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06:05 PM on 12/09/12
extremely old username
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PopPunkKid's Avatar
I believe a couple years back I wrote a comment in a news post on here about not enjoying Fightstar's music and how I *personally* enjoyed your old band's poppy-rock stuff more, probably because Busted was a really fun band for me to listen to in my freshman year of high school. I was shocked when you responded to my comment, and I think you said something such as: "hopefully I can make a fan of you in the future", or something to that extent.

Well, I have to say, after listening to your solo album, I am absolutely in love with the stuff you are doing now. Absolutely love the harmonies and the acoustically-dirven sound of it all. Busted may be a fun throwback/nostalgia blast for me, but your new solo stuff suits the adult in me very nicely.

Keep up the amazing music man. Peace and love.
03:04 PM on 11/12/11
Harmonic Overlady
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BabyBritain's Avatar
Hey Charlie,

Been a while. Thanks for being a gentleman at Bristol, it was lovely to get to check out soundcheck and wander around onstage and be a gear geek.

Thought you might like to download the free EP that I've just put out. Just something I did in my bedroom but I'm pretty happy with the songs.


Thanks! Hopefully I'll get to see you live again before I'm back stateside for good.

Emily xx
06:56 AM on 07/01/11
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Paulb-182's Avatar
Have a good one tonight mate in Brum! Missed out on tickets unfortunately, sold out damn fast!haha but I'll be there for sure on the next date you do up here with us! Maybe even get on the bill first if you'd have us haha


03:26 PM on 06/15/11
Registered User
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Irial1990's Avatar
Hello Charlie! How are u?? I see that things are going great there in England with "Down Down Down" and the new song "Parachute" :)
I like the new song, it's really nice, and the video it's so original and symbolic, playing with light and dark according to happiness and sadness, it's really cool. Good work :)
02:35 PM on 06/06/11
This Don't Look Like LAX
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metallikunt's Avatar
I know I'm an hour early but ... Happy Birthday Sir!

Hope you have a great 26th
08:44 AM on 05/12/11
This Don't Look Like LAX
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metallikunt's Avatar
Hey Chazmo,
I haven't written anything on your wall since 09, so I figured I'd drop by and let you know how awesome you are.

I've been watching some of the Tabernacle show videos on YouTube. Great choice of band members by the way, they all sounded great. I love the back up vocalists vocals, his voice sounds great next to yours. I'm so excited for your album. The EP was totally awesome and I already know this album is going to be my album of the year. That's only going off a few songs and some live videos too haha. You have major talent. I love Fightstar more than any other band but this new music you're making is incredible.

I was just reading some old Fightstar threads and read that you posted you'd be coming back to USA. It's a shame that never happened in the end. You guys never got to have another In-N-Out Burger. Oh well, maybe one day huh? I can dream. I'm just glad I can order your music and get it over here. That's more important than anything. Especially considering your music (Fightstar and solo) keeps me going most of the time. Thank you for that.

Anywho, I don't wanna write a novel so I'll leave it at that lol. Take it easy dude.
Much respect,
Chris :D
03:57 PM on 05/04/11
Registered User
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No Avatar Selected
Question about the Tabernacle show...

Hey, I'm gonna be there front and centre! Will you be playing just the new stuff or will there be some old stuff too? Also, would you hate me if I asked if you would possibly play Why from the Busted years as that song was awesome! It was one of the first songs I learned to play on the guitar.

See you soon, Liz x
03:38 AM on 04/17/11
Registered User
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Vazza's Avatar
Hey Charlie! Just thought I'd join the masses of people saying that the Down Down Down EP is amazing! Really love both of the new tracks, and can't wait to hear the new album - all of the people I've showed it to who weren't even Fightstar fans say that they absolutely love it, so I think that you've hit the nail on the head with this one for getting more fans and showing people what a talented musician you are! I won't be able to get down to your first London show but I'm so excited for the pledgers gig :) Since at any key points in my life I've been able to relate to something you were doing musically at the time that I was listening to, I'm pretty determined to get the album artwork for 'Young Pilgrim' as a tattoo somewhere, so make it good please :P (though if it's a picture of you on the album cover I may opt out of my tattoo plan for now and save it for another album ;))
09:35 AM on 03/14/11
Registered User
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Irial1990's Avatar
Hey Charlie! Thank u for your fast response.There is one thing that i want to ask you. Are u going to be on tour this summer with your solo record?? I'm planning a trip to London this summer and it would be a cool plan to go to one of your live shows. Maybe its too soon to ask this
07:11 AM on 03/10/11
Distant voices
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Hey Charlie

With all the chatter around the return of Fightstar I thought it would be a good time to share my little poem with you. Hope its a good reminder of a Fightstar gig.

Omar drumming
Little Al strumming
Danís fingers plucking base
I look around
to see the crowd
a smile on every face
heads bobbing
hearts throbbing
all eyes fixed on me
mike in hand
I feel so grand
So alive and free
Amidst the sound
My words rebound
I listen on with glee
I have heard
Every word
Sung right back at me
Every woman
Every man
Everyone of them a fan
Joined in perfect harmony
A cheer goes up
They stamp the floor
Chanting loudly
"more more more"
its over now
we take a bow
our hearts filled with pride
the butterflies
I felt inside
Have taken flight and died
This once fading light
Now shines so bright
Because of all of you
Best of friends
Until the end
We'lll always be forever true.
10:41 AM on 02/22/11
Registered User
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Irial1990's Avatar
Hey charlie!! I love the band and your solo record, it's so awsome! My favourites songs are "lost" and "bullet". A lot of voices in "lost", really complex song and a beautiful melody on piano at the beggining sounds wonderful, i love the lyrics too (excuse my english, im from spain). Hey, Funeral for a friend will be here in Spain performing in May, (of course im going to that concert i love them ) When are u guys coming to Spain??? Please don't forget about your spanish fans on your next European tour! I've been loving your music since 2003 and i haven't see u live yet . Well, i don't even know if u r going to read this but i wanna thank u about what u said of my Athea cover (one guy told me on youtube that he had send my cover to a "special place" where u would probably see it, of course i didn't belive it, thats too incedible) but 3 days ago he sent me another massage telling me about this website and i saw it so thank u very much, that improved my day, it was like a dream, so nice. Well, i don't want to bore you , good luck with "When we were lions", it's a special record i think, 100% Charlie Simpson. Im looking forward to listening the full-length album. Kisses from Spain !
07:10 PM on 12/29/10
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No Avatar Selected
solo cd is a ripper, good stuff on it
and congrats on retaining the Ashes, i'm absolutely filthy we lost it again, but your boys played awesome, how funny is Swanny, cant hate that man
throwing up or not to go to Sydney 5th test, Barmy Army are pretty amusing might be worth it for them

anyway happy New Year!!

08:19 PM on 07/24/10
City Love
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Akissforher's Avatar
Hey Charlie,

First off i want to say im a big big fan as im sure you hear alot from people. I was just wondering if you guys were planning an australian tour anytime soon?
09:59 AM on 05/03/10
Registered User
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frankkkie.'s Avatar
hey charlie :) i absolutely love your music, fightstar are my favourite band and have been for ages now. i've seen you twice :), once live and once acousticly. the acoustic concert was a.m.a.z.i.n.g. you put so much emotion into your songs, its beautiful :')
i did meet you once, but only for like five seconds! when you tour next year i will defodefo be coming! i'd like to thank you aswell, recently i've been going through a bit of a hard time and your music has honestly made me feel better :). it cheers me up
and also i'd like to know :), where do you get your musical influences from? how do you start writing your songs and everything, how does it all work?
because i'm a singer too :), i really want to learn the guitar and write my own songs. i'd really like to cover one of fightstars songs too :)
i hope to get a reply :D
love frankie xxxxx
10:13 AM on 04/19/10
This Charming Man
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SpyKi's Avatar
Hey man, how's the solo record coming along? I'm really excited to hear it, I loved the demos you posted a while back on MySpace. If it's as good as all your other stuff I'm sure it'll be brilliant.

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