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02:27 PM on 11/04/15
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Hi, Josh! =) I need your help (regarding the songs of the band "American Hi-Fi")
(I'm sorry I have to write on the wall (personal message does not send))

Dear Josh!! =)

Hi! My name is Kostya, I'm from Russia ... and I want to ask you one thing.

Long time ago, in 2007, you uploaded on file sharing songs of "American Hi-Fi"...

http://www.absolutepunk.net/showthread.php?p=7685546 - your correspondence with the rest of the forum is visible here)

Now these files, of course, removed...

Well, that's actually my request:

Could you re-upload any file sharing the following songs:

Come Alive (Live) or maybe there is studio record?)))
In The City (Cover)
My Soul To Lose
Safer On The Outside (Acoustic)
The Art Of Losing (Acoustic)
The Geeks Get The Girls (Acoustic)
The Girl Gets Around (Live)
This Is The Sound (Acoustic)
Victory Song
We're Gonna Find A Way

and perhaps these 5 songs have found by you:

1) "Better without you here" - (A Recording leak onto the internet in 2004, not confirmed that its by American Hi-Fi, but could of been a Solo song by Stacy Jones).
2) "Surrender" - (A "Cheap trick" cover that is on the "Rock N 'Roll Noodle shop" CD and is played only live in some shows).
3) "Transformers (Theme Song)" - (Not in film; single available on Yahoo Music Unlimited (3 July 2007). Strange but oddly released during their hiatus in 2007. It was released on their official Myspace page).
4) "Waking Up to the End of the World" - (A Demo that was recorded live for the album "Rock N 'Roll Noodle shop").
5) "Yesterday is Gone" - (A live demo played at one of their live concerts between 2002-2003. No actual recording has surfaced).

or send them in an archive (*.rar) on my personal mail: kunstr@yandex.ru

The fact that during, last 2 days I spent almost 12 hours on searching these songs. But I got no result. Songs are removed from all torrents ... and there is no access to sites where these songs can be found...

You seem to be my last hope to find the songs!

If you answer and help me - I will be very grateful to you!

Thank you in advance! I will wait!
07:26 AM on 10/15/15
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i'm a huge Manchester Orchestra fan from berlin, germany. I try to find nearly all material and songs, which i can find from Manchester Orchestra, Andy Hull, Bad Books, RAGC. But some stuff is missing, and i read in this forum, that you maybe have some of these files. That's why i want to ask you, if there is a chance, to get some of the following tracks as audio files from you:

Andy Hull - Live on KEXP - March 20, 2007 (Interview, pt. 1, Wolves At Night, Interview, pt. 2, Sleeper 1972, Interview, pt. 3, Don't Let Them See You Cry, Interview, pt. 4, I Can Feel Your Pain, Outro)

Manchester Orchestra on WBRU, 95.5 ( The full interview, colly strings, where have you been, and Wolves at night)

Manchester Orchestra Brasil 2012 Lollapalooza
April Fool
My Friend Marcus
Pale Black Eye
I've Got Friends
Shake It Out
I Can Barely Breathe
Simple Math
Everything To Nothing

Manchester Orchestra – Half Of It

Manchester Orchestra - Rolling Stone Session Acoustic
The Only One, "The Party's Over" and "Tony The Tiger".

Manchester Orchestra – Jim Beam Live Music Series
Manchester Orchestra play a SOLD OUT show at the TLA this Saturday, May 14th, as part of the Jim Beam Live Music Series, and I have 4 pairs up for grabs! Opening the show will be An Horse and Harrison Hudson
01 Virgin
02 Shake It Out
03 Pride
04 100 Dollars
05 My Friend Marcus
06 Now That You’re Home
07 Pale Black Eye
08 April Fool
09 Pensacola
10 I Can Barely Breathe
11 Simple Math
12 Colly Strings
13 The Only One
14 Everything To Nothing
15 Turn Out the Lights (The Party’s Over) (Willie Nelson cover)
16 The River
17 I’ve Got Friends
18 Where Have You Been?

Andy Hull and Robert McDowell Basement Recordings:
Doctors Said
For You I Died
The King of Carrot Flowers, Pt. 1 (Neutral Milk Hotel cover)
The King of Carrot Flowers, Pts. 2+3 (Neutral Milk Hotel cover)
Marked To Live
Paper Wings
Rock out the Tunes, Bro!
Song 1 live
Song 2 live
Song 3 live
Song 4 live
The Drama Summer (The Starting Line cover)
A Lack Of Color (DCFC cover)
Title And Reg. (DCFC cover)
Two-Headed Boy (NMH cover)

Demo When My Dad Dies

Virgins and Babies
1. I Can Feel Your Pain
2. I Think I Saw You

Manchester Orchestra - Simple Math - Original Demo Page 10 On Andys TUMBLR

Bad Books - An Intimate Session at Baeble HQ
Forest Whitaker, Interview 1, You're a Mirror I Cannot Avoid, Interview 2, It Never Stops

Andy Hull- Blood In Your Mouth (Colour Revolt Cover)

Andy Hull - Health

Andy Hull - Mary & the Monsters

Andy Hull - Letter From A Concerned Follower (Pedro The Lion Cover)

Andy Hull - Little Girl (Harrison Hudson Cover)

Andy Hull - Unknown Legend (Willie Nelson Cover)

RAGC - Dad Mom Dad Girl

RAGC - Daughter daughter

RAGC - Haunt for awhile

RAGC - It Happens So Fast

RAGC - You Must Sleep Man

RAGC - The After Parting & My Body Aches For You, from MySpace
10:48 PM on 04/08/15
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Hey man
just wondering if you'd still have all the Boys Night Out b-sides and demo's that you've posted, they were posted ages ago, but it might be worth asking?
If i dont remember to check here, if you do have them could you pretty please email them to alex.warton@gmail.com
I'd appreciate it so so so much man
11:49 PM on 12/17/13
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Hello there, I was just curious at to whether you could please upload the B-side links to Motion City Soundtracks albums as the links I found on this thread were dead:


Anyways, thanks if you get the time. ^-^
09:13 AM on 10/01/11
today was a day just like any other
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Hey man,

Unfortunately, I also don't have the required post count for pms. My email is watchthesky5@yahoo.com. Hoping you'd be willing to send an invite to the bsides site.

Thanks a lot!
11:50 AM on 02/24/11
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I can't send pms cause I don't have the post count, but could you add me to the b-sides r us site? My email's tarrant.richmond@ttu.edu

05:11 AM on 02/21/09
The desperation's gone.
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Ah, we both know you through forums... cool, haha. I know the singer and guitarist of their band more than I do Ste, they used to be in a band with my two brothers. I sent an e-mail to their singer well over a week ago, telling him what I thought of the demos (with vocals) he sent me, and he just hasn't replied haha.
01:07 PM on 01/20/09
The desperation's gone.
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Hello Josh... shocked I am the first one to do this. Just wondering how you know Ste Bauman (saw you have him on your Last.fm friends list)?

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