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I make penis shaped ice sculptures and masturbate to Pokemon hentai in my free time.
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every day of school i see kids walking around wearing Hollywood Undead and BMTH shirts. everybody...
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got a big order ready on merchnow, just hoping for a Dance Gavin Dance pre-order to go up on the...
BlogBlog: Guess who's back...
me. Back from that ridiculous fucking ban i got a week ago. thanks for that, btw.
BlogBlog: anger
I'm pretty pissed off right now about some things/people. Tomorrow i may write the first blog I...
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Great great band. They make some jammin' tunes, I advise you to listen to this. Many people say the...
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Tell All Your Friends, Whatever I Say Is Royal Ocean, The Power Of Failing, Juturna, On Letting Go, Dear Diary My Teen Angst Has A Body Count, Transatlanticism, Do You Know Who You Are?, Enema Of The State, TOYPAJ, Everything else by blink-182.
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dont read to often
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The Dark Knight, Terminator 2, Talladega Nights, Bruce Almighty, Terminator 3, Drive Well, Sleep Carefully: On The Road With Death Cab For Cutie
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11:02 AM on 09/13/09
Regular Member
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wendjiqn's Avatar
omg ur so seccsi
08:52 AM on 07/23/09
jenna marie
Registered User
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we are musically compatible.
07:19 AM on 05/03/09
Registered User
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Hey there,

Sorry for the randomness of this message but i am a HUGE DGD fan but being from the UK i sometimes struggle to stay in the loop. Where did you find the instrumentals for the new album and/or do you know any way i can get them? I am so stoked for the new album and would love to hear them if you could help me out.


07:34 PM on 04/30/09
Registered User
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amansmith's Avatar
Halo, circatbs.
Nice to meet you
You have a great profile and blog.
I like to sharing with you about my opinion.
I'm new here and I hope to be your friend.

Amanda Smith
Student College Loan Consolidation
Debt Consolidation
12:32 PM on 04/29/09
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iheartmusic043's Avatar
Me too lol.
07:07 PM on 04/28/09
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iheartmusic043's Avatar
About your comment on my blog entry, sorry but I only date older guys who live near me. I'm one of the youngest in my grade so I think it's weird to date a younger guy. Sorry
03:29 PM on 04/15/09
Hey, there are skittles in there!
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Whowolf's Avatar
nah it's cool man , I'll take the sink into me single cover. my name is whowolf btw.
03:19 PM on 04/15/09
Hey, there are skittles in there!
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Whowolf's Avatar
umm we have the same avatar so i'm going to switch mine
08:49 PM on 04/11/09
more heart
Get Hurt
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more heart's Avatar
Actually, everyone in that thread is against him.
08:39 PM on 04/11/09
more heart
Get Hurt
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more heart's Avatar
Definitely a good read. Would read again.
08:25 PM on 04/11/09
more heart
Get Hurt
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more heart's Avatar
I guess were not the only ones who see hockeyguitar99 as some elitist hipster

From: ThisIsNotDan
so I take it you haven't listened to this band then? or is this one of those "oh I'm wicked elite so I'm going to shit on a band covered on here that I pick out of a hat. I'm cool" kind of things?

Here's the link
07:51 PM on 03/25/09
You'd be good for me
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fadedmemories's Avatar
hooray for e-friendships!
06:42 AM on 03/07/09
Here's to the Crazy Ones
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Nourez's Avatar
Adam, you good for MKWii today?
07:12 PM on 02/28/09
all we have is who we are
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caLLmEnOoNe's Avatar
True! I'm also a bored betch

06:52 PM on 02/28/09
all we have is who we are
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caLLmEnOoNe's Avatar
You betch.
[QUOTE=Jason Tate]circatbs likes bad music.[/QUOTE] [QUOTE=CarryOn09;31083702]farrah what kind of tampons do you use? i really like tampax but playtex is really nice as well[/QUOTE] [QUOTE=caLLmEnOoNe;31083832]i usually use tampax. it's so much better to me[/QUOTE] [QUOTE=caLLmEnOoNe;31095082]shut up. i'm not judgmental you cock[/QUOTE] [QUOTE=CarryOn09;31129882]how did it feel to have a penis shaped foreign object shoved up your poo-hole?[/QUOTE] [QUOTE=kemichels;34096072]Here's a fucking fun fact. I AM DRUNK. I don't care about n00dz or whatver this thread has turned into. I had a slgihtly okay night tonight, and i decided to tell this big black dude Rex (a semi-acqauntainceeeee) dude of mine that I like to say charmander when im drunk. So i wasl ike wuddup dude...char char char. and he was like DUDE. MEW. I WILL TRADE YOU MEW. And i was like. Fuck you. I have Mew. And Zapados and Aritcuno and every pokemon ever made bitch. And then he was like...you are a god among men, and i was thank you. So at any rate, I ran into my ex girlfriend who was apparently out for her bffffffffffffffffffffsfufckingfffffffsssssss birthday tonight. Slightly akward. People were encouraging me to dance with her akwardly and I was like "fuck you shark, you are drunk". Plus, I didn't want to. Plus, she's peruvian. At any rate, I'm sittign in my room right now and im really lonely. I have to work at 10 tomorrow fo this guy named George Blue who is like a gestapo Nazi that sells basketball jerseys to really promising klds in high schools throughout the country. However, the guy is a gestapo nazi, aforementioned, and I'm probably going to quit befor he has the chance to fire me for being too cool for his fucking job he makes me do. I'm probably going to steal his basketball jerseys, delete his data on all the players he recruits, and then be like, FUCK YOU BLUE. YOU AIN'T MY BOY. YOU AIN'T MY BOY BLUE...and then I'll throw one more FUCK YOU in more emphasis cuz ther guy is an Utter Fucking DICKKKKKKKKKK. I had a poptart at my desk today and he yelled at me for it. I mean, fuck. I work 10-4. My break I spend talking on my ogddamn cell phone because I have important shit to do. I don't have time for no pop tarts so I figure I can eat a pop tart from 10 feet away while doing data entry butNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I'm fucking goerge blue and Im the fucking king of the castle and im biased against poptars and a racist motherfucker so im not gonna let you eat your motherfucking cherry motherfucking fucking poptar while you sit and type 10 feet away from your fucking poptar. Fuck that Blue ass motherfukcer. I'm stealing his shit, and quitting, and being like I STOLE YOUR SHITTTTTTT BITCH. I QUIT! and then he'll be like oh Kevin, you were so valuable to us and you could type so well with your broken hand ...we want you and your 20inch cock back so it can fiulfill my data entry needs for the rest of my fucking lame ass life that I live selling basketball jerseys. WELL FUCK YOU BLUE. YOU AINT MY MUTHAFUICKIN BOY. FUCK.[/QUOTE] [QUOTE=kemichels;34108292]I woke up this morning. Walked into work, and quit my job. No lie. LOL.[/QUOTE] [QUOTE=thespearkid;40731782]They're Catholic. It's obvious what you must do. Invite yourself over to their house for dinner. When the topic is inevitably brought up, triumphantly announce that you're a prophet sent by God to bring new revelations upon the world and the first one is that God no longer wants us to take communion with wine, but with the breast milk of a virgin. Tell them you only sent the n00dz to your boyfriend in hopes to convert him. Call it something catchy like "Immaculate Lactation" and blast of couple of squirts across the dinner table just to drive the point home (don't hit the dinner rolls though. Soggy bread is gross). Once you've done that, start to milk (hahaha) the situation to the fullest. Get a prime time TV show in which you tell breastmilk themed parables and then allow the members of the congregation to suckle from your divine tit. Demand they pay a fee, of course (it's not a hot, new religion unless there's money involved). Of course, you'll get your share of pedos who just want to violate you, but you've got to take the good with bad. Be careful though. Don't start claiming you're God or anything, especially around Scribes or Pharisees; they don't typically like that kind of shit. Don't ask me how you're supposed to fake lactation, I can't come up with everything. That, or offer the entire family anal.[/QUOTE] [QUOTE=killerswells;41374312]one time, i went to visit my grandma at her alzheimers nursing home, some old lady told me she was going to "box me into the ground", i fellt bullied and reported her to jason tate, she is now in jail.[/QUOTE]
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