Favorite Albums
Too many. Ask if you want to know.
Favorite Songs
This list could go on and on.
Favorite Bands
The White Stripes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sigur Ros, Girl Talk, Animal Collective, Bob Marley, Brand New, Pixies, Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley, Justice, Holy Fuck, M.I.A., The Mars Volta, Oasis, Radiohead
Favorite Books
Bret Easton Ellis, Stephen King, Chuck Pahliunuk, Chuck Klosterman
Favorite Movies
Grindhouse, The Heart is Deceitful Above All Things, Ghost World
Favorite TV Shows
Lost, Supernatural, Family Guy, The Big Bang Theory
I hate filling these things out so the "favorites" aren't very updated, so if you think you'd get along with me, send me an aim :)
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05:02 PM on 10/20/11
I ended up as food for wolves
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DemBitties's Avatar
Adriana Grande.
04:16 PM on 09/24/11
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brandon_260's Avatar
She's Jenna McDougall from Tonight Alive. Absolutely beautiful.
10:58 AM on 05/26/11
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ChelseaRiane's Avatar
Unfortunately, other than Bayside and some local show, there's nothing going on this weekend.

Buffalo used to have the best shows all the time. Now we rarely get anything
06:20 PM on 05/25/11
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ChelseaRiane's Avatar
Yes I do. As of right now, the only one I know of is Silverstein and Bayside.

I can look some up and let you know :)
10:25 AM on 05/24/11
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ChelseaRiane's Avatar
Haha, no problem! I looove it
08:43 PM on 05/23/11
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ChelseaRiane's Avatar
Yes it is :) Her ass is plastered all over Tumblr.

06:05 PM on 10/09/09
all hope lies in Doom
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xapplexpiex's Avatar
I saw you commented on the Copeland review. I love your avatar. LOST is my favorite.
08:19 PM on 02/14/09
is a genocidal nightmare.
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stacymichelle's Avatar
you just made my night.
be my e-valentine? <3

you're wonderful for being there and helping everyone. thank you!
10:24 PM on 01/06/09
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mirrors's Avatar
hey, man. thanks for the wall comment. i think we all know how much of a hypocrite "homeboy" can be, but he's pretty much one of those lost causes. it still makes it fun to argue with him, though.
07:42 PM on 12/28/08
particularly good finder
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VampiresRevenge's Avatar
Wow, I'm late.
Don't worry about it. Anyway, hi Bruce!
11:50 AM on 12/23/08
Registered User
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ShockHound's Avatar
hi! thanks for the add as well
my name is michelle : ) nice to meet you.

i actually work for hot topic inc. and shockhound.com http://www.shockhound.com
it's like itunes/myspace and i'll have exclusive news about promotions, events, interviews of bands and artists : )
07:35 PM on 12/15/08
your ex-lover is dead
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msdelaney's Avatar
I'm a pysch major, too! I actually have my final tomorrow, haha. And I got to Adelphi University. It's in Long Island. It has its moments, but the psych program is unparalleled, so no complaints :]
06:03 PM on 12/13/08
soft dick rock
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sargentlgfuad's Avatar
yeah, Fight Club is definately one of my favorites.
along with Invisible Monsters, which is becoming a movie in like a year or two.

this is (supposedly) the poster for it.
05:36 PM on 12/13/08
your ex-lover is dead
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msdelaney's Avatar
For the first time?! You're crazy. It's brilliant, isn't it? And I apologize for not responding to your last wall comment, I totally didn't see it! The end of the semester is getting to me too, obviously, haha. Where do you go?
09:03 PM on 12/09/08
soft dick rock
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sargentlgfuad's Avatar
yes i have.
and i think it's one of his finest works.
one of his best endings ever.
i just don't have Snuff yet.
but, i'll probably get it for christmas.

he's an exceptional writer.
Seriously man there are things that you know, which you should stick to. Punk music. AP general forum. Ugly girls. You know these things. Stick to them. Star Wars. Boba Fett. I know these things and I will stick to them. Please just accept that you're wrong and seeing as how I have first-hand fucking knowledge by way of having read the book where he actually escapes from the Sarlaac Pit and you are going off of what? Your fucking head being so far up your ass that you thought you saw the answer in your small intestines? Shut the fuck up you tremendous douchebag.

a real music fan? a definition open to some interpretation. but along the lines of someone who sees music as more than a mere cheap means of entertainment, someone who sees the artistic side to it all. someone who sees the entire musical realm as a whole, as one world full of different paths & diversity, awaiting exploration & personal discovery, completely blind to age, genre, trend, chart success or independent barriers. someone who allows their emotions to flow with the music, let the colours wash upon their minds, the messages stream through their conscious & soul. & definitely someone who can understand that music (well all art really) is defined by all it's glorious imperfections. if music can excite you in any of these ways, then play on my friend, you are a real music fan

/that's my interpretation anyway & seldom do people agree with me haha. i just thought it was an interesting question to ask

All the Miley? Haha. I've come to realize this week that I am no longer ashamed of my unabashed Miley Cyrus love. That shit is catchy as balls.

mht, do you have a list of threads of bands that have "called you out"?

I know this thread has absolutely nothing to do with me anymore... but I like these pictures.


it's really hard to watch Who's Nailin Palin. fap, and pay attention to this thread at the same time

I'd fuck a girl who was 1/2 dinosaur just for the rarity factor.

Those who have seen mine tend to be quite fond of it. I don't know how "big" or "small" is it, but I can't fit three fingers in without it hurting. And one feels good.

I can't orgasm from penetration, only clitoral stimulation which makes things harder than they should...or easier, since all I really need is one, maybe two fingers to get off. And I can within 2-3 minutes if I'm really turned on.
...not sure what else to say besides that. It's clean shaven?

You average 40 posts per day. So, while Samsara might post in every "terrible" thread on this site, you post in LITERALLY every single thread on this site, even the "terrible" ones (which you are continually proving by repeatedly posting in this thread).

So, move along. There are other "terrible threads" that need to be alerted by you of exactly how "terrible" they are. 38.40 of them, to be exact.

this is the kid that was making fun of all of us?


It's the internet. Every internet tough guy ends up being some 15 year old nerd (as a former 15 year old nerd, I would know).

I would fuck you up.

Haha, I'm glad my "internet tough guy" comment was posted just above this.

Case and point.

I'm reporting all of you.

ITT: Dan from Play Radio Play attacks/reams/dominates any and all BOLD name CHAT THREAD goons that think their shit don't stink.

Michael Phelps smokes weed? I think that's enough for it to be legalized.

jeremy didn't even know what sangria was until it was mentioned in step brothers

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