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03:19 PM on 03/08/13
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Happy birthday! :)
03:32 AM on 12/27/11
wait now here
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Don't know if you will ever see this but just want to say thank you. I just saw you guys for what may have been the last time at your final starland holiday show and it brought back a part of me that I thought had been gone for years now. Thank you for letting me relive a pivotal part of my life through your performance tonight, you will never know just how much it means to me.
05:36 PM on 04/22/11
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Music needs more people like you in it. Hell this world needs more people like you in it.
08:27 AM on 04/06/11
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Geoff, I just wanna say thank you for all the music you've made. It's changed my life in a positive and constructive way. It's also saved my life when I really felt hopeless Waiting is my favorite album, although No Devoluciůn may change. It was the first record that made me feel like I wasn't alone, and that I wasn't some mental freak. This Side Of Brightness will always be my favorite. It's so beautiful, like life itself; I feel so alive when I hear it. I could be sad, frustrated, or even happy and I'll always feel alive. So I just want to thank you again Geoff for making music for everyone. I also want to thank you for letting me have a picture with you when Thursday and Underoath came by Soma San Diego. It was my first time seeing you live and it has been my favorite musical experience in my life. So for the last time, haha, thank you thank you for everything Geoff.
12:37 PM on 02/22/11
Founder of @BehindTheCade
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TheRealJohnOC's Avatar
Hey Geoff, I just want to thank you for your hospitality Sunday at Toads Place in CT. I was one of the lucky chosen to come onto your tour bus and preview 3 tracks off the new album. I enjoyed all 3 tracks and can't wait for the album! Keep up the good work man and congratulations for making it close to 15 years as a band!
01:26 PM on 10/12/09
I'm a Zero.
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tafelanatomie's Avatar
Hey Geoff,

I really wanted to thank you guys for what you do-- putting on great shows, working your asses off on tour, making music that you not only care about, but that really means something.

One of my favorite bands went major this past year on a label that caters mostly to pop acts. They went from this amazing, passionate and talented hardrock band, to this washed-out, uninspired, commercially-poisoned pop-rock band. It really kills me inside when that happens.

On the other hand, you guys have been working so hard to put out the music that you want to make. You use your talents to the best of your abilities to create something you can actually be proud of and that people really feel and connect with. I really think it's a beautiful thing that you guys are doing, and I feel happy to be a part of it by watching it happen.

Common Existence rocks, the show out here kicked ass, and I hope to catch you guys again really soon!

Love, Laura
07:34 PM on 07/31/09
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MattArkin's Avatar
Geoff, you're the man. A true, inspiring artist. Making trips out of NJ to Philly and NYC to see you guys this Fall. So pumped for more energetic and powerful performances!

Much love,
08:29 PM on 05/13/09
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FullCollaspe's Avatar
Hey Geoff, I just want to thank you guys for being amazing and putting out great records. You're saving music from all the crap that is being sold and played. Keep going! Also, I tried to go to Taste Of Chaos, but I couldn't. Just keep rocking, and keep the Thursday spirit alive! Oh, and congrats on getting that AP Cover.
01:44 PM on 04/10/09
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Hey man.
04:09 PM on 03/12/09
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so i was supposed to see you guys at taste of chaos last weekend but i had to jet early, and let me tell you I am super disapointed. AND I was supposed to have a meet and greet with you but i wasn't told to come early! Disapointing, but i hope to see you guys back in MD again! And I was extremely happy to see you were selling United Nations shirts! Sady, I only had $10! Anyways, are you guys selling the cd/shirts anywhere? I didnt see the cd at your merch table, and I'd like to get a shirt also. Thank you so much i you read this!!
04:56 PM on 02/28/09
Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts
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Circa1628's Avatar
hey Geoff. It was really cool talking to you after the show in Rochester. Thanks for being a really down to earth person!
09:17 PM on 02/10/09
The Moth
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Hey bro, seriously excellent work w/ vocals on the new album. I agree w/ Circa1628, where do you rec. we buy the new album from?
05:45 PM on 02/02/09
Jonathan Bautts
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Hey Geoff, I'm the guy who interviewed you over the phone last week. Just wanted to say what's up and hope everything's going good with you. Thanks again man!
11:51 AM on 01/16/09
Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts
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Circa1628's Avatar
Where would you recommend pre-ordering the CD from. Is there any site you guys are endorsing for that?
11:51 PM on 12/29/08
the bitch is back
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CarryOn09's Avatar
dude, i saw what you said to that Mike jerk last month, and i know im way late on this, but that was quite possibly the most awesome thing ive ever seen in my life. you and your band are awesome, and seeing you take out haters like that make you even cooler. keep it up!
And make no mistake: irony tyrannizes us. The reason why our pervasive cultural irony is at once so powerful and so unsatisfying is that an ironist is impossible to pin down. All U.S. irony is based on an implicit "I donít really mean what Iím saying." So what does irony as a cultural norm mean to say? That itís impossible to mean what you say? That maybe itís too bad itís impossible, but wake up and smell the coffee already? Most likely, I think, todayís irony ends up saying: "How totally banal of you to ask what I really mean." --David Foster Wallace

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