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07:02 PM on 03/24/09
6th Foo
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why the fuck are the foo fighters not in your favorite bands?!!!!!!!
01:40 AM on 01/22/09
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wow. im pretty sure me and u would get along just PERFECT. lol, twin brothers...hhmmm....i think....there is a possibility...haha
01:47 PM on 01/05/09
soft dick rock
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dude, that worked perfectly for me.
Originally Posted by The Personisthttp://images.absolutepunk.net/images/bttn/arrow.gif
My dear, sweet Evan,

This thread comes as a blade in my breast, digging deep to strike me in my very heart. Oh! how we've whittled such hours away together, cursing and cackling and condemning one another's tastes! But alas, all that is now gone, as this thread, this public airing of grievances, takes what was once an entrancingly amusing enmity and transforms it into an ugly, odious spectre, a beast the likes of which I cannot fathom further indulging. Thus, I must sadly relay this news to you in your own thread, the news of my own demise.

Well, demise is perhaps a strong word. Upon typing the final period of this post, I will not cease to exist as a living being; this is nonsense. However, I see no reason to continue posting after so thorough a deflowering of my essence. Hopefully, this news will allow for the music forum to rebuild itself from the ashes. Where once stood posts of slander and disdain, disparaging such clearly incredible bands as All Time Low and Taking Back Sunday trash and comparing them to the Libertines unfairly and with clear bias, there will be order again. From this waste land of troll-wreaked havoc will emerge a newer, better music forum. Discussion can recommence; the phyiscal beauty of Jack and Alex will no longer take a backseat to complaints of the vapidity and lack of earnesty in their music. I relent! Taking Back Sunday fans can once again dream of days they didn't care about until years after those days had passed, and can struggle once more to find an iota of rational thought upon which New Again can be referred to as "good." The hegemony of the trolls, the beasts whose single-line posts, irrelevancies, and idiocies once plagued this forum, has been overthrown! Posters of the forum, unite and rejoice!

And do not think I am going to let the irony pass me by. I feel thoroughly betrayed, dearest Evan, stabbed in the back by one of my own. We were like brothers, you the Carl to my Peter, man of few words but many posts (yet another beautiful irony). We clashed and we clashed, and I constantly fled and returned, a mess of emotions and opinions far too great to be contained by a simple drive-by posting of my disdain for a band. And yet now, you come to me, higher post count, a username resurrected like a phoenix from the ashes of the Reich, ever loyal to he who had come before me. I will concede that I am but a man, one who has but words, opinions, and sometimes youtube videos. Dear Evan, how it hurts me so to leave like this, knife in my back, blood on my brow, and tears in my eyes. That I have so created a beast that has allowed for us to so decadently traipse throughout this forum means nothing, as you have seen the error in our ways and have, for better or for worse, become the Judas to my Christ, raising me up and making of me an example for all to see.

Evan, why have you forsaken me?

My Libertines as worthless as my liberty, I leave. Beaten beyond a shade of recognition, I am naught but an artless abortion, a victim of that which I have established. So falls my empire, and so too can the music forum rejoice in its freedom. Freedom to discuss the beauteous creature that is Hayley Williams; freedom to contend that Your Favorite Weapon is a good album; freedom to exalt with ejaculate praise the excellence of All Time Low; and the freedom to post things without thought to their quality or intelligence.

So, go! Go, be free, post of Blink and All Time Low, of Yellowcard and We the Kings! No more shall I haunt this place, for I am slain!

With love, blood, and ardor,


Originally Posted by Mr. Awesomehttp://images.absolutepunk.net/images/bttn/arrow.gif
Well, it's either I force-feed it to her, or I rape her with it. I'm not trying to be a sexual predator.

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