandmother.

That's who.

fuck you you dont no shit about bob marley what is this i hear you want to get raped in the ass by a pinapple??? shut the fuck you dont shit and bob malrey was sticking up for his rights and for his people im sorry you cant recongize talent when it comes across and what ever bob marley wears is because he is jamacian and it was 30 years ago and you need to get ass raped in the face

if liking great television makes me gay, then bring on the dicks baby.

Thank god I live 45 minutes from Hershey Park. Yall jealous. Season pass to ride this baby and tons of chocolate right in my dickhole.

Blah blah blah, I'm on the road to boob town so all of you can fuck off.

how fucking selfish of you. cats are getting sliced and all you can think about is fucking ren and stimpy.

uhhhhh, you know harry houdini died from a ruptured appendix, right? not from a magic trick.

Is that a mustache with a ... mustache?

this shit isn't over asshole. I'm still alive and I'm still here you cocksucking motherfucking bullshit asshole. You can't stop me no matter what I'll keep coming back and goddamit I'll fucking win. I've already motherfucking won but this time I'm playing for keeps and there's nothing you can do about it you cocksucker, If you think I don't stand a chance your an even bigger fucking fool that I fucking thought. Fuck you. I'm not falling for your bullshit asshole. I know your fucking game and I swear to you this time your ass is losing. all the shit you pulled on me only made me stronger and I guaruntee it will only make your sorry ass defeat ever more fucking pathetic you backstabbing two faced slimy rotten piece of fucking shit. I've delt with assholes like you and your existence will remain a bloddy stain on the face of the all thats living. so mark my words motherfucker. this. is. no. joke.

Good lord, I can't even take a normal penis. I think all of my insides would be ruptured and I would die instantly if I was getting a horse.

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